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Open to meet this weekend

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Meetings play a very big part in the business world. During meetings, important decisions are made, people are promoted, demoted, hired or even fired! The future of companies is predicted, business tactics are analysed, competitors are targeted and strategies are planned.

A lot of time is spent organising, attending, hosting and holding meetings, so understanding your position in the meeting and knowing how to provide input is essential. In this post, I will aim to provide all the valuable information you need to be equipped with when you enter that meeting room.

All the attendees should somehow see or receive a copy of the agenda, whether this is handed out to individuals on paper, shown on an overhead projector screen or written on a board in the meeting room. All the attendees should be able to follow the agenda as the meeting progresses, be fully aware of which topic is being discussed and what stage the meeting is at.

Before beginning the first item on the agenda, it is also customary to outline the principal objectives and provide a brief verbal outline of the agenda. How to introduce yourself in English: As I mentioned before, this is usually the main issue with meetings and the thing that attendees would be most likely to complain about. A successful meeting is one that starts and finishes at the allotted time, with all the points on the agenda fully covered. Attendees will generally be asked to provide input by giving their opinion, making comments or suggestions, providing feedback or asking questions.

If you do not understand what is being said by someone in particular, instead of just letting it pass by, you should ask for clarification to ensure that you are on the same page that you understand , because they may be talking about something that will also affect you! Other useful expressions that could be used: Once all the topics on the agenda have been covered, it is time to adjourn end the meeting.

If the meeting is running over time, then it may be necessary to skip not discuss any less important topics, and end the meeting once all the main topics have been covered. Sometimes, a meeting may even finish early, if everything is covered ahead of time!

You should always end the meeting by summarising the main points or decisions made if needed and thanking everyone for coming. This could also be the time to make any last minute remarks or reminders, or say a special thanks or congratulations to anyone. Meetings can be announced verbally in small teams, posted on bulletin boards or most commonly these days attendees are invited by email.

If a verbal announcement is made, it should always be followed up by written confirmation. If you are expecting to cover many topics, you should also send out an agenda list of topics that will be discussed so the attendees know what to expect and can prepare any questions, comments or information they would like to add to each point. There will be a meeting next week Thursday 26 th at 3pm in Room 5C. All staff in the marketing team are expected to attend, as we will be discussing our strategy for the next quarter.

Please come prepared with ideas, queries, suggestions for further promotions and any questions, as we will not have time to discuss this during peak time. One common issue that occurs with meetings is that they tend to run over the allocated time.

If the attendees are told to keep 1 hour free for the meeting but are then occupied for 2. If carefully organised and appropriately hosted, then a meeting CAN run smoothly. The attendees will be more likely to provide input by asking questions and offering feedback if they know what to expect. Could you do that please? That gives me time to prepare a slideshow over the weekend.

Thank you Dom, I really appreciate it. Does that suit you? Let me know if you get stuck on anything if you have any problems. The person hosting the meeting may decide to allocate roles to other staff, such as taking minutes during the meeting keeping a record of who attends and what is discussed , speaking about a certain subject, providing figures or data on a specific topic. If you are hosting the meeting and would like to allocate a role to someone, remember to give them plenty of notice so they can prepare what you have asked them to do.

Also, ask them if they are able to take on this role before you announce to everyone that they will be doing it, just in case they cannot. Generally, someone who is not participating in the meeting would be called upon to be the minute-taker, but anyone may be assigned this responsibility, so it is good to be ready for it, in case your manager asks you to do it. If you are not familiar with taking minutes, then it may be good to have an outline before going into the meeting to help guide you through everything that needs to be recorded.

A standard outline should include:. The minute-taker can choose to record the meeting on paper handwritten or on a computer typed up , whichever you feel more comfortable with. Many people who are very familiar with minute-taking tend to use shorthand writing, which enables you to write a lot quicker and keep up with the discussion.

If you are called upon to take minutes on a regular basis, then it may be worth learning how to do shorthand writing! Remember, you do not need to record every single word that is spoken!

Only a brief outline of what is discussed, and all significant points that are made by any of the participants. For example, if someone mentions an issue that needs to be dealt with, something positive that is working really well, and any feedback or suggestions.

Any key points surrounding the main topics of the meeting should definitely be recorded, as well as any votes or decisions.

It is, sometimes, also important to record who said what, for this reason, the minute-taker should know the names of the attendees. If the meeting is with a very large number of people who are not known to one another then, generally, it is customary for them to introduce themselves mention their name or company name before they say anything else.

At the start, while the attendees are arriving, having refreshments or getting settled into their seats, it is polite to make small talk with others polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters. Once everyone has arrived, the person hosting the meeting should formally welcome everyone to the meeting, and thank them for coming. If there is a new person in the meeting, or a guest attendee who does not know the others, this would be the best time to make introductions.

If the meeting is a small group then roll call is usually not necessary, as the person taking the minutes will be able to make a note of who was there. In a larger meeting, or one with guests whose names are not known, an attendance sheet should be sent around. So, now you should be able to successfully call a meeting, write an agenda, assign roles to others, take minutes, open a meeting, stay on track and close a meeting! I hope the information provided in this blog helps you to feel more confident when you enter a meeting room, knowing that you are armed with all the main phrases that you may need to use.

English for Secretaries and Assistants. If you think there is anything else that should be included in this blog about meetings, then please let me know! E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. Log into your account. Best Twitter Accounts to Learn English. What are other ways to say He Reported? What is a Dry Sense of Humor?

What does the prefix Sur- mean? English Quiz Questions and Answers. English Test for Elementary Students. What does regret mean? Step by step, Gradually, Steadily, Little by….

Washer, Dryer, Detergent, Clothesline, Dryer screen, …. Elephant in the Room meaning [idiom]. Top 10 Success Idioms. Idioms for being afraid, frightened and idioms to describe scary situations? Business English English Vocabulary. Please expect the meeting to last approximately 3 hours. Yours, Nadine Thomas Marketing Supervisor. Is there something I can help you with? I was planning on arranging it for next week Thursday at 3pm.

Yes, I should be able to fit everything into that timeframe. Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment. Great help to me. How to Improve Communication Skills? Which one do you use? How to respond to How Are You? Willingness definition with examples January 17, Verbal Bullying Definition December 6, One major reason for the popularity of television is that most people like to stay at home.

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Departmental Open Houses | Family Weekend - Illinois State

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The Family Weekend schedule of departmental open houses will be updated as events are added. Friday, October 26 Geography, Geology, and the Environment Department Open House and Meet & . Town wide flea market open in Hillsville for the weekend. You get up here and get talking to them and you meet a lot of people that are real good friends, like family.". Squadron Open Houses location: Vandenberg and Sijan Hall attendance: 3rd and 4th class cadets and their guests Don’t miss this opportunity to visit your cadet’s dormitory and meet their squadron leadership.