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Mexico fuck body

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This weekend's discovery in Mexico of 49 headless, handless and footless bodies dumped alongside a road just outside the northern industrial hub of Monterrey was the worst event of its kind, but it was far from the only one.

Last Wednesday, 18 mutilated bodies were found in abandoned vehicles near the country's second largest city, Guadalajara. The week before that, nine bodies were hung from a bridge, and in another case 14 severed heads were left in ice boxes outside the local government office in the north-east border city of Nuevo Laredo.

The federal government issued a statement following the latest incident in this spate of mass murders, blaming the cartels for "unleashing inhuman and inadmissible episodes of irrational violence in their criminal dispute". Most independent observers, however, question the portrayal of the horror as mindless.

They are psychopaths sure, but I believe there is method in this madness," Alejandro Hope, a security expert and former member of the government intelligence agency, told the Guardian. He said the display of mutilated corpses tended to contain messages for rival groups, for the authorities, and for the population.

The current spate of massacres appears linked to the rivalry between the Zetas drug cartel and the Sinaloa cartel, allied to the Gulf cartel. This is a long-running campaign of violence that involves a number of other cartels. The subsequent massacre in Guadalajara looked like a Zeta retaliation on Sinaloa turf.

At least, that is what messages left behind with the corpses claimed. As well as displays of bravado, both events could also be seen as efforts to calentar la plaza , or heat up the turf, of their rivals as mass brutality tends to trigger announcements from the government that it will increase troop and police numbers in the area. Within that logic, this weekend's scene outside Monterrey could be interpreted as an attempt by the Zetas to reaffirm their control of an area that is already heavily militarised.

A graffito near the scene stated: Analysts tend to discount a direct link between the intensification of the violence and Mexico's presidential elections, seven weeks away, in which security has been a constant issue, but not a particularly contentious one.

All the candidates make vague promises to be more effective in reducing the violence, but avoid getting into serious debates about the problem. Even so, the drug war provides a backdrop to the political campaign and the public's sense that Mexico is struggling to keep control of its destiny. The feeling of powerlessness increases with evidence that many victims of the violence have no obvious links with the cartels.

This has made it difficult for either the federal or local governments to imply that they brought their fate upon themselves, as was common in the past. After the latest massacre outside Monterrey, the authorities suggested the mutilation of the bodies was a strategy to make identification more difficult.

Alberto Islas, a security expert who heads a consultancy company called Risk Evaluation, says that the Zetas are likely to pick their victims randomly because their networks are unsophisticated. Islas, however, stressed that the force driving the violence does not lie within the criminal organisations but in the failure of the federal government to investigate the crimes or pursue those carrying them out.

This, he says, means the level of violence required to shock is increasing. Zetas drug cartel takes responsibility for massacre, the latest in an escalating tally of mass killings near US border. Drugs trade Americas Gangs news. Mexican authorities find 49 mutilated bodies dumped on northern highway.


Borderland Beat: Mexican Cartels Buying Afghan Heroin

My next door neighbor is "connected" to say the least. He gives me 50 pesos a gram for my best Cinderella and keeps things safe for me and my girlfriend. I don't have a problem with anyone or live in fear of anyone.

My weed is so good we could sell a ton of it a month I would bet. Don't say that Mexicans don't like wed. They love my C January 6, Alrato cuando te tenga amarado el ejercito con el mojon de fuera aver si te sientes muy mafioso!

I was a gangster for Uncle Sam for quite a long time. Your words do not make me tremble. I have kiled more people than your most famous assasins and I still sleep well at night. The reason I am there is because I do not know fear. Just because some of you were trained by people who WE trained, does not mean we taught you everything we know, nor did you train long enough to be effective.

I could take Marines and own NL in 1 year with limited casualties. The American military thinks these paramilitary DTO's are a joke. You look like a bunch of monkey's trying to fuck a bouncing football. I look forward to the day that someone grows some balls and tries this shit up north so I can start killing for my cuntry again.

Do not get it twisted. There is no fear in this heart and I am probably more likely than any Mexican to kill your ass over my family or my money. Talking shit from a keyboard little bitches. Go get your momma to wipe your ass. This may explain where all the exotic military hardware is coming from. This is nothing new, this has been happening for for years already.

The Mexicans seem to pushing out the Colombians from the heroin trade in the U. The weird thing about it is that the Colombians are seem to helping out Mexicans make better heroin and more addictive heroin.

The newspaper chain, Universal, uses some nobody to plant the idea that Mexican drug cartels are somehow connected with the 'terrorist' war that los norteamericanos are fighting.

See the link below http: Let the US into your country, Mexican public, to help you out now! YES, there is one The CIA and Pentagon have their tentacles almost everywhere these days. I wonder how long before our troops start seeing meixican cartel members,whether it be alive or dead, in afghanistan. I agree with you Ernest 1, the U. S has always stuck their noses in places they shouldn't but they seem to do it on purpose to destabilize countries like Colombia,Guatemala, El Salvador,Afghanistan and now trying to destabilize Mexico.

Calderon's legitimacy has been questionable these days and the hidden agenda behind the PAN party. I hope the next election is not rigged like this one with Calderon's and maybe even Fox.

I hope the true Mexican government ruling party the PRI wins in It makes me rage how the PAN party with obvious support or controlled by the CIA and Pentagon wants to label our fellow citizens as terrorists. The true terrorists in Mexico is Calderon and most of the PAN party declaring a war against our civilians without the permission of us fellow Mexicans.

What the hell did Messico do to you? You've become potty mouth to the extreme.. E1 doesn't mind when men curse.. Never mentions a word of that.. Wow, it's kind of interesting here with all these conflicting opinions. Pure expression of democracy. That's why I think the world citizenship is the future. Not the national politicians. Not the feudal thugs. Mexico gets discount drugs from Afghanistan, in turn the cartels provide the freedom fighters for peace of the Muslim religion with American documents and smuggle them across the border.

When this happens you will wish the hell Mexico had taken care of its little problem first. If at least half of his impressive resume is true, he is a notable authority, free thinker, and is perhaps less susceptible than one might suppose to government purchase. He is the wealthiest narcotics trafficker in Afghanistan, and his empire is thought to include connections with the armed Mexican group "Los Zetas". Dear, 'Imjustagirl' It makes all the difference in the world sometimes to know who is writing what, who is writing for whom, and where their money actually comes from.

It makes all the difference in the world to know that somebody we are told by a Mexican paper that the writer is a professor at a Mexican university, in actuality is connected with a US Think Tank with long connections with the Pentagon and promoting its strategies for war war war, Hun. Please don't take me calling you Hun as being anyway anti strong woman. Drugs destroy social structures, the US is a cradle to grave welfare country, adding programs daily, paid for by borrowing and increased taxes.

I bet you are wearing a tea pot on your flat head with tea bags hanging from your big ears. Social structure destroyed, yeah. I let people chose their own death: Have heard of Darwinism? I wrote an article very well recived and ran in USA Today among others.

I focused on So Central LA but it pertained to all inner cities. Welfare was never designed to be a lifestyle, but it has evolved into one, and a generational one at that.

The very design of economic structure or lack thereof, educational ops and lack there of, socio structure and lack thereof, is structured for isolation and failure. But whose fault is it? I could go on about this all day, but bottom line as long as liberals feel it is socially responsible to provide welfare to able bodied people as a life style we will have a subclass of people American gangster it wouldn't take or even a year, these putas are used to being unopposed People destroy social structures DUH.

A gun is harmless unless there is a person who pulls the trigger. A person is responsible for his own actions. I admit, I like to take a hit of ganja once in a while but I still maintain businesses without any help from anyone. A bum will be a bum no matter what. I hate the fact that welfare exists and that my taxes help pay for the lazy people who stay at home and drink old english and smoke rock while im out there busting my ass.

But there are many other good people who cannot find jobs right now because there isn't any because of outsourcing caused by greedy rich corporations. The educated will have occupations but we still need to provide jobs for the rest.

But that is another story. Too much money has already been wasted on a senseless war on drugs on any wars for that matter. It will never be won. Let's stop squandering our money and use it for domestic structuring instead. Mexico has already made too much money from the drug biz and all it has caused is death and poverty remains. I have heard of darwinism. These kids become murderers before they reach the ripe age of Therefore, legalizing drugs will devalue street sales and in mexico, that whole narco drug lifestyle will lose its appeal ass well.

I would rather the government spend our taxes on welfare then on senseless wars and unnecessary prison systems. Legalize marijuana first then let's wait to see what happens next. True that i lived in upscale gdl jalisco and i wish i knew you 59pesos a gram for cin99 in chicago i can get grabd a lb.

My costs are low because my electricity is subsidized for some reason. I have pumps for the buckets and fans going as well. I do not add chemicals to my bud. For those wanting to come to PV and have a good time, I have something good waiting on you.

This keeps you under the radar on decriminalization and makes my guys a good commission. Drop by Los Camerones. Anyone wearing a Got Larry? B lo se Buela.. If you are a medical patient and need something else, give me about 4 months ahead of time before your vacation.

I don't think this is drummed up propaganda when there have been 30, drug related deaths in Mexico since Afghanistan, Pakistan,and Mexico's violence is all the result of the same issue. They are drug dealing nations that like all criminal enterprises are going to kill, terrorize and do whatever it takes for that not to be taken away. Truthfully, what is there to replace that sort of wealth. Most of these people in these countries would rather "get rich or die trying".

The ones that want an honest living try to get the fuck out. I understand people want to make a profit but stepping on the dope too much will cause you to lose business. Mexican groups are gaining a presence on the world stage , not only in drug trafficking, but also in the arms smuggling and money laundering schemes of Romania and Bulgaria. Comments are moderated, refer to policy for more information. Borderland Beat Reporter Smurf Posted at 7: Anonymous January 5, at 8: Anonymous January 5, at 9: D January 5, at Anonymous January 6, at 2: Buela January 6, at 7: Anonymous January 6, at 7: Anonymous September 4, at 4: Anonymous January 6, at 8: Matanzas January 6, at 8: Anonymous January 6, at SahidMarquez January 6, at 3: I noticed he also changed his clothes.

He's wearing board shorts and a button up shirt that is completely unbuttoned and revealing a very hard body that I imagine every girl in here would like to run their hands over. He let his hair down. It's light brown and goes to his shoulders. He smiles at me and the first thing I notice is the perfectly straight white teeth.

I bet his mama is proud of that smile. I'm not much of a drinker, but it's hot out and so I say "yes, sure, I'd like that. He sits down next to me on his suitcase and we click glasses. I watched him take a swig of his beer and I couldn't help but take an appreciative glance at his body. What is wrong with me. This young man is more than half my age and he's not flirting with me or anything, just having conversation and I'm being a super-pervert.

You look like a woman who can handle a lot. Sometimes though, you need to let people do things for you. The heat from his leg on mine was fire. I look up from his knee to see his eyes locked on me. I believe he's flirting with me. I roll my suitcase forward a little so I'm not directly next to him. I'm not just going to be this kids conquest that's for sure.

No matter how incredibly sexy he is or how good in bed he most likely is or how much I wanted to run my mouth over those hard abs.

I close my eyes and take some deep breaths. He rolls his suitcase next to mine again. I find you incredibly beautiful and funny and I'd really love to spend time with you while we're here. I load my suitcase and climb aboard.

Thankfully an older couple sit on the seat next to me and Spencer sits in front of me. For the next 30 minutes I stare at the back of his head. He's got great hair, I'd like to run my fingers through it. We get to the resort and I quickly get my bag, check in, and go straight to my room. I take off all the sweaty clothes and collapse on the bed.

I feel an unfamiliar ache in my groin. I haven't been horny in years. Spencer got me feeling something I forgot existed. My hand finds my middle and I begin stroking. It feels so good and soon I'm coming and I feel great.

Like a young girl again. Maybe I should just do it. Fuck him once and get on with the vacation. I take a quick shower and throw two braids in my hair and put on my swimsuit and a cover up. I grab a book from my pile. It's a trashy novel. I haven't read one in years, but maybe I should brush up on my trash. I head down to the pool. On my way down I stop at the bar for a drink. Something fruity and fun and stiff, like Spencer. I laugh to myself.

I'm just about to sit down when I feel someone next to me. He's already wet from the pool. The water dripping down his chest. His wet shorts clinging to his body revealing what looks to be a very large cock. He sets my stuff on the ground next to an empty chair and lays down. I lay down next to him. He puts his sunglasses on and lays back. He brings his sunglasses down his nose and grins "You'll see. I find myself watching the rise and fall of his fit and tanned chest as he slept.

A fly lands on his stomach. I watch it sit there and I think 'If I were a fly, I'd land there too. He reaches down and puts his hand over mine so I'm still touching him.

He moves my hand down his abs to the waistline of his shorts and then lower. I can feel him stiffen under his shorts. I instinctively wrap my hand around his cock. Suddenly I'm overcome with desire. I don't care that he's I don't care that I'm 45 and have stretch marks and cellulite. I want this kid in my bed right now. He's on his feet faster than I can speak and pulling me up. Speaking of hard he pushes his erection against my ass and now I drop my key. As I reach down to get it I notice Spencer has pulled his dick out of his shorts, right out in the hallway.

I was right, it's huge and as I am down on the ground trying to grab my key I was eye to eye with it. I gave up on the key and took him in my mouth. It was a little big for my mouth but I took as much as I could. He used his hands on my head to push himself farther into my mouth.

I tried not to gag. He pumped in and out of my mouth slowly. I could hear his moans and his breathing get more and more shallow. I wanted to taste all of him. I wanted to feel him inside me. In a move so quick I barely knew what was happening, he pulled out, grabbed the key and unlocked the door and pulled me inside.

My suit hit the floor and he was on top of me on the bed in a flash. His large cock slamming into me. His hips and my hips were moving together. His hand snaked up behind my head and grabbed my hair and he lowered his mouth to mine. Every nerve ending in my body was screaming. With his eyes locked on mine I came with so hard I think the earth shook. After my shower I came out in a towel hoping to seduce him into another round.

Now that I've had my sexual awakening started I needed more. No sign of him. He probably robbed me too. I went to my purse and found it totally intact. Cash, credit cards, my passport, everything in their right place. Maybe he's just some sick pervert who gets off on seducing older women and then leaving. I collapsed on the bed with a sigh. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I open it just a crack and peak out, after all I am only wearing a towel. I'm both pleased and annoyed.

He takes a step in the door and I drop my towel. He practically drops the tray of food. In a flash he shoves me back on the bed and lifts my legs over his shoulders and dives his face straight into my core.

His tongue dances over my wet folds sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. His tongue penetrates me while his fingers rub the hard nub. I cry out as the orgasm shakes my whole body. His face grinds into my harder. I feel a finger slip down into my tight ass, just enough to add to the pleasure.

He stands up and expertly flips me over onto my stomach. His hands gently caress my buttocks. His fingers, already lubed up from my own wetness, slide between my cheeks, parting them. I feel the head of his cock sliding up and down my crack, replacing the fingers. He leans down by my ear. In all the years I was married my husband found it repulsive. I feel him squirt some cool lubricant between my cheeks.

His fingers massage it around and into my ass. The incredible feeling of his fingers teasing and entering my tight hole almost has me coming again.

This weekend's discovery in Mexico of 49 headless, handless and footless bodies dumped alongside a road just outside the northern industrial. So, I gotta say: sex on the beach is way overrated. pumping in and out of your body and imagine just how far up in you that sand is gonna get. Now what the fuck you niggas scared for? They about Bodies we be slaying, fuck you we dump them in your trunk I'm the hardest Mexican, out of west L.A.