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Adult Kokhanok Alaska girl entrance friday night

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Anchorage Press by Wick Communications - Issuu

Does that have much impact on your art? As a naturalist, Homer is a treasure trove of inspiration. PPL also unveiled a revised project plan in November for a smaller mine compared with its initial plan. Collier said the company believes the scaled-down mine would pass muster with federal and state regulatory agencies and would eventually be accepted by local communities which opposed a large mine design.

The smaller mine plan for Pebble will not use cyanide for secondary gold recovery. Cyanide raised concerns for many people, although it is commonly used in the processing of ore and is used in Alaska mines like Fort Knox. The smaller mine plan designates mining infrastructure like tailings storage facilities out of the Upper Talarik drainage, and includes the following: Our Varilux comfort eliminateslenses scratches and enhanced provide a smudges. Army Corps of Engineers for its proposed large copper, gold and molybdenum mine near Lake Iliamna, miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, the company said in a press release.

Applications for state permits will be filed later, most likely in January, Pebble spokesman Mike Heatwole said. The project has been stalled in recent years by an attempted preemption by the U. Heatwole said separately that the EIS will probably take three to five years, a schedule that is similar to that for the Donlin Gold project, another planned mine that is nearing the end of its federal permitting.

Details of the application, including how a Pebble mine could be built and what environmental mitigation measures are proposed, will become public once the Corps deems the application complete, he said. That could occur in a matter of days but it could also be weeks. In a related development, Northern Dynasty signed an option agreement Dec. The mineral deposit is estimated to contain some 26 million tonnes of copper, 70 million ounces of gold and 1.

All persons having claim against the person who died are required to present their claims within 4 months after date of first publication of this notice or claims will be forever barred. PO Box , Chugiak, Ak , reardon. Anchorage has a devoted metal scene with acts like Antigen and Part Time Superheroes keeping it real and sweaty up here in the last frontier. While some venues have moved along looking at you, Taproot and others have just started to shine Anchorage Community Works FTW , the number of high-quality, interesting local bands and musicians continues to, if not thrive, then flourish.

Built in one owner. Jaybird Parkhurst and Stephanie Vigoren have something special going on here; you deserve to give them a listen. Spinning off from the latter band, Yachtly Crew is a softrock extravaganza, while Friends with Benefits lets you sing along with their live-band karaoke show.

Danger Moneyplays a variety of rock and pop hits all over town, as does Nothing but Trouble. If surf music is more your thing, check out instrumentalists extraordinaire The Spenerds and their offshoot vocal band, Meagan Hayes and the Gamma Rays.

Anchorage and its surrounding areas has a pretty eclectic melange of musicians and bands. All genres and types are represented, of course. There are cover bands, original bands; metal bands and hip-hop acts; dream pop artists getting signed and wacky acts booking tons of shows here and elsewhere.

There are lounge bands and tribute bands, solo artists and groups that pack the stage; so many to count, and almost impossible to stay fully abreast of all the groups that come and go, form and reform, in our beloved music milieu. But where to spend your time and money? They play original music that will have you humming along in no time, with a definite local flavor.

The Modern Savage took its modern rock roots to the east coast this year, with singer Jenni May Toro holding down a new home base in the New York area. Need more original music? Anchored by the incredibly talented singer and multi-instrumentalist Kat Moore and the manly Carlyle Watt on guitar and vocal, the Strings have found their stride both musically and presentationally.

One other reason comes to mind: Three of them hung from the spruce tree: Or maybe a star? I next visited the tree in early December, joined by my girlfriend, Jan, and three dogs.

While the dogs sniffed around the forest floor, Jan and I placed several more ornaments upon the tree and a smaller neighboring spruce. She hung a small, painted wooden animal, and also a beaded snowflake made by her friend Carol. I put up a couple of bears one pewter, the other porcelain , a bird perched upon a wreath also pewter , and some Christmas bells. Accompanied only by my mixed collie, Denali, I returned to the Turnagain Arm Trail on Winter Solstice Eve to add a few more decorations, and found that other hikers had placed holiday adornments upon the two trees: More than twenty ornaments in all.

Wild, decorated evergreens are nowadays spread around the Anchorage Bowl. And especially in winter, when fewer people go there, it can be a place of peaceful solitude. That was the last year for tinsel, which too easily got blown away by the wind; in succeeding years it has been replaced by a greater, more creative assortment of Christmas-Solstice symbols, many of them handmade.

I have no idea who the original decorators were. A family with kids? A group of friends? I like to imagine that they came in secret during the dark of night, with candles to light their way and work, though it seems more likely the tree was chosen and ornamented in the revealing brightness of day.

I also suppose a single individual could have done it all, but it struck me as a shared activity. Someone or another has hung ornaments upon the tree every year since, making it a lasting local tradition, a holiday ritual shared by both friends and strangers. A few years ago, during a summer hike, I was both startled and disheartened to see that several lower branches had been chopped off the tree, leaving a large hole in its form. An overzealous trail-clearing crew had decided the branches were too close to the trail and removed them, leaving what to my eyes was an ugly and unnecessary scar.

When originally decorated nearly two decades ago, the spruce was short enough that a person stretching high could place ornaments near its top. Nowadays that top rises close to 25 feet above the ground. And yet that seems sufficient. Someone also slashed a much smaller nearby spruce and for a while it appeared that tree might not survive.

But one of the remaining branches began to grow more upward than outward and has formed a secondary trunk. And the tree, though misshapen, appears to have healed and grown stronger.

Though some friends dislike the holiday decoration of woodland trees, especially those deeper in a forest, I sense a lightness of spirit at play, a healthy thing during our darkest season. Preparing to retrace my steps toward the trailhead, I offer thanks for these two ornamented trees, this season, my community of friends and family and wild neighbors, and this familiar yet special trail and the woodland through which it passes.

And in the wild, our original home. December 28, - January 3, If you are involved in, or a fan of, local theatre, the name Sandy Harper is one that you not only recognize, but probably cherish.

Sandy co-founded Cyrano's Theatre Company with her late husband, Jerry, and for 25 years produced a new play almost every single month. The Harpers inherited the building from Jerry's step-father Zach Loussac, and in turned it into a bookstore and cafe. Readings, art shows, films, and more were all present in the beginning.

In Barnes and Noble Bookstore moved to Anchorage, and smaller bookstores had a harder time competing. Eventually the total focus became live theatre. Sandy is known for understanding the importance of people when it comes to local theatre. Local actress and opera singer Lisa Willis remembers having her first date with her now-husband at Cyrano's in , at a performance of Faith Healer.

Performing or directing a show with the Harpers has been seen as almost a rite of passage for many in Anchorage and around Alaska. For some they have only done a single show and were able to absorb from Sandy the wealth of knowledge that decades of experience can bring.

For many others it has been about long time collaboration. Director Krista Schwarting says that Sandy has been hugely influential in her development. Schwarting's first show that she directed at Cyrano's, Deathtrap in , was a result of Sandy seeing her potential and talent. She has been integral in developing talent in Anchorage, and she was very supportive of my becoming a director. She trusted me with a number of complicated shows, and I never wanted to let her down. This love and respect for local history is apparent when you consider the she also helped found the Friend of the Theater, a group dedicated to saving the 70 year old 4th Avenue Theater from being demolished.

Pond is now the. Artistic Director, and the legacy started by the Harpers now has more room to grow. Whether you have performed on the stage and in the space that Sandy Harper helped create, or you have come to enjoy the fruit of her labors when it comes to art, or perhaps you have just been lucky enough to sit and chat with her, Sandy Harper makes an impression on you.

With her sparkling eyes, impossibly high cheekbones, and charming laugh, she is a character in and of herself. She has done so much in her time in this great state. She is passionate about not only protecting the history all around us but also fostering the creation of new tales.

Sandy Harper is a living legend, and we as a community are blessed to have her. I shuffle closer to what's left, kicking the embers and slowly sipping my final beer. The snow's not as deep as I hoped for and the crunchy stuff feels harsh on my Muck-clad feet. Wood smoke's dancing around my face, competing with the aroma of the beer I keep sniffing at. I'm in my favorite place. I'm as warm on the inside as the coals I'm kicking.

I love how all of life's elementals compete for my attention in this special moment. I shift my beer to my other hand, pull my faded jacket around me and take another contemplative snort and sip.

I'm at peace knowing that the local beer world that defines my life is chugging along like a winter freight train blasting over Hurricane Gulch with as much power as my love for the craft. I'm confident that our local brewers feel the same way. A deep sigh escapes my lips as I pull a great local beer toward my face. Craft beer is increasingly capturing the attention of media here and abroad. When craft beer as a subject - not a feature on an individual brewery - makes Channel 2 News, there's something to be said.

Recent broadcasts talk not so much about how tasty the products our local artisans produce but rather the increasingly positive, significant economic contribution the industry's having on our state.

When I started writing this column almost December 28, - January 3, Last year in May, the Alaska Crafted Festival was partially funded by state funds with the recognition that beer is indeed an economic driver. Proceeds from the festival benefited the Brewers Guild of Alaska. Alaska craft beverages is. There are plenty of industries with lots of opportunities and craft beer is definitely one of them. This year, Girdwood Brewing Company opened in March.

Quake Brewing Company opened in Wasilla in August and closed in October to re-locate to Anchorage with an expanded operation sometime this spring. For one, while the rest of the Alaska flounders in a state of apoplexy thanks to a truly broken government system that was probably always broken but for decades had its flaws covered by free-flowing oil money, Anchorage remains a beacon of growth and modernity.

For another reason, Berkowitz heads a municipal assembly that, despite being quite diverse politically, gets things done for the people of The Bowl in almost lockstep efficiency.

We also have agreements with private developers, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects that are not just pie-in-the sky, but are down-the-road projects. Paul in contrasting the extreme paucity of his police force. But more than all that, Berkowitz has an intangible quality that gives him an edge over any other nominee for this illustrious honor — he loves this fucking city more than you do.

He sees buildings going up and then out in modular fashion, redefining traffic and parking and culture along the way. Aspirational responsibilities, we have to take advantage of opportunities that come our way — looking around the corner at problems that are coming to allow us to get out of the way of those. The brewing part of the three-story affair will suck up about 10, square feet of the 18, square foot building, all of which fits.

We're not in the brewing business for the short haul. We're going to be here for the next 20 and 40 years; we may as well be paying rent instead of a mortgage," they told me in a May interview just as they were breaking ground at the new location. Long standing, rock solid breweries like and meet our friendly staff.

We look forward to welcoming you to our shop. Sip and quaff with pride; is going liver space to hit remote brewing enclaves like to be a great year for the beer lover up here.

Alaska regulation 3 AAC Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive. Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, and judgment.

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence. There are health risks associated with consumption of marijuana. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children. Marijuana should not be used by women who are pregnant or breast feeding. May be a wonderful year for friends and family with good health, happiness and lots of peace and love for all.

We were told at the assembly work session that the analysis done for the municipality was confidential. I would like to see an independent analysis by an independent financial expert, someone like Goldman Sachs.

Pease also said offers by others should be disclosed. Pease said names could be removed, but the range of alternative offers should be available to the public. She is also concerned with how the state regulatory commission will view.

On our last big adventure on the arctic coastline, Bjorn and I carried a GPS with programed Shorezone Waypoints, where the location of the coast had been documented several years earlier. We got as close to the points as possible, and re-documented the area. I made notes in my journal about the processes of erosion that were visible.

Science doesn't have to be high-tech, it can be as simple as a dedicated and detailed observation. What's your next big trip and print you'd like to create? Our next big trip will be a winter fat-bike tour, involving a segment of the Iditarod trail, or perhaps biking the Iditarod in reverse. Winter is a difficult time to keep a drawing journal, but I always bring one to document our experiences.

My upcoming art projects include a. Estey said staff from the municipality replied by email that the focus was now on Chugach. Tim Bradner is copublisher of Alaska Legislative Digest. Also, I am creating an interpretive sign series for the Dena'ina native house site located near the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies field station across the bay.

My mission as an artist is to visually interpret scientific, historical, and place-based information in a way that is compelling to the public. This interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity. I run hard all the way through the tape. Interested persons should submit written comment to their local government, the applicant, and to the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office at marijuana. The transfer involves the following changes in ownership percentages: Our police force is twice the size of the troopers, we have a AAA bond rating and there is in decline.

It takes longer and costs more to move the snow. They own a railroad — what are they doing. The question before you and me is: Do we have a dream inspiring us to show up in this life? Allow me to inspire you by stating: It flashes whole cloth, like a vision, before your eyes. Something - what we call the divine - convinces you that all the talent and intelligence necessary to bring your dream to reality lies within you.

Unfortunately, in a sea of negativity like the American landscape, you encounter resistance. The dream is shared with those whom you love and the dream is shot down. It is considered unrealistic. It requires more financial resources than currently accessible. More equipment or expertise is needed.

The opportunity to even begin working towards your dream is not present. Faced with such overwhelming resistance, the majority of dreams die, failing to find proper,. Fortunately, historical records are replete with concrete examples of those who found a way to shelter their dreams from such negative winds. May I share a few facts with you about Walt Disney? Rejection and poverty dogged Disney as he traveled from one Hollywood executive to the next. Still, the dream burned in his mind.

So, our question becomes, "How did Walt Disney keep the dream alive inside his head? Here are four of our suggestions. It decided to deposit itself inside of you for a reason. Honor that reason by choosing to believe in yourself. It cannot be repeated enough that you were picked for a reason. That reason is unknown at the moment and it is your job to find out why!

Spend three minutes every morning before the mirror. Then, say with feeling, "I Love you. Again and again, fall in love with you. If you do not have the money to finance your dream, begin saving the money immediately or create a plan to use other people's money. If you do not have the skill or expertise needed to implement your dream, enroll into the appropriate school or certified program.

If you need an opportunity, volunteer with those doing what you want to do. Nothing fires your imagination like reading the stories of how famous men and women overcame their own inner struggles. They were not always strong. When depression struck, they employed specific strategies to return to a positive mind-set. I smelled it, and I knew it smelled green, but I allowed myself to be lured by that great price, that black market-level price. I went home and opened it. Today, we have options, lots of options, with more and more coming on the market all the time.

And this is just the beginning! Go the extra mile! You will most certainly be rewarded. After smoking one bowl of what looked to be sugar leaf and trichomes, I felt more stoned than I had felt all weekend long smoking the other stuff. Dimond Blvd 6, Anchorage, Ak Have you ever had the kind of weed that you can smoke all day and not ever really feel stoned? And why would the label tell me it tested so high in THC and yet it has little effect? It tells me this weed was pretty much picked, dried, packaged, and is now being sold to me, at a discounted price, all in less than 60 days.

This morning I made a trip to a different shop. Like the other one, this store also cultivates as well. I thought it might be fun to go old school and roll up some joints,.

Last week I visited a local Anchorage weed shop, which shall remain unnamed, to purchase some goodies for the upcoming holiday.

It should be noted that this store not only sells Cannabis, they cultivate it also. My mind told me that the price was great and the label on the package assured me that the Martin Luther King Jr. Can you imitate him? Make Your Vision Plain. A dull pencil, or pen, is better than the sharpest memory. The most successful people make their dream plain through a vision board posted on a wall. When the tears of discouragement fall, the vision is ever present, in black and white, reminding them why they are investing their time, talent and energy.

To be successful imitate the successful. Spend one hour this Saturday with a stack of old magazines. Cut out pictures and words which speak life into your dream. Place these reminders on your refrigerator or on a poster board where you can see them often. The key is frequency. The more you see your dream inwardly, the faster it will materialize outwardly. Acknowledge that society needs you to succeed. The fulfillment of your dream is your contribution. A sense of importance is priceless.

Inner peace and mental fortitude leads to a space only the word "heaven" describes. Please, my Brother and Sister, go forth and make your dream flesh. Interested persons should submit written comment to their local governing body, the applicant, and to the Alcoholic beverage Control Board at West 7th Ave.

Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination and judgment. For use only by adults 21 and older. Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, and judgement.

There are health s associated with consumption of marijuana. For use only by adults twenty one and older. Keep out of reach of children.

Marijuana should not be used by women who or pregnant or breast feeding. Sanctioned Best Barley Wine Competition. Skate on Westchester Lagoon while Brendan Babb plays all the holiday classics and the latest hits. Bring your skates and hot beverages. Best for ages 5 and younger. Anchorage Museum, C St.

All skill levels and ages are welcome. Call Jan at Moose Lodge, Arctic Blvd. Say farewell to and ring in with several hundred of your best friends in the heart of Downtown Anchorage, where all the fun happens.

Doors open at 5 p. Bootleggers will be partying with Jukebox Joe and some of the wildest Karaoke singers in all of Anchorage. Ring in the New Year singing the songs you want with a room full of people singing along with you.

Make it a memorable night, your way. Flattop DJ Just Adam will kick off around 9: Welcome to the final Anchorage race of Run and dance yourself into Music, lights and an awesome course will ring in the new year.

This run will feature five unique light and music experiences out on the course for nearly 5K of fun through the woods trails and APU Campus. Start and end with a party at the Atwood Center.

The fireworks will begin at 8 p. There will be plenty of warm fire-pits to gather around. This minute, lunchtime class is open to yogis of all levels. Participants are guided through various aspects of yoga including mindfulness, meditation, breathing and moving postures of both yang-style vinyasa and yin yoga. Limited extra mats available. Class begins at Markers and crayons are provided. Free, 4 to 10 p.

So after getting caffeinated, I have gone on adventures. Visiting my favorite places with new friends has led me to rediscover my appreciation for places like the Alaska Zoo and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It's not just a love for animals, it's that the staff at both of these places have always been so kind and knowlegable when talking to tourists and locals alike. Road trips with friends was another thing that I have written about and this year it was more fun than ever. Part of the story behind me writing this column was that I quit drinking alcohol.

Due to this, each exploration of the state was not about the bars that I went to but about everything else that small towns have to offer. The best thing that I discovered in the past year was how many amazing things were so close that I never took the time to stop and see. Visiting the Alaska Botanical Gardens is something that I am going to do time and again. Reviewing that column brings back all of the magic that I felt that day. Making occasional visits to Tandy Leather is now a regular thing for me.

My own collection of leather goods, and my knowledge of how to care for leather is increasing as well. The biggest highlight for me was getting to experience the music of the Anchorage Bowl Chamber Orchestra with my friend Lisa and. Sharing that experience with all of the Press readers meant a lot to me, and I still can't stop myself from telling people about it in person.

I am now living downtown in an apartment with my partner Mick. This is the first time that I have chosen and decorated a home with someone that I am dating. I have these columns to look back at to remember where I was, and the fun I have had. Most importantly I have the start of a new trip around the sun to figure out where I am going next. There are around coffee shops in the Anchorage area and supposedly Juneau has some of the best in the state as well. I think I have a lot more adventures in my immediate future.

Happy New Year everyone. In May of this year I started writing this column. It was an interesting time in my personal life.

I was in a new relationship after a few years of being single, I was sharing a home with friends, and I had hit the reset button on my life, professionally speaking. In many ways, this was a challenge to go out and try new things while exploring the state I have called home for most of my life. It also was a chance to go out and try some really good coffee. Alaska is almost always at the top of the list when ranking the most coffee shops per capita in the United States, and it is with good reason.

The winters are long and dark and we need that extra boost of energy. The summers have daylight for so long that we need to stay awake to make sure we pack all of the fun in that we can. I still have not tried out all of the places that I want to but has twelve months of time for me to make that a reality.

I mix this extra caffeinated blend with other coffees for an extra kick and also because I really enjoy. There are health benefits to lighter roast coffee and also antioxidants that come from the white chaga mushroom. I like to pretend that these are the reasons behind my love for this particular blend.

Another thing that I have found on this journey is my reinvigorated love for going into a coffee shop to spend time. Whether that is writing, catching up with friends, or having an informal business meeting, Anchorage is nailing it with the coffee house scene right now.

Kaladi Brothers has always been incredibly strong in this area and shows no signs of stopping. Their Tudor location is excellent if you are on that side of town. SteamDot and Black Cup also get equal amounts of my attention for different reasons. The Sears Mall and Downtown locations of SteamDot are always lively and bright, and convenience is an important factor on a busy day. Black Cup is in a beautiful location with plenty of parking, and it has a simple classic menu.

One of my other favorite things about Black Cup is that even when every seat is full, the high industrial ceilings never allow the noise in the room to feel overbearing. Another shop I must mention is Dark Horse coffee downtown. With a friendly staff, great food, and a lovely deck for the summer, it is a place I love to visit. What to do, where to go, and who to celebrate with? Well, let the Mat-Su Resort make that choice easy for you. Human Flow brings forth an understanding of the state of refugees in the world — that 1percent of the population on earth that is displaced because of man-made conflicts and climate change.

Their state is arbitrary and deliberate but can be remedied through compassion and political will. When Ai Weiwei brings the camera to the individual level and walks, talks, and observes the men, women, and children,. As the saying goes, art imitates life—or is it other way around, whichever it is, this was certainly true in , especially in Film. Who can forget the epic mix-up at the Oscars in February when the award went to the wrong film La La Land and then the mistake was quickly rectified-- on stage, live, and in color-- to give the Oscar for best film to the sublime and deserving Moonlight?

Was the Oscar faux-pas really just an uncomfortable moment? Or was it really about something else, something that is telling and foreshadowing of the political struggles of Black Americans and all minorities in the dawn of a new and whiter era? The mainstream film industry remained pretty much unfazed and continued on its formulaic path towards market saturation via mega blockbusters featuring superheroes from Marvel, and DC Comics; the only exception to the beefy offering was Wonder Woman to be sure.

In , the cult classic Ghost in the Shell made it from the fringes into the limelight despite its diluted and insipid interpretation of the franchise.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, based on the classic French comics was also a bust despite the millions of dollars and euros that were poured into it hand over fist. It was in the folds of smaller productions, some perfectly timed; it was through the lenses of independent filmmakers, and courageous artists reflecting the world around them.

Luckily for viewers, some of these cinematic gems came to Anchorage, and are available through online services if viewers want to revisit them. It behooves viewers to enter with eyes wide open and critical minds, here are a few suggestions for viewers from in no particular order:. The regime not only banned reporting and barred reporters, it actively shut down media and hunted them so that no news of the event would reach outside the siezed city limits. But, any way you slice it, it did happened, and only one reporter was able to document it and show it to the world.

Get your EasyPark garage parking vaildated at Sevigny Studio from 6pm The problems with poor-quality vinyl windows: Restrictions and conditions apply, see your local representative for details. Cannot be combined with prior purchases, offers, or coupons. No adjustments to previous orders. Offer not available in all areas. Discount applied to lowest priced window products in purchase. Offer only available as part of our Instant Product Rewards Plan, all homeowners must be present and must purchase during the initial visit to qualify.

Other financing options are available. Not all customers may qualify. Higher rates apply for customers with lower credit ratings. Financing not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Renewal by Andersen of Alaska is an independently owned and operated retailer, and is neither a broker or a lender. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only and all financing is provided by third party lenders unaffiliated with Renewal by Andersen retailer under terms and conditions directly set between the customer and such lender, all subject to credit requirements.

Renewal by Andersen retailers do not assist with, counsel, or negotiate financing other than providing customers an introduction to lenders interested in financing. This Renewal by Andersen location is an independently owned and operated retailer.

Happily, the Book Cache, the only place to get the latest bestseller, always wrapped in gold paper with wide red ribbon. Times have changed; I now push computer buttons and Amazon makes all my kids and grands happy wherever they live.

With our grown kids gone, Dave and I finally. Happily, we no longer have to watch Frosty or Rudolph in black and white that arrived by plane from Seattle in mid-January. His Los Angeles office becomes the hangout for a variety of kind-hearted misfits who find the meaning of Christmas on Venice Beach. Her five grown children and significant others return for the holidays with a variety of personality issues: Yet they manage to get along and find the meaning of Christmas the following year, when mom has died.

Apparently London is no longer stodgy, as a working class secretary can run off with Hugh Grant, the Prime Minister. Value Liquor Team Members and Management enjoy serving you this holiday season.

We will continue to make your shopping experience enjoyable each time you visit. Have a great day! Thank you for your business.

Christmas for parents abruptly changes when your children grow up. My remembrances of Christmas are urban, as I grew up in Boston. My nanny was Catholic, so she would tell me and my two siblings how horrid King Herod was. I hated going to see Santa and spared my kids the agony. Midnight mass attracted a sidewalk of churchgoers who would notice our tree and wave to us as we looked out floor-to-ceiling parlor windows.

It was a window cleaning product that sold holiday stencils. When it dried, you had created bells, angels, and I suspect a mess someone had. My son Elliott wanted his old David Macaulay books. Macaulay continues to draw and write on how things old and new are constructed: If you go to Amazon you will find this edition and others including audio versions; be careful as some may be poorly edited. Anyway, bored with endless renditions of A Christmas.

The Alaska Mint released its state coin design this month. Designed by a local university student, Megan Warren found influence for her design from growing up in Alaska and her Native Alaskan Tlingit heritage. The design features a small bush plane traveling over a moose wading in a river in Denali.

The coin is the first state coin at the Alaska Mint that will feature a plane. Warren has always been creative and was able to hone her artistic skills in high school where she attended the Sitka Fine Arts camp.

The Alaska Mint will be selling the design in six different sizes, with three different metal types to choose from: Megan said she is most looking forward to tourists having a coin with her design on it. This prose poem relies on the sound of words long before authors like Joan Didion twisted grammar rules for greater depth in verbal meaning. I found if I read this poem quickly, rather than dawdling over some of the outdated verbiage, I could visualize the Welsh village he so vividly described and discover a commonality with my holiday experiences.

One Christmas was so like another, in those years around the sea-town cor-. Experience is a plus but we will develop the right person to grow in the position. Email your cover letter and resume to Dennis.

And it seems more dimensional that he has mingled many Christmases into one. Thomas describes the various aunts and uncles who arrived for Christmas along with their behavioral quirks that would make any kid make remark, but Thomas does it lyrically. He can make you smell the cigar smoke, the after-dinner belching and the platoon of obligatory guests: Keep on Sleuthing for Art. Subject to prior sale. Tax, license, registration additional. But holding a band together is not so easy. About 20 years ago we started playing together, and then I added on some members as I go along, you know?

Cool events and activities make for hot winter adventures. For more information on what to see and do visit BigWildLife. Every year, this party gets better and better because they consistently keep the best things and add new ones.

Enjoy a buffet dinner from the award winning chefs of the Hotel Captain Cook. They want you to Bring on the Bling as they say buh-bye to Come in your best sparkles and win cash prizes for best costume. Doors open at 8 p. Food, drinks, dancing and of course the best company.

Salsa and Bachata your way into the New Year. Get the front row seat to the fireworks on NYE. Craft beer lovers can ring in the New Year with a selection of high gravity beers that are sure to bring the New Year to new heights. Beer releases, hot cocoa and cider, cozy blankets and a complimentary beer toast at midnight means will be welcoming you with open arms.

Party starts at 9 p. There will be cocktails, food, beer, wine and of a course a champagne toast. Plus live music by Neris Rex. The Princess Bride Murder on the Orient Express A Bad Moms Christmas The Man Who Invented Christmas Judy Jacobs plays fiddle with the group sometimes, too. The second Friday of every month, Normand can be found playing at a condo development off of Muldoon road. Including a weekly Sunday night gig at the Rescue Mission on Tudor.

Normand grew up in a little town called Marksville in the middle of Louisiana. Normand thinks he might be the only person doing old country music in Anchorage. Sometimes I go to Guido's on Tuesday night. They have a jam over there. I like to perform. She was about 20 years old and she sang a Hank Williams song. I just couldn't believe it. The Gumbo House pays his band in food and tips. The rest of the gigs tend to be for free, too. And I have a little money coming in.

You know, Social Security and all that. You know, I don't need more money. A Bad Moms Christmas follows our three underappreciated and over-burdened women as they rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for moms: By Dan Savage I married my high-school sweetheart at 17, had a baby, together a few years, mental illness and subsequent infidelity led to things ending. My ex-husband remarried, divorced again, and is now in another LTR.

My ex frequently makes sexual remarks to me, low-key flirts. I feel an animal attraction in the moment. CP has offered to talk to my ex. I talked to my ex-husband today, and he said: So humor me because you know we both enjoy it. But how harmful is it to engage in flirty banter without any touching, nudity, or worse? Secret Longings Utterly Titillating I love a good run-on sentence—grammar fetishists are going to get off on dia-. M and I have hung out many times. For starters, J and I rarely have sex anymore.

Even a kiss on the cheek hap-. I also know that her antidepressants can kill sex drive. All three things at once feel like more than just coincidence, though. At the very least, the PDAs seem disrespectful. Am I insecure or is there something to these worries? Australian women who had been with both bi and straight guys ranked their bi male partners as more attentive lovers, more emotionally available, and better dads, according to the results of a study published in Yes, antidepressants can be a libido killer.

They can also be a dodge. I quickly met someone who swept me off my feet—smart, funny, sexy, proudly pervy, and experienced in the BDSM scene—and soon he declared himself as my Dom and I assumed the sub role. This was hot as hell at first. I loved taking his orders, knowing how much my subservience pleased him, and surprising myself with just how much pain and humiliation I could take.

However, his fantasies quickly took a darker turn. Arguing over limits mid-scene makes us both frustrated and angry. Did I blow it by not giving him a list of my hard limits in advance of becoming his sub? Or is he just a shitty, inconsiderate top trying to take advantage of a novice? Do I run from the scene—or just this guy? There are better tops out there. Listen to the Savage Lovecast every week at savagelovecast.

In , your past will undergo transformation. Your memories will revise and rearrange themselves. Bygone events that seemed complete and definitive will shimmy and shift, requiring new interpretations. Download Boys — 7pm at Sand Point: Eagles 51 — Raiders 47 mp3, 35MB, 65minutes.

February 6th, Author: The games will also be broadcasted live on AM in Sand Point, February 1st, Author: Download Boys — 10am at Sand Point: T-Jacks 61 — Eagles 59 mp3, 37MB, 80minutes. January 31st, Author: T-Jacks 70 — Eagles 43 mp3, 36MB, 75minutes. Fridays game time is subject to change.

January 26th, Author: Download Girls 9am at Sand Point: Rookies 30 — Eagles 10 mp3, 30MB, 65minutes. Download Boys — 10am at King Cove: T-Jacks 59 — Eagles 50 mp3, 22MB, 47minutes. January 25th, Author: Download Girls — 6pm at Sand Point: Rookies 47 — Eagles 8 mp3, 28MB, 60minutes. Download Boys — 7pm at King Cove: T-Jacks 81 — Eagles 47 mp3, 29MB, 60minutes. January 14th, Author: Download Boys — 9am at Sand Point: T-Jacks 65 — Eagles 44 mp3, 28MB, 60minutes.

Download Girls- 10am at King Cove: Rookies 66 — Eagles 8 mp3, 11MB, 24minutes. January 11th, Author: Download Girls — 6pm at King Cove: Rookies 44 — Eagles 9 mp3, 24MB, 60minutes.

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