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She is portrayed by Shay Mitchell. Emily Fields is the 'jock' of the group because of her aptitude in swimming, which makes her the star of Rosewood 's swim team. Out of the girls, Emily would be described as caring, sweet and loyal.

Emily cares so much about her friends that she does anything she can to keep them safe. She is an only child, therefore the center to her parents life.

Emily is considered the weakest link by " A. Initially when Emily came out, her parents, especially her mother, struggled to handle the news, but now they seem to be accepting of her sexuality and her friends have always been supportive of her.

Emily has a slightly roundish oval face with full lips and deep set hooded eyes. She has an athletic body type, as she used to be a swimmer. She is the simplest dresser and wears minimal makeup.

Her charming smile adds to her persona. In season 7 she starts to wear more make up and less simple clothes. While at lunch, the girls' phones go off, startling the girls. To Kill a Mocking Girl. During the meet, just before her turn to swim, Emily spots Paige in the stands. She gets her game face on and wins the race for her team.

He claims that he is hiding the money the messenger brought and he won't be giving them any trouble. Most importantly, he asks them to keep the videos a secret.

It Happened 'That Night'. The girls decide to cover for Emily so Hanna and Aria wipe any fingerprints off the shovel and bury it in the middle of the woods. At Spencer's house, Spencer burns the clothes Emily was wearing so that there is no evidence against her.

She then leaves a note to her mom saying they were at the lakehouse since that afternoon, providing them a solid alibi. While jogging, Emily sees a blue convertible that triggers her memory of 'that night,' but the images are vague. Blood Is The New Black. Aria then says that Jenna is blinder than she was last year after running into some kids. Emily meets Ezra at The Brew where he asks her if he can get her anything but she says no thank-you and calls him Mr.

He says that she can call him Ezra but Emily says she cant but she will try. Emily and Ezra sit down and he asks her what tests she has to make up. She says English, Spanish and 2 other ones. Ezra says they'll start with the one that he knows which is English. Ezra also says that he is sorry about Maya but Emily says that they don't have to talk about that.

Ezra says he knows but is still sorry. Emily is in the classroom ready to take the test. She is listening to music like Ezra said she should. Ella walks up and points at her ears saying she has to take them out. Ella also asks her if she is ready and Emily says yes.

She gives Emily the test and Emily begins answering the questions. Emily is taking the test when she looks up and sees a girl put a clip in her hair. Emily flashes back to that night where she sees Jenna doing the same thing. Emily is distracted by this and cant concentrate after. Ella then says that there is 5 more minutes. When Ella collects the test, she asks Emily if she studied and if she is alright. Emily says she is fine and that she did the best she could and rushes out of the room with her test unfinished.

Birds of a Feather. Later Spencer tells the girls that that they need to find out who the Black Swan is pronto. That Girl is Poison. Emily tells the girls about Laurel shooting the party and Lucas. They speculate whether Lucas was the one who dug Alison up and whether there are ulterior motives for Jenna's party. Emily and Nate take Paige to the hospital.

Hanna meets her there and shows her the jacket. Hanna asks if Emily left the jacket in Jenna's car. Emily thinks A is responsible for it getting to the rummage sale and thinks maybe she saw more than just Jenna that night. Hanna leaves the hospital. Emily sees Wilden leave and immediately sends a text. Aria calls Emily and looks at the negatives. Emily looks up the drug from her flask and finds it's a sedative used to subdue aggressive patients and inmates. One of the side effects is memory loss and Emily realizes she was drugged that night.

The Remains of the "A". That night Aria and Hanna tells Emily and Spencer about Maya's site but they have no idea what the password is.

After talking to Nate Emily goes over to Paige's house to tell her that she wants to explain the truth about what happened with her flask.

Hesitantly, Paige agrees to meet her after school. Hanna and Emily go to Noel's cabin to look around. They walk inside, not knowing that there is a security camera pointed on the location.

Inside Noel's cabin, it is still messy from Noel's last party. Emily says that there is no way that Maya would have wanted Emily to meet her here, but Hanna insists on looking around. In the cabin Emily and Hanna are trying to get out. Emily says there's no service but they think whoever locked them in has just left. Emily begins breaking windows and Hanna ends up getting a cut from the glass in her leg.

Emily ties a scarf around Hanna's thigh and they are finally able to escape through a window. Outside they find a spray painted message from " A ": She won't go, so Emily calls Wren. The next day Paige casually asks Emily the next day about what she did last night. Emily said that it was intense and says she and Nate 'mostly' just talked. Emily tells her mother that she is going out of town with Nate to avoid all the reporters hounding her about Garrett's trial.

They are going to stay in a Lighthouse Rock Inn in Belmar. Her mother would rather have Emily stay home with family, but Emily says, "with Maya's family," and also mentions that Nate and Maya's parents will be there. Spencer and Hanna are okay with Emily going out of town, thinking that a little trip will be good for her. At the Lighthouse Inn, Emily is woken up by a phone call from "A" presumably telling her, in a distorted voice: Emily heads out for fresh air, but Nate stops her.

He gives her her jacket. Emily heads through the woods and tries to call the girls. However, she is stopped by Nate. She says that he scared her half to death, and he says, "Not really. Lyndon says that when he and Emily kissed, he thought that maybe he didn't have to hate Emily, but then Emily played him, like what Maya did. He tells Emily that since she took Maya from him, he will take Paige from her and he pulls a gagged, sobbing, Paige from the closet, knife in hand.

Emily snatches her phone as Lyndon gets ready to kill Paige. However, he gets a distraction as he hears footsteps right outside the inn. Emily takes the opportunity to run out through the back.

This Is A Dark Ride. Em is seen having a nice lunch with Paige and questing her if she thought about getting help for her panic attacks, which she says she found someone. Hanna then comes over and steals Em to ask her to spy on Caleb for, she agrees.

As she is fixing to see who Caleb is with at a cafe, she gets a text and leaves, not seeing Paige. Em, along with Hanna, are seen on Spencer's bed talking about the "A" key. She and Hanna later go to Aria's house since they haven't heard from her all day. When they get inside, they go to Aria's room, when Meredith appears and tells the girls that she is in the basement. As they walk down the steps, Meredith shuts the door and locks them in. They find Aria and grab Em a golf club after the basement door opens.

Byron appears and tells the girls that he didn't kill Ali, but saw Melissa come outside, talking on her phone. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno.


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Brookhaven police say a second suspect is wanted in the case. He faces charges of aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation and first-degree cruelty to children.

He is described as a black male, 5-foot and pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. According to police, the boy was approached from behind, and dragged into an apartment in the block of Buford Highway.

The tipster can remain anonymous. Contact Crime Stoppers Atlanta at or visit crimestoppersatlanta. These imbeciles deserve no trial nor mercy. Castrate them, and then throw them into the Okefenokee. Has this happened before? Put them down like the rabid animals they are. It makes no sense to keep them alive. Just read where a teacher in Gwinnett County wanted the kids to defend slavery because slaves were looked upon as investments and people take care of their investments. I need to place my call to my travel agent for a vacation.

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No one will rape an HIV man in jail at least I dont think so. His blood is poison. Both men need to be put to death tho. Hopefully slowly by torture. I feel so sorry for this young man. His life will never be the same. Praying for his recovery. Inside Noel's cabin, it is still messy from Noel's last party. Emily says that there is no way that Maya would have wanted Emily to meet her here, but Hanna insists on looking around. In the cabin Emily and Hanna are trying to get out.

Emily says there's no service but they think whoever locked them in has just left. Emily begins breaking windows and Hanna ends up getting a cut from the glass in her leg. Emily ties a scarf around Hanna's thigh and they are finally able to escape through a window. Outside they find a spray painted message from " A ": She won't go, so Emily calls Wren. The next day Paige casually asks Emily the next day about what she did last night.

Emily said that it was intense and says she and Nate 'mostly' just talked. Emily tells her mother that she is going out of town with Nate to avoid all the reporters hounding her about Garrett's trial. They are going to stay in a Lighthouse Rock Inn in Belmar.

Her mother would rather have Emily stay home with family, but Emily says, "with Maya's family," and also mentions that Nate and Maya's parents will be there. Spencer and Hanna are okay with Emily going out of town, thinking that a little trip will be good for her. At the Lighthouse Inn, Emily is woken up by a phone call from "A" presumably telling her, in a distorted voice: Emily heads out for fresh air, but Nate stops her.

He gives her her jacket. Emily heads through the woods and tries to call the girls. However, she is stopped by Nate.

She says that he scared her half to death, and he says, "Not really. Lyndon says that when he and Emily kissed, he thought that maybe he didn't have to hate Emily, but then Emily played him, like what Maya did. He tells Emily that since she took Maya from him, he will take Paige from her and he pulls a gagged, sobbing, Paige from the closet, knife in hand.

Emily snatches her phone as Lyndon gets ready to kill Paige. However, he gets a distraction as he hears footsteps right outside the inn. Emily takes the opportunity to run out through the back. This Is A Dark Ride. Em is seen having a nice lunch with Paige and questing her if she thought about getting help for her panic attacks, which she says she found someone. Hanna then comes over and steals Em to ask her to spy on Caleb for, she agrees. As she is fixing to see who Caleb is with at a cafe, she gets a text and leaves, not seeing Paige.

Em, along with Hanna, are seen on Spencer's bed talking about the "A" key. She and Hanna later go to Aria's house since they haven't heard from her all day. When they get inside, they go to Aria's room, when Meredith appears and tells the girls that she is in the basement. As they walk down the steps, Meredith shuts the door and locks them in. They find Aria and grab Em a golf club after the basement door opens.

Byron appears and tells the girls that he didn't kill Ali, but saw Melissa come outside, talking on her phone. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno. Spencer is snappy and says she doesn't understand why they're still being loyal to Alison.

Emily makes her read the portion that talks about Alison meeting with Toby after he was sent to juvie. Spencer starts to cry. She tells Emily that she and Toby broke up but she isn't ready to talk about it quite yet.

Later the same day Emily meets with Dr. Sullivan suggests hypnotherapy to help her reframe the problem that is controlling her life. Emily's up for it. What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted. Spencer tells her that she was just trying to get her spot on the Academic Decathlon back. Emily thinks that she was acting stupid and completely unlike herself, and threatens to ask Toby what happened. Spencer tells Emily not to ask Toby what happened between them, and Emily is livid, not understanding why Spencer wouldn't want her to talk to Toby seeing as they're friends.

Spencer says that she couldn't understand, but Emily is not allowing it. Spencer ends up storming upstairs to her room and slamming the door.

She also admits to being worried about Paige having some sort of relationship with Shana. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Will The Circle Be Unbroken? No body has been found in the woods and Dr.

Sullivan isn't convinced that Spencer saw what she thinks she saw. That night, Emily, Hanna, and Aria are in Hanna's kitchen. They are all cluing each other in on what they found out.

Hanna discovers that Spencer is on the A-Team. They decide it all happened when Spencer was in Radley. Crash and Burn, Girl!

The Guilty Girl's Handbook. The Mirror Has Three Faces. Bring Down the Hoe. Who's In The Box? Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video? This article is about Emily Fields, a TV show character. You may be looking for Emily Fields Book Character.

Contents [ show ]. Pilot The show begins with footage of the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared. The lights had gone out before Alison had scared them by sneaking up on the other girls in the barn's doorway.

They had laughed and joked about it and sipped the drink Alison brought them. Aria had woken up, followed by Hanna and Emily, to find Ali and Spencer missing. Spencer had returned to let the other girls know that Ali was missing and that she heard a scream. One year later, at high school , Emily is surprised to see Aria, who was away in Iceland for a year.

Emily fills Aria on what she missed while away, including the fact that the other three girls, her former friends, Hanna , Spencer and Emily have all disbanded since Alison's death. In the meantime, the formerly chubby, gawky Hanna, has become the new Queen Bee, alongside formerly nerdy sidekick Mona , who has had a glam makeover of her own. In English class, Emily picks up on the weirdness between Mr.

Emily discusses Aria's return home with her own mother, Pam , who is clearly judgmental and controlling as a mother, as she makes a comment about the pink streak Aria used to sport in her hair and no less, the fact that her mother used to let her "walk around like that.

Germain's, the new family that moved into the neighborhood and into Alison DiLaurentis' home. While there, Emily meets the St. Germain's daughter, a spunky girl named Maya , and helps her move boxes into her new home. Both girls say they have boyfriends, but Maya kisses Emily as she leaves. Maya is even persuasive enough to get Emily to try smoking weed for the first time.

After school, the next day, Maya and Emily go for a walk, and Emily shares her thoughts about Alison and her disappearance. It is hard for Emily to see the tributes people left for Alison being loaded from the curb in front of Maya's house, into a dumpster.

The next day in the school's gym locker room after swim practice, Emily finds a note from " A " letting her know that she is aware of her previous day's kiss. Spencer closes her locker nearby, where she has just changed into her field hockey uniform, and sees Emily staring into space. She asks if everything is okay, but Emily denies that anything is wrong.

At night, Emily notices police cars to Maya's house, where ambulances are flanking the street, and it seems the whole town has come out to watch what's going on.

She runs toward Maya's front steps, terrified that something happened to Maya. But Maya comes to greet her, seemingly fine. She lets Emily know that Alison has been found, and Emily is excited until Maya tells her that it is her body that has been found. A stretcher with a body bag atop it is then wheeled past where they are standing. The next day, a funeral service is held in Rosewood's local church.

There, Jessica DiLaurentis greets the Liars and thanks them for coming. They all sit together, among hundreds of attending townspeople and reporters. At the service, Hanna offers her hip flask to the other girls, and they share the fact that they have all received messages from "A.

He lets them know that Alison's police case is no longer a missing person's case, but a murder mystery. Eerily, he lets the girls know that he will be reviewing their statements and watching them Their biggest fear is " The Jenna Thing " being revealed.

They also discuss their fears that "The Jenna Thing" will be revealed, but Spencer believes that no one knows the truth about their carefully guarded secret. Hanna pours some liquid from her hip flask into her beverage to her friends' disapproval. Spencer reveals that Alison had confided in her that she had been dating someone that summer, an older boy who had a girlfriend, but Alison never told her who. Just then, the girls cringe as they hear a tapping sound, instinctively knowing that blind Jenna Marshall has entered with her walking stick.

They silently get up and leave. Emily's feelings for her new neighbor Maya grow deeper as the two start hanging out more. Maya flirts obviously with Emily, telling her she wants to drink from Emily's cup when Emily offers her a drink.

Maya comes over to Emily's House to visit Emily on her porch. She apologizes for not showing up to the funeral to support her, but Emily is completely understanding. Maya is finding it hard to adjust to living in Alison's house, with more of her stuff constantly reappearing.

They are giving each other a hug when Pam walks over and cheerfully meets Maya, though she's a little taken aback when Maya hugs her. She invites Maya to sleep in Emily's room, sympathizing with Maya about living in the former DiLaurentis house right after a body was found in the backyard. Maya and Emily walk over to Spencer, who is outside practicing her field hockey shots, as she is vying for varsity captain. She meets Maya, who awkwardly refers to Alison as "dead girl," but apologizes and moves on.

They invite Spencer to join them for coffee, but she is too focused on her practice. At Emily's locker, Ben tries to force kisses out of Emily, perhaps as proof of her interest, and Emily tries to back away, staring longingly at Maya across the hall. Emily lets Ben know that Maya is staying at her place, and Ben seems okay about it.

Just then, an announcement is made over the loudspeaker, calling Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna to the principal's office. The girls are slightly panicked, and a mocking text from "A" doesn't help their nerves any. At the office, Darren Wilden interrogates the girls about Alison DiLaurentis' disappearance, reviewing their stories with great skepticism that he makes sure to show.

The girls answer unanimously, but he is sure that they are lying all the same, claiming that they're story sounds rehearsed. At lunch, the girls fret that their lies will get them in trouble. They try to rationalize that the secret they are hiding is unconnected to Ali's murder, but at the same time, their secret reveals that Ali had enemies, people who could have potentially wanted to hurt her.

Almost on cue, Jenna walks into the lunch room, the tapping sound of her walking cane unmistakable. Aria invites Jenna to sit with the girls in the cafeteria, and so, the five of them share the most awkward lunch ever, as Jenna notes the dead silence on the part of the girls and the fact that Alison is no longer with them.

They all flashback to the accident that blinded Jenna. In the flashbacks it is revealed that one night when the girls were trying on clothes, Alison spotted someone spying on them, and she claimed it was absolutely Toby Cavanaugh. Immediately after this, Alison hatched a plan to drop a stink bomb in his garage.

Emily and Aria tried to back out, while Hanna and Spencer also shared their reservations, but Ali was adamant that someone spying on them must be taught a lesson. Alison had then ignited the stink bomb, opened the door of the garage, and tossed it inside. But the prank went terribly wrong as the garage caught on fire, and Alison saw too late that someone - Jenna - was inside. As a result, Jenna was permanently blinded from the accident, and Alison made sure that Toby falsely took the blame for it.

Later at night, Maya and Emily share Emily's bed. They sleep snugly together until "A" sends Emily a text startling her by letting her know that she's aware of the budding romantic relationship. He teases the girls about their 'lesbian pajama party,' clearly insecure about his own relationship with Emily and threatened by Emily's relationship with Maya.

Maya brushes it off, but Emily is embarrassed and upset. When Maya leaves the car, Emily forcefully kisses Ben so as to prove herself. But when Ben's jock friends start pounding on the car and talking up Ben for his manhood, Emily groans and leaves. Hanna is there just in time to support her friend and make snide remarks to the jocks to make them go away. She escorts her friend into school.

At home, Emily tries to tell her mother about her feelings about questioning her sexuality, but her mother totally misreads her daughter's intent. She takes Emily's insecurity as not being okay with the aftermath of Ali's murder. She recommends that Emily and her friends do something to properly commemorate Alison's death in order to find closure.

Later, Emily is sitting by herself in a restaurant. She looks down at her bracelet and flashes back to the aftermath of The Jenna Thing, when Alison had bought the other Pretty Little Liars friendship bracelets with their names on them.

Alison had given the girls the bracelets in the same restaurant in which Emily is not sitting. At the time, she had even suggestively asked Emily to tie hers for her. The girls decide to erect a memorial for Alison.

They decide to do it in the woods, near The Kissing Rock, where they used to hang out with Ali. When Emily and Spencer bring up Darren Wilden, that creepy detective, Hanna goes silent, clearly upset. The girls don't pick up on that though, but they think Hanna is crazy when she mentions that she thinks Ali is still alive.

Just then they hear someone in the forest and a few seconds later, all four phones buzz with a new text from "A" telling them she's hunting them. At school, Emily ties up her bike, and Maya walks over to say hi. Ben then comes over, forcefully kissing Emily, who tries to push him away. Ben mentions Noel's party, and Emily invites Maya to come; she accepts. After swim practice, Ben sneaks up on Emily in the girls locker room and tries to assault her.

She tries to push him off nicely, but he gets aggressive, almost violent. Just then, Toby barges in and wordlessly pushes Ben off of Emily.

He pounds Ben into the locker until he bleeds, while Emily screams for him to stop. When Ben asks if Toby is the reason she's not into him as much, she tells him to get over himself; it's over. Emily goes to Noel's party with Maya. Sean is playing foosball with his friends, including Ben.

When Ben hears Hanna call out to Emily, he shoots up his bruised head and expresses his surprise at her coming. She replies that she didn't come for him, totally dissing him, and walks away. Emily joins the other liars and they discuss Toby's return and his saving Emily. They make it clear that they don't trust him, and then they break, as Maya pulls Emily away to check out the photo booth Emily and Maya slip into the photo booth and pose in fun, then sexual poses for the camera, eventually sharing a lip-lock.

Someone takes the printed photos before they can get to it, though, and Emily is worried, while Maya just shrugs. After the party, Maya drives Emily home to her house, where she spots Toby sitting on his porch steps alone. She sees him fiddling with motorcycle parts and approaches him. Not quite sure how to state it, she thanks him for saving her in the locker room from Ben. Toby smiles back silently. The next day, the girls reconvene in the woods to memorialize Alison in the shed they used to play in.

Spencer lets the other girls know that Alison had something on Toby, besides him being a supposed Peeping Tom. The other girls are surprised to find this information out from her so much after the fact. The girls change their minds and decide to pick a more public place for the memorial. They hear something with them in the forest, again, and this time they all run as soon as they hear it. The person gets away, but they do find the same friendship bracelet Alison was wearing the night she disappeared, perhaps planted by whoever was in the forest with them.

Going along with their new plan, the girls map out the details of Alison's new memorial park bench. Spencer then comes up with the idea of "A-proofing. The girls also appreciate the view when Mr.

Fitz rides buy on his bicycle, wearing shorts; Aria is silently mortified when they comment on his legs. Just then, a crunched up missing Alison flier blows towards them with a celebratory remark about her death. At school, Maya gives Emily a scarf, which she puts on shyly and takes off soon after the other girls compliment her on it. She lies about it being new, feeling uncomfortable, thinking the whole world knows who it's from and why. Emily then heads to her chemistry class, where she sees Toby standing alone.

He lets her know that he's transferring to her chemistry lab, then comments on the scarf that she is no longer wearing and compliments her on it. To Emily's chagrin, the chemistry teacher assigns Toby as her lab partner, and Emily lies that she is okay with it.

When Emily opens her lab book, she is shocked to find the photo of her and Maya kissing from Noel's cabin party. She shuts it immediately, hoping no one else saw it. Did Toby see it? After school, Emily approaches Maya at the restaurant where she works, showing her the photos from the party. She asks Maya if she slipped them into her lab book, but Maya denies it. Emily asks again, and Maya is offended by Emily's accusing tone and the fact that she is clearly ashamed of the pictures, as if showing them is a bad thing.

Maya had wanted to admire the pictures; instead, she goes back to work, affronted. The next day, Ezra begins his English class. An awkward class discussion ensues over a character's hypocrisy in the assigned novel they are reading, To Kill a Mockingbird. When one student named Sperling speaks up, Ezra jumps down his throat, accusing him of not attempting to understand the book, while defending Aria's statement.

Eventually, he comes to his senses, but Spencer and Emily seem to pick up on the awkward tension. After class, Toby is seen opening his locker. A ton of shaving cream falls out, and some guys are heard laughing loudly in the background, the perpetrators of the prank. Emily watches silently before turning around. That night, while walking outside her house, Emily rips up the photos of her and Maya kissing and places them deep in the dumpster. Toby catches sight of her and strikes up a conversation.

Emily asks Toby if he saw the pictures in her lab book. It seems that he has, but Toby says he's cool with her not wanting people to know. Toby uses it as a teaching moment to speak to Emily about not being the person people want you to be, but being the person you want to be. Next, Emily meets with Maya and, inspired by Toby's words, apologizes to Maya about the way she treated her.

Emily asks her for space, and Maya agrees, telling her that she cares about Emily and therefore will wait. Spencer sends an S. It is sent in a text to Hanna as an attachment. The girls reveal that they have unblocked their phones.

They then go upstairs and open the closet to find the lipstick that was used to write the message on the vanity - Aria thinks it is the same shade of red that Jenna wears.

In chemistry lab, Emily asks Toby where he was the night before slightly suspicious that he might be "A". He replies that he was at The Grille doing homework, where he normally studies to get away from Jenna and her noisy machines. Emily appreciates Toby's artwork on his lab notebook. They discover they have the same taste in music and agree to meet later at The Grille. Emily and Toby are scheduled to meet, but when Emily arrives at the cafe, she sees Spencer and Hanna.

Too embarrassed to socialize with Toby in front of them, she reluctantly blows him off. They fill Emily in on the Jenna lipstick situation. Later, the waitress hands Emily the mixed CD Toby has left for her. Hanna, believing that Maya made it for her, encourages Emily not to bullied by pursuing a non-conventional relationship. However, Emily takes this to heart regarding Toby.

Later the next day at the Grille, an upset Toby tries to ignore Emily when she comes to sit with him, but gives in when she presents him with a mix CD of her own. She apologizes for blowing him off, and he accepts. While discussing their plans for homecoming dance, the girls open their fortune cookies to find another prank from "A" notes cluing them into the fact that he or she will be attending homecoming as well.

At school, Maya and Emily aren't very warm towards each other either; Maya says she isn't going to homecoming, but at least the girls agree to hang out at some point.

Next, Toby surprises Emily with tickets to Homecoming. At the dance, Toby and Emily arrive at the door. Emily calms Toby who is nervous about making an appearance; when they finally do, the other PLLs, not to mention Maya, are not thrilled. Emily is particularly surprised by Hanna's reaction, as she had seemed so supportive of Emily following her heart.

Hanna then confesses that she had thought Emily was referring to Maya, but before they can continue their conversation, Toby appears. Then, Emily approaches Maya and accuses her of saying something to Hanna, who gets offended by Emily's attitude and defensively insists that Hanna had said something to her. She accuses Emily of not being okay with who she is and confirms her suspicions when Emily can't look her in the eye and deny her feelings for Maya.

Toby picks up on Emily's hurt and realizes that he isn't Emily's first choice of a homecoming date. Later, Toby whisks Emily away to the Chem Lab to confide in her privately about his big secret. Just then, Emily receives a text message claiming that Toby killed Alison, making her more and more unsettled.

As Toby tries to explain, she pushes him into the cabinet of beakers, injuring him badly before hurting herself as she runs away and trips on the train of her dress, hitting the hard floor and falling unconscious. Toby drives an unconscious Emily to the hospital and drops her off at the emergency room.

The next day, Emily is back inside her room, recovering from her wounds. Aria and Spencer come to visit and quickly inform her of Toby's sordid past with stepsister Jenna to keep her from contacting him again. Emily does not quite believe that Toby killed Alison and had intended to kill her as well. Why take her to the ER if he meant to kill her?

It seems that Emily thinks that she was injured due to Toby attacking her, and not from tripping on her dress as she had run away from him. However, she hadn't admitted her belief to the police. Hanna comes over next, while Spencer and Aria try to convince Emily to come forward to the police. Hanna whips out Toby's psychological profile from her pocket; she had tried to return it, but when she arrived at the office, she saw cops looking for that very piece of evidence!

While Hanna and Emily are alone, Emily finds out from Hanna why she had thought Maya would have been her date to the dance. Hanna confesses that she saw the picture of them kissing and finds out in turn from Emily why she went with Toby and not Maya. Emily admits that she's afraid of everything changing. Interestingly, Emily is the winner of a Toyota Corolla from the dance's raffle. Later, still recovering from her head trauma, Emily awakes to find a surprise visitor: Jenna, along with her seeing eye dog, Shadow, pretending to be there only to deliver Emily some cookies.

After all, she did keep quiet about what she knew of Emily and her friends blinding her. She claims that she is doing it because she cares about Toby, but perhaps she is just trying to protect her own reputation. Emily tries to contact her friends to make sure they keep the file, but Pam sits herself down in Emily's room, hoping to spend some quality time with her daughter.

She takes Emily's phone, completely thwarting Emily's attempts. They get into an argument about Toby and whether he can be trusted; Emily tries to defend him, but her mother is livid that Emily dated him behind her back. When Pam presses Emily for details about the night before, she firmly insists that she needs sleep, ending their discussion.

At school, Spencer tells Emily that the file no longer exists. Aria threw it into the river behind the woods. Later, Jenna approaches Emily at her locker, and Emily lets Jenna know that the file has been "taken care of. Emily approaches Maya and honestly lets her know that she cares about her. She also tells her that she is okay knowing that the photographs of them are about to go public.

A day later, Emily discovers cops in front of the Cavanaugh house, with a shaken Jenna in tears. She sees a smashed up motorcycle, but is too afraid to ask if Toby is alive. While processing this news with her friends, she receives a text from "A": The memorial sparks memories of a summer day that the girls had spent lounging by the shore of the lake. Ironically, the girls had spoken about immortality and the fantasy of living in this moment forever.

Alison had said that one could attain that only by dying young and leaving behind a beautiful corpse. Getting into it, Alison had romanticized how fabulous it would be to die in a mysterious way.

At school, things progress with Maya and Emily as well, as Emily musters the courage to ask Maya out on a date for dinner and a movie. More good news for Emily is that her father's unit in Afghanistan is returning to the United States, meaning that Wayne is coming home. After a few days, at school, Spencer and Emily talk to Jason about Alison and the memorial. Detective Wilden and some other police officers rummage through Toby's locker. Clearly, they have received a search warrant.

Jason walks over to frazzle Detective Wilden and accuse him of having zero leads in the murder investigation. Desperate to defend himself, Darren reveals that Toby had called Alison the night she disappeared. Jason tries to appear impassive, but the girls are stunned by this detail.

That night, Emily remembers more of Alison's snide remarks that memorable summer day. As she puts on Maya's gift scarf on before the mirror, she recalls how Alison had commented on the pair of Noel and Prudence heading to where assumed was The Kissing Rock. She had matter of factly informed Emily that people had gone there to kiss for hundreds of years. She then looked Emily daringly in the eyes and asked her who she would like to take to The Kissing Rock.

Emily had just smiled shyly while staring back. It isn't long before the two of them start making out during the film. As they wait with bated breath and anxiousness as to what she will say, or worse yet, spill - in the end, she offers quite possibly the kindest words for their dearly departed friend. After the memorial, Jason stops by Spencer's house to thank the girls.

Knowing what Spencer has told them, the girls are now wary of him, but they do accept his gift - the "Alison" friendship bracelet Alison had been wearing the day of her death.

The girls quickly realize that the beaded "Alison" bracelet that they had found must have been a fake, fashioned by someone like "A. She gets an ominous text from "A" about burying things. The next day, at school, the liars are in the library, preparing for their SATs.

Soon, they all run into Detective Wilden bearing shocking news: The girls cover for Emily without knowing why. They lie about Emily's whereabouts the night before and claim that she was studying with them, although they are weirded out by Emily's secretiveness about what she was really doing, when even they don't know the truth. The girls wait in the library before the exam, and Emily gets a text from "A" that sends her on a hunt for the book "Great Expectations" in the library.

Seeing the book makes her flash back to when Alison had been reading the same novel one day alone in the library. Emily had joined her on the floor, and had revealed her dream that Jenna could see again, and Alison had said something to the effect of "that's why I love you, Emily.

Quite fittingly, Emily had then leaned in to kiss Alison, expressing her own love of the same nature. Alison had actually smiled in return.

Back in real time, Emily finds the personal love letter she had written to Alison the summer she went missing. While reading it, Emily remembers when she had been in the locker room with Alison alone.

Alison had been changing; she had removed her towel and stood there topless, forcing Emily's already attentive eyes to stare. Later, Emily had kissed her neck. Alison immediately turned on her, feigning shock and cruelly let Emily know that their kiss meant nothing more to her than practice for "the real thing.

Defeated and humiliated, Emily nevertheless remained, showcasing Alison's control over her friends. Detective Wilden secretly confiscates Emily's belongings and corners her in the locker room, where the students are supposed to be congregated for safety reasons; he forces her to report to a classroom for questioning.

Although uninvited, the other girls follow, suspicious of the detective's shadiness. There, he accuses Emily of trashing Alison's memorial and even casts aspersions as to whether she murdered Alison. He pulls out the detached pieces of Alison's memorial and exposes Emily's letter to her friends. Flustered, Emily confesses that she loved Alison as more than a friend, but never intended any harm towards her.

She felt bad about the mean things she wrote in that letter and went to Alison's memorial seeking closure and forgiveness. By the time she arrived, it had already been vandalized, and she took the figurines from the statue in her bag because they were the only pieces of the memorial that weren't broken. Just then, Veronica walks in, outraged that the girls' safety has been compromised when they should be in the locker room during this storm. She gives Detective Wilden a piece of her mind and blasts him for trying to interrogate minors without an adult present; doesn't he know anything they say would not be admissible in a court of law?

The girls are quick to chime in and exclaim the absurdity of accusing sweet Emily of murdering Alison, never mind stealing her bag without a search warrant. It seems that Detective Wilden will be off the case. A few days later, Mona hand delivers invitations for her camping birthday party on Saturday to select friends in the school hallway.

Of course, Hanna plans to go, but the rest of the girls are not planning to attend Mona's party, not caring for attitude-driven Mona all that much. They apologize to Hanna, but then "A" sends a message that she will also be in attendance and that the party is a scavenger hunt for her. Next, the girls are called to the principal's office, once again, for questioning by the police. Her approach in questioning is far milder than that of Officer Wilden.

She shows them footage sent by an anonymous source to the Rosewood Police Department of Alison on the day that she disappeared.

In the video, she is calling to someone a guy and teasing him that he wants to kiss her. She asks the girls to provide as much information as they can to illuminate the finding. The girls are cooperative. Hanna, ever the fashionista, lets Agent Cooper know that she is positive that the sweater Alison takes off in the video did not belong to her. Mona is so upset she even embarrasses her former friend in front of Naomi and Riley, as she dis-invites her from the party.

It is ironic that Hanna mentions that Mona was her friend when the girls were no longer, and now that she is in a fight with Mona, she has them to fall back on. Can't she have both? The girls are in Spencer's house when Ian comes over, hoping that Melissa will finally give him another chance at a date over coffee. When Melissa rejects, Spencer races after her and tells her to go for it with Ian.

Melissa is persuaded, and Ian nods in her direction. After they leave, Spencer confides to her friends that she had kissed Ian, and, after the two broke up, she had dated Ian for a while early last summer.

The girls are understanding, unlike Alison had been. Speaking of Alison, the girls suddenly see Alison's photograph on the television screen. The report is talking about a sweater found in Alison's home with a matching blood stain. It is then revealed that the police have issued an arrest for Toby Cavanaugh, being wanted for Alison's murder. The girls are led to believe that Toby was Alison's mystery boyfriend, since the sweater was identified as his. In Emily's house, Maya comforts her friend, who is grieving over her error in judgment about Toby.

To be playful, when Emily's phone rings, she has Maya answer it, not caring if it is her mother. Suddenly, the front door opens, and, afraid, Emily calls out to see who is there, though gets no answer.

Just then, Emily's father, Wayne, appears in the doorway of her bedroom to surprise her; he has come home early from his tour in Afghanistan. Then Pam appears, and her face falls a little when she sees Maya standing there. Emily makes the introductions. Pam coldly suggests that Maya leave so that the family can have a more private reunion. Emily gently tells her that she will call her later. Wayne asks his daughter how she is coping with the news that the boy who took her to homecoming murdered her best friend.

She's obviously a little distraught. He goes on about the nobility of telling the truth. Emily seems to want to tell her father about Maya, but doesn't go there; he's only been back for a few hours. That evening, the girls plan to attend the party at the Rosewood Camping Grounds, and Hanna plans to secretly stake out the woods near the party, should "A" rear his or her head. Emily drives to the party and when she parks, Toby pops his head up from the backseat and tells a freaked out Emily he needs to finish telling her what he started at homecoming.

With the two alone in the woods, he professes his innocence and claims that he met Alison the night of her death and gave her his sweater when she got cold. Ironically, he had allegedly met her in order to thank her for getting Jenna away from him. Then, apparently, she had joined another guy in a car, who Toby did not recognize, and the last time Toby remembers seeing Alison, she was alive.

He also explains that the tattoo commemorating September 1 was celebrating his freedom from Jenna, not Alison. Emily still isn't sure that he believes him, so he asks her to meet him at the church later, where his stuff is hidden, but Emily makes no promises. His ride is set to pick him up at midnight, and he tells Emily to keep a secret; her friends would surely call the cops if they knew he was back.

At the party, Emily fills the others in on Toby's confession before they start roasting marshmallows and getting their hair done in crazy 80s 'dos. A text from "A" sends Spencer back to the woods near the Kissing Rock, where she finds a woven bracelet with the name "Jenna" planted there. After this, the girls get a text from "A" which tells them they are looking in the wrong places, so Spencer figures they should visit the right ones - or "Wright's" Playground.

Later, Hanna texts the girls "I know who A is" and directs them to meet her in the parking lot. The girls rush to her side and call Hanna "knew too much. An unconscious Hanna is lifted on a stretcher and taken into an ambulance. Mona approaches the scene in the parking lot and is shocked to find out that Hanna is the one being treated. Before Aria turns to leave with the other girls for the hospital, she makes eye contact with Noel, who is wearing a black hoodie.

The girls are at the hospital calling their parents when Hanna's mom who is talking to Lucas comes over to tell them that Hanna has a broken leg, but is going to be okay.

She is clutching her full handbag tightly to her frame. Spencer accuses Toby, but Hanna's mom says the police picked him up last night, much to Emily's surprise.

She sends the girls home and promises to call them when Hanna can have visitors. The girls have a brief debate over what to do and come to the grand conclusion of waiting until they can talk to Hanna. The next morning, Emily is eating breakfast with her dad and mother. She reveals that she and her boyfriend, Ben, broke up and tries to defend Toby, but her parents are having none of that. The girls finally make it to the hospital to see Hanna, but first they have to get rid of Ashley so that they can talk candidly.

Once Hanna manages that, she reveals two bombshells she discovered: Aria says she "didn't just get into his car last night. Who do you think I am? Aria tells him Hanna's sleeping and takes him into the hallway for a chat.

The rest of the girls rule out Ian as "A," since he was with Melissa the night before, but Aria still has to deal with Noel. At school, Emily's trying to get an update on Toby when Jenna overhears and claims Toby doesn't want to talk to her. Emily mentions that incest thing to throw Jenna off a bit, and it works in incensing Jenna. Later, Emily chats on the phone with Maya until she sees Wayne staring at her from the doorway.

He's all concerned about Toby, and keeps pushing Emily to tell him what's on her mind. After enough pushing, she finally comes out to him. He is momentarily silent. Emily's parents discuss their daughter's new-found sexuality. All the while, Emily is sitting at the top of the stairs, listening to their conversation. The girls are contemplating the possibility of "A" and the killer being two different people when they discover an "A" message on Hanna's cast.

Over at Emily's house, an awkward family breakfast is underway. Pam gives in and checks if Maya has any allergies. At school, Emily tells Maya to wear a dress to dinner and informs her how weird her parents have been since she came out. Hilariously, she cites "changing the channel when Ellen comes on" as an example. Mona, feeling guilty for dumping Hanna the night she was hit, decides to throw her a surprise welcome home party.

Mona stops Emily and Spencer in the hallway to invite them to Hanna's place for the party that night. They're a bit skeptical, but Mona has decided that Hanna is up for it. Over at Emily's coming out dinner, Maya reveals that she can't eat the seafood Pam has so lovingly prepared, because she is allergic to seafood. Pam is surprised to learn this since she had "specifically asked" Emily, who says she "forgot.

Later, she and Maya kiss goodbye on the porch when Pam awkwardly interrupts with leftovers. Toby has been released from jail due to insufficient evidence, but with one caveat: Emily sees Toby sitting on his stoop wearing his house arrest anklet and heads over to tell him that she wasn't the one who turned him into the cops. Emily gets home and is sad to hear from Pam that Wayne has to leave sooner than expected. She is, however, grateful that Pam is okay with her sexual orientation, until she reveals that she is not okay with it.

In fact, it makes her sick to her stomach. The next day, Spencer calls up Hilton Head to try to get some info about Ian. She tells Emily about her suspicions that Alison was with Ian right before she died. Emily is skeptical about what motivations Ian would have to kill Alison. The subject changes to Toby, whom Spencer still does not trust completely and accuses him of being a liar.

However, Emily forces Spencer to acknowledge the fact that Alison, Toby, the girls, and practically everyone else on this show lie like crazy. Just then Agent Cooper passes by and bids them good morning. She informs the girls that there's a solid case against Toby, so if they don't need her for anything else, she's planning her leave. Spencer then finds out that Ian was at Hilton Head the same weekend as Alison. Over at school, the girls continue to suspect Noel, who chats up Mike to Aria's surprise.

Maya comes over, and she and Emily discuss their plans for studying later, despite Pam. The rest of the girls giggle their approval, supporting of Emily's newly gay status. At the Fields' home, Emily and Maya are giggling in her room when her judgmental mom sees their bare legs through the partially open door. She busts in, scandalized, as if they were doing much more than just studying.

Maya senses she should go and heads out, while Emily tells her mother that she is ashamed to be her daughter. It seems Maya left her bookbag at Emily's place, which Pam discovers. She invades Maya's privacy and finds drugs hidden in a breath mints tin. She calls her parents who have Maya sent off to a juvie camp, putting great distance between her and Emily. Spencer spills the beans about Melissa's impending pregnancy to Hanna and Emily. Spencer voices her suspicion about Melissa sudden decision for children.

Emily reveals that Maya is being shipped off to juvie camp for three months because of the joint Pam found. The girls are at Spencer's house. Melissa comes in and makes some pleasantries with the girls, which ends in her telling the girls that she doesn't have to worry about Ian looking at other women.

The rest of the girls go through Ian's boxes downstairs while Emily and Maya have a bittersweet farewell dance upstairs. The girls downstairs accomplish nothing.

Maya thanks them and hugs everyone goodbye while someone watches from the window. After she's gone, Emily thanks them and Hanna mentions another girl who went where Maya is heading for huffing spray paint and came back as a drummer in a gospel band. They then receive a shocking video no doubt from "A" about the night Alison disappeared.

It is the same footage that Officer Cooper had shown them, but there's extra in this video: Then the camera angle shifts, and we hear signs of struggling. Alison's hand comes into the view of the lens, groping the leaves on the ground, as she seems to have fallen, until the hand stops moving and goes limp.

The girls scream as they see this and hear a noise outside. Whoever it is runs through the woods, and the girls try to chase the stalker, but it's gone by the time they're outside. Right after Ian's cameo on the video, he surprises them in person, as he tries to grab a late-night snack from the Hastings' kitchen. The girls all freak out while Ian makes small talk, acting nonchalant, so there's no indication whether he saw his face on the computer screen or not. After he leaves, they decide they need to hand the video over to the police.

At school, the girls are decorating for the school's upcoming dance-a-thon, but take a break to discuss whether they should turn the video into the police. They question "A's" motives, but Emily doesn't care; as far as she is concerned, she doesn't want Toby to go to jail, and this video could prevent that. Aria agrees with Emily and offers to drive Spencer to the police station during their lunch break. We then see Emily on the phone, arguing with Maya's guards at her rehab center, True North.

The guards won't allow her to speak to her girlfriend. Apparently, she can only receive calls from her mother and father. So, Hanna offers up the phone-hacking services of a new kid with tech-cred, who can wire Emily's phone to make it seem that she is one of the St. Germains when she calls Maya. At lunch, the girls are getting ready to head to the police station when they realize that Spencer's laptop is missing, despite the fact that it has been in her bag, plastered to her side all day, save when she kept it in her gym locker.

A notebook seems to have been swapped with her bag, camouflaging the weight difference. The girls deduce that it must have been taken when she left it in her gym locker, which Ian has access to since he is an athletic coach.

That night, Emily watches Ian lock his suspicious briefcase away in his desk drawer. Ian checks his coat with his keys in the pocket, and the girls begin to hatch a plan to get the keys and get into his desk, where they think Spencer's laptop is clearly hidden.

Hanna wonders if he has already erased the video, but Spencer says that if he did, it would indicate definite guilt and that they should inform the police. Caleb shows up with Emily's newly souped-up phone, and Hanna calls him out for overcharging poor Emily. Emily finishes up a conversation with Maya, sounding a bit disappointed. Spencer asks her what's wrong, and Emily says she thinks Maya has moved on.

After her terse call with Maya, Emily finds herself drinking from Hanna's stolen hip flask and nearly causes an accusatory scene with Ian, about his murdering Alison. Spencer covers up, claiming her accusation was referring to their kiss, but this too angers Ian, who had hoped nobody else knew that damning secret. Spencer and Hanna get the still wasted Emily outside and decide they'll all crash at Spencer's that night, so Emily doesn't have to deal with her mother, and Spencer doesn't have to be alone with Ian lurking about.

Lucas approaches Hanna and offers her a ride home, but Hanna insists her friends need her. Before they leave, drunk-honest Emily accuses Hanna of pulling an Alison, leading a boy on, only to break his heart; Hanna is guilt-ridden.

At Spencer's home, Hanna prevents Emily from drunk-dialing Maya and puts her to bed. Emily starts to apologize, but Hanna says she was right, and Hanna feels bad for leading Lucas on, so insensitively. But Emily falls asleep, missing Hanna's admission; Hanna removes her shoes and pulls the covers over Emily. Aria rouses the girls early in the morning from their sleep at Spencer's house.

She's been up all night analyzing the picture that "A" left in Spencer's laptop. The girls all huddle close to Aria, but Spencer stands aloof, not quite comfortable participating for some reason.

Aria has figured out that the picture was taken from the perspective of Alison's bedroom window. She thinks Alison's brother, Jason, may have taken the picture. Hanna notes that her mother saw him at the bank, indicating that he is back in town. Aria proposes talking to Jason, but Emily and Hanna treat the thought of approaching him with disdain. Spencer quickly volunteers, wanting to know if he indeed took the picture.

At school, Emily dedicates herself to swimming once more. She swims in record time on morning at a meet, and Coach Fulton makes a comment to Paige letting her know that she has competition. Paige seems happy about Emily's return to the team overall. After swim practice, Paige unctuously distributes gifts to her teammates, vying to be swim captain.

She tries to win them over with presents and a pep talk, but Coach Fulton cuts her short, embarrassing Paige mid-sentence in front of everyone.

To add insult to injury, Coach Fulton lets the girls know that Emily has broken a new record and encourages the girls to be like Emily. Abashed, Paige leaves the locker room in a huff.

The next day, in the locker room, Paige saunters over to Emily, where she's just finished getting dressed after swim practice. Paige teasingly picks up Emily's bra and comments "nice. But when Paige makes a nasty comment about Emily's homosexuality, Emily gets nasty back and warns Paige that she will need to work harder if she wants to beat her.

And with that, Emily slams her locker shut and makes her exit. At lunch time, Aria, Spencer, and Emily sit eating the less-than-appealing school lunch. When Spencer hears that Paige is giving Emily a hard time, she recalls how impossible Paige was to deal with as an over-competitive teammate on the hockey team.

Aria checks out the gift-wrapped box Paige has given her teammate. Inside, she finds a "Go Sharks" beaded bracelet— just like the ones Alison gave the girls. Spencer gets the idea to go to the store and try to investigate who commissioned them to make the fake "Alison" and "Jenna" bracelets. If they found out, they would know who "A" is. Coach Fulton calls Paige and Emily into the locker room for a serious discussion about a homophobic comment, but Emily talks it down, not willing to divulge any details, calling it "a misunderstanding.

After Emily's assurances, Coach Fulton dismisses Paige, then persists in her attempts to find out what happened. But, Emily insists that it is nothing and asks to leave. At the Hastings', Spencer eats something before her appointment to see the bead-lady at her house. When Emily brings up the swim team, Spencer nonchalantly asks her if Paige has been kicked off. Emily cannot believe that Spencer knows about Coach Fulton's interrogation about to Paige's homophobic comment, but Spencer readily reveals that she was the one who told her about it, not expecting Emily to react negatively.

But she does, and Emily leaves, upset about the fact that Spencer didn't think that she could stick up for herself. Next day, Emily swims alone at the pool, doing some practice laps. When she surfaces for air at the edge of the pool, a hand forces her back in, nearly drowning her. Emily fights back, finally managing to remove her goggles and scream defiantly at—Paige. Unabashed, Paige accuses Emily of trying to replace her, as Coach Fulton has changed the two teammates places in the lineup, making Emily the new anchor.

So, Emily barks that Paige should take her beef to Coach Fulton, not her, and Paige mocks Emily for seemingly having done that already.

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