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NMS Jan by Livestock Publishers - Issuu

Antiquities Act gives the president limited worldwildlife. Everyone wants to save the of land possible to protect the artifact; this animals; few understand the full impact of proposed designation of 1. My hope is that the president raise crops and livestock. The Chihuahuan Desert is the lions of acres, but no president can bind his one of concern to New Mexicans at this successor. According to the website: The Chihuahuan is the largest desert in North America-stretching all the way from the southwestern United States deep into the Central Mexican Highlands.

Very little rain falls in the area, but underground springs,. The Open Gate program works with landowners to lease access for hunters and anglers. Learn how Open Gate can work for you! For more than 15 years, WWF and its bi-national partners have been working in the northern Chihuahuan Desert to protect and bring back freshwater and grassland ecosystems for the benefit of wildlife and people.

International Union for Conservation of Nature www. According to the IUCN people are the biggest threat to the world followed by agriculture and energy development. The New Mexico State Game Commission is owed a debt of gratitude for balancing the needs of the people with wildlife and the environment. American Water Surveyors uses seismoelectric survey instruments that are designed specifically to detect electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic impulses through layered rocks, sediments and soils.

The design of our surveying equipment is portable and effective. In the past the only option to find groundwater has been by drilling, often with a water witch, picking the spot to drill—and that can be costly if your result is a dry well. American Water Surveyors has been in business over seven years and has conducted over surveys in 16 states: We can go anywhere.

After reaching your trophy and appreciating the sweeping arc and mass of the main-beam, length of brow tines or the color and sheen of the hide, it is time to shift focus to proper handling of your kill to preserve the memories and meat of the hunt.

How you handle your game animal after harvest has a dramatic effect on the safety and quality of wild fare you offer to those that come to the dinner table. Meat quality refers to characteristics associated with appearance, flavor and tenderness. Proper handling reduces the risk of disease transmission while fighting ever present and destructive bacteria that can ruin meat quality and render it unsafe to eat.

Meat may be damaged or ruined if not field dressed, cooled and transported properly. Processing and handling game animals with attention to hygiene and carcass management ensures the best results when your wild fare reaches the dinner table. As soon as possible, field dress the carcass by removing the entrails. It is recommended to field dress the carcass within one-hour after death; sooner is better. Take care not to knick the stomach or intestines while removing the entrails. Once field dressed, get the carcass off the ground.

Prop the chest cavity open with sticks and wipe it out with a dry cloth to remove blood, debris and moisture. Elevating the carcass assists in keeping the carcass clean and aids in cooling. By quickly eviscerating and elevating the carcass, with attention to keeping it clean, you have a great beginning to maintaining meat quality characteristics.

Assessing the carcass for signs of disease or serious injury not associated with your bullet or arrow should be standard in your. Field dressing should begin with an inspection of the animal you just killed. Run your hands over the body and note if the hair rubs off easily. Look for festering or old wounds or creamy or greenish discharge from orifices.

Is there a noticeable putrid smell to the carcass? Observe the muscle tissue throughout the field dressing and carcass handling process. Are blood clots or parasites noticeable in the muscle tissue? Is pus running from any organs? All of these may be signs of disease or serious injury that may bring into question the quality of the meat and its safe consumption. If you observe any of these signs and you or a member of your hunting party are not able to account for what has been observed, contact a NMDGF Game Warden as soon as possible so they may assist you in assessing carcass quality.

You should contact the Game Warden within hours as carcass quality may deteriorate quickly and waiting even a day, depending on weather, may ruin what otherwise would be a safe animal to eat.

It may be necessary to complete field processing of the carcass, while taking care to save the portion of the carcass that concerns you so you are able to show the Game Warden. If the Game Warden determines the animal is safe to eat, then your due diligence in handling your carcass ensures no. There are numerous variables that influence meat quality characteristics of game animals including species, age, gender, environment, harvest circumstances and carcass management.

Sparse scientific research exists that study efficacy of common practices employed by hunters to improve meat quality. Bleeding the animal is usually not necessary if the fatal wound was to the chest cavity or neck. Bleed the carcass further if you prefer, however, take care not to ruin the cape if you plan to shoulder-mount your trophy. Similarly, remove tarsal glands if you desire, however, research indicates there is no advantage to meat flavor by their removal.

Removing the tarsal glands prior to processing the carcass without thoroughly cleaning the knife and your hands may taint other portions of the carcass. Research on meat quality of wild ungulates in Europe indicated that removal of testicles shortly after harvest may prevent imprinting of strange taste characteristics. Great variability exists regarding animal age and tenderness of meat.

Also, physiological status and stress levels prior to death may influence tenderness. Generally, younger animals provide meat with greater tenderness than that of older animals. However, stress levels prior to death may also influence tenderness as do physiological condition of the animals prior to the hunt.

Just because you have shot a prime age rutting bull elk that has spent days eating little, fighting, spraying urine on his hind legs while rubbing his tarsal glands together and wallowing in a water, feces and urine cocktail does not mean that the meat will not be tender or tasty.

Similarly, shooting a spike bull elk is no guarantee that the meat will be tender. Poor shot placement followed by hours of tracking does little to enhance meat quality characteristics. A quick kill on an unsuspecting animal is the best approach to limit unwanted impacts to inherent tenderness of the animal. Ambient temperature influences meat quality by controlling the rate of bacterial growth on the carcass. Some bacteria may double every 20 minutes under prime conditions.

If Wrapping the carcass in light cloth, such as cold shortening occurs carcasses may cheesecloth, will protect it from dirt and benefit from aging. If killed in freezing conditions leave The primary reason for aging meat is to the hide on the animal to regulate the rate improve tenderness. Aging meat is accomof cooling. In warm condi- teins and tenderize the meat.

Aging lean tions common during New Mexico hunting game meat is not recommended as carseasons, placing boned or quartered meat casses may lose moisture rapidly and in a cooler with ice will help cool meat while experience substantial surface discolormaintaining quality. Also, placement of ation. Also, aging game meat is not bags or blocks of ice in the chest cavity recommended if animal is killed during during transport warmer months and will help to cool not chilled rapidly Just because you the carcass.

If if extensive damage possible, taking from harvest has spent days eating little, resulted the carcass to cold method, or if animal is storage the day of about 1 year- old. Lean meat and wallowing in a water, induce a condition should be aged under known as cold of high relafeces and urine cocktail does conditions shortening.

Cold tive humidity about 70 shortening causes percent to slow desicnot mean that the meat will cation meat to be tough of the carcass. Cold shortening is not the same a rigor mortis. Your membership contribution counts! NMFLC will continue to work hard to preserve your grazing rights on public lands. Call today for the Bulls that matter! The greatest gains in tenderness are achieved early in the aging process. Carcasses, hide-on or wrapped in game bags, that are hung in camp from one to several days have already been aged and usually require no additional aging.

Meat processors are often reluctant to age meat for customers as they are uncertain of carcass management prior to arrival at the facility and for liability concerns. Good hygiene and rapid cooling are important to minimize opportunities for bacteria to grow in a manner that reduces safety or meat quality characteristics. Temperature, moisture and cleanliness all play an important role in meat safety and quality.

Proper handling of the carcass reduces the risk of food borne illnesses cause by bacteria such as Escherichia coli E. While cases of Botulism. Further, botulism spores are resistant to heat and cooking is often inadequate to destroy the spores. Clostridium perfrengens results in a more common food borne illness often mistaken for the hour flu.

Current evidence suggests that CWD cannot be transmitted to humans. Regardless, many hunters prefer to take extra precautions. Chronic wasting disease is caused by a mis-folded prion, a type of protein.

Normal prion proteins are common in mammals and are associated with cells found throughout the body, especially the brain.

Prions that are mis-folded cause normal prions to mis-fold when they come in contact with one another. Chronic wasting disease affects the Meat should not be thawed on the central nervous system of wild ungulates: Sal- In advanced stages, prions are also concenmonella infection results in head and trated in the kidneys, lungs, heart and muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, skeletal muscles.

Wear disposable gloves fever, nausea and dehydration. Other diseases that can be mini- tissue. Avoid consuming portions of the mized or avoided include parasitic diseases animal known to accumulate prions.

Do not such as Trichinellosis cause by the Trichi- eat meat from animals known to be infected. Wash hands thoroughly after field dressing.

Prions are exceptionally difficult to destroy; soaking field dressing and carcass processing tools in a 1: Also, using knives that allow for easy blade replacement and disposal may be an added hygiene practice in addition to soaking in a bleach solution.

Packing the freezer full Tanks approved for of unfrozen meat may promote bacterial NRCS Cost Share Program growth for meats that take the longest to freeze. The final step in processing game meat is the cooking process. Methods used to COM ing bacterial growth prior to cooking.

Cook meat immediately when it has nellosis. Wet cooking methods contributes been thawed in the microwave. Meat more to tenderness of game meat than dry should not be thawed on the counter at cooking methods. Access the internet for room temperature. Avoid cross-contamina- numerous ideas on how to season and cook tion of foods by washing hands, cooking game meat to your taste.

Good hygiene and utensils, cutting boards and counter tops proper carcass management with attention after coming into contact with raw meat or to temperature and moisture are the keys to safe food handling and ensuring optimal meat juices. Internal temperature of game meat meat quality characteristics.

Four on-campus animal facilities house: Fully equipped labs allow students access to cutting-edge research in: The Department also offers pre-veterinary studies — our graduates have a high acceptance rate into veterinary medicine programs.

We offer graduate degrees at the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy levels. The week, paid internship programs offer three students the chance to gain experience in the beef cattle industry. The member-driven organization provides internship opportunities through the events and education department, communications and public relations, and the Angus Journal editorial team. Application details are outlined below, and all materials must be received by Feb.

The selected intern will assist with preparations, communications and correspondence for junior shows and events. Applicants should consider themselves a self-starter, detail-oriented and an outgo-. Livestock and event plan- Frederick Ave. For ning experience is a plus, but not required. The education assistant director, American writing-intensive internship offers the Angus Association, Frederick Ave. From print stories to efforts. Experience in news and feature writing, Applicants should have strong writing editing and photography are strongly and design skills, in addition to having com- suggested.

Experience in writing samples to Shauna Hermel, Angus photography, video and social media is an Journal editor, Frederick Ave. I am married to my high school sweetheart Frank and we have three beautiful children; Hayden 13, Hunter 11, and bringing up the rear, Hallie 5. I was born and raised in Tucumcari, my parents were school teachers, and my father was a western caricature wood sculptor.

As a family, we always traveled during the summer and I enjoyed learning about our travels from my parents. I feel that being able to share those experiences are important in raising children and you will find that, more often than not, I will have my children along by my side, if not participating. I am fairly new to the agriculture industry, although I attended college on an ag scholarship.

I was on the marketing and business side of things. And, only recently feel like I am aware of what really is taking place in the last three years since joining. I believe that as a wife and mother it is very important to educate oneself about what is taking place in our surroundings, as well as what effects our industry.

As we move forward in the new year my great team and I have a very busy agenda ahead. I plan on growing our strengths from the building blocks the founders laid for us, with many programs and demonstrations. I look forward to seeing and getting to know everyone this year. Sherry reported that the mural at the Louis Armijo Sports Complex is done. Nancy has ordered a case of large napkins and a case of the smaller cocktail napkins. She will pick them up at the meeting in Albuquerque this weekend along with more license plates.

Cathy reported the additional brand throws ordered should arrive within the next week. All receipt money rebated to us goes into our scholarship fund. Nancy clarified that she will be nominated for State Cowbelle Secretary at the meeting in Albuquerque.

Also at that meeting, awards for any of the locals will be announced. Sioux announced there will be a steer sale at the fairgrounds this coming weekend for any 4-H or FFA kids who intend to raise a steer.

Any further discussion regarding our scholarship rules will be tabled until our January meeting. Meeting adjourned at Nancy distributed several door prizes followed by a delicious potluck lunch. Thank you, Jodell, for hosting our meeting. Submitted by Cathy Pierce. Cattlewomen along with their husbands enjoyed prime rib and all the wonderful dishes that were brought. Christmas ornaments were exchanged. We all wish New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who everyone a very Merry Christmas and a have submitted their news to Jingle Jangle.

Minutes from the previous meeting were. Fish and Wildlife Service announced its latest round of funding to help ranchers affected by or living near wolves in December. One-third of that money will go toward projects in Arizona and New Mexico. One compensates livestock owners when wolves are proven to have killed their animals.

The other helps fund projects to prevent those conflicts from happening in the first place. Mexican gray wolves were hunted, poisoned and trapped out of existence in the southwestern United States by the s. By , the number grew to about wolves living within the 4.

The population, which was supposed to have reached by , has faced a number of challenges—including from a relatively small number of ranchers and local officials who remain vocally opposed to the wolf reintroduction program. Meanwhile, some ranchers and landowners are working with biologists and environmental groups to try and reduce conflict between cattle and wolves.

The goal is to support ranchers, their livelihoods and traditions— and also support a self-sustaining wild wolf population. For 12 years, that non-profit organization managed a program that compensated ranchers for livestock losses due to wolf predation.

Along with money from the non-profit Mexican Wolf Fund, and in-kind donations from livestock owners, they have leveraged the additional federal money, which is then distributed by states and tribes. In-kind donations can include things like materials and the use of equipment, horses and vehicles. Sometimes the animal is killed, while other times the problem wolves are hunted and placed in captivity. At the end of , the recovery program estimated there were 97 wolves in AZ and NMo.

Updated population information for will be released in February. The agency also investigated seven depredation reports in October, confirming four wolf-caused cow deaths in Catron County that month.

Attractive Provide excellent windbreak protection Pipe and other construction materials available. When this petition was ignored, PLF was forced to file a formal lawsuit, in , asking the courts to force the agency to do its job.

Now, under the continued pressure of that litigation, FWS has belatedly taken the step that science and the law have long mandated, and formally proposed removing the Blackcapped vireo from ESA regulatory oversight. By doing so, we are standing up for responsible environmental protection, the rights of the regulated public, and the rule of law. Voogd, President, Voogd Consulting, Inc. This particular day I was able to prove that there are many factors that affect the disposition of the animal and ultimate outcome of the meat.

All of the beef that will be discussed were black, primarily Angus or Angus cross, but you will note a great degree of difference in sex, age, weight, temperament and carcass outcome. The origin was probably an. This small steer was extremely skittish, trotting off the trailer and ramming his hind end on the rear gate while being weighed on the scale. It then proceeded to gallop down the alley into an individual stall, skidding on the dry cement floor and crashing into the front and rear pen gates as the plant employee approached.

When moved toward the stun box, the steer balked for 10 minutes, refusing to enter the stun box and had to be returned to the holding stall to calm down. It also slipped in the lead up chute, nearly losing balance and falling, because of rapid, panicked movements.

It may be genetic, due to selective breeding for performance traits with little emphasis on disposition. But more likely the nervous responses were caused by lack of acclimation to humans or from several bad experiences earlier during loading or handling at the market or feedlot. Needless to say, the carcass was not ideal. Bruising was noted on the flanks,. I question whether the producer, terminal market or hauler is aware of the net yield loss associated with this poorly handled animal.

But what is the net loss versus a well handled animal? The steer was extremely docile coming off the truck, obviously trusting the farmer and the plant employees who weighed him on the scale. His weight was 1,, a bit heavier and taller in frame versus the previous steer. The farmer told me his grandson spent time with the cattle and they were used to people. This Angus steer ambled calmly to scale and the holding stall without a care.

When moved to the stun box, he stood waiting for nearly 30 minutes while the plant noisily operated the split saw, brisket saw and cleaned equipment in a nearby wash sink. Waiting a half hour in the stun box is not recommended, but the plant chose the ideal candidate.

When reviewing the carcass after hide removal, both sides were free of bruises. This producer would receive an excellent yield with no trim loss. Good eating for the family.

Healthy, calm and with excellent confirmation. When unloaded, he easily moved onto the scale and subsequently into the holding stall. When moved to the knock box, he hesitated, thinking he could not fit, but with a small amount of back scratching and encouragement from the producer, he walked into the stun box. This carcass was one of the leanest I have seen — and both sides were in excellent condition; no bruising or damage. After watching this magnificent animal, I wondered why he was not kept for breeding.

In my mind, he would be an ideal sire. Livestock that trust people are easier to handle at load out, unload and harvest. Understanding the principles of low stress handling and training employees to utilize these practices can help to assure that cattle are ready for the final day. There needs to be a time when no plant com-. The owner said she was having difficulty walking on one hind leg prior to calving and did not appear to improve after.

He loaded her that very warm morning, but the trailer had a flat after loading, which delayed delivery. Unload and harvest were postponed until the overall animal condition could be improved. He hauled her back to the farm. District Court for the weight be reduced due to a bin of trimmed Southern District of Alabama against Inteout bruises?

The time spent on-farm prerior Secretary Sally Jewell, Commerce paring cattle for the final day can assure an Secretary Penny Pritzker, and the National easy experience for the animal and the Marine Fisheries and U. Fish and Wildlife plant. If you are in nature, [or] species presence is difficult added, noting that the Final Rules make it reading this article, you have the guidance to establish through surveys e.

Angus Valley represents everything we look for in an ideal breeding bull, both phenotypically and on paper. Widely admired and respected for his consistent calving ease and early gestation.

Call for details or view our NEW website for more information. Kinney, a native of Mas- tlers, but then so were Evans and McDaniels. Such a man was Jesse Evans. Bonney—Billy the Kid— and horse thief, and killer. Not even and McDaniels went to a dance at Fort Late in , Evans and others were his name is known for sure. He may also Selden. As the evening, and presumably the arrested for cattle stealing in Lincoln County, have been Jessie Graham or Will Davis.

He drinking, progressed, the three of them but they escaped custody on November This was at the time that events leading up which made him six years older than the They lost and left the party. They returned to the famed Lincoln County war were Kid. He was described as about five feet a few hours later and shot up the place, getting hot.

Evans was firmly on the side of seven inches tall and weighing about through a window, killing three people, two Murphy-Dolan and The House faction, even pounds.

He had gray eyes, light hair and a of them soldiers. This were assigned the task of stealing horses June of and acquitted. Later the same event, of course, led to a shooting war in. On March 13, Tom Hill was killed while robbing a sheep camp.

Evans was wounded at the same time. Even though Billy the Kid vowed to kill everyone involved in the murder of Tunstall, he never made an attempt on Evans. In fact, it was rumored at the time that Jesse Evans was the only man that Bonney feared. In a lawless Lincoln County, Evans was an active horse thief and cattle rustler. All three were arrested and charged with the crime, but Evans and Campbell managed to escape from the Fort Stanton stockade before they could be tried.

Things in New Mexico had become uncomfortably warm for the outlaw, and he left for Texas where he promptly joined another gang of cutthroats. A Texas Ranger company chased. The entire gang was captured. Evans was sentenced to two ten-year prison terms and arrived at Huntsville Prison on December 1, He escaped from a work detail on May 23, , and officially disappeared from history.

He was never recaptured. There are several theories about what might have become of Evans. One is that he reverted to his real name, whatever that might have been, and lived out his years as an honest and up-right citizen. Another is that he took up with yet another outlaw gang and was killed sometime later. A third postulation has to do with a book published in called Alias Billy the Kid. In , a man named O. He knew too much about the war not to have been a part of it.

So who was Roberts? He may have been Jesse Evans, and for several reasons. First of all, the only Anglo involved in the war who. And then there was the matter of their descriptions, which were very similar, down to and including the shape of their ears. And finally, in spite of all that Roberts had to say about the players in the Lincoln County War drama, he had nothing even remotely bad to say about Evans.

At one point, Roberts, speaking as the Kid, even says this: But even more telling is the fact that Roberts ignored the fact that Evans participated in the killing of John Tunstall. Probably because in not many people had ever heard of Jesse Evans, while Billy had become something of a folk hero. If Roberts craved public attention, he surely got more as Billy the Kid than he would have as Jesse Evans.

Whatever he knew about Jesse Evans went to the grave with him. Whether he is floating down the Atnarko River with the grizzlies, or leading a string of pack horses through the mountains, he has spent his most enjoyable years outdoors. Growing up in cowboy country, Jeff had an early love for horses. He eventually traded his spurs for a camera and has found himself an exciting career in wildlife photography.

Glenda grew up on ranches in northeastern New Mexico, where her father was a ranch manager. She married Eugene H. Price III in April of and they raised two daughters. Her freelance writing and photography have won awards regionally and nationally and she served as Southwest Region Vice Pres-. She also participated, served on panels and read her own poetry in the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium.

She was a 4-H leader for many years as her daughters were growing up, and she enjoyed bowling competitively until her health limited her ability to continue it. Gene had a most humble begin-. Neil Burcham — or or Ray Hamilton — Gene was the youngest of the family. The story goes that Gene named himself. Gene had two sisters and four brothers. A sister, Violet, died before he was born. He grew up idolizing his older brothers, being spoiled by his sister, and having for his best friend his brother just older than him, Bill.

His oldest brother B. When Forrest bought his own place and moved away from home Gene would beg to go home with him all of the time and would run calling after him when Forrest left. He served as President for several terms. It is currently known as the privately owned Baca Valley Telephone Cooperative. Gene never quit promoting his industry. In Gene was the Distinguished Pioneer recipient.

In Gene received the Phillip J. He was named Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year in Gene married Verleen Ansley while living in Perryton, Texas. Verleen passed away in David and his family live in Phoenix, Arizona. Gene is survived by his children: During this time he helped to build and manage a feedlot at Alamosa, Colorado; a feedlot at Tucumcari, New Mexico and four other operations in Colorado and Perryton, Texas. Gene left the Weisbart company in to return to Clayton, New Mexico wanting to return home.

Gene loved Clayton and Union County and was a tireless supporter of the youth and civic organizations. For a number of years he served on the Sofia School Board and when the school closed he served in a advisory capacity to the Clayton School Board on Rural areas. They played equally as hard and had great fun as close devoted family. Gene attended school at Sofia and later graduated from Clayton High School in at the age of He was honorably discharged in and returned home to the homestead ranch near Sofia which now serves as the Headquarters for the Sunset Ranch.

Beverly was a native of the Sofia community and had grown up only 10 miles from the Atchley homestead. Together they raised three daughters Durga, Janell and Leann. In , Beverly was stricken with a rapidly progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis.

This was a stunning blow to this family and Gene was left with the responsibility of raising these three little girls as well as find a way to care for Beverly. Beverly was an invalid for 19 years before passing away in After almost 18 years on the ranch, Gene started working with Weisbart Company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado; one of the largest cattle enterprises in the nation.

Range-raised, rugged, rock-footed at over 7, ft. After teaching one year at Tarleton, he married his college sweetheart, Marilyn Williams, and earned his M. He served as supervisor of the West Sheep Unit and the Endocrinology Lab, was chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for 25 years and member and chair of the Radiation Safety Committee for 32 years, as well as on numerous departmental, college, university, and professional committees.

Doc was a Distinguished. Doc was an old school cowboy with a passion in reproductive physiology research, student training and mentoring, and service to NMSU, the sheep producers of New Mexico and his professional societies unrivaled by many. Hallford conducted his research in reproductive physiology concentrating on sheep and how to increase lamb crop percentages. Hallford was not only passionate about his research but he used it as a tool to mentor and train students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Upon his retirement he had trained 9 Ph. Many of the top. Hallford showing the tremendous impact he made on the discipline of reproductive physiology. In he was recognized as a Fellow of American Society of Animal Science which is one of the highest honors bestowed by this organization. Degree Graduate of Distinction. He served A celebration of life and burial will be held him in death on February 11, Growers presented him with their Amigo She was born on May 29, award.

Jan in Holbrook, Arizona to Harry and would shine. He was a gifted teacher that was an active member of The Cowbelles Dorothy Downey. The Downeys had two delivered rigorous courses that were of and a valiant private property rights daughters, Patricia and Shirley. In the value to the students. To say that Doc will advocate. He was raised on ranches in Sophie, all of Las Cruces. He is also survived Winkler and Kathryn Adams Winkler. Bob and Shirley were by numerous nieces and nephews, and served in the United States Navy during attending the University of Arizona when cousins.

They moved In lieu of flowers, the family asks that dona- Winters in several movies. There they raised NM or by following the link to http: Bill was an avid musician playing John. Bob and Shirley ran an excavating Janet L Edgerton, 85, passed away the fiddle and guitar at many Rucker dances. Shirley loved the ranching industry and way of life and was very happy when they moved to the Turkey Creek ranch in the early s. She helped her husband Bob run the ranch until he passed in September of Shirley continued to run the ranch on her own after that.

It is a testament to her toughness that she could handle all the ranching duties and chores on her own and she loved it. Shirley loved dogs and spoiled several of them treating them as if they were her kids.

Shirley loved her grandkids and great-grandkids and enjoyed the times that they came to visit and stayed with her. Box , Albuquerque, NM The New Mexico Stockman runs memorials as a courtesy to its readers. We deliver what you need from filling individual troughs to a semi load. In a critical breakthrough in Mexican wolf management, the U.

Fish and Wildlife Service recently reported that a genetic test of male revealed that it is the offspring of male and female The pups are then raised in the wild rather than captivity. As a discretionary advisory committee, the Council provides recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture on changes to U.

Department of Agriculture USDA regulations and other measures that would eliminate barriers to program participation for Native American farmers and ranchers. NRCS provides farmers, ranchers and forest managers with free technical assistance, or advice, for their land. Members of the Council are appointed for two-year terms by the Secretary of Agriculture.

The appointees may include: Native American American Indian and Alaska Native farmers or ranchers; representatives of nonprofit organizations that work with Native farmers and ranchers; civil rights professionals; educators; tribal elected leaders; senior USDA officials; and other persons the Secretary deems appropriate.

The following individuals have been appointed to the Council: Expert Ford Motor Co. Forrest, New Mexico, was the nearest place of commerce, a community built around a rural schoolhouse where their children of the s and s era received their education. George heard of the Aberdeen Angus breed, and much improved genetics that the breed was known for, and made the decision to acquire a registered Angus herd of his own.

Traveling across the U. Curtis but also a memorable quest for the Curtis children of the era. George Curtis and his youngest son James V. Curtis accepted the challenge of competing with the other top Angus breeders of the 40s and 50s at numerous State and regional competitions including the Denver and Ft. Curtis Rip returned from his world travels, sponsored by the U. As cutting edge technology became available in the form of artificial insemination and embryo transplant, the Curtis family began to utilize these new tools to improve the herd focusing on the genetic traits that most needed improvement both in the industry and on the Curtis ranch.

The Curtis family takes pride in completing three generations in the Registered Angus cattle business. The easy calving, top gaining, moderate framed stock that the Curtis family has been known for in the past is still available today at George Curtis Inc. Average born bulls, adj. Some breeds talk about superior genetic merit. Registered Angus bulls prove it. They simply outperform the competition in calving ease, growth and marbling, according to USDA research.

Watch The Angus Report 7: Anything else is just hype. Since when horse slaughter ceased in the U. Is it more humane to transport unwanted horses far away for slaughter, or closer? We expect within 20 years another 2,, horses exported for slaughter , people all over the world will quit eating horsemeat. In your survey of random U. Less than 2 percent 2 million actually own a horse. Random surveys in the U. If you wanted to get a good recipe for vegetables, who would you ask?

This fall the Board advising the BLM on Wild Horse and Burro Program voted to allow euthanasia to control over-population of the 67, burros and feral horses today. Twenty-seven thousand 27, would be an acceptable number to maintain the ecosystem. In ten years since the slaughter ban, adoptions, rescues, chemical neutering, pleading and even your contributions have not slowed the Unwanted Horse problem. When they shut down horse slaughter plants in , almost every. In good conscience, how much longer can you contribute to this on-going tragedy?

What do you think has been your greatest asset? Call me today to lock-in this today great rate. Call me to lock-in this great rate. Logo Minimum premium payment required.

Current interest rates postedDisclosure above are neither guaranteed nor estimated for the future termination are as follows: Contact the company for the currenton rate.

A Current interest rates posted above are neither guaranteed nor estimated for the future. Credited rates following the initial rate guarantee period are neither guaranteed nor estimated for the future. The Company reserves the right to change the current rate for future purchases without notice at any time for any reason.

Contact the company for the current rate. The uniform and position titles would theoretically make them role models as stewards of the land and livestock that utilize it. But that is not always the case. The animals had been pastured only a minute drive from the Clifton Ranger Station at Three Way, AZ in an area with a known water delivery problem and little forage before monsoon rains.

No one with jurisdiction over the equines bothered to check on them for four straight weeks during the hottest part of the summer. Out of sight, out of mind. As might have been expected, the water system failed and the animals suffered a most unpleasant death.

The New Mexico Stockman contacted the U. Forest Service regarding the death of these horses. The leadership and staff at the ApacheSitgreaves National Forests is committed to improving livestock management protocols and pasture infrastructure, where necessary, for the well-being and safety of our livestock.

It had been the legal not to mention humane and moral duty of the responsible parties at the Clifton Ranger Station to properly care for these animals. Multiply that by three and it becomes even more serious. Their belief is that animal cruelty is very often an early indicator of future violent crimes. Although the FBI still allows the states to handle these cases, its new rule is meant to encourage those same states to invoke harsher penalties for such incidents.

An in-house inquiry, meaning the FS investigating itself, has so far not held anyone accountable. Which is hardly surprising since transparency and justice are often not well-served this way. But those animals actually belonged to American tax payers and had only been entrusted to the Clifton Ranger District RD employees. That trust was broken, as were well-defined laws of the state.

The FS has had more than four months to prove culpability and show the public that they took appropriate actions in order to regain some semblance of credibility.

The fact that the range staff person has recently left Arizona for a similar FS position in New Mexico does little to relieve public concern about such actions occurring again. Oliver is a freelance writer and wildlife consultant who has worked for the wildlife division of the FS on several ranger districts, as well as other state and federal wildlife agencies.

With herds located in several locations, we are able to test our genetics based on real world conditions. A modern approach is badly needed because it is increasingly clear the old approach, which has grown increasingly powerful since the s and is based on command-and-control, primarily from Washington, D. First, 60 percent of the U.

Second, conservation is, by definition, a human endeavor that requires active, hand-on management, not letting nature take its course. For example, about 11 percent of the U. Third, conservation often takes many years if not decades to show results.

Fourth, conservation needs to be flexible to respond to ever-changing, site-specific biophysical data and social information—a practice known as adaptive management. These dynamics also apply to the landowners who have rights to graze and use water on federal land, which con-.

Sixth, over the past decade a significant body of scholarly surveys, covering landowners in 19 states, reveal factors that encourage and discourage participation in efforts to conserve endangered species, including that landowners: Read more at dailycaller. Now comes a study that says that eating a vegetarian diet is not only NOT as healthy for the body, it can more often lead to mental deficiencies as well.

Soy is evidently not the savior after all, according to the University of Graz in Austria where they reviewed health interview surveys in Austria and in Europe. Those surveys showed that vegetarians are unhealthier and more mentally-disabled.

Anyone who enjoys a chunk of tofu more than a ribeye steak or a juicy hamburger is missing a few taste buds, if you ask me. According to the study, vegetarians are more often ill, have a lower quality of life than meat eaters, have more heart attacks and are a greater burden on the health care system. Just as vegetarians created knockoff meat products, we should turn the tables or at least the dinner table and make fake vegetables out.

After all, turnabout is fair play. Instead of chowing down on synthetic turkey called Tofurky, how does fake Tofurky made with real beef sound? We can call it Beefurkey. Remind me to apply for a patent. I wish you could see the counterfeit rutabagas I made from beef in my test kitchen.

Believe me, they look a lot more delectable than their attempts at counterfeit bacon made with bean curds. So lighten up veg-heads, instead of dreading another dessert of baked pears with bread pudding just think how good it would taste if the pears were made from hamburger and the bread pounding was covered with beef gravy. Because ground round is malleable I found it very easy to make it into the shape of zucchini, broccoli, beets and artichokes. I make a great slab of imitation tofu too, made from a chunk of Choice top sirloin.

My revolutionary idea will solve a host of problems. Make those lima beans out of beef and kids might actually eat them. Bogus vegetarian pizza made with beef would put a little pizzaz into those poorly attended vegetarian potluck suppers too. Peace would break out between the meat and vegetarian factions at Whole Foods, closet meat-eating-vegetarians will have coming-out parties, vegetarians and meat eaters alike will hold hands, sing Kumbaya, while we barbecue faux veggies and nibble nuts made with real beef ones.

Needless to say, I have been a full-time farmer and rancher ever since. Years later, my late-father asked if I regretted my decision.

Ogden Farm and Cattle Company was started by my late parents and continues today under the joint leadership of myself and my sister, Alisa Ogden. In working beside my father, I was able to witness a life dedicated to agriculture, one that required hard work, grit and faith. This is the same example I hope to share with my son and business partner, Joseph.

I have been married to my wife Teresa for 27 years. We have two adult children. Our son, Joseph, is my partner in Lookout Agriculture Enterprises and is married to Tessa, a first-grade teacher. I am honored and humbled to be your President. My vision is for the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau to have further participation from all factions and generations of New Mexico agriculture producers in order to serve as a unified voice, however, the direction of this organization is dependent on YOU, its members.

A captain of a ship is worthless unless he has an active crew to keep the engines running and the cannons firing. Balancer cattle are registered hybrid seedstock that have documented pedigrees and expected progeny differences EPDs.

Balancer cattle combine the Gelbvieh growth, muscle, leanness, fertility, longevity and yield grading ability with the carcass qualities of Angus.

The Gutierrez family has ranched on the Diamond G since the s. Wade Woodbury married Maggie Gutierrez and has been active in the ranch management along with the family. It is Chris Gutierrez who mostly manages day-to-day operations on the ranch.

The Diamond G Balancers and Gelbviehs are a total package that makes good use of the arid high desert of western New Mexico. The Prossers date back to in agribusiness in Arizona. Bar T Bar Ranch uses the advantages Mother Nature provides while minimizing the impacts of variable rainfall. In the arid Southwest, success depends on the ability to be flexible managers.

Hybrids provide the simplest, most effective way to achieve heterosis — which means enhancing calf survival, breeding ability during drought conditions, efficiency on grass and in the lot, carcass yield, and quality grade.

Each bull is DNA-profiled for tenderness, quality grade, and many other parameters. The Diamond G first put the bulls on an Angus cross commercial herd and have been keeping most of their heifers for the herd although they do occasionally sell bred replacement heifers.

The fertility of Gelbvieh and Balancer is a big payoff for the Gutierrez family. The ranch breeding management is an A. The Diamond G achieves a. The calves, weaned at six months, are pretty much selling themselves at this point. They are easy feeding and grow well. They are pre-conditioned for 30 to 45 days and then the buyer takes them to wheat or grass.

To top it off, the cattle have a good disposition and handle well. Call Dan at or email sales apexcattle. Bulls can be seen on video after February 14 with online bidding through DVAuction.

Delivery can be arranged. Call us so we can help pick the Bulls that will work the best for you. Dave and Cindy were joined by their son, Nick; daughter-in-law, Ginger; and grandchildren, Lily, Levi, and Lacy at the awards ceremony. The AGA Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for their lasting contribution to the growth and development of the Gelbvieh breed. That contribution is through the. Dave and Cindy Judd started Judd Ranch in with the goal of producing profitable and functional genetics for commercial cattlemen.

Today, the operation is ran by Dave and Cindy, along with their two sons and their families, Nick and Ginger and Brent and Ashley. This past October they held their 26th Annual Cow Power Female sale and they will hold their 39th annual bull sale this March. Each member serves a three-year term. Zita Lopez, of Springer, N. This ranch is a Black Angus commercial cowcalf and feeder operation. Lopez, also said that she has thirty-six years of experience in the education field, including being an elementary school teacher, guidance counselor and superintendent.

Hurt is also a certified public accountant in Deming, N. She has previously served as the beef council Vice President, as well as the Secretary. How can a squirrel sound exactly like a pt. Your buck had just enough left to jump the fence — the one with the purple posts. The most exciting thing that happened was your tree stand coming loose all of a sudden-like.

How could you forget to put your phone on silent!? Plenty of turkey traffic during deer season, plenty of deer sightings in turkey season. If you are happy with your current plan, do nothing. This change will not effect your Group Plans sold through our office. For those of you that moved to another carrier last year during open enrollment, call us if you would like to see the new options with BCBS.

Again, no rates until at least the 1st of October. Call us for quotes! In addition to the attending the law enforcement academy, conservation officers, also known as game wardens, undergo four weeks of departmental training in wildlife laws and department policies and procedures. They also undergo many months of on-the-job training under the supervision of a field training officer before being assigned to a district.

The Debouillet breed was are: Barkley McClellan of Lubbock, Texas crosses. In an oral history interview with the Museum in , Mr. Jones talked about his and a graduate of Texas Tech University. Other animals in make this magazine possible. Please patronize the livestock program are Boer and Angora them, and mention that you saw their ad in Hours are 9 a.

Children 3 and under and Museum members receive free admission. One expert dispels the myths. For many of us it complicates things a lot. If you are seeking a committed relationship, sex can be especially complicated. Too often we expect that sex means the same thing to us and our partners, and this is not always the case. Here's my four part test to determine if casual sex is a bad idea for you.

Before you sleep with that guy you're not in a relationship with, ask yourself: If I never hear from this person again, will I be OK with that? A surefire way to know if you're being honest with yourself about your expectations when it comes to casual sex is to answer this crucial question.

If your answer is 'yes,' then you're in the clear emotionally. You are able to separate the act of sex with a deeper emotional attachment. If your answer is no, don't do it! You are clearly hoping for something more than this person might be able or willing to give you. Engaging in sex with someone you're not in a relationship with is a gamble, and you shouldn't gamble unless you can afford to lose. One likely scenario is you are hoping that your casual relationship might turn into something more serious.

This is not unheard of, but going into it wishing and hoping for that is a bad strategy. You must learn to listen to what people tell you - and if their words and or actions are telling you they want to keep it casual -- believe them.

If the sex in question is with a friend or someone else who is likely going to be a continued presence in your life, modify this question to say: If this person tells me they are no longer willing or available to have sex with me, will I be OK with that? The same principle applies - if your friend with benefits falls in love with someone else next week, how will that make you feel? If it would make you feel badly, then you are more attached than you have admitted to yourself.

Am I able to communicate honestly with this person? I was recently asked by a woman if it was OK to ask a guy if he was sleeping with anyone else before she had sex with him.

I often hear women say they don't want to ask if the relationship is going anywhere before sex for fear of "scaring him off". If asking that question scares a guy off, he is doing you a favor. Better you find out now then after you have slept with him and your feelings are even more pronounced. You owe it to yourself and to your partner to find out if you're on the same page. The right man for you won't be deterred by your honest desire to have a relationship - he'll be psyched!

If you feel uncomfortable asking about a potential partner's sexual activity, the status of your relationship, or communicating any boundaries or preferences you have, do not do it. Sex doesn't have to mean everything, but it is an intimate act that can have serious, life-changing consequences no matter how safe you endeavor to be.

You deserve the self-respect to make sure that your sexual partners respect you enough to make you feel heard and respected. If you can't honestly communicate with this person and you're still willing to have sex with them, it could be a sign of a bigger self-esteem issue that is holding you back from the love you are seeking.

Am I able to practice safe sex with this person? Even with all of the education we have in this day and age about STDs, to say nothing of pregnancy, unprotected sex is still the norm for many. If you are about to engage in sex with someone who refuses to use protection, do not do it! This is a no-no even if you are a woman on the pill or some other form of birth control and your risk of pregnancy is low. She has any new sex partner take the tests before sex.