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Women seeking for a companionship wish and want different things in man.

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Sweet girls out there

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Like to top and get a good bj. I will Sweet girls out there be a size 2.

Should have their shit together, sense of humor, free time to spend, no drama, and like a curvy girl ;-) I'm 28, successful with dark hair and eyes and a size 1820. HVCC student waiting for fun m4w ) Put mhm in subject to weed out spam NO manS Im clean. I have a best, normal family and I attend college and work part time, just seeking for someone to share my life with. I just want some attention NSA. Please send your clear pics and what your waiting for to receive a reply.


Even tonight, one of my closest interests had the audacity to ask me to write the intro to her essay. Which I declined in an instant. Another thing is the stories me and my friends share about our adventures. To make a long story short. My friend slept with a woman who was married. I almost slept with a girl who had a boyfriend and the way I mistreat these girls and play mind games I try to do the right thing. I want to treat them good. But its not happening, it doesn't work.

You can take charge without demanding. Be the man and wear the pants. Make the first approach before you know her and stay in charge from that moment. Don't ask her when you should pick her up, TELL her when you're picking her up. It isn't the bad attitude of bad boys most girls are attracted to, it's their assertiveness. You can be assertive and sweet, you don't have to be a dick about it.

When its the same sex I fear the the negative emotions a chick will bring with sex.. I mean you jack off. You know how you like it.. It's so much better in the long run. I thought about it for a minute. I'm pretty sure putting a cigarette out on their face means they want to fight. The worst is a girl telling you.. I don't want you going out tonight.. Man, talking about sacrificing your own human life. Sucks for you guys. That's why girls never respond well to that. I so had it backwards.

Well don't expect me to ever date you. Well sorry not everyone is like you and born with the instinct to know what everyone wants and what's right from wrong. Some people have to make mistakes and learn their way. Once you find a smart one who won't tolerate, much less enjoy, people treating her like crap, you'll see the light.

It's also not just the way you treat the girl. If you're not a pleasant person to be around, always complaining about shit the world sucks, people sucks, this diner sucks, you're pretty, I fvcking hate Mondays It's not all about the man-in-the-boat when it comes to the girl, either. Most people don't understand just how many erogenous zones a girl has.

Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Recently, My heart has grown cold. To the point of where I can't even feel many emotions.

Mostly toward people in general and even more women. Its like the more you treat them bad the more they want you. The more you treat them good. The more they want to take advantage of you. The point I'm trying to make is don't trust these girls out here OT. Anyone else feel the same? They're hard to find, for sure; but they are worth the search in the end, I'd say. FelipeInside Follow Forum Posts: Ur hanging out with the wrong women dude.

My wife is an awesome human and most of her friends are too. Slashless Follow Forum Posts: Don't be so short-sighted. TC is the black Don Draper. MgamerBD completely agree with this. Don't know why it is how it is. VaguelyTagged Follow Forum Posts: Silverbond Follow Forum Posts: Pffrbt Follow Forum Posts: I don't like them girls. Stop hangin with hos. WickedChainy Follow Forum Posts: Now you made me want to go smoke another cigarette and I just had one PinkiePirate Follow Forum Posts: That sounds about right.

Yeah I'm a real meanie, niceness will get you nowhere. Always thought that blowing smoke in someones face meant you wanted to fvck em.

Just an overall strange thread to make. Always thought that blowing smoke in someones face meant you wanted to fvck em i've done that to my guy friends a few times.

VaguelyTagged Always thought that blowing smoke in someones face meant you wanted to fvck em i've done that to my guy friends a few times. There are good women out there That might work too. You put cigarettes out on girls faces? No, what makes you say that?

Most girls are five times more emotional than men. Why deal with it when you can just jack off, and then go pursue your goals? When I got with chicks.. How do I kick this chick out without hurting her feelings.. Just rather not deal with it when I can go get it out of me in the shower or something and go focus on something more important.

XilePrincess Follow Forum Posts: And some women are just horrible and take advantage of "nice" guys. They suck, but there's other kinds of women out there. Always thought that blowing smoke in someones face meant you wanted to fvck em Who says I blew smoke in anyone's faces here though?

Like I'd want to F anyone here, they're all losers. And you're obviously an FBI Agent. I was that obvious? I gotta pencil in two hours, at least. Work that girl till she cries. You are clearly a sexist pig who needs re-training. I'm really a witch brewing something in a cauldron. Don't touch my spellbook! I would have fallen asleep by then and ejaculated in my sleep. XilePrincess It's also not just the way you treat the girl.

Men can be multi-orgasmic, too, you just have to work at it. Which is a good thing in the long run. Men shouldn't tie themselves down to one women. Will be good for the first ten years.. It will be tough.. Just try not to let yourself go at least.. My parents are some of the most wonderful people out there..


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My English is good. Seeking a soul mate between 30 - Miss Valentine 14 User name: I' m a single Thai girl with no children. I'm cm tall, 53 kg weigh,. I used to have boy friends but don't yet find the right one who is genuinely seeking a true relationship with me. I'm seeking a soul mate in my life who can share the rest of our lives together,. Hi, I am a lovely Thai girl from Korat.

I can speak, read and write English. My 2 friends and I joined SS in person. We are seriously seeking our nice foreign soul mates. For me, a nice guy between 49 , responsible, sincere. I am self employed and runing my own Business in Chonburi.

My English is good and I can surely communicate with you. Seeking a soul mate 35 - 55 yrs. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting to know more about me. I am seeking a Cucasian soul mate between 35 - 60, responsible, sincere,. I find true love. Good man come true in my life. I'm looking for a nice guy between 37 - 60 yrs, kind, goodhearted, patient, sincere, hospitable to others, romantic, responsible, generous, optimistic, sincere, hospitable to others.

I prefer a non smoker. Hi, I'm a young lovely Thai girl who can speak, read and write English quite well. I am self employed, an actress and a receptionist. I'm not perfect girl but will be good girl for you.

If you're looking for someone to love you and take care of you forever, please don't hesitate to associate with me. If you are not serious, please do not contact me I do not have time for games and lies with you,thank yo u. Hi, I can speak, read and write English well. I'm a slim single Thai woman with no children. I work as a receptionist at a nice hotel in Bangkok. Seeking a soul mate 38 - 55 yrs. Hi, I'm a nice single Thai woman who enjoy smiling and being good humored.

Many people told me that I look younger than my age. I like to take care of my health both physically and mentally. Seeking a soul mate 40 - 65 yrs. Hi,I'm from Pitsanuloke province. Searching for my beloved soul mate 30 - 70 yrs. I prefer not to have more child but can be flexible for Mr. I'm very cheerful, very good humored, very faithful and good at smiling. I enjoy music and travelling. I am seeking a soul mate between 40 - 60 yrs, kind, warmhearted,.

Seeking a soul mate 36 - 75 yrs. Hi, Happy New Year. I've a Bachelor's degree and my English is fair. I can drive a car and I travel to many places around Thailand for my work. My furture soul mate doesn't need to be so handsome like a movie star and doesn't need to be one of the World Millionaires such as Bill Gates. Just a normal nice guy with a good heart and financially secure enouhg to have good lives together. Hope to hear from you. Hi, I run my own Beauty Shop in Samutsongkram province.

I'm lovely, considerate, caring and sincere. I'm currently working and living in Bangkok. Seeking a soul mate 28 - 60 yrs, Asian or Caucasian. My user name is Nicemint. Hi, Greetings from a Beautiful Thai Smile. I'm a lovely single teacher. I'm goodhearted and enjoy Smiling because Smile is the shortest distance between 2 people, I'm looking for my soul mate so please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you are looking for a sincere faithful relationship, could go further for the marriage please feel free to talk to me.

People say that I'm very sexy, lovely and well educated. I'm a cloth designer who run my own Fashion Business. My older sister got married with a male member from SS and have been living happily together for more than 7 yrs. Now, it is time for you and me to get married. I'm single, no children. Seeking a soul mate 30 - 70 yrs, I'm flexible about having children and I'm willing to relocate abroad to be with my future soul mate anywhere in the world.

I've a Master's degree from a University. My English is fair and I work as an engineer at a Bank. I have lived in Newzealand for many yrs and I can speak English reasonably well. Seeking a soul mate 35 - 50 yrs.

Miss Sweet Thai Singles of Jan Seeking a soul mate 30 - Searching for my soul mate age OPEN. I wish there would be a sincere single man came to celebrate Christmas with me in Thailand. I would be a part of your life in the future. I'm a single Thai girl with A Bachelor's degree and no children. I'm from Korat and join SS in Bangkok in person. I can speak English. Miss Thai Singles of July Seeking a soul mate 30 - 60 YRS. I'm a single nurse at a hospital in Chonburi. Seeking a soul mate 38 - 50 YRS.

I can speak English, German, Thai. I'm a nice Thai girl seeking a soul mate 38 - Seeking a soul mate 30 - 53 YRS. I'm single, work for an insurance company and a part time model. Seeking a soul mate 30 - 53 yrs. Hi, I'm a slim, sexy young Thai girl. Seeking a soul mate 30 yrs. I can relocate with my husband. Miss Thai Singles of Nov Seeking a soul mate 38 - 60 YRS.

I've a Master's degree and work as a professor at a University. Seeking man 38 - 60 yrs. I 'm a general manager for a construction company.

Seeking a soul mate 55 - 70 yrs. Miss Asian Singles of Sep I'm a lovely and slim Thai teacher. Seeking my soulmate 30 - Seeking a soul mate 35 - 60 YRS.

I work and live in Chonburi and join SS in person. I'm sincerely searching for my soul mate 35 - 60 yrs. My English is Good. Seeking a soul mate age OPEN. Seeking a soul mate 30 - 55 YRS. I'm a tall and slim Thai woman who can speak English reasonably well. Seeking a soul mate 30 - 55 yrs.

Seeking a soul mate 30 - 80 YRS. Seeking a soul mate 30 - 81 YRS. Hopefully, someone would want to contact me to pursue a meaningful relationship together. My English is fair. I'm a tall and slim nice Thai girl seeking my future soul mate 30 - 81 yrs. He should be a nice guy who is friendly, optimistic and don't mind a woman with a child.

I'm cm tall, educated and nice Thai girl, Speak English reasonably well. Seeking a nice soul mate yrs. I like a nice man with good personality, looks and age are not much important than his inner quality. Miss Sweet Thai Singles of Nov I'm a Thai woman for Thai Dating Seeking my soul mate 40 - 60 yrs. View my recent pictures at Sweet Singles Thai Dating. Yes, I do smile I am friendly, cheerful, goodhearted, sincere and positive about life.

In general, I am a compassionate, considerate, family-loving type of woman If I meet the man of my dreams, he will surely find true love and a soul mate for life. I'm single, no children and have never been married. I dream of some day having a husband Caucasian who will be my "soul mate. One who understands the importance of tollerance, and is not quick to pass judgement on others. He should be sincere, and able to love with his whole heart.

That's all I seek. And I will surely love him twice as much in return. Age is no so important for me. I don't know who he is Miss Thai Singles of Oct Seeking a soul mate 40 - 60 YRS. I'm a tall Thai girl cm tall , Speak English well. Seeking a nice soul mate I like a much older man as I feel he is mature, responsible and open minded. Miss Thai Singles of Aug Seeking a soul mate 37 - 55 YRS.

I'm cm tall, 49 kg weigh. I prefer not to have children after marriage. I'm cm tall, Speak English well. Seeking a nice soul mate like you. I'm a slim and sexy Thai girl. I live in Pitsanuloke province. Seeking a soul mate. Seeking a Caucasian man 30 - 55 YR.

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