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Last week, the Indian government prohibited the telecast of the documentary on the Delhi gang rape on December 16, Ketan Dixit, an independent documentary film-maker, who is also linked to the Stop Acid Attacks movement, organised the screening in Roop Dhanu village in Anwalkheda.

While the Modi government banned its viewing in India, BBC showed the documentary on Wednesday night, last week, ahead of its scheduled telecast for Sunday. On the same day, You Tube blocked the documentary.

The documentary has kicked off a storm of controversy in India because it features an interview with one of the convicted men, who blames the victim, a year-old physiotherapy student, for the brutal gang rape in a moving bus on December 16, The victim and a male friend, who was also beaten, were thrown off the bus in a nearly naked state.

She died two weeks after the horrific attack perpetrated by five men and a minor. A decent girl won't roam around at 9 o'clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy," he told BBC in an exclusive video interview.

Housework and housekeeping is for girls, not roaming in discos and bars at night doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes. About 20 per cent of girls are good," he said. The Indian government doesn't want such repugnant views, which could spark outrage and threaten public order, to be broadcast in the country.

Dixit set up a huge projector in the village, some 40 kilometres from Agra, and an audience of about 60 to 70 villagers watched the documentary on makeshift screens made up of bedsheets. TOI reported that volunteers helped the villagers to understand the English-language documentary.

Deeksha, an year-old, added that the film portrays the primitive and orthodox mindset of many in society. The government should revoke the ban immediately. Dixit said he will also lodge a protest-petition online against the ban, HT reported. Local authorities reportedly had no information regarding the screening. Get the best stories of women challenging the status quo around the world in your inbox each week.

Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Nirbhaya's Rapist Blames Her For December 16 Brutality The Indian government doesn't want such repugnant views, which could spark outrage and threaten public order, to be broadcast in the country.


IAMC News Digest - 1st October

The year-old girl's mother says airport staff treated them "like terrorists" because they had medicine for her type 1 diabetes in their carry-on luggage. Passengers clapped when the flight attendant's boyfriend popped the question during a flight — but her employer wasn't so happy. The actress Kate Beckinsale doesn't like to travel without her Kerrygold grass-fed butter. But it's not without risks.

None of the toilets on the flight over the Pacific were working. After three flights were quarantined in one week for illnesses onboard, an expert weighs in on what you need to know. A lesson in how to travel, Duchess style. Shop 19 of the most stylish and practical weekender bags to make your travels both seamless and fashionable. Plus, the tip she stole from Leonardo DiCaprio.

Learning how to pack practically for every kind of trip -- whether it's a. The passenger felt "unsafe, vulnerable, belittled" after a gate agent questioned her ID in front of other travelers. Cop these A-lister's "first class" airport looks! A new lawsuit claims the airline was aware the pilot was posting nudes of a flight attendant. A brawl reportedly started when two women began arguing over a prime European tourist spot — Italy's Trevi Fountain — where they both wanted to use for a selfie.

Next time you're heading on a long-haul flight, you might want to remember this tip. The majority view by Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Ashok Bhushan ordered that the hearing in the main Ayodhya title suit appeals should resume in the week commencing from October Abdul Nazeer, in a stinging dissent, observed that the question of what is essential or not in a religion cannot be hastily decided.

He held that the question raised on the essentiality of offering prayers in mosques should indeed be examined by a seven-judge Bench before the Ayodhya suit appeals are heard. SC Sep 28, , Times of India https: Talking to reporters in Tamil Nadu's Karaikudi on sidelines of a party meeting, he said the United Progressive Alliance UPA government had decided to buy Rafale aircraft and entered into an agreement. But, the present government had cancelled it and inked a new deal.

Why is the government buying only 36 jets? The Fiery Dissent of Justice D. Chandrachud Sep 26, , The Wire While the four judges out of a five-justice bench have upheld the Aadhaar project and the Aadhaar Act as constitutionally valid, dismissing most privacy and welfare exclusion concerns, Justice D.

Chandrachud's dissenting opinion goes sharply in the other way. While a dissenting judgement has no force of law, it leaves open the possibility of being referred to a larger bench at a later stage.

Justice Chandrachud's dissent starts from the legislative process that kick-started the Aadhaar Act, While the majority view expressed through Justice Sikri's opinion indicated that there was nothing wrong in present and pushing the Aadhaar Act through Parliament as a money bill, Chandrachud has called it a "fraud on the Constitution".

Sep 27, , Money Control https: She represented workers wrongfully dismissed by a cement company, villagers who were illegally evicted from their land and women who alleged sexual assault by security forces. Then, early one morning last month, the law came for her. A police team of nearly a dozen people entered the apartment that Bharadwaj shares with her daughter in an industrial city near New Delhi.

They took computers and phones and demanded passwords for email accounts. Then they arrested Bharadwaj under an anti-terrorism statute and later told reporters she was linked to a violent conspiracy, which she vehemently denies. Four other prominent activists across the country were also taken into custody that day.

All of them - like Bharadwaj - are highly critical of the current government and outspoken advocates for India's most disadvantaged, whether they are indigenous tribal peoples or Dalits, formerly known as "untouchables. He was arrested on Tuesday night on the charges of gangrape.

The case against him was lodged at Rajghat police station on June 4. Please note, his last name Parvaz was not mentioned. She claimed that Jumman Mia called her to a secluded spot where both Jumman and Parvez raped her. Based on this an FIR was filed under section c for gang rape. Oct 1, , Sabrang India https: Has the Sangh changed? Knowing what the Sangh has stood for all these years, the answer can't be guaranteed as affirmative.

The Sangh isn't known to have ever explicitly admitted to being wrong. Why is it saying that it considers the Constitution as the final word, unlike Bhagwat's predecessor K S Sudarshan's view that it doesn't reflect Hindu ethos and hence, needs to be overhauled? Is this a genuine change of heart?

The RSS's implicit style of functioning for several decades should alert us about the pitfalls of taking these admissions at face value.

What Golwalkar and Sudarshan had said in the past is not at variance with what Bhagwat has stated, in so far as the needs of the time are concerned. A fast-depleting developmental appeal will only be accentuated by a growing strident Hindutva, which will further damage the prospects for Matters of Faith Suit the Majority in India - By Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Sep 30, , The Quint Paradoxical though this may sound, but the Supreme Court verdict turning down the plea to send the Ismail Faruqui case to a larger Constitutional Bench, may eventually eliminate extraneous matters which have complicated what is quintessentially a civil dispute and force future hearings to the core issue.

This is the same case where the apex court made the sweeping assertion that "a mosque is not an essential part of the practice of the religion of Islam". From a fundamental question of ownership or title of the disputed structure or the land , all sorts of faith related questions have been added to complicate an already byzantine legal maze.

The return to the title suit now pending for almost seven decades, which will be heard from October 29 by a newly constituted bench, marks new hope for arriving at a judgement aimed at settling the original dispute. The dissenting verdict of Justice S Abdul Nazeer now provides several reasons why the issue of essentiality and centrality of a mosque in Islam must be heard by a larger bench. If the Supreme Court, too, follows the path which the Allahabad High Court chose when it pronounced the populist judgement on September 30, , faith of people will be severely eroded in the judiciary.

The country has the good assurance of a minister of state, a new arriviste in the saffron tent, that there is no "Uncle Quattrochi" in this business. But that has not helped - nor have all the tantrums thrown by the snarky court jesters.

The reason is simple: There may not be a scam but there is a scandal. And the scandal is the manner in which prime ministerial authority was exercised in Paris in April by Narendra Modi.

What is even more scandalous is the BJP's defence: The government's cheerleaders arguably point out that in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had indeed promised to restore the dignity and autonomy of the office of the prime minister, which was presumably diluted when Manmohan Singh gave preference to the principle of collective responsibility over prime ministerial predominance.

The vote, the argument goes, gave Modi the mandate to behave decisively, even aggressively and assertively. Venu Sep 25, , The Wire https: Puttaswamy vs Union of India, so also was the future and relevance of the Rajya Sabha.

Agra Village Screens Banned Documentary On Delhi Gang Rape who was also beaten, were thrown off the bus in a nearly naked state. Dixit set up a huge projector in the village, some 40 kilometres from Agra, and an. Nassau, on the Rhine, opposite St. Goar, 15 m ssw Nassau. of Asia, Hindostan, in Agra, capital of a district that abounds with strong positions. in the province of Pernambuco, on the Goiana, 15 m from its mouth, and 40 NNw GoLDs Boroug II, a town of North America, United States, state Maine, Hancock county, on an. Agra call girls service anytime u can call us for genuine service . O Want A fun And sexy Female Escort service at very low price Call .