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Shorter red hair hottie car flirt

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According to Gabrielle, her father's current sugar baby had North African ancestry, being half-Arab and half-European, and was supposedly in her late 20s. She looked plenty hot enough to turn heads, having luxurious, tanned legs and a meaty ass in addition to the nicely-sized bust, but didn't seem to be quite as taut or toned as Fleur and her sister.

Shapely and seductive rather than sporty. My, ahem, 'observations' were interrupted by the doorbell. I whirled around to see the younger of the two blonde-haired sisters rushing to the front entrance, my amused girlfriend following after Gabrielle at a slower pace. Fleur was shaking her head slightly, but also had a wide grin on her face. Gabrielle yanked the door open, revealing a strikingly glamorous-looking redhead. I watched her step inside and embrace the blonde teen.

The two girls were whispering something to each other excitedly, even leaning in for a kiss after a moment. This had to be the famous Becky. She certainly did have the body of a model - and not one of those stick-thin catwalk types, either. The redhead had a proper bikini babe -look about her, the girl's figure looking fit, curvy and full of promise.

Her face was beautiful as well, though I'll confess I paid somewhat less attention to that area. The cute blonde quickly introduced her new girlfriend to us - even to Yasmine, who'd strutted inside to see what the ruckus was all about. The dark-haired woman was regarding Becky coolly, though I did notice her eyes drift down to the redhead's cleavage every now and then.

Rebecca was wearing a snug little summer dress, similar to Fleur's and Gabrielle's, which did little to hide her substantial bosom. To me, it did indeed look about the same size as Apolline's, and therefore larger than Yasmine's own rack. Or Fleur's and Gabrielle's, for that matter. The exact shape was more difficult to gauge through the clothing, but the pronounced lack of any wobbles spoke of considerable density. Just what kind of vitamins have they been feeding you?

Are those even real? I could tell she was genuinely impressed. Get your own hottie. I noticed Becky glance at her lover meaningfully, raising an eyebrow. Worried about losing to me in front of everyone? You're cute, almost too cute, but there's no way you'll be able to match me up top. Even the other models I've met are jealous of these," the redhead cooed, cupping her big, solid jugs through the clothing and bouncing them a bit. I suddenly felt Fleur lean in, her nose nuzzling my neck softly.

She's never a had proper titfight before, but being the good girlfriend she is Gabby of course offered to show how it's done. I coaxed her into doing it here," she smiled slyly, sticking out her tongue.

Care to tell Ced how-" "Oh shut up! And so is Mathieu, I bet. He looked ready to shit his pants when papa waltzed in on us. After a few further quips and witty comebacks, we began to clear an open area in the middle of the room.

The French girls went over the rules, with Rebecca listening to them intently and asking the odd question here and there. I also watched Fleur give some last-minute tips to the curvy redhead, and was surprised to hear Yasmine interject with some additional advice of her own. It turned out that Yasmine already knew all the ropes, and had previous experience of her own.

The mediterranean beauty claimed to have fought at least a dozen women before, mostly during her time as a university student, and had supposedly won each and every time. Yasmine's self-assured, almost cocky behaviour certainly seemed to support that notion.

I've seen how much you love showing those bouncy udders off to everyone, but from the looks of things, they're not really anything special.

My jugs have flattened nicer sets. And now that the brunette was standing up, it was easy to tell that her still bikini-clad boobs sat pretty high on her chest as well.

Their shape even looked a bit pointy, both pert breasts straining against the cups and further enhancing the impression of firmness. I'm going to have so much fun putting your fat, puffed-up sacks back in their place. Just try not to run crying to daddy after I've done them in," the smoky-eyed brunette smirked, looking confident as ever.

Dark and light, Yin and Yang. Apparently the static tension that'd been building up between them had finally received the needed spark.

I watched the redhead toss her sun dress onto the sofa, reaching behind to open the clasp of her light grey bra. She was wearing a matching pair of knickers, I noted, tracing the curvature of the girl's toned posterior. Compared to the upstairs, her ass looked compact, but there was nothing wrong with its shape.

Becky's overworked bra came off with a soft snap, and two meaty, round orbs bounced out into the open air. The redhead's large jugs shook a bit as they slapped against her chest, quivering visibly, but I didn't really detect much sag.

Each orb was full and round. I struggled not to groan aloud as I studied the ivory-skinned teenager's best assets intently. They looked very similar to my girlfriend's amazing breasts. Maybe just a hint less pert, but also slightly bigger and heavier. I leaned forward, greedily drinking in the young, nubile boobs on display. Their shape was enviably spherical, and the amount of visible hang minimal.

Rebecca's impressive breasts stood high on her chests, the flesh rippling and curling enticingly as she rolled her shoulders, presumably to work out a kink in her upper back. They seemed to be in the region of a mid-size DD cup, and had a very pleasing, almost photogenic appearance.

Easily one of the sexiest racks I'd ever seen, and no doubt perfect for modeling. But while the girl definitely had a solid pair, the small bounces seemed to suggest that her inner tissue wasn't quite as dense as her opponent's. Then again, I wasn't sure Fleur's was, either. The only girl that might - and I stress MIGHT - be able to beat Gabrielle in firmness was Ginny, and that firsty was giving up roughly half a cup size.

Rebecca's rack, to the redhead's credit, was of course one full bra size larger than Gabby's - a significant if not insurmountable lead. Continuing my inspection further down the year-old model's generous curves, I made special note of her smooth, toned torso, long legs and pale skin. She wasn't overly athletic, but clearly took good care of herself, and had a definite Jessica Rabbit -vibe about her.

In terms of overall physical attractiveness, there was no denying that Becky's body closely matched those of the two blondes. If Fleur and Gabrielle were perfect tens, the redhead had to be at least a nine, fully rivaling the French girls up top and only losing a few points from her comparatively narrow hips and ass. Those too were pretty nice, but not exceptional like the rest of her.

Becky was definitely more top-heavy than the others. I briefly glanced over at Yasmine. While the brunette was plenty good-looking in her own right, she was probably closer to an eight, and appeared to fall just short of the three younger women in every area.

Well, maybe save for those thick, juicy killer thighs. Yasmine's tits also looked like they might be capable of causing some damage, but I doubted they'd be a match for Fleur's. The dusky brunette seemed to be trying to conceal a fair bit of envy as she analysed the lingerie model's tantalizing body, doing her best not to look as impressed as she really was. I didn't blame her. Becky was seriously hot, and her rack was nothing short of phenomenal. Likely every bit as nice as my girlfriend's, in fact.

Fleur seemed to agree, and let out a long whistle. I might need to have my own go at them at some point. They've won me more than a few wet t-shirt contests.

Your big, beautiful pillows do look amazing, but they're going fold under my superior tits. I've got both appearances and substance," Gabrielle breathed huskily, slinking out of her own sun dress and revealing two braless D-cup breasts. They practically sprang out as the fabric covering the orbs was pulled away, the blonde's dense set seeming to quiver only for a fraction of a second before it settled down, sitting exceedingly high on her chest.

I'd gotten a good ogle at Gabby's naked, pert boobs some days ago, but still couldn't stop marveling at their sheer perfection. They looked almost divine. If Rebecca had a rack you'd love to suck, fuck or 'motorboat', the blonde's pair was one to worship and cherish. Truly a thing of beauty. I watched Gabrielle's smooth, flawless orbs mold ever-so-slightly under the girl's fingers while she kneaded them, demonstrating to everyone just how thick and firm the titmeat beneath the surface really was.

Not that there'd been any doubt, of course. The blonde's year-old breasts had what I considered to be the ideal shape, appearing to pretty much ignore the effects of gravity and jutting out proudly like they'd been put there by some master sculptor. The almost complete lack of visible sag might've made them look surgically enhanced if it wasn't for the fact that no doctor was quite THAT good.

They were perky, round and, like everything about Gabrielle, incredibly cute. This girl really was too pretty for her own good. Taking a moment to appreciate the rest of her body, I couldn't help but think how much Gabrielle reminded me of Fleur. Both were lean yet shapely, having a rare combination of slender limbs, ample curves and a narrow waistline. Everything was perfectly formed and proportioned. But as similar as the two sisters' figures were, Gabrielle's more petite size and small reserves of baby fat, which were oddly enough only found in the precisely right places, made her look both hot and adorable at the same time.

I thanked my lucky stars that she was of age now, as I could at least claim some moral justification for my gawking. I mean, I still felt like a total perv for lusting after my girlfriend's little sister, but at least I wasn't drooling over a minor!

This should be good. Gabrielle cupped her pert breasts gently and lifted them a bit, with Rebecca quickly mirroring her move.

The effect was, unsurprisingly, more pronounced on the ampler set, and I couldn't help but admire how Becky's pale mass of titflesh shook and jiggled in her palms. Taking a moment to ogle at the two teens' general physiques, one thing was clear - Gabrielle's bum was definitely nicer than her opponent's.

The girls' asses were about the same size, even though the blonde was otherwise slightly shorter and less buxom, which meant that Gabby's behind looked bigger in comparison to the rest of her body. It also had a mouth-wateringly delicious shape: Perfect, just like her boobs. While I did feel guilty for even thinking it, Gabrielle's bum might actually be even better than her big sister's.

I made a mental note to never let Fleur hear me say that. She'd probably skin me alive - and with good reason. With one last smirk, Rebecca and Gabrielle began to approach one another.

Neither seemed eager to start out aggressively, instead closing the distance with a few measured steps and slowly bringing their tips together. As the girls' hard nipples rubbed against each other, I heard the redhead suck in a breath, while the blonde swallowed hard. They weren't pushing hard enough to cause any misshape of their firm orbs, and it looked like the contestants were savouring the feel of their sensitive nubs meeting softly. I'm going to own you, babe. The lingerie model's large, firm jugs contorted a bit around the perkier set, and Becky gasped, clearly unused to the sensation.

I saw a grin appear on the French girl's face. Gabrielle pulled back a step, her azure eyes burning with desire, before repeating the move. The redhead quickly began to mirror her opponent, and I watched hungrily as each girl pushed forward, rubbing their firm jugs against the rivaling pair.

Gabrielle seemed to whisper something to her opponent, but Rebecca dismissed it with a snort and then rolled her shoulder from one side to the next, scraping her thick, full boob over the blonde's pert tit. I could only imagine what their hardened peaks had to feel like, dragging across smooth, sentitive flesh.

Gabrielle immediately responded to the move with the same tactic. Both pairs of breasts molded and twisted only slightly as they sought purchase over the space between the women. This slow, almost tender contest went on for a while, and the girls grinned through the contact as though they were enjoying it. Rebecca leaned in this time, brushing her lips against Gabrielle's ear and murmuring something in a low voice.

That seemed to spark some action, as both girls began their rotations more energetically. I could hear their tits begin thudding and slapping as Gabby and Becky worked themselves into a more aggressive pace, but still didn't detect much visible shifting or change in the shape of the girls' perfect, exceedingly firm breasts as they strained against each other. Both fighters did let out occasional grunts, their faces becoming more flushed with every passing minute.

I finally noticed that the girls themselves weren't looking down at their battling busts; each was staring intently into the other's eyes. They seemed to be having some sort of staring contest, and were fighting both a mental and a physical war simultaneously. I briefly wondered how the result of this match would affect their budding relationship. The red-haired lingerie model, who until this point had been resting her hands on Gabrielle's hips, reached around the girl's lower back and pulled her closer.

Gabrielle returned the gesture, wrapping her arms around the redhead. Rather than sliding their tits over and across the other's set like before, the new strategy seemed to be to forcibly shove their boobs together.

I watched the position of the two tightly-packed racks ebb and flow slightly, and Gabby made a cute growl as the girls increased the pressure, leaning their heads together. Initially I thought Rebecca and Gabrielle did it so they could whisper in each other's ears again, but as I kept observing the fighters closely, it seemed that they were simply breathing heavily on one another's neck and ears.

Both to conserve their strength, and to tease and distract their opponent, no doubt. Rebecca smirked slightly as she dragged her big jugs slowly and deliberately back and forth over the blonde's pert boobs. Gabrielle on the other hand stood still, her firm flesh apparently refusing to yield to the Dutch girl's heavier tits.

I heard a bored sigh from my left, and looked over to see Yasmine pretend to yawn. My girlfriend gave her a dirty look, daring the dark-haired woman to complain aloud. She didn't, instead leaning back and continuing to observe the slow, affectionate struggle with an imperiously disinterested expression. Back in the middle of the room Rebecca and Gabrielle were still locked in a bearhug.

The girls were making soft grunts and groans as they forced their chests tighter together, and I watched both pairs of boobs begin to compress more obviously. The muscles in each girl's lean arms were also bulging as the pressure increased.

No-one missed the fact that the redhead's bigger boobs were reshaping appreciably more than Gabrielle's pert orbs did, denting at the center and slowly pushing out. Becky's pretty face had started to show signs of discomfort, and as I looked to her rival, I could see Gabrielle regarding the glamorous and curvy redhead with a rather greedy smile.

I could see that the Dutch girl's wince was growing more pronounced by the minute as she fought to match the blonde's thrusts and to force their racks back into equality. But despite her best efforts, Rebecca's gorgeous, round jugs were, bit by bit, ballooning further out to the sides, beginning to make way for Gabrielle's denser pair. I watched the blonde cutie stare straight into Rebecca's wide eyes with a confident if not strained smile, and the harder she pulled, the further her firm tits appeared sink into the redhead's ample, round pair.

Fleur's little sister was slowly but surely impaling the lingerie model's epic set onto her smaller boobs.

But by the looks of things, it was fighting a losing battle. Gabrielle's even thicker breast-tissue continued its irresistible advance, penetrating deeper and deeper into the pale flesh. Briefly glancing towards Fleur, I noticed that she was observing the scene with a small frown, looking thoughtful. I thought I was firm! I knew Fleur had been asked that same question many times before.

And really, really good for a Double D," Gabrielle grunted with a sincere-looking smile. If you surrender now, you'll still be able to show these beauties off at the beach. And evidently the gorgeous blonde as well. The Dutch girl crouched down for a second before ramming her big, firm jugs into Gabrielle's set from below.

Gabby's impressively dense flesh pushed in for a moment, bouncing towards her face and quivering slightly before settling down into its usual pert, unyielding form on the blonde's chest. Gabrielle's gasp of pain and shock was clearly audible even through the slapping of wet titflesh, and Becky used the opportunity to wrench herself free from the hug.

I hope you fight better than these two," she sneered at my girlfriend, observing her cleavage with a disdainful expression. It'd been the dusky, dark-haired woman who'd coached Becky to use uppercuts to escape tight spots, so apparently Yasmine's earlier boasting wasn't just talk. It seemed she really did know her way around a titfight. Before the Dutch girl was able to make much use of her newfound freedom, I saw Gabrielle jab her firm, pert set into Rebecca's larger boobs. The redhead grunted, feeling her round orbs mold briefly as the rival pair invaded their space.

I watched Gabrielle follow with another attack, ramming her tightly-packed tits into her lover's more plentiful breasts. The redhead's jugs once again yielded some ground, compressing and ballooning out from the center to make way for the firmer pair. It looked like Gabrielle's pert D cups might hold the edge in boob-boxing as well, their incredible density forcing back the dismayed lingerie model's big, gorgeous globes.

Not for the first time, I found myself wondering how they'd fare against Fleur's legendary pair. Both blondes' sets were perfect in their own way, with one appearing to have a slight lead in firmness and the other in size. Becky's own rack looked much like a third piece of that gradual evolution; maybe a tiny bit softer than my girlfriend's, but also larger. If Gabrielle's tits were able to spear and pound the busty redhead's pride and joy like this, could they also overpower her sister's proud boobs?

In any case, it seemed the Dutch girl wasn't prepared to go down without a fight. She launched a flurry of jabs and swings, forcing the young blonde to pedal backwards and to turn with her. Gabrielle did succeed in avoiding most of the blows, and peppered the redhead's softening mammaries with a few rapid strikes of her own. Every once in a while one of Rebecca's powerful slams connected, causing the less buxom fighter to yelp as the impact sent her cute, pert boob into shockwaves.

I admired the way Gabrielle's firm flesh briefly pushed in, displaced by the model's large, thick jug. While the ripples died down quickly enough, I could tell Gabby's tightly-packed set moved more fluidly than before.

Encouraged by the sounds her opponent was making, the hot, leggy redhead increased her tempo. She attacked more furiously, creating dents in both young sets.

Gabrielle didn't take long to adapt, however, and soon began dodging and countering again. They continued like that for a while, the redhead appearing to hold the upper hand in per-shot damage while the blonde simply landed more hits.

Eventually, Becky appeared to get frustrated with her increasingly regular near misses and tried to trip the blonde. But Gabrielle was too agile for the move, shifting her feet quickly and jumping out of the way. The red-haired girl's big mistake was leaving her boobs open to the blonde's counterstrike, and I could feel myself brace instinctively as Gabrielle slammed her part, firm orbs into Becky's stationary globes with considerable force.

All four breasts compressed severely, but it was the lingerie model's amazing rack that actually flattened out for a moment, its plentiful titmeat molding around Gabrielle's tits and starting to shake uncontrollably. Several more strikes found their target and Rebecca cursed loudly, withdrawing away from the French blonde's undeniably dangerous set. I could see that the light skin on Becky's large, sexy rack had turned a violent shade of red, and the meat beneath it seemed to bounce much more than it had at the beginning.

Her jugs still maintained a nice, round shape though, suggesting that the Dutch girl wasn't beaten just yet. Gabrielle apparently had similar thoughts and decided to change tactics, lunging forward to grab the redhead. Rebecca met her half way, ramming her big, powerful boobs into the blonde's.

Just like before, the larger pair of mammaries caved in more, but Gabrielle's pert boobs compressed under the pressure as well, molding visibly as the redhead's rack sought to steamroll them with its considerable mass.

Both girls' faces were tight as they pushed forward harder. I admired the show as Gabrielle and Rebecca shoved their firm racks against each other, forcing the mass of young, supple flesh back and forth in gentle waves that slowly progressed. We're going to look great at the beach tomorrow: Becky let out a groan, but shoved back, refusing to back down.

But I'm gonna iron them out now. My big, strong jugs have you simply outgunned. I admired the blonde's sleek, taut legs and delectable bum for a second, her lightly tanned skin bulging visibly with the effort. Gabrielle poured on the pressure, slowly rotating her torso as she ground her dense orbs against Rebecca's chest. The curvy redhead gritted her teeth, grunting and groaning at the obviously uncomfortable sensation. I could see the smaller pair sink further and further into the opposing flesh, burrowing impressively deep as the lingerie model's more ample flesh parted slowly.

It was clear to everyone that Gabrielle's tits were beginning to take over the space between them, and the Dutch girl let out a gasp as her breasts were pushed back further than before. She stared in horrified fascination how her meaty globes continued to spread from the center out, the blonde's firmer pair of boobs nestling into them.

She looked absolutely stunned. Unlike before, the dense inner tissue at the core of Rebecca's jugs no longer appeared to be holding up. We all watched how her formerly perfect boobs started to lose their shape and resistance, rapidly yielding ground to Gabrielle's pert tits and billowing around them. My firmer, better breasts have penetrated these cushy sacks, taming them and making them mine. I own you now, Red. Her azure eyes were burning with unadultarated desire, however, and I could feel my throbbing cock lurch at the thought of what she'd do to the lingerie model after their fight.

If only she'd be willing to let me watch Gabrielle relaxed her grip slightly, and I saw Rebecca let her head fall to the blonde's shoulder. Becky's eyes looked almost groggy to me, and she blinked slowly. The younger girl lined up her pair with the redhead's carefully, positioning their big, powerful racks tip-to-tip.

She planted a small kiss on her opponent's parted lips, before thrusting hard. I joined Rebecca in her shock as the redhead's big, gorgeous breasts were completely overwhelmed, the model's once dense and firm flesh suddenly giving up the fight.

The larger pair of tits simply folded around Gabrielle's dominant pair, molding freely and oozing out to the sides like half-melted butter. Gabrielle let out a satisfied sigh, but continued pushing. I could only stare in amazement as her pert orbs sunk even deeper, and soon they were almost completely surrounded by Becky's loose, liquefied udders.

The blonde hottie flashed everyone a happy, triumphant grin as she speared the lingerie model's awe-inspiring rack with her own, obviously even more powerful boobs. Submissively welcoming a better pair home. Damn, these jello-boobs are way nicer than any waterbed I've been on! But to my surprise, the redhead seemed to be shaking her head. Fleur's little sister raised a curious eyebrow at the redhead, but pumped her arms, forcing more and more pressure into Becky's tenderized mammaries until the part-time model stopped squirming.

I've crushed your epic tits. There's only one way out. The Dutch girl's relief was short lived, though, and we watched in rapt attention as Gabrielle impaled the redhead's orbs again, spearing them with her tightly-packed set.

Rebecca wailed as her pride and joy was pulverized, and before she had time to collect herself, the blonde pulled out to strike again. Gabrielle repeated the maneuver until she found a rhythm, altering lefts and rights, and it looked almost like the blonde was using her pert, firm boobs to fuck Becky's beaten udders, reshaping the loose, yielding flesh at will as her firmer breasts sunk inside.

Not that she had any choice, mind you. Your perfect breasts have turned my big, bouncy jugs into mush," Rebecca sniffed quietly. Now, whose tits are better? You have have the best rack on the whole fucking planet," Becky groaned weakly. Please stop stabbing my tits. Gabrielle's beamed at her lover, and immediately released her. The cute blonde was grinning happily as she turned towards Fleur, Yasmine and I, raising her arms towards the ceiling and celebrating her victory by showing off a pair of red but still pert-looking boobs.

Becky stood next to Gabrielle, breathing heavily and cupping her beaten, visibly droopy jugs carefully in her palms. I watched Gabrielle lean in to hug the other girl, making sure not to touch her sore rack with her own. She kissed Becky on the cheek, whispering something, and reached out to caress the redhead's butt gently.

Rebecca let out a deep sigh, but nodded, and as the two gorgeous teens finally separated, I noticed a small hint of a smile tugging at the lingerie model's lips. Gabrielle for her part was grinning brightly, and even gave her most recent conquest a cheeky pat on the ass. Becky whined a bit, earning a cute chuckle from the blonde.

She was eyeing my girlfriend with a sly, unfriendly smirk. Or did you finally realize how hopelessly outmatched your sacks are against me? But I'll gladly knock them back to Earth. I watched the blonde pull her white, airy sun dress over her head as she stepped between the two older girls.

And probably use the loo as well. Please don't murder anyone before we get back. I'll try to hold off flattening your saggy whore of a sister a while longer. You've got five minutes. I heard Gabrielle and Becky whisper something as they made their way to the kitchen, chortling loudly and wrapping their arms around each other's shoulders.

Feeling a tad parched myself, I decided to follow their example and go grab some refreshments. Though the fridge was full of various kinds of soft drinks, I settled for a bottle of regular, uncarbonated spring water. I leaned against the counter and took a good swig, enjoying the feeling of cold, fresh liquid running down my throat. It didn't take long for Becky and Gabby to quelch their thirst, and as the teens stalked off towards the bathroom, hand-in-hand, I took a moment to reflect on the conflict between the two alpha females in the adjacent room.

This villa had been getting too small to fit both Fleur and Yasmine for some time now, my girlfriend and her father's mistress seeming to have an odd talent of constantly finding new things to dislike about each other. Were they simply too different - or too similar - to get along? Though I brought bottles for Fleur and Yasmine with me, neither woman accepted one, instead preferring to glare at one another from the opposite ends of the room.

Even a relatively oblivious guy like myself couldn't ignore the incredibly tense atmophere. After a short while, apparently getting bored with the impromptu staring competition, the Arab hottie strutted off to the table closest to the poolside windows. She grabbed her phone, checking it for messages. Since Yasmine's back was turned to me, one couldn't really expect me to resist the temptation of leering at the dusky woman's shapely figure.

This was one of her best angles, after all. And to be perfectly honest, the brunette did have seriously nice legs and ass.

At least on par with Rebecca's, and maybe even in the same league as my girlfriend's prized gems. They did fall just short of Gabrielle's smaller but absolutely phenomenal-looking rear though, I thought, sneaking a quick glance at the cute blonde who'd just made her way back to the living room. Aside from Megan, the year-old had the nicest bum I'd ever seen.

Noticing some movement to my left, I turned to see Fleur begin to make her way to the middle of the room. She'd already peeled off her dress, revealing the matching pair of light pink lingerie underneath, and was currently reaching behind her back.

A delicate snap indicated the clasp's release, and we all watched the French girl's bra slide down slowly. Fleur flashed me a quick grin before slinging the garment to the side. Her firm, thick tits jiggled slightly, resting noticeably high on her chest. Please tell me you and Gabs like to borrow each other's toys?

I saw Gabrielle narrow her eyes at the smirking lingerie model. Gabby can be a mean bitch if you get on her bad side. It was just a joke, I swear! Please don't be mad at me? Good thing we have the whole afternoon to ourselves. As I drank in my girlfriend's naked Double D jugs, I couldn't help but note that they weren't quite as pert as Gabrielle's dense, compact orbs were. That was only to be expected of course, as Fleur's rack was also both larger and heavier than her sister's.

My girlfriend's boobs did look absolutely gorgeous in their own right of course, and had a remarkably round and full shape for their size.

Well, for pretty much any size, really. I'd seen only a handful of pairs that were able to match let alone surpass Fleur's big boobs in firmness, and none of those could hope to compete with the blonde when it came to volume. I really was one lucky bastard. Fleur stood still while Yasmine strode to her, smirking confidently as she whipped her own top off.

I watched the dark brown bikini land on a side table and almost knock some glasses down onto the floor. Both beautiful, shapely women cupped their breasts at almost the exactly same time, keeping their gaze firmly locked onto their rival's. The age difference was more pronounced than in the previous fight, Yasmine being almost a decade older than my year-old girlfriend, but otherwise the fighters seemed to match up rather well. And while Fleur's figure did show slightly more muscle tone, her dark-haired opponent was far from soft or flabby.

Once the two buxom contestants finally lined up their tits, it looked like the brunette's pair might've been just a tiny bit smaller than my girlfriend's. But if that really was the case, the difference was barely perceptible, and any potentially resulting size advantage too minor to count on.

More worryingly, it wasn't easy to tell which set was the firmer, either, though I did think Fleur's boobs sat slightly higher on her chest, appearing to have a hint less sag and visible hang. Which meant almost none at all. At the same time, Yasmine's olive-toned boobs had an undeniably appealing, almost artistic 'swooping' shape: As a matter of fact, the unusual form actually made her nipples appear to point slightly upwards.

While conical would probably be too strong a word to describe them, the brunette's tits did seem somewhat perkier than Fleur's more spherical globes, and I found myself wondering if those long, sharpened peaks would be as good at digging into opposing flesh as they looked.

All in all, the Arab beauty appeared to possess a surprisingly powerful - not to mention attractive - pair of knockers. Sexy eyes, a great ass, and an awesome rack to boot. I could definitely see why Fleur's dad loved shagging her.

As the two shapely young women faced off, still glaring at each other, both pairs bounced and shook just noticeably. I watched Fleur stretch her back, bending forward a bit and letting her heavy boobs fall away, while Yasmine stretched up, curving her back and forcing her sizable tits out and towards us.

My girlfriend's big, round jugs swung enticingly, and I was impressed to notice that Yasmine's breasts didn't lose much of their perky shape, even as her breasts spread just slightly at the base against her ribs.

This wasn't going to be an easy fight after all, I realized, starting to feel a bit anxious. Yasmine's claim of a clean win-loss record was getting more believable by the minute. Once they were done stretching and perhaps more importantly, showing off , both women took a few quick steps toward each other.

Their large breasts bounced on their chests for a moment, the dense, ample titmeat rippling enticingly before it settled down. An average body, a soft, wobbly ass and a glammed-up horse face. Not to mention those fat, pointy sacks," she hissed. I studied Fleur for a second, noting my girlfriend's unusually venomous expression as she stared the olive-skinned woman down. Yasmine glared right back, the brunette's dark, smoldering eyes full of anger. And we both know just how much you hate that fact," my girlfriend continued spitefully.

She is usually the most patient of the inner soldiers, and always willing to help the people around her in any way she can. That said, Beware the Nice Ones is definitely in effect. Not So Above It All: Mostly in the anime. They're about as opposite as they come Usagi's carefree and extroverted, Ami's shy and studious , but Usagi is Ami's first real friend and as the first two Guardians, their friendship becomes the start of something big.

Mostly in the anime, which veers more into Dysfunction Junction and exaggerated character types. In the manga, everyone is far more subdued, so she doesn't invoke this as much. The least talkative of the Sailors. Red Oni, Blue Oni: In the original anime, where she and Rei are foils to each other, she's the blue to Rei's red appropriately colored.

Refusal of the Call: In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon refuses because she believes Usagi only befriended her so that she'd join up.

As usual, a battle forces her to make the choice - although afterward, she claims to Usagi that she really does want to fight with her, probably still hoping it will let them become friends. She's demonstrated proficiency at both CPR and mouth-to-mouth.

She also has demonstrated fluency in both English and German. She is a top-ranked chess player, able to compete against chess masters three times her age. Also, she is capable of fixing a car.

She is able to swim at least as well as Michiru, and actually held back to avoid offending her. She has, on occasion, written lyrics for instrumental music she likes. Also she fights monsters in her spare time. Second Place Is for Losers: In one anime episode she's accused of cheating. That doesn't bother her nearly as much as getting a single question wrong and missing out on a perfect score.

In the manga, when Taiki beats her in a test, she's seen angrily ripping her paper and joining Haruka and Michiru in distrusting the Three Lights. She uses "Mercury" as her alias for the mock exams she takes in Ami's First Love. For a shy Allergic to Love girl, she certainly has a lot of possible love interests.

In the live-action, though, Nephrite is ironically the one who has her eye. In the anime, Ryo is shown to have feelings for her and doesn't give her allergy to love, though he leaves early on. On the Ho Yay side, she and Makoto are very close and even share a romantic-looking dance at one point. Usagi's brother Shingo develops a crush on her later in the series, she clearly cares about him and the end of the episode serves as a Maybe Ever After.

Finally, she's the one who interacts the most with Taiki and the one with whom Taiki has the most in common. She's very quiet and withdrawn until she meets Usagi.

Former poster child of this trope. Sometimes, she puts studying before saving the world from destruction. Sleeves Are for Wimps: Her new Mercury outfit in Crystal is sleeveless. Stated to have an IQ of , she contributes most with her powers of observation. Smart People Play Chess: She's Japan's junior chess champion, which becomes relevant when she plays against Berthier and the daimoness U-Ikasaman. In the manga she laments at being the only girl in the computer club she joins in high school.

Averted with her Bubble Spray, unlike most of the first-season attacks. While it's not so useful for direct damage, creating fog for tactical purposes or escape is one of her most useful abilities even after she gets actual attacks.

In the manga, she comes from a family rich enough that she brushes off Minako's breaking one of her mother's diamonds, yet she is one of the most down-to-Earth and kind-hearted characters in the series. In the original English dub, her last name was originally Anderson but later Mizuno because the dub switched companies.

Some fans have theorized that since her parents are divorced, one parent is has the last name Anderson and the other Mizuno. In the anime she proved herself on the same level of Minako, who learned her almost accentless Queen's English in London. She and Makoto once assured Rei that they were not late to battle because Usagi was playing video games.

Crystal adds a gray sweater to her school uniform. The first page from the "Ami's First Love" manga has her saying: Reflect her docile and sweet nature. A magical girl who makes use of Magitek in battle. Ranked as one of the top 3 at her school, and frequently as the top-scoring student in all of Japan.

Once when a Monster of the Week in R uses babies as hostages. In Act 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal , Ami has a sudden, involuntary vision of a palace when she touches her new friend Usagi's hand while handing her pet cat Luna back to her. According to her, her favorite food is sandwiches, since she can still read while eating them. In a rare moment of her cutting loose, she teases Sailor Moon about "not giving up" on Tuxedo Mask when she comments on the good atmosphere between them. In a SuperS episode of the first anime, she prepares to attack a lemure who copies the guardians' attacks, only to profess that she's kidding when the guardians try to stop her.

She's a demure Shrinking Violet who often acts as The Heart to the team - her hair and costume are blue. This is more pronounced in the live-action, where she receives a Girliness Upgrade. In one episode near the end of the anime, she enters a video game tournament while dressed up as a classical depiction of the Greek god Hermes a.

Naturally, her fuku is light blue and royal blue. Her combat ability is kind of a joke especially in the first season, where she just makes fog , but she's got highly useful support abilities such as her computer and is an excellent strategist as well.

An episode in the SuperS season of the 90s anime has her helping a man fix his car. Keiko Kitagawa Portrayed in the musicals by: A shrine maiden at Hikawa Shrine who possesses potent psychic abilities in addition to her powers as a Sailor Guardians. Her personality varies wildly from one adaptation to the next, but in all versions she's a dedicated fighter and one of Usagi's closest friends, despite the occasional animosity between the two.

She is an Aloof Dark-Haired Girl in the manga, but in the first anime adaptation, she is Hot-Blooded and often picks fights with Usagi. Rei is very prone to insult Usagi, much more than the other way around and in many cases without provocation or reason other than teasing Usagi. Despite their bickering, they're still the closest of the soldiers in the manga Rei is closer to Minako than Usagi.

The DiC dub takes this a step further. Rei is made even meaner to Usagi, losing almost every little hint of strong companionship they have in the original version. Was hit the hardest in the transition to the 90's anime. In the manga, she was more serious and focused, but distant from peers and held men in great contempt. In the anime, she was given a fiery temper pun intended? PGSM split the different between the two, by retaining her serious personalty but giving her a temper and acerbic tongue.

In Sailor Moon Crystal she is closer to her original manga personality, though she's a bit friendlier compared to how she starts out in the manga.

As much as Rei would deny that she is anything but amazing in everything she does, she also has no sense of self-awareness and frequently makes a spectacle of herself or falls flat on her face sometimes literally. This doesn't change that she really is amazing and talented in many areas, but serves to make a lot of Hypocritical Humor when arguing with Usagi. And then of course there are the times she refers to herself as "Rei-chan. Kaidou in the manga. She was also initially hurt in the anime when she learned that Mamoru and Usagi were meant to be, but accepted it completely.

Her Psychic Powers caused people to see her as strange and spooky. Her appearance is a given, but she fits this trope pretty well in the manga, where she's serious and aloof despite being admired by boys and girls alike.

In the 90s anime she averts this, having a fiery tsundere temperament and being more sociable. Implied to be bisexual in the manga and anime. She is always shown having been in love with at least one man, and has a lot of Les Yay with either Minako or Usagi, depending on the medium. Much of the humor comes from this, with Usagi and Rei being the most frequent victims.

In the S anime, Rei tried out a motorcycle, only to get violently flung off of it. Rei merely had a bad back and an annoyed expression to show for it which she managed to walk off in no time. The girls just stared at Rei in confusion as they watched her get thrown off the motorcycle.

Anger Born of Worry: Especially in the 90's anime wherein her emotions run a lot hotter then her manga counterpart. Whenever Usagi puts herself in very real risk of death she can, and will, call her an idiot but, when all is said and done, she will be the first one to give her friend a hug.

Then call her an idiot again. Not so much in the original Japanese anime or in the manga, but certainly in the DiC dub and the live action. In the latter she's notably a no-hugging, no-kissing kind of person in a show full of Power of Love. Rei fits this very well in the manga. She is slender, elegant , smart, stoic , accustomed to being alone, and from the upper class. While she isn't anywhere near as stoic in the 90s anime, and she isn't stated to come from a wealthy family, it is made clear that she initially had no respect for Usagi as a fellow Guardian.

In the original anime, Usagi and Rei are usually at ends with each other, but the series makes it clear that Rei is the closest friend to Usagi among the Guardians. As she dispels Jadeite's attempt to freeze her alive with her own willpower even before her sigil appears, completed with a smirk on her face. I've got powers, too! A subtle example in the first season of the 90s anime, towards Usagi and Ami. Rei constantly goaded Ami into snubbing Usagi along with her.

And in an episode where Ami shyly suggests that Usagi might be suited for the role of leader, Rei pinches her leg, forcing Ami to reconsider. She mellows out throughout subsequent seasons, becoming more respectful of the two. In the manga, due to a vow of chastity she gave in her past life. There's only one man in whom she professes romantic interest, and after she realizes he is completely unavailable she never brings the subject up again.

In the 90s anime, she has a mild interest in Yuuichiro, but only really admits to it when she's dying for the first time. Due to her past with her father Rei starts off most adaptations of Sailor Moon very emotionally reserved and, at times, seems to barely tolerate the other soldiers' presence especially Usagi. Due to spending so much time with them she eventually mellows out, becoming a lot more open and kinder with her friends, and a lot more respectful of Usagi as a result even if she still frustrates her at time to time.

One Monster of the Week was a doll with razor-sharp, projectile appendages. Sailor Mars just barely misses losing her head, and instead loses a few strands.

Though not extremely high, it's even Lampshaded in a pre-fighting line that heads the Combat Stilettos Trope Page: Especially when around Usagi. Moreso in the anime, less so in the manga. In the manga and live-action. In the '90s anime, she defrosts specifically for Yuuichiro while retaining her Hair-Trigger Temper. One of the powers she has even without transforming.

In one episode of the 90s anime, Rei is performing at her school's cultural festival and tells the girls it took her little time to compose the songs she plans to sing at the show. However, the scene is spliced with footage of Rei's struggles and frustrations with completing her songs, but do indeed show that she successfully completed them. The end of the episode had Usagi tell Rei she understands how much hard work Rei truly put into her music and compliments her. Does Not Like Men: In the manga and Crystal though this lessens overtime in both , though to a lesser extent in PGSM where she just seems to dislike people in general.

In the 90s anime, it would seem she's as boy happy as Usagi, Makoto, and Minako, but she doesn't care as much about finding a cute guy as much as she doesn't want to fall behind the rest of her friends. During the first season episode with the wedding dress competition, Rei wasn't interested in finding a husband but just wanted the vacation prize.

One of Rei's dreams is to be married, but we're only ever shown her imagining herself in a wedding dress with no groom. Really hates canned asparagus. Uses both the Mars and Venus Daggars in the live-action. The DiC dub exaggerated her already boisterous personality to the point where she constantly fights with Usagi and actively tries to one-up her on several occasions, even showing shades of being The Starscream.

The end of Crystal Act 2 finds us with Rei and her candles. Served to make some visitors of her shrine weary of her. It doesn't help that she has mildly psychic powers, serving to enforce the trope even more. Though she's still admired for her beauty because of or in spite of this trope. In the first season of the 90s anime, Rei split a youma in half with a folding chair. Then there is also her paper talismans , which she can use to subdue enemies as Rei or Sailor Mars.

Even the Girls Want Her: Both anime and manga. The very first time Usagi sees Rei she's instantly smitten by how beautiful she is. Her and Usagi's relationship is largely giving each other red-eye. She has fire-based powers and her signature color is red. Tends to have this happen to her in the anime. The episode in R , the one with the upgrade to the locket, has the Rei Eats Wasabi scene that was cut from the DiC dub.

It was actually a prank from Usagi, who put wasabi paste in a sandwich and then gave it to Rei Similarly, in another R episode Minako gives the ill Rei a soup that's way too salty. Rei reacts in exactly the same way. To Minako in the manga. While Mina is brash, tomboyish, and called uncouth by several people, Rei is spiritual, reserved, and ladylike, with both boys and girls admiring her from afar.

Minako actively seeks to get into as many romantic relationships as possible, while Rei would much rather keep her distance from the opposite gender. Rei is antisocial, despite her classmates admiring her, while Minako is outgoing, but has robbed of her social life by being Sailor V.

This translates to their fighting styles: To Usagi in the '90s anime. While Rei is a complete workaholic , Usagi is lazy. Rei instantly takes to her role as a soldier, while Usagi spends several episodes struggling to fight. Rei has a wide range of talents singing, organizing a school festival, composing music, modelling, skiing, fire-reading, and ESP among others , while Usagi has relatively few skills.

Rei pretends she is infallible, while Usagi can admit that she has many faults. While Rei is reluctant to show affection, often tries to do everything herself, and keeps her problems to herself, Usagi is openly affectionate, and believes in relying on friends to help you through problems.

While Rei toughens Usagi up, teaches her to show bravery in the face of adversity, and forces her to take her responsibilities seriously, Usagi encourages Rei to cut loose from time to time, allow herself to accept help, and show others affection.

In the 90s anime, to a lesser extent, Ami. Both girls are intelligent, hardworking, ambitious, and are simultaneously looked down upon and envied by fellow students. While Rei uses fire, is very aggressive in combat, and charges in though she shows restraint at times to a fight guns blazing, Ami uses water, has a mostly defensive fighting style, and studies her enemy before attacking.

Good Is Not Nice: In the 90s anime and the live-action. She is just as heroic, self-sacrificing, and steadfastly dedicated to defending the world and Princess Serenity as any other Sailor Guardian, if not moreso. She is also good at giving advice to her fellow guardians, and listening to their problems. That being said, she is bossy, conceited, hypercritical, enjoys ridiculing Usagi and sometimes the other guardians , treats Yuuichirou like crap despite his generosity towards her, and even made a little girl who idolized her cry.

In the live-action, she is empathetic and more gentle with children, but is antisocial and initially refuses to work alongside her fellow soldiers, which angers Makoto. Graceful Ladies Like Purple: She has purple hair in the manga, Crystal and the latest Sera Myu, and in the three incarnations she is a graceful ojou and her femininity is part of her character. Purple is also her secondary color and she has Purple Eyes as well. Her hair, while described as black, is stylized as purple in the manga and in Crystal , likely to make colored spreads more vibrant.

The first anime keeps it black but gives it a purple sheen. In the '90s anime, she gets angry very easily and with minimal provocation. Uses these combined with a paper charm to perform Akuryo Taisan , which paralyses enemies. In the anime she's the most temperamental, and usually one of the first ones to charge into a fight.

She definitely has the skills to back it up and has destroyed several monsters on her own, even without transforming once. In the manga she is still quite passionate, but never quite goes this far. In the Nehellenia arc of the StarS season, Sailor Mars kills Nehellenia's mirror image without the arrow touching Sailor Neptune, whom Nehellenia was holding directly in front of her to stop Mars from attacking.

All this after Mars and Neptune had taken a beating from Nehellenia's mirror image. Neptune herself was awestruck by Mars's incredible precision. It's All About Me: While organizing a festival at her school in the 90s anime, Rei is told by Usagi and Ami that it felt like the festival was just being set up to promote Rei's singing. Rei casually reveals that's exactly what she's doing, because why else would she devote her time to the festival if she couldn't get something out of it.

Instead of reacting like Rei is being a selfish bitch, Usagi and Ami relax and say they were worried something might've been wrong with her. In the original anime, she was dating Mamoru at the start. When they learned that Usagi is the princess and Mamoru is her prince, she graciously steps aside so they can be together. Jerkass Has a Point: Sure she can be a jerk and an unsympathetic bully towards Usagi, but sometimes she's merely frustrated for having to put up with Usagi goofing off so much in the beginning.

This fades away in the second season, though. Lo and behold Rei turns out to be right as, in the 90's anime, the soldiers die twice forcing Usagi to fight the Final Battle alone. She is sarcastic and has a Hair-Trigger Temper , and can be quite mean to Usagi in the first season of the 90s anime, but she's a well-meaning nice girl underneath it all. It's worth pointing out that her bickering with Usagi is not one-sided, and the two tend to give as much as they take when arguing.

That said, the 90s anime makes it clear that Rei and Usagi understand each other the best out of all the inner soldiers, and Rei is frequently the most horrified whenever Usagi is hurt or dies. Wields a pair of daggers in the live-action. In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. Even in the 90s anime, her attacks have a certain kind of grace to them, while still being very powerful. To Usagi in the anime. They argue a great deal, mostly because Rei insists on pointing out the flaws to every plan.

Arguably, she is popular at her school, and she does act kind-of snobby and mean towards the other guardians, particularly Usagi and Ami. But she is actually nice to her classmates, and then she becomes nicer though still Hot-Blooded to the guardians. The manga, live-action show and Sailor Moon Crystal avert this, as she is more distant than actually mean, and is actually shown to be an outcast because of her psychic powers.

Her given name is written in katakana, but sounds the same as the words meaning "cool," "spirit," or "companion. Her full name sounds the same as the Japanese phrase hi no rei , meaning "spirit of fire". She lives at her grandfather's Shinto shrine and does miko duties there after school. She's also able to ward off enemies in her civilian form using Paper Talismans.

In the manga she's very faithful in being a miko and hopes to take over as head priestess of the shrine after her grandfather retires, but in the 90s anime she treats it more like a part-time job and has different ideas for her career. In one episode, Michiru tells Rei that she and Usagi are close, just like her and her girlfriend Haruka. With Usagi and Minako in the 90s anime. For as much as Rei professes she's elegant, stylish, and all around amazing, she's also as much of a fangirl and a klutz as Usagi and Minako can be.

This is especially true in fifth season, when Rei and Minako practically become twins in a few episodes. Rei's a Yamato Nadeshiko who hates modern pop culture and romantic relationships and Minako's a Gamer Chick who embodies love, loves humor and dreams of being an idol. They practically have a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship in some versions. In the fifth season of the 90s anime, Rei somehow pops up at Juuban High much to the shock and surprise of the rest of the girls since she doesn't go there.

Later in the season, we find out Rei's school as at least half the city away, meaning she's been running like a complete lunatic every time just to get there. This was especially true the first time it happened, when she casually slid out from behind Minako More in the manga. As a shinto priestess, Rei can use Ofuda and in some occasions these power her attacks or negatively impact her enemies. Minako even steals one of Rei's Ofuda slips and uses it in the manga.

In the manga and the live-action, mom is dead and she's emotionally distanced from dad. Averted in the manga, live-action and Crystal , where she's more of a calm Aloof Dark-Haired Girl , but played straight in the 90's anime where her temper is just as fiery as her abilities.

Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: What she says in the original Japanese is actually a bit milder, so this also doubles as a minor case of Obligatory Swearing. In the 90s anime, Rei knows that her looks are admired by many, many people, and she boasts about her beauty many times. In one SuperS episode, she got front cover of a magazine for her beauty and she basked in all the attention she got, and even rubbed it in the faces of the other soldiers.

In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal , her beauty gains her many admirers especially Usagi , but she is somewhat more indifferent to her good looks. She has purple eyes and psychic powers. Her maternal grandpa takes her into his shrine after Rei's mom perishes to illness and she refuses to live with her dad. Her hair goes past her waist. Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Crosses with Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette , with the way some people regard her. The blue to either Usagi's or Minako's red in the manga and Crystal.

In the original anime, where she and Ami are foils to each other, she's the blue to Rei's red appropriately colored. The first time in the 90s anime that she snapped at Usagi was when Usagi questioned whether her grandfather was behind the disappearances of schoolgirls. Also, she gained her "Burning Mandala" attack when Koan targeted her grandfather, and she sent Koan running. She can produce visions in fire if she meditates and concentrates, and also occasionally has premonitions.

Even though she's a Celibate Heroine , this happens a lot. Yuuichirou has a major crush on her and, though she treats him like a Dogged Nice Guy , at one point, she regrets not kissing him. She does at least care about him. Served this role alongside Ami in the original manga. Acts this way in the 90s anime. This is in contrast to most other portrayals, including the manga, where she is a Celibate Hero. In the manga, Minako and Rei started with a mild version of this, as the blunt and tomboyish gyaru ante-litteram that is Minako and the aristocratic and feminine Yamato Nadeshiko that is Rei are so different they barely understand each other , and mistake each others' attempts at being friendly for insults.

By the end of the manga they have overcome their differences, and their relationship is implied to be a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. In the manga and the live-action, she is aloof, cynical and sarcastic , but kind to children and a loyal soldier who is deeply grateful for her True Companions. Downplayed in Sailor Moon Crystal , where she is more of a Shrinking Violet , and outright averted in the 90s anime, where she is a hot-tempered Tsundere.

Reacts this way when a Monster of the Week destroys her song sheets she worked so hard to write so she could be in her School Festival. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Girly Girl to Minako's Tomboy in the manga. In the first season of the anime she's arrogant, bossy, and always picking on Usagi, but she gets better throughout subsequent seasons. Rei can be very rough around the edges when it comes to Usagi and, at times, can seem overly harsh and critical. However Rei wants Usagi to take their soldier duties seriously and she knows that, due to the dangerous nature of their work, Usagi needs to be toughened up and ready in case of the worst case scenario.

This tough treatment is shown to work out multiple times most specifically at the end of season 1 of the 90's anime where Usagi gets back on her feet to finish off the Dark Kingdom thanks to the example her friends set for her.

Also, in the 90s anime Rei is apparently a big fan of "Here! In the 90s anime. She started quite tsuntsun, became more deredere The promo for Act 3: Rei - Sailor Mars spoils her whole Transformation Sequence. Especially pronounced in the manga and Crystal. Out of all the inner soldiers, she has the most dramatic ones. In the 90's anime Rei gets this with Yuuichirou since he like every member of the supporting cast by that point disappears from the show entirely after the SuperS season.

And, if you see it that way , her relationships with Usagi 90's anime or Minako manga. With Usagi in the anime and with Minako in the manga. Rei's half of the "Best Buds" part is best exemplified in the R movie. When Usagi overtaxes the Silver Crystal and dies, Mars is the only member of the guardians to shout her name without an honorific attached.

In a period of personal angst in the manga about herself and her lack of desire to be in a relationship. When being mocked by an enemy for this, she regains a few memories of her past life, revealing she took one of these in the Silver Millennium, part of affirming her dedication to being one Princess Serenity's personal guards.

This clears up her self doubts letting her finish off the enemy and she never mentions any desire to be in a romantic relationship again. She is a devoutly religious practitioner of Shinto, and uses talismans in battle to incapacitate enemies. Her Burning Mandala attack also has elements of this trope. A very present trait of hers in the 90s anime. In an early episode, she still attended to her soldier duties despite being down with a bad cold. In the R season, she organized an entire school festival for herself on her own, and was shown slaving over composing lyrics in frustration.

An episode in the S season shows her staying up many nights doing fire-readings to discover the meaning of her prophetic dreams, forgoing sleep and food entirely, which leaves her visibly haggard over time. In the manga she's still this, but in a different way than in the 90s anime; she's mostly a workaholic when it comes to being a Miko , since she takes her miko duties very seriously and runs the shrine all by herself when her grandfather is sick.

However, she doesn't participate much in school activities aside from running a fortune-telling stand for the cultural festival during the Black Moon arc. Working Through the Cold: A 90s anime episode from the first season has Rei down with a head cold, and Ami is shown trying to nurse her back to health.

When Sailor Moon who was still shaky in her role as a Guardian winds up in troubled, Sailor Mercury and Mars complete with a face mask show up to help. Mew Azama Portrayed in the musicals by: I'll make you feel so much regret, it'll leave you numb! Despite her brawny appearance and terrifying reputation, Makoto is a friendly, nurturing girl who enjoys traditionally feminine pursuits like cooking in addition to fighting and working out.

Often seen pining for her old sempai , who rejected her in the days before she transferred to Usagi and Ami's school. She's the strongest of the inner soldiers, and it shows. Sailor Moon Crystal takes the middle ground by giving her light auburn hair. While she is still the strongest, largest, and most skilled in hand-to-hand combat of the Guardians in the manga, she's basically a street brawler with no formal training as she's shown losing to Haruka in a friendly Judo match.

In the 90s anime she is legitimately a practitioner of Japanese martial arts and is shown practice katas, breaking bricks, and other exercises associated with higher belt levels and even exhibits some actual techniques from time to time including in her civilian form against Youmas.

In addition when she went into a quick scuffle with Haruka out of rage, Haruka may have won but she walked away holding her wrist in pain from one of Makoto's blows that she blocked and admitted Makoto's so strong she's possibly an equal.

Horses are listed among her likes. In many cultures, horses are a symbol of power and strength. Makoto has her unrequited love for her sempai, and she has a crush on Motoki who has a girlfriend. Averted in the live-action where she and Motoki really do get together. Her imposing stature and Super Strength , combined with her insistence on standing up to bullies, meant that people assumed she was a violent girl delinquent and avoided her out of fear.

Outside of her soldier identity, Makoto often combined this with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner , particularly in the live-action series. In other versions, she varies between threatening people ridiculing others or giving them death glares until they pay attention. Jupiter and Petz engage in a lightning-flavored one. Makoto tries hard to be feminine, and she is very encouraging and empathetic towards her fellow guardians, especially Usagi and Ami.

She also destroyed multiple youma without Usagi's help, and attacked Nehellenia herself, while the other guardians were tag-teaming against Nehellenia's mirror images. She is also often the first guardians to attack a monster. Big Bra to Fill: Downplayed, though her side story in "Exam Battle Chapter: Makoto's Melancholy" shows her obsession with cooking and eating, and she ends up overeating from stress.

Her debut episode in the anime shows her almost ordering a big bowl of curry, then changing her order as she did not want to seem indelicate. Jupiter stands out by being taller than everyone else, even the boys at her school. She knows martial arts and kicks ass both in and out of her uniform.

In the manga, she outright destroys the bride youma before transforming and then kills Nephrite in one attack immediately after transforming. Birds of a Feather: Although she's quick to deny it, her crush on Haruka is in no way inhibited by learning she's a girl. And that's not even getting into her moments with Ami in the series. Blade on a Stick: Her Jupiter Spear in the live-action.

She's got quite the physical, ahem, " talent ". Bruiser with a Soft Center: She is the physically strongest of the inner soldiers, with powerful lightning attacks to boot.

She is also a Huge Schoolgirl with a likely undeserved reputation as a brawler. The rumors that she had to leave her previous school for fighting were based on Makoto fighting off delinquents who picked on more vulnerable children.

In her introduction in the '90s anime she curb-stomps three delinquents who attempt to mug Usagi; a flashback in the SuperS season shows that she had enough of a reputation at her previous school that a group of boys tormenting Tomoko scatter at the sight of Mako. In another episode, she nearly attacks some students who are making fun of Ami, stopping only because Ami begs her to. To a lesser extent than Minako or Usagi.

Her boy-craziness is exaggerated, but it doesn't stop her from being a great Guardian. This is best exemplified when the girls need to protect Usagi's identity from Kaolinite, so they have Minako dress up as Sailor Moon.

All Makoto can do is awkwardly, and loudly, declare that Rei's proclamation that Usagi is too much of a clumsy crybaby to ever be a Sailor Soldier is true. Even before awakening to her power as Sailor Jupiter, Makoto is strong enough to lift a youma over her head and toss around muscle-bound delinquents with ease, and her reflexes are good enough to snatch Usagi out of the path of a speeding car and land a hit on Zoisite. She joins the cooking club at school.

Has her moments though not nearly as frequently as Usagi does , one being her saying a dog reminded her of her senpai. Makoto has a deeper but still feminine voice than the rest of the inner soldiers, and is the tallest and strongest out of them, and a Tomboy with a Girly Streak. Usually Played for Laughs ; she accidentally knocks Mamoru out while choking him for information about Motoki's girlfriend, and sends poor Ami to the ground complete with a red handprint with a friendly clap on the back.

Act 4 of Crystal ends with her appearing. Her introductory story shows her eating lunch alone after transferring to Juuban because the other students are scared of her. Fortunately, the state of affairs doesn't last long once Usagi notices her. Her debut in the anime has her throwing a grown man around like a ragdoll.

She also picks up Ami during a dance and shows no physical strain, and cheerfully lifts a skater named Misha similarly when he cannot do it for her due to her weight.

In the manga, her first appearance has her saving Usagi from a speeding car by picking her up and getting her out of the way with no effort. In her anime debut, she delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle on three brawny men, left a bruise on Zoisite 's face, and threw the Monster of the Week over her head.

All of this was before she got her guardian powers. In just her debut episode, she easily curb-stomped three street delinquents who threatened to mug Usagi, punched Zoisite in the face while trying to protect Crane Game Jo, saved Sailor Moon when Jo transformed into a Great Youma, and then got her powers. Everything's Sparkly with Jewelry: Has a beautiful pair of rose-shaped earrings.

They become a Chekhov's Gun in the anime, as Mako is injured while fighting one of Nehellenia's clones but seeing her earrings on the ground snapped Usagi out of a Lotus-Eater Machine she was in. They're even stated to smell good. Face of a Thug: Makoto Lita isn't ugly, but her height and stature, her curly reddish hair, and the long skirt of her transfer student uniform are all designed to make her look like a female delinquent according to Japanese culture.

Feminine Women Can Cook: She actually tries to invoke this. In one episode of the third series, she secretly confides to Usagi that she only got into cooking to compensate for her tomboyishness. Subverted in the manga where her hair is red , while people believe her to be a violent hothead, she is demure and easygoing and only fights to defeat monsters and protect her friends and innocent people.

Falling for someone who reminds her of her old boyfriend was just part of her introduction in the original manga, but is made into a recurring part of her character in the anime.

She's not the bully she appears to be at all, despite being unusually tall for a girl her age. As seen in Crystal, Makoto inherited most of her looks from her deceased mother. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! In the manga, while bound by an induced Epiphanic Prison , Makoto questions whether she really wants to be a guardian.

She gets slapped and told off by her own Crystal Soldier , and is only given her Jupiter Crystal when she realizes that protecting Sailor Moon and her fellow guardians is her true dream. It's telling how much the anime runs on this trope when the most tomboyish girl in the group is still this. Makoto loves cooking and shopping and is the most boy-crazy of all the other girls, and is easily the best figure skater out of them.

Makoto is a sweet girl and has a motherly demeanor, but if you try to hurt her friends, you better run. Matches her Jupiter look. In the manga, some of her attacks revolve around plants, e. Also, Jupiter Oak Evolution is an attack mostly involving oak leaves. In the video game for the Sega Genesis , she has this as a special move.

It sends all enemies around her flying. Her ever-present green hair beads that tie her pony tail up. Mako did this a lot, usually when she felt uncomfortable or embarrassed. This was often the reaction after being caught out of a white lie. Falls into one in Crystal after Nephrite's Breaking Speech that mocks her for believing in love. Sailor Moon snaps her out of it with a Shut Up, Hannibal!

Maybe one of the most famous examples in the whole shoujo genre. At fourteen years old, Makoto stands cm or about 5'6", almost equal to the average height of an adult Japanese man. Her height is intimidating to most Japanese people; the manga and Crystal show that she's tall enough to loom over one of her school's male teachers.

I Know Mortal Kombat: Makoto is shown cleaning up at the Sailor V game despite never having played it before, and explains that it's "just like a real fight.

She has auburn hair. It specifically gets noted as unusual and makes people worry that she's a Japanese Delinquent. Subverted in that she never got an introduction speech. Reverted in the live-action, where she does get one: In the name of Jupiter, I'll punish you! Her overall looks very long school skirt, jewelry, wavy hair and her bad reputation at school comes from the concept of Sukeban or female school rebels. Makoto was intended to be a delinquent leader who smoked, drank, and had a motorcycle gang in tow, but the idea was scrapped out and only her looks and bad rep stayed.

Sports a pretty intense one whenever she goes into battle in the 90s anime. Along with her lightning based powers , she practices kung fu and relies a fair bit on physically attacking the enemy, and makes use of Full-Contact Magic.

Susan Roman , her English voice actress, sometimes voiced her this way, especially when Calling Your Attacks. Like all of the inner soldiers, she had no friends and was ostracized by her peers until she became Usagi's friend and fellow soldier.

She says every guy she likes reminds her of her senpai, but considering she falls for every handsome guy she sees, one wonders whether it's true. While protecting Usagi, she survives a barrage of black lightning blasts from the real Nehellenia, leaving Nehellenia exhausted. She is the Sailor Soldier of Protection, and, as such, will fight back if her friends are in danger.

One of the biggest examples is in R , where she snaps after seeing Sailor Moon pinned to the ground by a Cardian and defeats it singlehandedly — despite being weak from donating blood to her friend Shinozaki Ken in the dub after he was injured by the same Cardian earlier in the episode.

The "Ki" in "Kino" means "wood" or "tree". Her given name is written in hiragana, but sounds like the word for "sincerity"; her full name sounds the same as the Japanese phrase "sincerity of wood". She got her Canadian dub name "Lita" because it is similar to "lightning", her other elemental power. It also sounds like a variation of "Leda", which is one of the moons of Jupiter, and the mother of Helen of Troy by Zeus.

Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: She gets unfairly painted as a Delinquent. She's also notorious for fighting at her old school, yet she only fights if someone is in danger and to fend off bullies, rather than picking fights out of belligerence or for fun.

In the manga, it was explained that she transferred schools after being rejected by her senpai; her being expelled for fighting was just gossip.

She also mentions feeling guided to Juban by the wind, as though she was needed there. Even though she's taller than the other guardians, she borders on Charles Atlas Super Power given she's not any more muscular than the other characters and can easily lift things bigger than her.

On the other hand, in the Materials she is described as being "meatier than normal" in comparison to Usagi's "a little chubby" or Rei's "slender". In the manga version. Introduced this way in all versions of the series. She keeps her transfer student uniform because the school doesn't have a fuku that fits her.

An episode in the SuperS season shows her refusing to give up on an old friend's dream to write a novel. No Guy Wants an Amazon: At least the Periphery Demographic strongly disagrees.

Her parents are dead from a plane crash. Mostly in the manga. One of her manga attacks. Pink is her secondary color to show that she's a Tomboy with a Girly Streak. With the one-shot anime character Shinozaki, her former schoolmate.

When Usagi asks if he is her boyfriend, she denies it; their relationship is greater than that. While sick because of Petz's virus, Mako's body gives off static electricity, which shocks Asanuma. In her Crystal debut, she gets one on top of her In the Name of the Moon speech, throwing Nephrite's own words back in his face: In Makoto's debut in the manga, when a ghost bride possessed Motoki to trick her into falling in love with him, she lets one out and hoists the ghost over her head before transforming for the first time.

She also does this twice in the live action. She also says "Kuso! She's not a redhead in all versions or all artwork, but in Sailor Moon Crystal her hair is definitely pink and her outfit is green. Including a dog, once. She will fall for every handsome guy she sees. Even more so than her castmates ; obvious given her height. She'll crush just about any boy she sees, but a few stand out. She kisses Asanuma on the forehead at one point and, though she insists that she and Shinozaki are only Platonic Life-Partners , they're really affectionate ones.

On the Ho Yay side, she and Ami are very close and even share a romantic-looking dance at one point. Her hair is auburn or pink the original anime and the live-action made her a brunette, though , her eyes are green and she turns out to be one of the Sailor Guardians.

Well known for falling in love at the drop of a hat with any reasonably good-looking guy who crosses her path. Every time, she claims that her latest crush reminders her of the senpai who broke her heart at her previous school. Something About a Rose: Roses are a prominent motif for Makoto. In addition to her rose earrings, they appear on her umbrella, on the bag in which she carries her lunchbox, and on her gloves, and Sailor Jupiter's Flower Hurricane attack is made up of a barrage of rose petals.

Makoto's height is easily equal to that of many adult men. Unfortunately, most people are more likely to be intimidated by her height than attracted. Aspires to one day own her very own bakery. She and Ami once assured Rei that they were not late to battle because Usagi was playing video games. Talking Is a Free Action: Cooks for the other guardians on various occasions. Think Nothing of It: Makoto does not see her kindness, or her skill, as anything worth bragging about.

Makoto first befriends Usagi when she shares her food with her. Seen untied only once, at the beginning of the "Nurse Minako" episode. She has a raspy, vaguely deep voice, but is largely downplayed since Makoto is both a tomboy and a girly girl in the same package.

Tall, strong, independent, good at martial arts and other sports, and the princess of her planet. Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She's physically the strongest of the scouts, can beat up grown men, and was expelled from a previous school for fighting, but she's also the best cook, seamstress, and housekeeper of them, a very talented ice skater, and an aspiring florist and baker in the English version, she wants to own her own restaurant and cook there.

Meatloaf and cherry pie though she does love all foods. Justified ; Usagi's school does not have a big enough uniform for her so she keeps her previous one.

Thankfully when they reach high school the school has sizes that can catch up to her. Mostly in the live-action , where her abandonment issues are actually a plot point and a turning point in her Character Development. An on-and-off example in the '90s anime; while she doesn't usually have them, they appear in certain scenes to emphasize her badassery.

She's physically the strongest of the group before Haruka comes along, but also one of the easiest to take down in battle just because she doesn't have Minako's expertise as a warrior. Green is her color, and in the manga she had a joint power of creating hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes of flower petals and such.

Her great strength is one of her most defining attributes and the main asset that Sailor Jupiter brings to battle Worf Had the Flu: Jupiter was suffering from the virus Petz had spread throughout Tokyo in the Crystal episode where she was captured. The mysterious, eternal gatekeeper of the Door of Space-time. She's fairly aloof thanks to millennia of isolation and takes her job very seriously, but as shown by her interactions with Chibi-Usa and Hotaru , she does have a softer side and is more than willing to bend the rules for those she cares about.

In the third arc, she comes to Earth in the guise of a college student in order to aid Chibi-Usa and the other Sailor Guardian.

Is "Setsuna-Mama" to young Hotaru after she's been orphaned, co-parenting with teens Haruka and Michiru. In the original anime, Chibiusa fondly calls her "Puu. Is implied to have unrequited feelings for Prince Endymion, which became Ascended Fanon in one of the musicals.

Her hair long hair has shades of dark green, and she's one of the most imposing warriors as she's older than them. Personality-wise, she tends to be mysterious and detached—traits necessary as she's isolated guarding the gate of time.

However, in the anime it's noted that she seems to be deeply saddened by her isolation. Subverted in the early musicals, where she's fast paced, funny and likened to a mother to her dislike. In the manga her skin colour is the darkest of the main characters. She's still fairly dark in the anime as well. In the second arc, she sacrifices her life, but is reborn as a fully-grown human woman afterwards.

Usually studies an enemy before acting, only striking first in desperate situations. When she does take action, that's when shit gets real. Beauty, Brains and Brawn: The brains to Michiru's beauty and Haruka's brawn. Setsuna appears at the Marine Cathedral, and transforms into Sailor Pluto.

She then takes the talismans Eudial had stolen and uses them to bring Haruka and Michiru back to life - while showing off her own. In the manga and Crystal Pluto appears right before Prince Demande smashes the past and future versions of the Legendary Silver Crystal and stops time allowing her to regain the Crystals at the cost of her own life.

But Not Too Black: She's downright dark-skinned in the manga, but in both anime and pretty much any color illustration, she's just lightly tanned. In the anime she's the only one of the guardians who has never had a romantic interest, nor shown any interest in either sex. In the manga and Crystal , on the other hand, it's implied that she has a slight crush on King Endymion but can't reveal her feelings under any circumstances for obvious reasons.

The first set of Musicals canonize this, giving her a duet with Queen Beryl over their shared unrequited feelings, Onna no Ronsou. Women's Depute Comes Great Responsibility: The three taboos that come with being the Guardian of Time: Was one to Chibi-Usa, eventually becomes one to the inner soldiers too. The Garnet Rod, her weapon. In Crystal , her and Ami's uniforms are sleeveless instead of having short ruffled sleeves like the others.

Stopping time serves as one for her and is considered the one rule of time she absolutely cannot break. If she does she will die. Naturally, in any adaption that Pluto appears in, she is eventually forced to use her powers to save her friends. Dark Is Not Evil: Being the Guardian of the Underworld is part of her duties and her Sailor Fuku is black, yet she is a kind, benevolent woman who fights for good like the others. Pluto's appearances in the Black Moon arc of the 90's anime are drastically reduced from what she had in the manga going from being a main supporting character to an extra at best during the arc.

Even her Heroic Sacrifice in the manga gets moved into the next season instead. She breaks her rules repeatedly and with near impunity. Even the one about stopping time, which costs her life to use. Helps that Sailor Moon can fix trifles like that.

Friend to All Children: Setsuna is very good with children, as seen with her relationships with Chibiusa and the reborn Hotaru. She even becomes a school nurse at Chibiusa and Hotaru's elementary school. In the manga and Crystal she breaks one of her taboos, stopping time, to save the world, even knowing that the price of breaking her taboos is her death.

In the manga she was a Physics major in Keio University. Her weapon is a giant key. I Just Want to Have Friends: In Crystal right before she dies after stopping time she tells Sailor Moon that all she ever wanted was to be able to fight by her Queen's side.

Handles her Cool Key very gracefully. Even when blown back it stays in place. Her given name has no inherent meaning, but is a homonym for a Japanese word meaning 'moment'.

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