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Kill, or be killed! Those are the facts of this world, and you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing! Kill la Kill is a anime produced by Studio Trigger. A relatively new studio's first television production wouldn't normally raise too many eyebrows when announced Kill la Kill was originally conceived as a manga focused entirely on battle scenes, but it shifted during production to become more character-focused.

Ryuko Matoi is a New Transfer Student at Honnouji Academy, a high school ruled with an iron fist by president Satsuki Kiryuin and her Absurdly Powerful Student Council , which in turn has power over the city it is located.

Satsuki maintains absolute control over the school using Goku Uniforms, which grant supernatural strength to their wearer and are distributed only to her most loyal students. When Ryuko shows up in search of her father's murderer , she immediately suspects that Satsuki knows something and declares war on her. With the aid of a sentient uniform called Senketsu and a red half-scissor blade that can destroy Goku Uniforms, Ryuko fights to avenge her father and take down Honnouji Academy in the process while learning more about the mysterious Life Fibers woven into the Goku Uniforms that lend such power to the people who wear them, and their origins.

It was one of the most requested shows for Toonami on [adult swim] , which aired the series from February 7, to August 1, , before being replaced by Akame ga Kill! All tropes related to individual characters belong on the character sheets , references to other works can be found in the Shout Out page. And, since the show is just that good, its Trivia and Meme pages have been made. Also check out the Recap page , which is in need of more work.

Kill la Kill was very popular on the Internet during its original broadcast in Japan. It appeared on sites like 4chan's anime boards, much like its spiritual predecessor, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which this warning is borrowed from. Most of the spoilers below are marked, but a number of them are not , and in a show where plot twists come right out of nowhere, this is very dangerous. As shown above, the anime is able to be viewed legally in North America, both subbed and dubbed in English.

It is highly recommended that you view this show at least halfway through before venturing into the folders. Taken to its extreme. Name it, and it's almost certain that it will be weaponized at some point: Tsumugu's weapons of choice are sewing machine guns.

They fire acupuncture needles that can disrupt Life Fibers, or cure the ills of people. Being a Merchant City , the Osakan students use money as their ammunition. There's also the Disciplinary Committee's iron clad rulebook, capable of destroying a tank when thrown at it. Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Exaggerated to high holy hell.

They rule over the school literally like a totalitarian regime. They expect total obedience from the normal students and routinely execute rule breakers.

They also appear to be capable of annexing other schools. What's more is that they have full control of the city surrounding the school; a student and their family's quality of life depends on how well they fare in school, and if they're expelled, they lose their home as well. And because Satsuki's mother owns the school, the faculty can't really do much about it. In the "everyone's trying to kill you" kinda way. Satsuki first puts on her kamui in order to counter Ryuko, reasoning that she can control it if Ryuko can.

In fact, Both Ryuko and Senketsu are unusual and have a special ability to work together. Not knowing this, Satsuki succeeds in dominating Junketsu through force of will. Every single named female character in the series is a certified badass capable of kicking ass. Even Mako has moments to shine.

The least action-oriented female is Mako's mom. However, to balance this, she's completely unfazed by even the most blatant and bizarre uses of otherworldly power throughout the series. This mom here is relaying military intelligence via a field radio and firing a submachine gun, all while breastfeeding her baby.

Ragyo Kiryuin, who establishes herself as the most powerful character in the series after Episode 18 when she brutalizes both of her daughters, Satsuki and Ryuko, without breaking a sweat. She manages to rip Junketsu off of Satsuki, and Ryuko's still-beating heart out of her chest!

Act of True Love: Mako does several of these for Ryuko, usually in the form of a Cooldown Hug , and Senketsu sacrifices himself to protect her. Gamagoori takes a sword in the gut for Mako. The Elite Four would do anything for Satsuki. Satsuki defied the most powerful woman in the world to avenge her father and sister, but, much more touchingly, ran to catch her little sister falling from space , screaming her name with no restraint or shame.

Honnouji Academy does have a proper staff, but they're little more than puppets to Satsuki and the Student Council. The principal even acknowledges this. First names like Ragyo, Barazo, Satsuki and just about every other character, major or minor have their names written in kanji. Then we have Mako, which is written in katakana. Then there is club president Jack Naito, whose name is also written in Western order. The overarching themes seem to be: Having True Companions , versus simply using people, as demonstrated by Ryuko and Senketsu, Ryuko and Mako, as well as Satsuki and the Elite Four , who play the trope straight, vs.

Satsuki and Junketsu, who seem to actually be fighting each other for dominance. Individuality, as batshit crazy as it can be, is what makes us human. Clothes do not make the man. Of the Magical Girl genre and of fighting anime in general. Later in the show it starts moving into Deconstructive Parody and finally into Reconstruction. Even though the croquettes made by Mako's mom contain some weird stuff, some of it is still moving when served, they are considered to be tasty.

All Cloth Unravels Nui demonstrates the ability to pull apart whole Goku Uniforms by tugging on the banshi , a uniform's core Life Fiber that keeps the whole thing together. Subverted when she tries it on Senketsu, as he has accumulated several extra Banshi into his design by that point.

So Nui cuts him the old-fashioned way. All Men Are Perverts: And probably Mako herself. All There in the Manual: A good deal of detail regarding the personal lives of the Elite Four of Honnouji Academy is barely touched upon in the anime itself, and can only be found in the notes accompanying the light novel written for the series, such as the following: Sanageyama's family are well-known konjac producers, him being the second son, and he uses the Honnouji-provided allowance he gets for being a Three-Star student to support his old gang back in North Kanto.

Gamagoori is half-American — his father being a American G. He sends the monetary stipend he gets from Honnouji back home to support his mom. Inumuta's father is a policeman, and what's more, deputy director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, which is currently investigating the activities of the Kiryuin Conglomerate.

Oh, and he apparently framed his father to put a stop to the older Inumuta's investigations, and forced him to resign. Nonon actually found Satsuki boring and uninteresting back when they were kindergartners, but when Satsuki's personality suddenly changed later that year, she decided that she wanted to be close to her. She was also supposed to attend a prestigious middle school for the rich, but passed on this to instead follow Satsuki.

Always a Bigger Fish: Satsuki acts as Bigger Fish to the thugs in Gamagoori's backstory, using her vastly richer parents' power to nullify theirs. Nui is this to Uzu. Just when Uzu, the most gruelling opponent Ryuko has faced yet, is about to face off against Ryuko in the King of the Hill Final Battle, she appears and defeats him in seconds.

All over the place. Taken Up to Eleven in Mako's case; by all accounts, she should have died within the first two episodes from the sheer amount of slapstick heaped upon her. The Primordial Life Fiber is an extraterrestrial entity that is responsible for mankind's evolution. And Show It to You: Who does this, you ask?

There is also an interesting variation to this when Nui pulls her own heart out , showing Ryuko that she is made out of Life Fibers. In Episode 24, Ragyo pulls her own heart out and commits suicide rather than surrender. The Elite Four's surnames contain characters meaning "toad", "monkey", "dog", and "snake". A minor one is Mako being associated with bunnies, like on the third BD cover. Satsuki herself tends to be more subtly associated with eagle imagery see character page for details , while Ryuko is compared occasionally to a dragon or a lone wolf.

On Kill la Kill , the mistakes made by the English voice actors were made into animated versions, and shown at AnimeExpo. Episode 3's fight scene of Ryuko vs. Later, when Satsuki makes the final sword-strikes to decapitate her mother in episode 18, the animation is much smoother than anywhere else in the series. Nudist Beach is an anti-uniform organization of which Aikuro and Tsumugu are members. Kamui need to drink the blood of their wearers to function.

Being embarrassed due to their Stripperiffic forms or otherwise rejecting them not only makes them less powerful, but also requires them to drink more blood to keep functioning. Ryuko defeats Inumuta when he uses his optical camouflage by turning Senketsu's eye gigantic enough to swat the entire platform ring they are on.

In Episode 21, Satsuki asks one of these to Nui: If Ryuko Matoi has truly gone over to your side, body and soul In Episode 16, during The Reveal and the associated technobabble , it's discussed how Life Fibers chose homo sapiens to accelerate the evolution of.

However, the ape-man shown on the screen before the Parody of Evolution was clearly not homo sapiens , but more likely an australopithecine or homo habilis.


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Sponsored Looking after the bottom line: What are our rights? Coast with the most: There are also a few instances where you can see it with his Nudist Beach uniform.

The scene of Satsuki naked and chained up in a cage being physically, psychologically, and sexually abused by Ragyo in Episode It's designed to be very unappealing to view, really amplifies the implied Parental Incest , and even ends with the disturbing image of Satsuki giving a Death Glare to the camera as Ragyo spanks her ass that would do away with any feelings of arousal. Even worse than the Episode 16 incident is a similar scene with Ragyo, Nui, and Brainwashed and Crazy Ryuko in the beginning of Episode Ryuko even kisses Nui near the end of it.

There's actually a nipple slip on Ryuko's part in Episode Of course, any arousal that this would have inspired is instantly void because she just ripped Junketsu off of her body, leaving her soaked in gallons upon gallons of her own blood. Using clothing as a source or symbol of power is a recurring motif in the series, and the concept of being metaphorically, but also literally naked is used as a sign of resolve.

But at the end of the day, there's no shortage of scenes that are probably there for the sake of the fans as well. The main focus of Kill la Kill is the furious fighting scenes involving the main cast and whatever opponents get thrown their way. The basic idea of empowering clothing is expanded as a motif that pervades the entire series: To begin with, there's the series' iconic weapon, a giant pair of scissors. Aikuro uses sewing pins as both weapons and acupuncture needles; Tsumugu fires sewing needles from weaponized sewing machines, and smoke grenades shaped like bobbins; Nui makes clones of herself from scraps of cloth; the Original Life Fiber looks like a ball of yarn; Ragyo's comms satellite is shaped like a pair of lips, and both of its transmitters are shaped like tubes of lipstick; the facade of Honnoji Academy resembles a sailor fuku!

If any combination of Ryuko, Satsuki, Nui, or Ragyo are fighting one another, expect this to be the order of the day, with sword-on-sword strikes occurring numerous times each second , with nobody really scoring so much as a glancing hit. Bonus points for numerous Blade Locks. However, if the fight is any of those four vs. A surprisingly subtle one, but the end credits show Ryuko wandering around a normal town in regular clothing. At first, it just seems like an alternate universe where things were different, especially since we see her standing next to a poster with her wearing Senketsu.

Implying the Kill la Kill -verse seen in the show is fictional in that world. But it's later revealed this is after the end of the series, after Ragyo and the Life Fibers are defeated and Honoji has sunk into the ocean, with Ryuko now living a normal life.

The 24th episode even changes the credits so that Mako and Satsuki are with her and hanging out. This likewise leads to a bit of Call-Forward too as that ending showed the island where Honoji was is now gone, to which the special 25th and final episode showed how that happened. It bounces off the window frame and crashes back into the room, which knocks everyone for a loop. Because he's not a sleepy, lazy teacher, he's actually a physically capable Nudist Beach operative.

In the beginning of Episode 4, Ryuko has a nightmare where Senketsu gets cut into pieces. In Episode 13, this actually happens. And then they really hammer it in your head in the Cold Open in the subsequent episode, where Ryuko has the same dream.

Episode 12 has Ryuko's Scissor Blade fusing into her enraged form , while Episode 15 has Bakuzan giving off Life Fiber sparkles when tapped by Satsuki , both of which reveal that they are made from hardened Life Fibers , something not revealed until Episode Two cases from the second opening: What are implied to be Junketsu's "eyes" are shown to be far more alien in appearance compared to Senketsu, implying the true nature of Life Fibers.

In the same sequence, Senketsu is shown with both of his eyes open. Early on, there was a brief discussion of the origin of Japanese school uniforms being derived from actual military uniforms. Appropriately enough, Satsuki has been building a student army to fight against Ragyo.

At the height of their power, a charismatic and ruthless leader is struck down by one of their subordinates leading an army against them in a place where they brought no guards and were celebrating their victory.

Either way, both occur at Honnouji. There were several cases concerning Ryuko: Isshin Matoi gave things names which were accurate but not necessarily pretty , and Ryuko's name can be read as "abandoned child". This foreshadows the fact that she is the daughter Ragyo abandoned. Ryuko starts out with a red lock of hair. After a fashion, it looks somewhat like a life fiber.

This suggests that Ryuko is infused with life fibers. The underside of Ryuko's hair changes color when she uses Senketsu. One could think it is one of the effects of the transformation, but there is another character whose hair does the same thing, namely her mother, Ragyo Kiryuin. This detail foreshadows their connection and the fact that both Ragyo and Ryuko are half-human hybrids due to having some Life Fibers inside of them.

In Episode 18, it's revealed that Ryuko is Ragyo's daughter. In the first opening, Ryuko is shown to appear at the center of a rainbow-colored light not unlike Ragyo. In the first ending, the wedding dress which Ryuko stares at through a shop window is the same one she wears in her mental world after being brainwashed by Ragyo. Satsuki's Evil Overlord speech from the very first episode contains quotes like "Fear is freedom" and "Subjugation is liberation".

This is just propaganda in the vein of Nineteen Eighty-Four to establish Satsuki as a ruthless dictator, right? Nope, it actually foreshadows Satsuki's use of dictatorship to create an army intended to topple Ragyo and the Life Fibers. She uses fear and subjugation with an eventual goal of freedom and liberation. In Episode 23, Nui interrupts the end credits. The show plays with this a lot, stuffing Funny Background Events and Shout Outs whenever and wherever they can.

The first episode alone is overflowing with this: Random items, including a gun, are thrown up during the scene when Gamagoori kicks the door of the classroom open. Yatterman-1 's weapon can be seen under the table of one of the students. A student playing with action figures for The Hulk and Iron Man with a third figure for Sentinel inside his desk during the scene where Ryuko is being introduced to the class. Mako is briefly backlit by the Ide Gauge. A male student groping the butt of an oblivious female classmate during the scene where Ryuko calls out Satsuki.

A student with Gag Boobs for eyes staring at Ryuko when she shocks everyone by shrugging off Takaharu's punch. Senketsu's and Ryuko's transformation as seen from the outside can reveal some rather creepy looking bits.

She also looks like the version of the character from the s, which fits with the overall style of the series. Also in Episode 4, the cast of Pulp Fiction appears in the background during the Senketsu delivery scene.

It could be also a reference to Dragon Ball GT since the stars on them are black. In the same episode, Mako's mother uses a dishwasher that is similar to the Famicom pad. Mako and Gamagoori seem to have a somewhat amicable relationship; such as when Gamagoori tries to take the Scissor Blade from Mako by threatening to give her no mercy, yet doesn't attack her. From Bad to Worse: Episode 12 had Ryuko having just recovered from her berserker rage getting beaten up by her father's killer, Nui , and ended with Satsuki revealing that she had used all the information from Ryuko's fights to create an advanced army for her to conquer Kansai.

In Episode 13 , we have Ryuko having a BSOD over the events of the last episode , a student she inspired to fight turns out to be Nui just trying to mess with her and Senketsu gets ripped apart by Nui. Sanageyama has attempted to keep fighting naked no less than twice.

This is also standard procedure for Nudist Beach combatants since they're, ya know, nudists. Both Ryuko and Satsuki do this in Episode 20; Ryuko slaughtering numerous COVERS, storming the academy on motorcycle and getting in another fight with Nui wearing nothing but a sheet cape, and a completely-nude Satsuki breaking out of her cell in the same academy and fighting her way outside with her hands bound and wielding nothing but sharpened fake toenails.

Huge red blocks of text appear to complement practically everything that happens. Sometimes these are treated as diegetic: At one point, Ryuko is shown fighting on TV and one of her attack names appears on the television screen; also, Nui Harime likes to lean on her own name while talking to someone.

Ryuko and Satsuki's Transformation Sequences are full of this. When they run or there is a power wind blowing i. ALL the time in every fight , there is a lot of jiggling. This is to be expected, considering most of Studio Trigger used to work for Gainax.

Gondor Calls for Aid: Ragyo's theme, "Blumenkranz", is sung entirely in Gratuitous German , albeit a "Blind Idiot" Translation with incorrect pronunciation. The Mankanshoku family has engaged in some Gratuitous English a few times.

Barazo has addressed the others as "my family", and Mako as "my daughter". Mako herself has let out a shout of "Let's goooooo! Another has Sukuyo respond to a demand by Barazo with "Aye aye, sir! The Primordial Life Fiber fills this role, given that the existence of Life Fibers is because it came crashing down to earth, and Ragyo Kiryuin serves it loyally.

Said Big Bad later flies it around like a giant ship. Ragyo can be seen as this during the period of time when Satsuki is the primary antagonist, though her spot as big bad is made clear after the Naturals Election finishes. When Tsumugu slides on his knees to avoid one of Berserk Ryuko's attacks, Nui is waiting to plant her scissor blade between his legs.

From Sanageyama 's position after the attack, it's implied that he also got hit with one of these courtesy of Nui. In Episode 6, Ryuko slams into the ground head first after Sanageyama after being intentionally blinded does a number on her.

A zoom-out shows that the ground fractured for quite a distance. The first 11 episodes were a quirky little tale about trying to take on an oppressive school council while searching for the killer of Ryuko's father. However, once Nui and later Ragyo show up, more of the plot is revealed and it essentially becomes an Alien Invasion story.

Turns out this is the Naked Sun's power source. When two of the three wheels are shot to pieces, Naked Sun has barely enough energy to move forward Ryuko watches in pure horror as Ragyo holds up her heart in front of her face after she removed it from her body , infused with Life Fibers and revealing that she's her long-lost daughter.

Proving she needed Ryuko's help. Similarly, the Elite 4 and the rest of the remnants of Satsuki's forces join Nudist Beach, their former enemies, to fight the Life Fibers and save the world. Every single major character has a Transformation Sequence to awaken the powers their clothes give them.

Senketsu, after absorbing Shinra Koketsu's power, finds out post-battle that it was too much for him to handle, and has caused him fatal, irreparable damage. Immediately following his realization of the Heroic R. Hero Stole My Bike: Ryuko forcefully appropriates a scooter from a soba-delivery man to get away from Honnouji quickly. At least she has the decency to not appropriate the soba itself.

Later, the scooter is brought back to the school with a note of apology. After having, shall we say, lost her way for several episodes, Ryuko tears off Junketsu and resynchronizes with Senketsu in awesome fashion. Characters do not bleed often, but if they do, it will fountain out in the most exaggerated way possible.

Nonon Jakuzure's transformed Symphony Regalia Mk. II fires ones made out of music! Ryuko and Mako's relationship has some clear romantic undertones to it, though nothing ever really happens between them.

Ryuko does agree to go on a date with Mako if she survives the final battle, but it's ambiguous whether that has any romantic implications.

On the one hand, not only is it common in Japan for girls to go on platonic "dates" with each other, but the end credits of the final episode also show Satsuki joining in on the date. Although, when Mako pictures their date, they're shown holding hands and kissing, but that, of course, may just be Mako being Mako.

In the OVA, when Satsuki's evil clone made from her dark side tells Ryuko that Satsuki is a woman who "had her heart broken"! Jakuzure's relationship with Satsuki has hints of this.

She's the first one to refer to Satsuki affectionately, swore to always hold her hand while in kindergarten, and hasn't left her side since. She's also the only person Satsuki calls by their first name. Jakuzure's story in the light novel all but outright states that she is in love with Satsuki, with all those references to Jakuzure's "feelings" and how she wants to make Satsuki's beauty hers alone.

Nui becomes this to Nudist Beach in Episode 21 after Satsuki points out that if she truly believed Ryuko was on her side then Nui would have given her the other half of the scissor blade. The club presidents quite commonly use this tactic with Mako to lure Ryuko into a fight. Taken Up to Eleven and used literally.

Even Gurren Lagann looks mild next to this show! Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Mako and Gamagoori, who are surprisingly friendly enemies and seem to receive more and more Ship Tease with each new episode. Ragyo Kiryuin , who can survive having her head cut off , save for one Life Fiber connecting the two severed ends of her neck.

And this is after being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice and crucified! She even admits that she isn't fully human anymore, due to being symbiotically fused with Life Fibers. By her own admission, Ryuko is the same as them. Nui Harime also qualifies, due in part to her unnatural strength and speed, Psychotic Manchild tendencies, and sheer demonic presence, which is so terrifying that so much as a touch from them even scares the crap out of Senketsu.

Also her ability to survive being engulfed in multiple C-4 blasts unscathed! All without the apparent help of Life Fibers. Confirmed by the lady herself in Episode There's a good reason why Satsuki refers to people as "pigs". Her system prevents people from becoming truly virtuous revolutionaries by offering all the pleasures in the world to those who have the power to challenge her. On the other hand, Mako yes believes that humans are not pigs.

She and her family turn their back from the pleasures the system can afford them because that system ground their friend Ryuko to dust. Averted until the OVA , a lot of people were disappointed that at no point in the series did it turn out that Honnouji Academy was a giant robot. The OVA reveals that it was, but Satsuki never got to use it because Ragyo wrested control of the school from her.

Rei, however, is a different story. The series calls to attention the fundamental hypocrisies in Satsuki and her subordinates' philosophies and actions as it progresses, though the series reveals later that the underlying intent of all of them is firstly to deceive Ragyo to believe they are building her an army and secondly to build that army in such a way as to oppose her: This is clear as early as Episode 1.

Yes, ball s , because Omiko was backed by a dozen or more of her club members, all of whom were hitting balls at Ryuko. This is, of course, also against the rules of tennis. During middle school, Satsuki looks down upon some bullies who rely on their parents' social standing for their impunity; when she is called out for doing the exact same thing, Satsuki yells with her usual bravado that she's different because unlike the bullies who mainly leech off their power to get their way she uses it as a means to further her goal of World Domination.

This may also count as an exaggerated version of Values Dissonance ; some areas of Japanese culture consider someone with lofty ambitions to be morally superior to someone who does the same thing for pettier ambitions. This attitude also exists outside of Japan , but Japan folded it into their own cultural beast.

Gamagoori despises Ryuko's school-inappropriate Senketsu, but when she points out that Satsuki's Junketsu is just as skimpy, Gamagoori simply yells that Satsuki is an exception to the rules. Unlike the incident with Satsuki above, he doesn't even offer an argument, weak or not, for this. During the Naturals Election, which is all about putting your position on the line to see if you're worthy of holding it, Satsuki spends the entire time camped out behind an impenetrable wall of Life Fibers.

It's pretty hard to be tested for your position if you never allow anyone to reach you so you can be tested in the exact same way you are testing everyone else, right Satsuki?

Though Satsuki states that the Elite Four would be removed from their positions if they lose and a new Elite Four will be formed out of the most worthy students, after the Naturals Election, Satsuki reinstates the Elite Four, and it's doubtful she removed any of her favorites from their positions. Ryuko doesn't take the truth of Life Fibers in body quite well. I Am Not Left-Handed: Downplayed and then subverted.

Midway through Episode 1, Ryuko learns that the boxer's gloves are made of steel. She then says she has no reason to hold back, flips her blade to the sharp side and I Control My Minions Through Two contrasting examples appear in Episode Takarada controls his people with money, but Kiryuin shows him that fear is a much more controlling force by striking his people's hearts and making them scatter. The episodes' titles are all taken from J-pop oldies.

See the Shout Out page. The Idiot from Osaka: He's all the stereotypes of Osakan rolled into one character and he turns all those traits into his forte, allowing Osaka to effectively resist Satsuki's Raid Trip. Until Satsuki herself appears. A man's word is only good on the day it's made. When a lady changes her underwear, she leaves the past behind her! When Ryuko learns that her father founded Nudist Beach, Mako then has one of these with the character in question on a beach with naked women surrounding him.

Due to the low-detailed art style, a large number of female characters are given this when nude. See Establishing Series Moment. Satsuki seems to be keen on turning every qualified student into a drone with her One-Star uniforms while only those who excel them being allowed to have individuality again. Subverted when it's revealed that Satsuki's younger sister was experimented on with Life Fibers and then disposed of when the experiment failed.

It's one of, if not the most, gut-wrenching scenes in the entire series. Not five minutes later, it's Double Subverted when Ragyo reveals that, not only did the baby survive, Ryuko is that baby.

And don't you dare tell him it doesn't matter. It does and he will gladly spell it out for you. These tend to come up occasionally. Downplayed with Ryuko Matoi and Mako Mankanshoku. The latter's family are so poor that they use very questionable meat for their croquettes and the former was implied to be rich since her former house was a giant mansion. Though, by the time the two became friends, Ryuko is a orphan vagabond.

Then it's revealed that Ryuko is a Kiryuin and the daughter of Ragyo and sister of Satsuki. Satsuki impales her mother Ragyo from behind with her sword, then picks her up and throws her onto a protruding roof spike.

Episode 18 is full of echoes to Episode 1: Satsuki delivers a speech on Double Speak in Episode 1, using it to belittle and oppress her subjects. She repeats the speech in Episode 18 when she finally springs her trap at the Festival, but in the context of hiding her true motives from Ragyo and how her iron-fisted rule over her students is the only way to create an army capable of successfully rebelling against the Life Fibers.

When Ryuko and Satsuki first fight, Satsuki comments that Ryuko's goal of revenge is pathetic. Fast forward to episode Ragyo says the same thing when Satsuki reveals she's rebelling to avenge her father and sister.

At the start of Episode 1, Satsuki has a student who stole a One-Star uniform beaten, told he's not worthy of it, and then smashed into a wall after having the uniform removed. Ragyo does the same to Satsuki at the end of Episode In Episode 19, Satsuki is imprisoned inside a metal cage in a large, boxy room. That is probably the Time Out Chamber which Mako would have been thrown into for a month for distribution of anti-Satsuki newspapers.

Now it's Satsuki herself who got thrown in there for a month for going against Ragyo. In Episode 10, during Nonon's flashback, Satsuki tells Nonon "a castle that is blown away with the first gust of wind is worthless" when talking to her about sandcastles.

In Episode 24, Ragyo dismisses Ryuko and Senketsu's affirmation of being both and neither human or clothing as utter nonsense. Ryuko screams back "Nonsense is how we roll! Satsuki calmly replies "Nonsense is how we roll. By the last episode, Aikuro and Tsumugu are two of, if not the only people on Earth that are wearing anything at all.

In the second episode, Ryuko is yet again accused of being an exhibitionist AND a masochist. She says she's not an exhibitionist. It Makes Sense in Context: The entire series is about the relationship between humans and clothing. It's actually really awesome. After Ryuko takes her word for it, Maiko plays up the pain in the hopes of tagging along, and succeeds.

More than a few characters seem to have them as part of their backstories, either by being delinquents themselves Ryuko, Sanageyama or by fighting them Gamagoori. Even Satsuki herself is shown wearing a the typical uniform of a sukeban , or female delinquent, in flashbacks. A large number of them serve as the minions of Satsuki. They range from the common such as the Tennis Club, to the absurd such as the Tightrope Walking Club it's stated that the number of them has significantly increased since Ryuko's arrival, since Satsuki's standing challenge means that more of them have the chance to apply for Two-Star Uniforms and a chance to win a Three-Star.

The two main leads, plus Mako, all with very distinctive Sailor Fuku. Kick the Morality Pet: Following Ryuko entering a downward spiral caused by Ragyo's revelations about her past and true nature , and Ragyo Mind Raping her with Junketsu and brainwashing her into serving her, Mako and Senketsu enter her mind to try and bring her back to her senses.

Mako eventually tells her to kill her if she refuses to put Senketsu back on and return to their side, and while Ryuko does, this allows her to break free of Ragyo's brainwashing and get over her depression. When they meet in Osaka during the Tri-City School Raid Trip, Ryuko tells Satsuki to look at the destroyed city and asks her if she considers all of this a necessary sacrifice to fulfill her ambitions. Several large ones occur during the confrontation between Ryuko and Satsuki.

The final sonic boom was powerful enough to blow away all the nearby air, creating a vacuum strong enough to pull everything back in towards the point of impact with such speed that the colliding air and dust particles cause a secondary sonic boom.

Considering that this happened in the third episode, this will probably be topped later down the road. When it's revealed that Isshin Matoi founded Nudist Beach which is full of almost-nude individuals , Mako imagines an old man on a beach with nubile ladies fawning over him. Ryuko quickly dismisses such imagination. Most characters qualify, though Ira easily takes the cake with his fierce and undying loyalty to the rules and the president.

Even without hearing her talk, the mere fact that the kinds of clothes she wears makes her this. Last Episode Theme Reprise: The last episode plays not one but both opening themes during the final battle. And then the original closing theme over the ending sequence. The entire city is built like this, with the school on top, nice looking houses beneath, followed by identical concrete apartment buildings and ending in a giant slum.

The star ranking of a student also decides which layer they and their families live. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Most noticeable during the final episodes where Ryuko repeatedly states that "Nonsensical is what we do! Nui has a knack for this, whether it's interrupting the credits by force, or simply leaning on the giant letters that introduce her.

Leave the Camera Running: Near the end of Episode 16, we're treated to a minute of just watching Ryuko and Mako just sitting. Mako is failing to stay awake, while Ryuko spends the whole time wrapping her head around The Reveal. Done to horrible effect in Episode 18 when we get a first person view of Ragyo beating the tar out of Satsuki, immediately preceded by a first person view of Satsuki receiving said beatdown.

Mako gets the hallelujah chorus from Handel's "Messiah" every time she makes a dramatic speech. Her official leitmotif is "Light Your Heart Up". Ragyo Kiryuin has "Blumenkranz. Doubles as Theme Music Power-Up ; the "don't lose your way" portion of "Before My Body Is Dry" in its normal version or some form of Triumphant Reprise usually starts playing when Ryuko is about to kick some serious ass.

Flashbacks are presented in 4: Letting the Air Out of the Band: In episode 4, when Senketsu is being ironed by Mako's mom, the music starts sputtering out once Senketsu gets used to the feel and starts enjoying it. Most major characters have one, but the soundtrack is notable that some tracks are two characters' theme songs fitted together to play back-to-back such as Aikuro's theme playing for the first half of one track while the second half is Sanageyama's.

Gamagoori is literally tweened past a window in Episode 1 with no animation whatsoever. It's not too far from being a glorified, poorly done Newgrounds animation. This was also applied to Nui Harime when she fights Uzu Sanageyama, sliding when she finds the Banshi and again when she defeats him a few seconds later.

Mako seems to be given this treatment in almost all of her scenes. Same applies with Nui. Episode 22 is hit pretty hard with this, too. Locked Out of the Loop: Ryuko spends the first half of the show just trying to figure out what's going on. She isn't even necessarily seeking to avenge her father so much as to understand why he was killed. She finally gets an Info Dump in episode Several , to the point of Gambit Pileup.

The Kiryuin family have been building their base of power at Honnouji Academy ever since the school was founded. Satsuki has been waiting to rebel against her mother ever since she was a child. Isshin Matoi has been planning against the Kiryuin family ever since he became disgusted with the way Ragyo discarded their daughter when she was just a baby. He even died before the plan was finished.

The Primordial Life Fiber has waited since before mankind evolved to execute its plan, and actually helped humans evolve to make it happen. Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters and Ragyo is Ryuko's mom. It carries connotations of a "large, sinister corporation" and is actually the first hint to anyone Japanese that REVOCS and Ragyo are very important to the plot, something which can't really be communicated to non-Japanese viewers.

Similarly, the dub and official subtitles fail to translate certain terms. Since that doesn't really sound right in English, some fansubbers instead substituted the term "Ultima". Senketsu's final form, Kisaragi, is named after an old Japanese word for February, which was traditionally the time when one would start wearing spring clothes.

Naturally, this is a hard concept to get across to non-Japanese, so some fansubbers instead settled for "Fashion Week", which is held in New York in February.

In Japanese, certain concepts are conveyed through homophones. The pronunciation of "fashion" is similar to "Fascism", for instance, and "school uniform" sounds the same as "conquest". These puns can't be translated. In Episode 22, Inumuta makes an untranslatable pun when Sanageyama picks a fight with Jakuzure: The official translations both sub and dub don't bother much with localization or Woolseyism, terms like "Goku" and "Kisaragi" are simply left untranslated.

It is revealed that the Life Fibres incorporated into REVOCS' clothing and the Goku Uniforms are actually part of an ancient extraterrestrial entity that has been guiding human evolution, and intends to devour all of humanity before blowing up the earth to scatter its progeny throughout the cosmos.

Episode 19 focuses on Nudist Beach and the Elite Four right up until the last couple minutes. During Episode 8, Mako sings a road song about going on a drive to hell in a cheery tone. The tank is defeated, but it still looked cool. The series borrows a lot from the prototypical example of the trope, Go Nagai 's Cutey Honey , from Ryuko's revealing costume to her murdered father starting her quest as well as also being responsible for the source of her powers in this case, her uniform, a keepsake from her father.

Ishikawa also influenced the team's previous work, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The series is particularly heavy on the Warrior part of this trope, as there are very few wand- or blaster-type weapons, and the only "magic" is the Life Fibers that create the Kamui. That, and beauty is MOST definitely tarnished, as Ryuko and several other characters are realistically beaten bloody and bruised. The TV showing the Naturals Election.

Given that this is a "magical clothes" anime, no amount of shape-shifting from Gamagoori can destroy whatever he's wearing. Makes Sense In Context: The Kamui are deliberately made stripperific in order to decrease direct skin-contact with Life Fibers, thereby reducing the risk of losing one's mind to a sentient piece of clothing.

Martial Arts and Crafts: Overlaps with I Know Madden Kombat. Apparently, just about every school club activity, including but not limited to sports, can become a deadly fighting style - assuming you wear the right uniform for the task. However, actual fighting techniques are more effective.

Lampshaded by Ryuko, when she is challenged by the tennis club president to a tennis duel and wonders why she can't just beat her up without any regard for sport rules, like she did with her previous opponent, the boxer. Eventually, she decides that beating the enemy at their own game would be more humiliating and decides to roll with it. When Satsuki reveals that the entire series she's been planning to fight against the Life Fibers to her mom , her "Fear is Freedom" speech takes on a whole new meaning.

Episode 5 can be summarized as Ryuko vs. Tsumugu with Nonon's cultural clubs in the crossfire. Episode 12 can be summarized as Berserk Ryuko vs. Men Are the Expendable Gender: So far, the vast majority of characters who have died are male. All the mooks Gamagoori presumably kills and the student soldiers are male as well. While this is true, he leaves out several pertinent details, namely, that he was Ragyo's husband and Satsuki's father Soichirou, that Ryuko is his and Ragyo's child who was infused with Life Fibres, and that he faked their deaths and took up the false identity of Isshin Matoi in order to plot against Ragyo.

How the fight between Ryuko and Satsuki in Episode 15 ends. They both accept the draw. The Elite Four get an improved set of uniforms in Episode In a city ruled by a hierarchical system based on the strength of their uniforms, this is to be expected. Mini Dress Of Power: Omiko a tennis dress with a skirt made of balls , Nonon a feminine drum major's outfit , and Nui a sweet lolita-style gown. Episode 17 reveals that Satsuki, the head of the Sewing Club, and the Elite Four have all been working against the Kiryuin agenda for years.

There are machine guns that shoot paper bills during the invasion of Osaka. Mako takes advantage of this to sample the local cuisine. The second ED — which is incredibly cute, sweet and adorable — plays when the show gets Darker and Edgier , and can really offset moments like Ragyo revealing herself to be Ryuko's mother.

On the other hand, given the much darker nature of the second half of the anime — as well as the anime's tendency to leave off on hard-hitting cliffhangers — it can serve as a well-needed pick-me-up afterwards. While Episode 23 ends on a high enough note for the ending to not count as one, there's one mid-credits once Nui shows up and Ragyo reveals her master plan. One-Stars; Ryuko can beat whole gangs of them into a pulp even without her Kamui.

Mako towards Ryuko, being the one who brings Ryuko back to her senses the couple of times she goes off the deep end. More Deadly Than the Male: The most powerful men in the series aren't even close to the level of 3 of the 4 main female characters.

More Teeth than the Osmond Family: Ryuko's monstrous form not only has a mouth full of fangs so long they impale her skull, she has a second mouth where her hips should be. When the Primordial Life Fiber attempts to eat the Naked Sun, it opens a huge four-sided maw lined with thousands of pointy teeth and dripping with red drool.

Moses in the Bulrushes: As revealed in Episode 18, Ryuko was coldly discarded by Ragyo, thinking her Life Fiber experiments on the infant Ryuko were a failure, but she had her death faked by her father, Soichirou, who assumed the cover Isshin Matoi and raised her in secrecy.

It's about a transfer student going to a school kept in line by an Absurdly Powerful Student Council. The school seems to look more like a city state, the council form a totalitarian government, and the tone is exactly that of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Much of the early series runs on this, as Ryuko's opponents are club presidents.

Most, however, don't get much further than their introductions before they are defeated. Mankanshoku's croquettes are made of unidentified substances, but nevertheless delicious. Both Ryuko and Satsuki have them: Ryuko's father designed a Kamui that was apparently intended for her and was later killed; Satsuki's father had one prepared for her, and her mother is head of the academic board.

When you put them all together, the mystery vanishes: Nudity is played for laughs just about as often as it's played for titillation. And sometimes it's played for both.

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