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Tell them you are my girlfriend, I just wanted to have sex'. CCTV footage of the incident was reviewed by the bar manager, who saw Dorostkar drop one of the drinks below bar level, before "placing something in the drink", it was alleged. A fter the CCTV had been viewed, Dorostkar was detained and was seen looking "tense and nervous" when police arrived at the scene, Mr Dalton added.

A sachet was later said to have been found by the bar, labelled: Dorostkar was subsequently on suspicion of administering a substance with intent. But the woman claimed that Dorostkar, an Iranian national, had begged her: If consumed, the toxin can cause swelling in the urinary tract, mimicking arousal. However, the chemical is highly noxious and ingesting small amounts can be lethal.

Having heard of the aphrodisiac effects of cantharidin, he added the chemical to coconut ice sweets and gave one to Miss Grant. YWSS also fear being identified and hide their work from parents and other community members, making them reluctant to associate closely with one another.

Fear of disclosure appears to make them less willing to seek sexual health care, even at targeted services for sex workers such as Sisters clinics. We also identified several important contextual differences across our six study sites. Most notably, the four university towns had unique opportunities for YWSS to transact sex, and university students were the least likely to self-identify as sex workers or perceive their engagement in transactional sex to be high risk.

Students did not self-identify as sex workers, and did not congregate in venues typically associated with commercial sex. Nonetheless, their client base extended beyond the student population, potentially overlapping with clients of other sex workers.

They engage in sex work for multiple reasons; some require significant livelihood support, while others seek luxury gifts or disposable income [ 11 — 14 ]. Younger sex workers tend to be fearful of engaging with services out of fear of their involvement becoming known to parents or other community members [ 15 , 16 ]. Furthermore, hostility between older and younger sex workers exacerbates competition and makes it more difficult for them to collaborate for improving work conditions and reducing vulnerability.

For example, in Uganda, younger sex workers also avoided contact with older FSW by working outside bars [ 17 ]. Participation of school and university students in transactional sex is widespread and many studies have similarly found students to be unlikely to consider their exchange of sex for financial or material benefits to be sex work per se [ 12 , 18 , 19 ].

Although CeSHHAR has worked with FSW across the country since , this study is the first time we came across formally organised parties at which YWSS are recruited by same-age or older males specifically for arranging sexual exchange. Both the Chillers parties and the university functions integrate social events for young people with organising transactional relationships with older males.

In general, the way in which YWSS sell sex is poorly understood and often excluded from the literature on FSW due to the considerable ethical considerations in including YWSS under age 18 in research [ 20 , 21 ]. A comprehensive understanding of the local context in which YWSS work, live, and seek opportunities to improve their lives will help guide suitable messages and interventions. First, even where there are common trends in how YWSS live and work, they remain largely outside existing FSW social networks and do not engage with targeted services.

Approaches used to engage young women aged 18—24 who consider themselves professional sex workers will need to differ from those who consider their exchange of sex for money or goods to be part of a temporary livelihood strategy. Care needs to be taken in considering which components of the DREAMS package are likely to appeal to each group, and how to ensure referrals are taken up.

For example, self-described school drop-outs may find educational subsidies or vocational training the most appealing entry point into DREAMS, while YWSS engaged in selling sex on the street may want youth-friendly clinical sexual and reproductive health services in the first instance.

Following initial, positive contact with DREAMS may subsequently lead to higher uptake of a broader constellation of services. Finally, the evaluation of DREAMS requires that the baseline context of vulnerability be clearly identified in both intervention and comparison sites, to allow for comparison across time and place.

For this reason, the two urban areas where the intervention is being implemented have been paired with 4 smaller towns for comparison. While the numbers of YWSS may be broadly similar, the nature of how they sell sex has some significant differences that need to be taken into account. The study was conducted among a relatively small number of young women who sell sex who were willing to participate in informal group discussions.

They may not represent behaviours of the majority of young women in the age group of interest. The rapid assessment took place over two weekends at the beginning of the year which has further limitations: Despite this social mapping reaches hidden populations; less is known about the typology of sex work in YWSS. This paper adds a wealth of knowledge to the makeup of sex work in this relatively young age group, who are often under-represented in studies combining older and younger women selling sex.

Successful intervention and research design rely on in-depth understanding of local contexts and risk environments. Our social mapping of YWSS across six sites in Zimbabwe, provides one example of applying a structured yet informal rapid appraisal to gather information useful to subsequent recruitment of a hard-to-reach population.

Our YWSS matrix and sample visual map demonstrate the kinds of outputs generated and may provide a starting point for research into YWSS in other contexts. We thank the participants for agreeing to take part in this study. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. The data underlying this study contain sensitive information related to the geographic and social mapping of sensitive populations.

In addition, transcripts were collected as field notes. Data requests should be directed to Melody Shana at: National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Published online Mar The authors have declared no competing interests exist. Received Dec 11; Accepted Feb This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Abstract Young women aged 15—24 who exchange sex for money or other support are among the highest risk groups for HIV acquisition, particularly in high prevalence settings. Table 1 Data collection methods. Numbers of sex workers and age distribution.

Open in a separate window. One club where most YWSS go. Sports club 30 young girls —a popular and upmarket night club. Sex workers of all ages soliciting in the street. No haulage truck stops in CBD. Popular with sex workers of all ages. Quiet during the week and conducive for those wanting anonymity.

Short time done in the bush surrounding the venue. No truck stop on the farm 2 sex workers 1 key informant—bar tender said when the place is busy almost 50 young women would be there High Density Suburb 4 bars and 1 nightclub at a shopping centre. Some YWSS not obviously working as such, standing outside bars. Clients here are varied, taxi drivers, vendors, policeman, soldiers, young men. YWSS move between bars. Street SW mainly young. Stand in dark areas away from view.

Clients are passers-by and men already known to the street based young women selling sex. High density transport hub—taxis, minbuses, long distance buses.

The nightclubs are popular with young sex workers and open all night. Trucks also park at the outskirt entertainment areas and attract YWSS. About 5 informal key informant interviews. An illustration showing the geographic and sociodemographic data compiled at each site during social mapping.

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