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Housewives want nsa Pinole

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I have three dogs, and I have fostered 9 others with 3 different groups. I have concluded that I would really rather foster dogs on my own and not have to deal with a rescue.

Except in the case of one rescue group, I have wound up paying most of the costs food, crate, veterinary care etc. I appreciate the work that rescue groups do, but often I take issue with some of their actions ie pulling cute puppies from no- shelters when older dogs need help more and squandering precious resources on very sick animals who may never be adoptable. I cant see any reason why I shouldnt just walk into the Pinole Shelter or Sac County shelter and pull a dog from death row.

I have the time and resources to do this, so why not? Does anyone else here foster this way? Any input or feedback? More power to ya. If you have the resources, go for it.

Its always gratifying to call your own shots. I was a free agent for 8 or so years Expensive! Then, tried fostering for a coupla other groups Loved not worrying about out-of-pocket costs or liability concerns Wheee!

BUT, I didnt always agree that the homes the group chose were right for my dogs. Starting your own group with other kindred souls is always a fun but time consuming option. Get your foster agreement in writing before you take the animal in. To keep the channels clear, it helps worlds to make sure youre on the same page with the group on those financial expectations. That can get messy real quick. B to out all the expectations upfront or just go it alone.

Pick out a good one at Pinole tomorrow! It helps to know that someone else has done this. I will probably head over to Pinole tomorrow. I dont always agree with the guidelines, but I follow em cause I want the liability protection that the org offers.

Its also easier to place dogs from within a network than as an individual, more advertising and referrals from a network. I can think of many reasons. That you cant just walk into a shelter and pull a dog from death row. Responsible rescue groups understand temperament issues, for one thing. Do you claim to be a pro trainer? Do you understand the of taking a dog out that you dont even know what the personality is like?

Do you have liability insurance? How long have you been rescuing? Also, lets pretend that you actaully know what youre doing. What about the private citizens Antigo that mean well but dont have the first clue? What about animal collectors? What about people pretending to be resuces that are just taking dogs to sell to fighting rings or bio labs?

No, you cant just walk into a shelter and pull a dog from death row, and thank goodness for that. Shelters are understaffed and overburdened enough without having to worry about people posing as rescuers or trying to be rescuers who have no business doing either. The lone gun thing is fine if youre that way, but you cant expect the system to compromise just for you. It doesnt and should not work that way. Theyll have to pay full adoption fees, but, theres nothing stopping them from selecting a dog that suits their fancy and turning it around on local rescue websites, even CL.

As far as temperament concerns the same holds for anywhere you get a dog. Let the buyer beware. Most shelters dont do homechecks, so theres no stopping anyone from over committing. Cmon How many dog fighters want to put money down for animals to? I dont believe theres been one documented case of a dog fighter getting a dog or cat from a shelter specifically for this reason.

UCD gets many most? Most die on the table after the students are done with the practice procedures. If someone from JQP wants to pull from death row to foster, more power and luck! All of our required surgeries are now non-euthansia surgeries.

We neuter and spay dogs and cats and return them to the shelter for adoption check out. Yes, death row is open to the public, but some shelters have rules about adopting and rehoming dogs. We recently had an incident where someone came in and adopted a dog, only to place it up for adoption on Craigslist the very next day. That was a violation of our adoption contract. We are very rescue friendly and work with reputable rescue groups and individuals when ever we can.

I dont believe that we took the dog back from this person, but they will not likely be allowed to adopt from us again. I know that not all shelters are as rescue friendly as ours, and some have very high rates, but if you plan on pulling dogs from that shelter on a regular basis, I would make sure that they know what your plans are.

Other than that, good luck with your efforts! I see your point. I have worked with supposedly reputable rescue groups that claimed they could tell that their 4 month old pit puppy was good with dogs and. I have worked with a rescue group that rehired a crackhead as a ent ter. I have worked with rescue groups that turned down great prospective owners over very minor issues and yet adopted pit bulls out to people who believed that love and kindness would magically ward off dog aggressiveness.

Im not perfect, but I think I can do better than a lot of so-called reputable rescue groups. The truth is that anyone can start a rescue, whether they have any experience at all. That 5c3 status or whatever does not magically confer the ability to be a good rescue group I could start my own rescue with zero experience just like most of the rescues I have fostered for. I dont want to start a new rescue group. I like working by myself. I have lots of money and lots of time, and Im not an idiot, so how could I be any worse than what Ive seen thats out there Duck?

I wouldnt pull a dog from a shelter unless it had no other options. Ill keep it until someone adopts it. Whats so horrible about that? You think its better off dead? Youve got the right attitude. There are a lot of rescues in this area that make me cringe, Ive seen em in action handing out dogs at pet store adoptions, shuffling a dog off to a foster home that they met 30 minutes prior, really piss poor judgement in placing dogs who just had no business being placed in the first place.

There are some major bleeding heart, bored housewife rescue groups in this area, they know it all and theyll pooh-pooh you if you even try to sugg another way to do things.

Your attitude is right on you are now taking responsibility for the dog whos breeder did not, this is your dog for life, you will place it when you find the right home and it will need to come home if it ever needs to be rehomed again.

Its your dog for life. Anyone who doesnt have that attitude towards a foster has no business pulling that dog to begin with. A responsible rescue serves the same purpose as a responsible breeder to the adopter, advice, support, information, committment for the life of the dog. I see too many rescues here who are more committed to the number of dogs they get into homes vs the quality of the placement.

About 2 years ago, this one woman who fumbled about in ACD rescue told me in about May or June that shed already placed 85 dogs gillingham dorset train station opening times GTA 5 Online: How do i sell a car. She was pissed at me for quioning something she did and when she said 85 dogs already, my jaw bounced off of the sidewalk. How can 1 person possibly get to know, train and evaluate 85 dogs in 6 months time she also had a full time job and it wasnt a professional trainer.

She was all about the numbers and she was eventually blacklisted from most, if not all of the local groups and shelters because of her practices. We were constantly having to clean up her placement messes. Anyway, I ramble, but shes a good example of a professional rescue in the area and shes worked with at least 1 of the more well known local rescues as a foster. I say go for it just learn to yourself on the back, there aint no thanks in rescue, at least not from the people.

I hear what youre saying, but its not like theres an oversupply of bored housewives and bleeding hearts in the rescue world. Yes, we all know some misguided rescuers. Who needs the aggravation, the financial drain, the heartache, the shit you have to take from idiots as well as know-it-alls? So the willing are scarce, to say the least.

Many get burned out and quit. And adoptable animals die by the hundreds. And you are right: So lets cut a little more slack for the people who at least try. There is definitely an oversupply of the bored housewife, bleeding heart rescue sorts in the rescue world. And a few downright mentally ill collectors as well. I wish it were not the case, but Ive watched more and more misguided, but kind hearted people get into rescue over the past years.

Theres always room for more qualified rescue folks, but the bleeding hearts give all rescues a bad name and make it harder to get things accomplished.


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