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I d love to be your errand slave


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I d love to be your errand slave

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James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus. Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ. Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ.

Paul, a servant of God. Thus boldly and proudly wrote James and Jude and Peter and Paul in an age when labor and service were a badge of inferiority and shame.

That age with its false standards and corrupt glories was doomed and dying, and these early followers of Christ stood on the threshold, and were ushering in a new era in which service was to become a badge of royalty and a distinguishing mark of the sons of God and the citizens of heaven upon earth. The word servant as used by them meant a slave. They counted themselves slaves of God and of Christ. The word and the relationship seem harsh and forbidding, but not so when we realize its meaning to these Apostles.

The bondage that enthralled them was the unbreakable bondage of love. There was a law among the Hebrews that for sore poverty or debt or crime one man might become the servant of another, but he could not be held in servitude beyond a certain period; at the end of six years he must be allowed to go free.

But if he loved his master and preferred to remain with him as his slave, then the master in the presence of judges was to place the man against a door or door-post and bore a hole through his ear, and this was to be the mark that he was his master's servant for ever. It was not the slavery of compulsion and law, but the willing and glad slavery of love. And this was the voluntary attitude of Paul and of Jude, of Peter and James. Jesus had won them by love. They had sat at the feet of the Great Servant of Love, who came not to be served but to serve, to minister to others, to give His life a ransom for all.

They had seen Him giving Himself to the poor, the weary, the heavy laden, the vile, the sinful, and the unthankful. They had seen His blessed life outpoured Like the rush of a river, Wasting its waters for ever and ever Amid burnt sands that reward not the giver. They had seen Him 'wounded for our transgressions, Such bondage and service became to them the most perfect liberty.

Their only joy was to do those things that were pleasing in His sight. Set at liberty to do this, their freedom was complete, for he only is free who is permitted to do always that which pleases him. The love slave has no pleasure like that of serving his master. This is his joy, and his very 'crown of rejoicing.

The love-slave is altogether at his Master's service. He is all eyes for his master. He is all ears for his master. His mind is willing. His hands are ready. His feet are swift. To sit at the master's feet and look into his loved face; to listen to his voice and catch his words; to run on his errands; to do his bidding; to share his privations and sorrows; to watch at his door; to guard his honor; to praise his name; to defend his person; to seek and promote his interests, and, if needs be, to die for his dear sake, this is the joy of the slave of love, and this he counts his perfect freedom.

A fine black fellow was placed on a slave block in an Egyptian slave market. His master was selling him. Men were bidding for him. A passing Englishman stopped, looked, listened, and began to bid. The slave saw him and knew that the Englishman was a world-traveler. He thought that if the Englishman bought him, he would be taken from Egypt, from friends and loved ones, and that he would never see them any more.

So he cursed the Englishman, raving and swearing and tugging at his chain that he might reach and crush him. But the Englishman, unmoved, at last out-bid all others, and the slave was sold to him. He paid the price, received the papers that made the slave his property, and then handed them to the black man. The slave looked at his deliverer and his ravings ceased. Tears flooded his eyes, as, falling at the Englishman's feet and embracing his knees, he cried, 'O sir, let me be your slave for ever.

Take me to the ends of the earth. Let me serve you till I die! Love had won his heart, and now love constrained him, and he felt there could be no joy like serving such a master. We see many illustrations of this bondage of love in our daily life. Surely it is the glory and joy of the true wife. She would rather suffer hardship and poverty in a Kansas dugout, with the husband she loves, than live in a palace surrounded by every luxury with any other.

And on her lover's arm she leant, And round her waist she felt it fold, And far across the hills they went In that new world which is the old; And o'er the hills and far away Beyond their utmost purple rim, Beyond the night, across the day, Through all the world she followed him.

This bondage of love is, at one and the same time, the slavery and the freedom of the true mother. Offer such a mother gold and honors and pleasure, and she will spurn them all for the sacred joy of serving and sacrificing for her child.

And this is His easy yoke and light burden. His yoke is the yoke of love, and it is easy. Love makes it easy. His burden is the burden of love, and it is light. Love makes it light. To the sinner the yoke looks intolerable, the burden looks unbearable. But to those who have entered into the secret of the Master, His yoke is the badge of freedom, and His burden gives wings to the soul.

It is wholeness of consecration and devotion. It is singleness of eye. It is perfect love which casts out fear. The love slave does not fear the master, for he joys in the master's will. There can be no fear where there is such love. This is heart purity accomplished by the expulsive power of a new and overmastering affection and purpose.

Sin and selfishness are consumed in the hot fires of this great love. This is religion made easy. This is God's Kingdom come, and His will done, on earth as it is in Heaven. For what more can the angels do than to serve God with this unselfishness and passionate love? The Love-slave is gentle and forbearing and kind to all the children of the household and to all the other slaves -- for the sake of his master.

Are they not dear and valuable to the master? Then they are dear and valuable to him for the master's sake. And he is ready to lay down his life to serve them even as to serve the master. Such was the spirit of Paul when he wrote, Yea, and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I joy, and rejoice with you all.

And so likewise was it the spirit of beautiful Queen Esther when, in uttermost consecration for the salvation of her people, she sent word to Mordecai, ' So will I go in unto the king, which is not according to law; and if I perish, I perish. This slave of love counts not his life dear unto himself. It belongs to his master. The interests of the master are his interests. He has no other. He wants no other.

He will have no other. He cannot be bribed by gold or honors. He would rather suffer and starve for his master than feast at another's table. Like Ruth, he says, 'Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee; for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God; where thou diest, I will die, and there will I be buried; the Lord do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me.

Do you ask, 'How shall I enter into this sweet and gentle and yet all powerful bondage of love? I answer, by your own choice and by God's revelation of Himself to your soul. If your love to Him now is a very poor and powerless thing, it is because you do not know Him, you do not draw near enough to see the beauty of Him.

My God, how beautiful Thou art! Then comes the realization To the men of this world He is not beautiful, for they have not sought to see Him. Let Him show Himself to you that you may fall in love with Him. Paul had seen his glory and been blinded by it. The other Apostles had lived with Him, and walked at His side. They loved Him because they knew Him so well. For this reason they could make the great decision.

Like Moses they 'chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a, season; esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt. The choice must be complete and it must be final. Then as a love slave you must wait upon the Master.


Why I Ditched Low Carb - Cheeseslave

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He took his time, relishing each thrust. He was forced to stop after less than fifteen seconds for fear of cumming too soon. He wiped his wet dick around her puckered brown eye and lined his cock up with the target. No taking his time here. He drove into her rear portal with one hard thrust and pounded her as fast and deep as he could go. What is your feedback on that? Gaining more weight is what scares me the most.

I say go get yourself check out, get the right tests, see if something is really wrong if you have any of the signs she describes. I gained a considerable amount of weight once my adrenal crash happened.

I work out and was eating as close to WAPF as my budget would allow. Quality is much better than quantity right now. The thought of my body working properly again far out weighs my fear of gaining weight. The humbling at times emotionally crippling experience has truly caused me to develop my inward character and beauty. I tried going low carb for a while. I was ready to see a doctor about thyroid or adrenal issues it was the only thing I could think of that fit my symptoms.

And then I got pregnant lucky, in light of some of the above information. Almost instantly the carbs and grains went back into my diet. I must have intuitively known I needed them, because I started craving rice and sandwiches and buckwheat pancakes.

I felt so guilty — like I was going to hurt my baby by eating these things I wanted so badly. This baby looooooooves buckwheat pancakes. This is so me right now!!! I went low carb. Sandwiches and rice and coconut pancakes. Even though I soak the rice and the bread is sprouted. Clearly our bodies are wanting it for a reason. As soon as I got pregnant I started craving fruit and carbs okay..

I know better than to overindulge, but I also am not kicking myself over eating more carbs right now. All this guilt over food is ridiculous. It makes me feel terrible for everyone who is searching so hard for the right combination. My former nanny from Guatemala was nursing her baby when she worked for us.

She said that whenever she would eat a piece of sprouted toast, her breast milk would come in. I have to say I agree with Alex Kombucha. People doing all this stressing over what to eat and not to eat seems a bit ridiculous when half the world is starving. That is truly a sad situation to be in, for sure. HAES does a beautiful job of clarifying several issues. Low carb killed my adrenals glands.

I found I needed more minerals and B vitamins just to get through the day. Sprouted grains were a God send. Made me feel like a million bucks without the huge sugar rush. It has been many years off of low carb but things seem to get better and better. My thyroid which was damaged about 25 years ago and I have been on thyroid meds for years, suddenly got better after years of inactivity.

He decreased my meds and told me to come back in a month. Month later no fluke. Ann Marie, as far as I know about you from what you shared with me and within your posts you ate high protein before and now you increased carbs, with some immediate benefits. But in my opinion, these are the premises that everybody should consider when choosing their diet:. Everybody has a unique biochemistry and so food and nutrients will behave very differently in people.

Two or more people can have the same adverse symptom or health problem for virtually opposite biochemical reasons. This sort of paradoxical response can only be predicted accurately with Metabolic Typing. Some metabolic functions operate more efficiently when more acid or alkaline.

There is no ideal pH for anyone person or any one system when this is considered. No more so than an ideal diet can suit everyone.

The goal of nutrition is to optimize cellular metabolic efficiency. This is done by eating a diet that fits your unique metabolism and eliminating blocking factors that can be anything from reactive foods, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal infestations, heavy metals contamination, etc.

This sums it up very well! I wrote it down so I can remind myself that when read different blogs that seem to always contradict each other or change their opinion later. It can be so frustrating. I had the opposite problem. I really think everyone needs to experiment on themselves, we are so unique. You can read about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis here: This is the lab that does mine.

I also work with this gal: I also just wrote a post about hair tissue mineral analysis, also called nutritional balancing here: My personal experience so far is more in line with Tiffany and Gena.

While eating what I thought was a normal, balanced, mostly whole foods based diet according to intuitive eating principles, I steadily gained weight all the way up to lbs.

Since I was eating intuitively, I ate what I gravitated towards which was pasta, cereal, bread, etc. I have always loved the stuff. During the two years of intuitive eating my husband and I were unable to conceive at all. Most recently, I suffered a very early miscarriage, which although painful and sad, it was amazing to me that I finally had gotten pregnant at all.

I think that I was so metabolically broken that such drastic measures were indeed needed for me to start healing and rebalancing my hormones, etc. I like this post because it lets me know what to watch out for in case things change for me. I am not so wedded to this approach that I would blindly follow it if my body starts to let me know that it needs something else. Thank you, Ann Marie, for this post. I am 40 years old and trying to conceive. I have been eating low carb for a while.

I am always cold, especially my hands and feet. I had not thought that it could be the diet. I have renewed hope that maybe if I change my diet I might be able to have a baby!

All the best to you in your journey. Is this advice for a person who has not been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, rather for someone who has some symptoms of a lower than normal functioning thyroid?

This is an autoimmune disease I have had for 15 years since I was According to my endo, my thyroid pretty much no longer functions. It was destroyed by antibodies. I guess my concern is that there will be a person reading this blog that has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and truly needs to take a replacement hormone, but they think that they can stop taking it and just eat more carbs. I can totally see how someone without thyroid disease can suppress thyroid function by going low carb and then bring it up again by increasing their carbs.

Interestingly, on his website http: I also have some concerns about people bandying around thyroid info- if someone suspects hypothyroidism, the 1 thing they need to do is see a good functional medicine practitioner so they can identify why their thyroid is low: Is it autoimmune which it is for a majority in the US?

And since insulin resistance was mentioned by Erin, I also think it somewhat irresponsible to suggest that eating more carbs could be the answer for someone with a thyroid imbalance. It is diabetes in the making for certain.

Especially for women moving into middle age, whose metabolic systems are beginning to flag as part of the aging process. I would be careful ramping up on carbs at middle age, especially if you are trending from a lower-carb plan. A common understanding of nutritional science and common sense about metabolism tells me this could be a recipe for diabetes.

Too many people blame GAPS for being low-carb, when that was their own decision. At the same time, high carb is not for everyone. Most people with broken metabolisms and that is far more of us than we think need to be low carb for healing, and then can return to regular amounts of non-grain, non-processed carbs. Some of the very lucky can recover metabolisms and even guts to the point where they can tolerate properly prepared grains again.

If that is typical for you, you are woefully deficient in protein and fat-soluble vitamins. It actually sounds like a great day for a sugar addict. Many problems attributed to low carb are actually from lack of emphasis on plenty — PLENTY — of broth, ferments, and organs.

Others are from lack of attention to circadian rhythms, cortisol, steroid hormone status, or iron status. Jaminet does NOT concur that you could eat waffles instead of organ meat which is what thyroid is, after all. I think your excitement at feeling better may be getting the best of your rational thinking right now. Jaminet said that, too: There are plenty of cultures who have thrived on carbs other than rice and tapioca starch. I do not believe there is one perfect diet for anyone.

It does look, from how you wrote it, like there is a good possibility Jaminet supports your contention that gluten can help fertility. The whole article could lead to some very ill conclusions if the reader takes the info only from what she reads here.

The balance is in the middle. My youngest, conceived when my husband and I were a month shy of 40, was a one-shot deal. We know that, because one or the other of us had been out of town for 5 weeks, with one little one day break in the middle of it. We were both eating low carb, Traditional Nutrition-style at the time grassfed, organic stuff, but no grains, potatoes or sugars in any form; vegetables and fibrous fruits.

When I go over my own limit, I bloat up with water overnight. I feel like I have the flu. That will happen the very night I eat over my limit. Obviously you have a very high limit. The science out there says if you reduce your carbs to nearly none, and then gradually increase them by 5 g.

This is actually what the original Atkins recommends. Some of the really good doctors besides Atkins who not only research but have plenty of field observation are Drs.

Michael and Mary Dan Eades, Dr. There are several more, but reading the websites and blogs of these doctors is quite an education. This bothers me too. Just my two cents. I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person. I do believe low carb is a fad. There are a LOT of people online these days saying that everyone should be low carb.

I might disagree with you on occasion though! I noticed on your Gaps Myths post you quoted Paul Jaminet in the following: Some people will thrive on very few carbs, and some will wilt like a flower on that very same diet.

It requires experimentation like you are doing and an open mind. I said that if low carb is working for someone, they should keep doing it. The bandwagon comment is addressing the low carb craze that is proliferating on the internet. People have become terrified of carbs. Thank you so much for sharing this. Mmmm, almost sounds too good to be true. Thing is, your body changes from minute to minute, day to day, month to month especially women.

We have so many issues being blamed on foods which are probably more an issue of body imbalance or hormone imbalance, etc. Some can be corrected by foods, yes, but some cannot. I see so many people who are taking drugs for things which could be easily fixed by just listening to your body. Like iodine which people are afraid of because of the modern medical industrial complex leading you down the garden path.

I read often, but rarely comment. Just wanted to encourage you. Just a real food person. I do TRY to properly prepare all our whole grains. I am 44 and expecting a baby in May. Connie, Congrats on your baby. I love news like this! It gives me hope. Thanks for writing this post. I would up my intake of fruit and sweet potatoes, and added white potatoes back into my diet, and felt much better. But always something would nag at the back of my mind that I needed to cut out the fruit and potatoes…and the cycle would start all over again.

I decided to listen to my body just before Christmas. Satisfied by food for the first time in months, and not rushing to fill my cravings with more jerky or coconut milk or roasted meats.

I love all paleo foods, they are real foods and satisfying for the most part, but I found I was just not feeling great eating that way. I got pregnant shortly before Christmas with our third baby, and the usual morning sickness rendered most food unpalatable to me shortly after the New Year started. Clearly, if eating like that was satisfying me, I was doing something right. Paleo hardcores would say I am doing the equivalent of soothing alcoholic shakes with a drink.

I just know that eating a high amount of carbs and including grains has satisfied my appetite for the first time in a long time. I use WAP real food principles to cook our food, no longer shy away from flour or thickeners when making sauces or browning meats, and am perfecting my long-abandoned sourdough baking skills.

With LOTS of butter! Ann Marie, I just love you because, with your suggestions, I have made my biggest strides in recovery. But returning to carbs has been an absolute blessing from above! I have struggled with my temps for years. At one point I was put on Cytomel to bring them back up. Which it did, but as soon any situation made me falter, my doctor upped my dose to bring them back up. I ended up being hyperthryoid, so he took me off cold turkey.

I later found out that stopping thyroid meds that way can be deadly. Needless to say my temps absolutely plummeted. In retrospect, I have suffered with adrenal issues for most of my life, but that situation started a complete down-fall that I am still trying to recover from today. When I burned out to the point of total bedrest, my new doctor took me off everything. He told me to limit my carbs because it would be too energizing to my adrenals.

No sugar, no fruit, no caffeine, no alcohol and especially, no wheat. He said it clogged the thyroid. I felt like it would have been easier to graze on the grass in my backyard.

While I finally got off of bedrest, I am still house-bound three years later. I was so frustrated! I felt schlumpy, fat and like a potato. Well, Ann Marie to the rescue!! When I read about upping my carbs to bring up my temps and feel better overall, it made total sense to me.

So I set off to eat, and eat, and eat and this is what is happening to me 2 weeks in…. Have I gained weight? Before my adrenal crash I was a size 6 when I was on Cytomel and hyperthyroid, I was a 2. I blew up to a 12 while on bedrest. It WILL happen and if eating like a pig will move that process along, then how fun is that? I wish I was on a cruise!! What I have noticed is that within days, my temp was up. My BBT on day 6 was 98!!

By 9 am I am even a bit over I feel better although the first few days I felt like crap, but I kept eating because I knew it was the physiological changes happening in my body. My energy is returning. While that may not sound like a big deal to you, this is huge for me.

My family says I seem better and I look better. In only 2 weeks! I am going to ride this out and see what happens, but for now I am really impressed! And BTW Ann Marie, my husband wants to kiss you because since he has been having a bit of sugar before bed, he has slept the entire night through without having to pee.

He says it has been years since he has had a solid 8 hours of sleep without having to pee. There are so many doctors out there giving terrible advice. WTF does that even mean!?! And I laughed at this: We limit and restrict and get so crazy with our diets that it seems so ridiculous and hard. YAY shopping in three stores and cooking for three hours! We were not fat or even plump.

A girl who was a size 6 was absolutely Ethiopian. Men like a body with curves, not bones. Besides, curvaceous women are much more suited to bearing children. Search it on the web or read a book about body shapes. Those curves and even those padded hips are there for a reason girl. D- I live with an Italian man, so believe me, I get what you are saying.

My point was that I had been a size 6 my entire life except after pregnancy and after my adrenals crashed I ballooned up in no time.

It seemed like the fewer carbs I ate the worse I felt and the more weight that came on. It baffled me because I was no longer having a mocha and a muffin from Starbucks several times a week. I was no longer having my nightly cocktail. It was meat and veggies, meat and veggies and enough water to fill a lake.

Its a hard pill to swallow when you are accustomed to being a certain size all your life. Right now it is the least of my worrries; I just want to feel better. If It makes my hormones level out then I am all in. There are no babies in my future. But I agree with you, a woman with a little padding is so much hotter than someone stick thin like Angelina Jolie. She is a beautiful woman in desperate need of a burger!! Women who buy vintage clothes or sew from vintage patterns have to keep this difference in mind.

I too did GAPS and was eating way too low carb. For the first 6m or so I felt great…then everything went downhill. Huge improvement in my mental state. My OCD is a lot better. My anxiety is better. My mood overall is better. I have gained a few much needed pounds.

Oddly enough I find that I tolerate wheat quite well, but not really starchy things like corn, potatoes and rice. I feel satisfied after I eat. Thank you for being so open and bold about your journey.

It really helped me be brave enough to try something new. I thought GAPS would cure everything for me. I would be very suspect of all this metabolic typing stuff.

Butter is healthy, veggies are healthy, meat is healthy, raw milk and cream is healthy, eggs are healthy. Pastured chickens and their eggs, grass-fed beef, etc. Some people cannot afford to eat that way and thus become discouraged and start eating out of a box or a can again.

Maybe once they are used to eating REAL food, they will make a concerted effort to cut down on treat items and junk foods, and put their money towards better quality. Real food, no matter what quality you have to start with, is still better than food from a box or a can. So those are not good choices. Is your BBT lower on average than the temps you cite? Also, you indicate a stable temp is better, but I thought it was natural to see cyclical variation rising after ovulation, high during the luteal phase, then dropping again…?

She is referring to seeing a chart that does have proper hormonal shift at the right times, but is otherwise fairly smooth. With adrenal fatigue, you will always see jagged, mountain peaks all over the place, chart. Sometimes so bad, it is hard to see the thermal shifts when they do occur.

Stable temp is better but you will see a rise after ovulation. Here are my thoughts. Food has become a religion for many people based an faulty facts. There is DNA, environmental factors, stress, physiology, lifestyle to look at in every single person. There is Paleo, Primal, The Blood Type Diet, the Dukan Diet, Slow Carb and everything in between and people are stressing themselves out so much about what to eat, how much of what and when to eat it.

I have heard you should only have fruit in the morning before you eat anything. But that to reduce the insulin shock to your body sugars should be consumed with protein and fat. Or you should avoid sugar all together. The list is endless. I personally am allergic to gluten and do better on less grains, but my husband is like you he is also Italian and his body does not do well on my kind of diet. Oh and I have also been trying to raise my body temps and have seen similar results as you have Ann Marie different protocol, but still results!!

So congrats to you! I hope soon we can both be congratulating each other on conceiving! I love your post, Jenn. I think we worry far too much. Of course, coming off of the SAD diet I was very ill. I think just in doing that people make VAST health improvements! Thank you for putting this out there. While you might expect to get a lot of flack for this post, I think you will get a lot of appreciation too. I have had a similar experience with carbs. Went low carb 3 years ago and lost 80 lbs.

Plus I had new issues of depression, anxiety, fatigue. Low carb was a really bad idea for me even though I was very overweight and I kept carbs at 60g a day. If I up the carbs, even if it is still relatively low carb, I put on weight. Not really sure what the heck to do now really??? On GAPS now, which has helped other things so looking into increasing carbs. When I get to goal, I plan on monitoring myself closely, but allow controlled amounts potatoes, rice, more fruit.

I current eat some of these foods in small amounts each week not daily. I know they make me nuts mood swings, bloating, weight gain, lack of interest in sex or being physically active, joint pain, compulsive overeating, and the list goes on.

Two years ago I was working with Matt Stone via email messages. I had lost a ton of weight I since got pregnant and had a baby, hence my overweight now and was struggling to stay below I applied his carb suggestion and I gained 10 lbs in one week!

I know I was supposed to even out eventually, but it was mostly depressing and triggering cravings, overeating, etc. Usually Ann Marie, I find your tone to be calm, cool and collected even if your positions can be a bit all over the map as you experiment and this lends credence to your writings.

I think this is unfortunate because you clearly have so much of value to share with us all; not the least of which is your willingness to bravely act as our collective guinea pig! In the grand and cosmic scheme of things, how important can it all be? It certainly would be more fun. I think this is great advice for all of us, Annie.

Trying to do it right now with my life actually…. Check out the website www. There is plenty of scientific proof and reason to keep track of your insulin levels. Insulin resistance is a HUGE problem in this country, and its link to heart disease, diabetes etc. Squash, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruits are plenty enough carbohydrates to fuel yourself on. Not to mention plenty of healthy fats. I am not saying this is for everyone, but for me, it keeps my blood sugar nice and stable, no ups and downs in hunger and I do not have to eat every 2 hours.

But of course, just my opinion: Let me also add… eating Paleo to lose weight may not be the right intention. I do not eat that way to lose weight, as I am at a perfectly fine weight. I feel as though people need to get out there and exercise, get active and fuel themselves appropriately. If you get in tune with your body, you will feel the subtle clues it gives you after you eat a particular food.

The diet mentality is the problem…. My husband and I did low carb last summer. I do think we benefited in eating more protein and wonderful vegetables but it is a hard lifestyle to maintain. I would catch myself dreaming about the good old days of bread,rice,fruit and feeling defeated if I indulged.

Basically the French eat slowly,savor the food and stop when they get full. Of course the food they eat is real and full of lovely richness,but they eat bagettes too. Maybe what is needed is to calm down,get out the good china,light the candles, gather the family,give thanks and taste and enjoy the meal. Sort of what Julia Childs used to say, I think. And I heartily agree. We need to take some time, slow down and give ourselves a break from all this food craziness.

Diet is important, but jeez louise, you want to have a life too! Sometimes our bodies are pretty smart! I did lose weight rapidly, but I was a hag. I decided I was happier in poor health and that I could not possibly live like I was long-term. So, I switched to a traditional diet of good fats about half if my daily calories come from good fats.

The very hour I added carbs back in my mood soared. And I kept right on losing weight and I did not feel deprived; I felt great.

I have no idea what the science is behind my experience, but I know that I have kept off that 40 pounds for over two years without fear of carbs or good fats. Thank you for the great post. I originally went low-carb to counter hyperinsulinism, which I had for years due to a major sugar addiction. Keeping insulin levels lower helped but then I went too low-carb, bought into the Paleo diet big-time. What happened over time is I would try to stay low carb, but at least once a week I would end up going on uncontrollable binges — would try to keep them to nuts, nut butter lower-carb items but would make myself sick!

I had serious depression, hair falling out, no energy, painful joints, no libido, etc. The best thing that ever happened to me was when I recently read The Schwarzbein Principle. And the importance of balancing insulin and glucagon. I feel so much better, my mood is better, I have more energy, I can work out again, and my bingeing has completely stopped — but i have gained a little weight, which she says is normal if you have screwed up your metabolism.

But she says it will even out in time. At least not for now. As someone recovering from a lifelong food and eating disorder, taking the balanced approach, giving my brain the fats it needs, having moderate protein, and including a measured portion of carb at every meal, is making a big difference.

I am starting to think I might actually be able to feel like a normal person if I stick with this way of eating! Thanks so much for a great post! My binge eating finally ended doing a leptin reset a la jack kruse. Point being, I binged like you did on low carb, but binged a lot worse on high carb.

I take no medications. After doing Paleo for a few months, I noticed that my eyes and mouth started feeling really dry. When I bought Dr. I added sweet potatoes and rice in minimal amounts although I tend to eat sweet potatoes more because I gain weight when I eat too much rice and my face gets super puffy. Lo and behold, my dry eyes and mouth went away. I agree that everyone is different. We are all on an individual journey.

Some people need more carbs than others. Some people thrive on meat only. To each his own! Although I have added back grains rice , I keep a close eye on my portions, as I have a family history of diabetes and also had gestational diabetes while prego with my three kids.

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