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Fun single dad looking for a fresh Memphis Tennessee


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Fun single dad looking for a fresh Memphis Tennessee

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Double murder suspect captured, ending manhunt in Tennessee Kirby Wallace was captured after an extensive manhunt, police announced Friday.

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Being a single dad can be really, really lonely | Direct Advice for Dads

Where is the best place to look for housing? My husband will be commuting to the University of Memphis. Is there a good temp agency? We are moving from a very small town and a state whose population is less than Memphis.

As a result, I don't even know what other questions to ask. I have never lived in a city this size. What do you think of Memphis? What should this small town person know?

Maria in Naples, Florida. I have a job offer in Memphis and have never been there. It's a really difficult decison for me as I've lived in this beautiful town for 25 years. Wondering if it's time to try some place new and really, really looking for comments that are more helpful than the arguing it's turned into.

Everyone has an opinion and view and that's great - that's why they make crayons in lots of colors. Can the bashing stay out of it? It only makes it confusing and unreliable once it turns into the back and forth stuff. I am deeply saddened by the reviews I have read on this post. Some of the posts do provide readible insight into the City and has also provided information a person can research for themselves.

I am not concerned about school districts being Memphis area will only be a second home. Safety is important to me, however I do understand crime is everywhere. Without any of the race baiting, finger pointing or hatred, is downtown a good location or would mid town be better? Surferjohn in Memphis, Tennessee. I would say Mid-Town is your best bet. The Cooper Young area has numerous restaurants within walking distance. There are new bike lanes and a new "green trail" that runs from Mid-Town all the way out to Shelby Farms.

They do try heard here and if you look, you'll see policeman on bicycles The trail was an old railroad track where the tracks were dug up. Living anywhere in mid-town, your just a mile or two from all kinds of restaurants. I used to live in Mid-Town but for good reasons, had to move near U of M. Mid-town peopler call themselves Mid-towners, mostly because they wouldn't live anywhere else.

I'm a Mid-Towner at heart. Good luck and glad to have you here Memphis suffers tremendously by its own hand. Some revel in the mediocrity, and the blaming etc - your server states you might be in Bessemer AL of course servers can be anywhere I know. Be advised that Memphis Midtown is heavily laden with the homosexual community as well, that's not a good thing, it's not a bad thing - it just should be known and stated clearly -.

Thanks for the responses. I have lived in several States because of my profession, however I understand our opinions are based on our experiences. I am in no way acting as if I know who is being truthful or not pertaining to Memphis, however I feel people should at least be able to voice "their" opinions verbally withought the need to attack, berate or disparage others from their opinions. Birmingham in my opinion overall is a good City.

It has its political issues, social issues, crime, both good and bad school systems, however it also has caring individuals and communities that cause it to be warm, accepting and above all forgiving. Sadly enough Birmingham has a lot of negative civil rights culture "Bull Connors", the Pratt Mines, State allowed prison slavery etc, however it's not the worse place I have been.

Hoover has a higher crime rate than the City of Birmingham, corridor is known for high sexual predators and meth labs. I am certain you are familiar with Birmingham and miles more aware of the culture of Memphis than I am. I appreciate your input and am grateful. I know what I'm talking about viz the histories and what makes a city great, or problematic - and yes, all cities have problems - but I rank Bham with places like Jackson MS, Shreveport - bham is better than Montgomery for sure, but places like Huntsville in fact, do shine above lots of larger cities for sure.

It will lag other cities for a very very long time - it shares that problem with a city like Bham. Bham lived in the shadow of ATL for too many years. Memphis is an overgrown river town, and cotton trading town where racism is de riguer and omnipresent. In Midtown, the problem is that if you walk three blocks in any direction you will be in one of 4 sketchy if not dangerous areas - just ask anyone who might tell you the truth - but people there like to LIE and embellish - they pretend it's some great area - it's NOT my friend - people there are xenophobic to boot, and hate criticism, they resent "outsiders" unlike many parts of Bham even.

L in Cordova, Tennessee. I have lived in Memphis all my life. I am 44 years old. I have read these posts on here about Memphis.

I can see the good and bad about Memphis. Yes this city is racially divided. Yes the crime is high in some parts. But there are also some really great people in this city. There are very few places you can go to where strangers pass you and say Hi how you doing. Great music great food good people.

I know there are many many problems in this city. There are still some good areas. I think the main problem is that not all good people can afford those areas.

I left this city for about a year at one time. No one in their sane minds is pitting or comparing Memphis "to living overseas or out of the United States". That's a red herring and a strawman argument!

No one would argue intelligently that living in a dump like Memphis is better than living in lots of European cities no doubt given the economies and histories. Memphis is so far behind it's laughable, and if you don't think it's far far behind YOU need to go LIVE for a few years somewhere else mentioned!

Please give us a break! Memphis is hardly what I call "competitive" one bit. Memphis is not some foodie city , or culinary destination my friend, again, what are you smoking?? If your going to move to memphis. There's def certain places you don't want to live. Beware if the price of apartment rent is cheap its cheap for a reason. My advice If looking for best is either. Just because an area was listed as safe place to live last year doesn't mean its still the same.

I used to live in Cordova and it was nice place to live. If someone ask me if they should get an apartment there. Its ok but I wouldn't be all excited giving positive reviews about it. You should really check out any place before moving. As for people bashing Memphis. I say they've never been to every single place in Memphis.

Not all places are alike haters and she was asking the best places. FYI there crime everywhere. Charles Goodwin in San Francisco, California. Lived in Memphis for several years.

Don't even consider living within the Memphis city limits. High taxes paired with low-quality services, crime, corrupt government , and one of the worst school districts in the country. Don't let people from Memphis fool you: White Station HS is probably the best, but no one sends their kids there unless they can't afford somewhere better. Several of the suburbs are very nice and have fantastic schools, namely Gernamntown, Collierville, and Arlington. Cordova used to be nce, but is now headed downhill FAST.

DC in San Francisco, California. Sorry you never got out of your cubby hole of Germantown. I lived in what people called "ghetto". In certain places memphis has high crime rate. But I can tell you one thing. In all my first 18 yrs I lived there I was never mugged. I get a scholarlship all excited and move to Nashville and first week there I was mugged.

How's that for your safe Nashville. But that didn't deter me. If I can handle Memphis I could handle the Nashville scum. Memphis meaning the city itself has one of the highest crime rates in the country.

Sorry you were mugged in Nashville, but one experience doesn't change decades of statistics. Look, everyone always looks fondly on the place they grew up, but Memphis has issues Maria in Naples, Florida said: Created by Roadtrippers - March 29th Memphis is the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock 'n roll, but Bluff City also has a pretty bizarre side.

This Ultimate Offbeat Guide to Memphis will send you on an adventure to modern day pyramids, duck parades, and strange relics of the past. Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid. Memphis loves ancient Egyptian motifs, which makes sense, since their city was named after a settlement in Egypt, so naturally, they built themselves a pyramid.

The world's 10th largest, in fact. Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid houses the largest collection of hunting equipment in the world, has a shooting range, an archery range, laser tag, a saltwater aquarium, a hotel, several restaurants and bars, and even a bowling alley. Seriously, this place is staggeringly strange and amazing. In , Mexican artist Dionicio Rodriguez dug a foot-deep cave in Memphis' Memorial Park Cemetery and filled it with 5 tons of crystal.

The Crystal Shrine Grotto, one of the weirdest attractions in the entire city. The entrance to the cave is hidden inside a massive tree trunk, but once you're inside, you'll find more than just a boatload of sparkly crystals-- along the walls, there are several shrines which tell the life story of Jesus.

The whole thing has a really quirky folk-art feel that's more reminiscent of the positives in life than a morbid reflection on mortality-- definitely nothing like your average graveyard!

There's no charge to enter the Crystal Shrine. If you're having trouble finding it, just listen for the ethereal music that pours from the cave opening. If you've ever wanted to travel back in time, A. Schwab's is about the closest you can get. This beloved Memphis staple is the only original business remaining on Beale Street, and it looks pretty much as it did nearly a century ago.

One part museum and one part general store, A. Schwab's isn't just a place where you can buy, hands down, the most authentic Memphis merchandise, it's also a place where you can saddle up to a classic soda fountain serving period-appropriate grub like pickled watermelon rinds and corn cob jelly.

Trust me, it's all way tastier than it sounds. The hilariously-named Angelina and Xena, the two African Boer goats, live in an enclosure next to the outdoor patio where they can enjoy the sunshine while gawking at the local passers-by. Don't worry, the goats have no problem tying a few on before climbing the tower. To date, there have no falls or even stumbles while scaling the goat tower. But forget about the history and luxe accommodations; it's the ducks that get all the attention here.

Every single day, a parade of ducks leave their home on the hotel's roof, ride the elevator downstairs, and march to the enormous travertine marble fountain in the lobby, where they spend some time taking a dip.

It's a tradition that dates back to , and even has even necessitated the creation of a "Duckmaster" position, the only of it's kind in the world. The Peabody Ducks parade can be watched at 11 a. The Lauderdale Courts building was where Elvis Presley's family made their home from Now, you can spend the night there. Some even claim they can feel the ghostly presence of The King here every now and then. As you can imagine, this room has a habit of booking up, so be sure to make your reservations early.

Your best bet is to call them directly: Stax Museum of American Soul Music. The Stax Museum of American Soul Music lets visitors get up close to artifacts and instruments from these legendary recording sessions, there's one particular piece on the collection that is so weird and over-the-top is deserves to be seen by every self-respecting oddball in Memphis: Single Mingle We're 3, Single Minglers.

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They're manly activities and fun too, for both dads and sons. Plus Enjoy the fresh air and scenery, and show your son there is more to the world that an just the modern city life. . To a young boy, it is a look into the real world, and how doing the right thing can build a great sense of . Memphis Zoo, Memphis, Tennessee. of. Memphis, TN Women 40+ NO or GROWN kids~Memphis to Mississippi. We' re No Kidders · Single Mingle · Single Mingle Memphis Comedy (Memphis is Funny) Singles in their 30s/40s exploring Downtown/Midtown Memphis. There are ways, grounded in research, that single people do better than Single People Are Keeping Friends, Siblings, Parents, and Communities Together.