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In December of last year, the DPRK launched an orbital satellite, which left many wondering about its payload. The concern is so great that U. This concern recently has been reinforced by a little-publicized study by the U. Army War College that said a nuclear detonation at altitude above a U.

Full report at WND. Two years ago the North Koreans detonated a nuclear weapon that experts claimed had such a low-yield it posed no significant threat. Peter Vincent Pry has a different assessment. He suggests that, while the blast may have been weak, if detonated at high altitude over the United States, the gamma rays emitted are powerful enough to disable the national power grid across the lower 48 states.

According to experts , a blast of this nature detonated miles above the state of Nebraska would be a life-as-we-know-it ending event:. This begs the question: Nuclear attack and electro -magnetic pulse weapons are two of the most dangerous man-made threats we face.

Preparing for such an event is possible , but should it come to pass it would render all of our technological advancements over the last hundred years useless and would leave the United States no better off than a third-world nation. Full recovery could take up to 10 years, he said. Read by 42, people Date: April 2nd, Website: This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www.

Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats. How to build a Faraday Cage: Nuclear and EMP Preparedness: The only trump card they have is The Bomb. On the other hand, perhaps they have reached a point where they nothing left to lose. And, knowing they will go down anyway, why not try to hurt thier arch enemy? This would most certainly be in the best intrests of the parasites, who want the US to go down, anyway. Folks, go outside and enjoy yourselves.

Take a break from all this for a while. It is healthy to quit reading this fear monger crap for a week and enjoy your loved ones.

You will feel so relieved. But still be prepared. I believe we all here can maintain a healthy balance between reading these threats and living our lives to the best we can give our families. Heck, I just beat dh 4 of 5 Aggravation games.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice or more, fuck me in the goat ass. It could be the beginning of the battle that will, not maybe, come to pass that was prophesied by David in Psalm Then again, over a thousand years later by John in Rev.

This war will happen and it will be the deaths of a third of men. Either way they will be killed by the fire,smoke and brimstone. This is not the final battles that are fought by God and the King of Kings.

Those are the Gog and Magog battles and soon thereafter the final battle called Armageddon. Nothing anyone can do to change it or stop it, so why worry over it.

Have a drink and a smoke. Make a batch of brownies and have a glass of cold milk and pig out while you still can. The REAL story is—http: So was I and all they really have is a lot of men, their equpiment is total crap.

My first tour there was in and we landing at Osan AB, just south of Soule, and had to do a go-around because we and the ROK has just scrambled fighters to meet in incoming jet from the north.

Yeah, that was 30 years ago and they now have a few, and I mean a few, more modern fighters, but mostly Korean and Viet Nam era stuff. Same goes for their tanks, pure crap. Dont forget who their allies and neighbors are, the Chinese and Russians dont exactly love the USA and Iran has a few tricks up its robe as well. They the Chinese seem to like the status quo.

There would have to be a bigger prize than Korea for that risk I would think?? If China wants a war with the US, then what better way to do it, than get North Korea to start things off conventionally by attacking South Korea and Japan. Militarily the US would have to pump several hundred thousand troops into South Korea and Japan very quickly. But that was probably the plan all along. Draw America into a huge regional war on the opposite side of the Pacific, in Chinas front yard.

The US would be fully committed to a massive regional Asian war that could very quickly expand up into Alaska and down into Northern Australia. We might have vast amounts of high tech equipment to fight such a war and a belief that we hold the superior upper hand, but a conventional conflict in this region would be disastrous for the US today. China has come a long long way from what they were Militarily in the s and 60s.

If they teamed up with the likes of Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia we are all screwed. Seoul is in the sights of a hundred thousand artillery pieces. Will the USA retaliate knowing that Seoul will be obliterated?

Will the USA risk losing access to the cheap factory workers by engaging in a war with China? To answer all theses question russia china and possibly our wonderful president want america out of the way using NK has a fall guy using an EMP over the united states would put us out of the way and with a shortage of ammo for the public that could set up and invasion by russia and chnia theyve been planning it for years build a faraday cage and get ready idont like to hear people say i have all the ammo and im not giving it up there are lot of people out that dont have aclue whats going on theyve been blinded and fooled to long this is for real when will have to band together when it happens.

He can do what China may want to do. However, Russia and China are in pretty good shape these days and a death blow to their arch enemy would be applauded, I think.

No radiation and a crippling blow to the West at the touch of a button. China wants the USA. He was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt.

I asked him if he knew that Che was a murderer who killed thousands and regarded Blacks as subhuman and wanted them all eradicated at least from Cuba. He cursed at me, said some nasty things and walked away. It will be rough but no Obama on tv is a huge perk. Notice the rancid aroma of neo-con bull manure, wafting off of this story? Since Iran is on the neo-con list of nations they want to manipulate the USA into attacking and destroying, to the exclusive benefit of Israel and to the severe detriment of both the USA the the rest of the world — who will suffer massive financial damage, starvation, chaos and economic collapse as a result of the skyrocketing price of oil that would come from any such military attack, and which could easily escalate into WW3 and result in nukes raining down on the criminal rat excrement particles inside the D.

Which they would be perfectly justified in doing, by the way. So, this hype about North Korea appears to me to be neo-con Plan B: Use the media to portray the stooge in charge of N. Korea to be a raving madman, establish a link between him and Iran and then use the guilt by association template to snooker the stupid, nose picking gullible American couch potatoes into thinking that we need to support going to war against Iran, and once the N.

China will go to the assistance of N. Not good in any way. When you think about it, what would North Korea have to lose? We have cut them off from many of the people who have been giving them food.

We owe them nothing unlike China and our monetary system is of no concern to them. We could not afford it and the Chinese would back N. Then China and most other countries would no longer use the American dollar as the worlds currency which is what they want anyway as seen by the China — Australian agreement a few days ago. The Bush, FDR, conspiracy crap is just that: Get your heads out of your four points of contact: America is on the verge of collapse and defeat….

These NWO conspiracy theories are red herrings interjected into our perceptions by the masters of deception and perception management via active measures: Russia, China and their two-bit players, NKorea, Iran, et al.

April 20 has been the nasty day for government-made disasters. Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine.. I have been saying this for about a week now, or about ever since all this N korea saber rattling has been going on…. But what I have been talking about is that I find it more than ironic that the book One Second After was wrote by someone who has ties in the govt and the book was endorsed by scumbag Gingrich and in the book it was implied in the end that it was N korea hat hit us with an emp and now lo and behold, look what we have…too much BS.

The only thing i know is that the long range weather forecast shows a warming trend for the week of April 15th thru the 20th. That gives me hope for the garden drying out so i can plant beans and tomatoes. This weekend, after opening day of trout fishing, we will start about 20 containers of green beans in our growing frame. With a risk of frost until May 15th, we only put in below ground veggies, until about may 1st. Only to loose everything in May to a killing frost. Dad got all gung ho one year and planted all his potatoes in early March, with an early spring, with 70 degree days.

They come up beautifully and full until a late killing frost in early May, that killed everything down to the dirt.


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He cursed at me, said some nasty things and walked away. It will be rough but no Obama on tv is a huge perk. Notice the rancid aroma of neo-con bull manure, wafting off of this story?

Since Iran is on the neo-con list of nations they want to manipulate the USA into attacking and destroying, to the exclusive benefit of Israel and to the severe detriment of both the USA the the rest of the world — who will suffer massive financial damage, starvation, chaos and economic collapse as a result of the skyrocketing price of oil that would come from any such military attack, and which could easily escalate into WW3 and result in nukes raining down on the criminal rat excrement particles inside the D.

Which they would be perfectly justified in doing, by the way. So, this hype about North Korea appears to me to be neo-con Plan B: Use the media to portray the stooge in charge of N. Korea to be a raving madman, establish a link between him and Iran and then use the guilt by association template to snooker the stupid, nose picking gullible American couch potatoes into thinking that we need to support going to war against Iran, and once the N.

China will go to the assistance of N. Not good in any way. When you think about it, what would North Korea have to lose? We have cut them off from many of the people who have been giving them food. We owe them nothing unlike China and our monetary system is of no concern to them. We could not afford it and the Chinese would back N. Then China and most other countries would no longer use the American dollar as the worlds currency which is what they want anyway as seen by the China — Australian agreement a few days ago.

The Bush, FDR, conspiracy crap is just that: Get your heads out of your four points of contact: America is on the verge of collapse and defeat…. These NWO conspiracy theories are red herrings interjected into our perceptions by the masters of deception and perception management via active measures: Russia, China and their two-bit players, NKorea, Iran, et al.

April 20 has been the nasty day for government-made disasters. Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine.. I have been saying this for about a week now, or about ever since all this N korea saber rattling has been going on….

But what I have been talking about is that I find it more than ironic that the book One Second After was wrote by someone who has ties in the govt and the book was endorsed by scumbag Gingrich and in the book it was implied in the end that it was N korea hat hit us with an emp and now lo and behold, look what we have…too much BS.

The only thing i know is that the long range weather forecast shows a warming trend for the week of April 15th thru the 20th.

That gives me hope for the garden drying out so i can plant beans and tomatoes. This weekend, after opening day of trout fishing, we will start about 20 containers of green beans in our growing frame. With a risk of frost until May 15th, we only put in below ground veggies, until about may 1st. Only to loose everything in May to a killing frost. Dad got all gung ho one year and planted all his potatoes in early March, with an early spring, with 70 degree days.

They come up beautifully and full until a late killing frost in early May, that killed everything down to the dirt. I buy mine from Peaceful Valley in Ca but think you can get them from Johnnys Seeds in maine, We dont get the frost like you guys but the cover vill get corn germinating for me a month or so before i could without, Just curious Cheers. The world has been around for millions of years and there are only dates on the calander.

My guess is you could pick any date on the calander and find multiple events that happened on that day. Everyone seems to be assuming that it will be North Korea building, launching and detonating the warhead when TPTB have plenty of other ways to accomplish this task and blame it on Kim.

This is where my physics are lacking, as for what I understood for a long time that the explosive yield on an EMP device would have to be at least kilotons, or a semi large hydrogen bomb. Not that North Korea could not build one.

I was taught back in school that an EMP would not be strong enough from an atomic bomb such as a Hiroshima level of strength that would be kilotons. That the altitude was of course important, but the blast at a high altitude would have to be enough to cover the above map. Faraday cages are not difficult to build and if not North Korea, that massive object that heats up the solar system we call the Sun sure could, and has nailed the planet with an EMP.

Besides this, when you prepare for anything it gives you a good feeling of some sense of security, and that is highly positive in a very negative world. I had a lot of the same questions, and this explains it pretty clear. Actually, the smaller nukes are the more devastating as far as an EMP is concerned. It has a lot to do with the material that surrounds the nuke.

I really like the science behind the earthquakes that you provide. I live near the New Madrid so Im always interested in what you have to say. Here is an article that talks in much detail about this:. Hey guys, this might be a stupid question but… What are we talking about besides the take me back to the mid s from no infrastructure etc, Fallout if the EMP was generated by a nuke???

Blast wind burns everything up like in the terminator scene? Just curious what other gnarly crap we might be looking at. Fallout is basically what is generated by the ionizing effect of ground and dirt and other structures being blasted by the nuclear weapon. Only nukes close enough to the ground will generate much fallout. There are miniscule amounts of fallout generated by the blast itself.

The real fallout comes from dirt. Blast winds from such a high altitude explosion would have to be from something the size of an asteroid to reach the ground. By the way, nothing is a stupid question when you want to know something that many other people likely want to know also. Thanks BI, wasnt sure what sort of particle matter the bomb would eject, and figured the reason the winds radiating out were so intense was partially to do with the blast up against a mostly immovable object earth I think i can deal with going back in time without technology, its just that nasty radiation glow and contaminated everything that worries me.

From a weapon designed to create maximum EM Pulses and detonated in space, there would be no fall out.. But no radioactive material would reach the earth. The electromagnetic pulse would be technically, harmless to humans and animals.. I know I heard or read it somewhere but it is soooo true…kudos for bring it up.

Ummm, I need to correct something here…sorry BI. The instant a device is detonated the entire mass of the weapon is vaporized and irradiated as well…this is under the best of circumstances some few hundred pounds of material which is driven outward from the blast at ferocious speed, blasting into anything which it runs into…for a couple of miles.

Also, if the blast IS near to ground it may well be the case that what is there gets irradiated as well. Of course, anything that close is blasted away from the epicenter and scattered broadly and can therefor add to the problem of fall-out…. Having said that, the device used would be multiple hundreds of mles up above and were it a single device the effect woulkd be scattered over a VAST area…the consequences fall-out of which would probably be negligible at ground level. BI, remember, you yourself noted a bit ago that a coablt-cased device would be a horror but that would NEED to be near to the ground to have an effect dissipation , alterantely VERY many would effect saturation over a wide area.

As usual I get ahead of myself, I was referring to the difference between an air burst nuke that is designed to much more inflict blast destruction over a wider space of area, and the ground bursts that are usually reserves for hardened targets. While ground bursts that are close enough generate plenty of initial radiation like in Hiroshima, the fallout is tiny in compariso to ground bursts that kick up millions of tons of soil and other material.

This is why they have these fallout maps around missile silos that are thousands of rads per hour as opposed to just a few rads per hour around sites that air bursts would be more likely used. At hundreds of miles up, you are correct that anything ground level would be near to nothing. By the way another quake on another plate boundary at the southwest Indian Ridge, at 5.

It means the African plate is really moving and why the Canary Islands are probably flaring up with volcanic activity. This very dense plate will almost certainly create some very large earthquakes, likely on the Australian plate and possibly the Pacific plate. Good old Indonesia and Sumatra may be in for some bad times ahead.

Mexico is still very much in danger. By the way, what about the solar activity? Some years ago, Popular Science or Mechanics? There will be no radioactive fallout from an EMP discharge in space over 20 miles up. I have said before on this site that an EMP is the worst case of all the problems facing us. An EMP will kill 19 of 20 people alive in this country currently within a year from my research. Are you referring to disseminating too much knowledge to be detrimental to your employment… I try to avoid those hazards when I can.

A microwave oven IS a Faraday cage, if the casing is properly grounded. If you plug it in or ground it to your plumbing, it is the best chance you have at protecting the contents. It is my understanding that it would take something really disastrous to breach it. The EMP nuclear device is of different design than the Hiroshima or Nagasaki bombs that were built for physical destruction. These devices are tailored to emit a pulse and the physical explosion is smaller while the pulse is much larger than conventional nuclear devices.

By the time FEMA got around to fixing it most of the copper would probably be gone. You need to remove the rubber seal and insure that you hanve a metal to metal seal all the way around the lid to make it an effective faraday cage.

Also a ground wire. With millions of cooling rods stored on site and loss of cooling, water — the plant is the small problem. And the worst part is, there would be no warning because there would be no sirens or radio alerts, or emergency alert system, etc. It would just be quiet for a while and then a tremendous explosion. We are 35 miles from one of those SOBs, same age and cooling system as the Fukushima plant.

TVA has become one of those alphabet soup agencies that has personal and up close effects if multiple nuke plants Fuku belly up at once. And the ones around me are mostly GE Mark 1. Same as Fukushima Dai-ichi. I believe the consensus from people who seem to be experts is that a Faraday cage does not need to be grounded. Grounded or not, a charge or current on the outside cannot penetrate the cage. The only time a Faraday cage would need to be grounded is if you had protected power entering the cage so that the equipment inside could operate.

Any holes in the Faraday cage must be smaller than the wavelength of the EMP. Screenwire may be good enough, but I would trust a metal trash can more. I have seen a demonstration of a cage made of screenwire, but it was tested with a simple radio.

The radio frequencies are probably of longer wavelength than the EMP, so testing with a radio is an indicator but not absolute proof of protection. I would also double wrap each item in plastic and foil for extra protection. That would enable you to remove or insert an item without risking everything else if an EMP hit at that exact moment.

I have a netbook computer, 2TB hard drive with everything I want to save, radios, and a digital camera all wrapped and ready. I also have a solar setup just for powering the computer system.

The camera is for documenting what happens for the future. Maybe next week will be dry enough to work on my garden. The garlic I planted last fall is looking good. It never died back this winter. This article was the kick up the backside that I needed. I was beginning to write off this joker in North Korea as just another blowhard idiot.

Now, maybe, not so much….. Whatever you put in the trash can must be first put into something like a cardboard box, bubble wrap or something.

Then you also have to make the trash can is sealed. Or maybe a copper wire wrapped several times around a handle and run into the ground or a copper rod driven in a few inches. That is how the entire house was grounded for years. Then we upgraded to a breaker box and the electrician still grounded it to an earth ground.

They come in all sizes and make sure you ground it. My faraday cage consists of a gang box I used on work sites. I took metal mesh sheets and with epoxy sealed all the holes. I then grounded the box to my well water pipe going through my foundation.

I have found if you prepare for life after an emp event then by default nearly every shtf scenario is covered. If this happens our economy collapses. If our economy collapses a whole host of developed counties that are holding on to our coat tails are going down too. After all its only electronics. That is pretty awesome. When I read it the other day I wondered two things: Who built the entrance without dying and 2.

If they have thrown so many animals in there why has it not filled up? You would need to find every single tiny hole and fill it with metal. I was just thinking about why someone would need anything bigger than a trash can to store electronics, and it occurred to me that a large monitor would be nice to have for teaching purposes after a recovery starts.

I need to take my extra monitor and wrap it. That being said, they could strike the power grid in Virgina and cause a cascade failure in the NorthEast. However, only technology that is running and with in the affected area would be harmed.

Communications vehicles ect outside the area would still work. Stay prepared, but keep your wits! The thing that concerns me is the treaty still in force between N. Korea and China, the same one used in Two cases come to mind. I mean during Korea in , the enemy threw hundreds upon hundreds of troops against U. One last thing, a lesson of history: I think if it did it would knock most out like stated but you never know how much power experts know or really close is needed to knock everything out.

There is that chance that some things would not be effected as well. That would be the end for them and crazy times, if your traveling make sure you got extra gas and get your butts home if your car still works or throw some sort of skates, skateboard or bicycle if you have to get home and out of shape and your stranded. What a piece of shit. This is very possible. All the factors are there. Will you be able to live with out power. I know people now who cant even live with out a cell phone.

I agree with the 9 out of 10 people passing after the lights go out. People are not self reliant and have no skills now. They rely on the government for everything. People just get handed everything now its crazy.

Good luck to all and i hope the US can stop this before it happens. After a few tours over in south east Asia west Pac , I believe people tend to blow this one up a bit more than they should. Please let me explain. Then no one can bug me about wanting some of my preps. The big problem would be fuel scarcity. Gas could be hand pumped from underground tanks at stations, but how quickly and how much? The electrical grid would probably be heavily damaged. Few among us are really self-sufficient.

Without food production on an industrial scale, most of us would die. Coal oil lamps, Singer — pedal sewing machine, wool clothing, pot bellied stove for coal and wood, wood burning kitchen stove with oven, steel traps, box traps for rabbits, Jersey cow, chickens, rabbit hutch, hogs to fatten, large garden,.

Who needs Faraday, but if you want a magnetic-field-free area all you need is chicken wire and a ground rod. I agree accept the people that are not prepared will be knocking at our doors. This will not be a fun time. I pray that our Military can take out this enemy regime before they blame the coming event on NK.

They do not even need a rocket to deliver the payload. Actually, hes partially right! They could use an airliner and just go all Gangnam style at 40k ft with a nuke or big ass payload of high explosives. Hobammy makes additional anouncement that to Thwart N.

That hidden plan is for hobammy and his dem lib kommie union pals and polititions to begin imeadiatly to hire EVERY former-now new usa citizen, mexican immigrant to become hired on as elec. Get EBT cards and Foreclosed Homes so new middle class mexican and african scumbags can now Buy those homes dirt cheep! Celebrate White History Month during month or April! I know going into this that I am going to get a bunch of red thumbs on this but Angelo makes some really salient points.

I am not a racist and like to think I am a realist and the un-pc of it all is that there is a lot of truth to what he is saying. Who uses the system more based on percentage of population versus the white population?

Who pays the taxes to support all of these programs? The rich white guys. Who voted Obama into office a second time? Answer once again is liberals, banks, corporations that benefit from the enlargement of social benefits and of course the minorities who demand and take advantage of the system.

So kudos to you Angelo for being brave enough to tell it like it is. And for all of you who red thumb me, do it, I have never had a post poorly rated and probably about time I did. I am just keeping it real. This stance comes from only 1 article — a WND piece — which is pure speculation. That article is little more than the typical sensationalized stuff that comes from that website. Often at WND, a small factoid or two are arranged in an article to lend substantiation when there really is no direct substantiation there at all.

I think you are right. Most of the working class has caught onto the sham. The reason he gets the red-thumbing is not so much any of his specific points, but because Angelo is a well-known trouble-making troll, wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, and racist prick. Race-hustling for whites rather than for blacks makes you just as rotten a racist as the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

My advice to all is to get right with God just as quick as you can, then get your shit together as best you can. Our only hope would be these 2 countries see how much their economies depend on ours and they strike back. Barry will apologize for us being mean to fat boy and then offer some cash to smooth things over. This is why we have a nuclear armed and powered Navy. Just one of our ballistic missile subs would ensure mutual destruction. If they attack us in any way Obama will offer to hold talks again.

But from what I have read the US electronics are not shielded against emps. So if a high altitude pulse go off s o goes our strike capabilities. I think he got the idea from William Hung from American Idol who sang himself into sexiness a few years ago. All that stands in front of us? How about anti rocket systems. The minute fat fuck starts the launch process it will blown up. This has little to do with Kim. If TPTB want this to happen, they will make it happen and blame it on whom ever best suits their agenda.

Our boogieman fixation runs deep. We have been trained well. These three small boats could launch their missiles to an altitude of to miles above the U.

After launching, the three boats would be scuttled and no one would have a clue who or what country actually attacked the U. Very viable and who would the U. The uranium from a nuclear blast is unique in its properties and processing and can be tracked to the region it was obtained from. I agree, we could know. A few years ago Iran tested a missile our media toted as a feeble attempt to send a payload into orbit. The missile exploded a few hundred miles up and all the experts on tv claimed the test was a miserable failure.

Yea they were practicing launching missiles from ships just like the scenario of an emp attack in osa. Only a few refineries in the world can process it and OURS are closest. They need US more than WE need them. The point simply is a single missile miles up over central US… mile radius most everything electric and electronic from the Rockies to the Appalachians is toast…. Good to see yer voice, B the Brit. Hope you got to move from the city area to a place you can garden. On my way in the next few weeks…just waiting on the lawyers.

All of the NASA space shuttle missions for the last 30plus years were for military placement of a star wars capable weapons systems throughout our earthly realm. Nuclear weapons are now over 65 years old and vast advancement of superior tech has surpassed those aged nukes..

There is no chance in hell of a nuke launched successfully over the continental US by the pudgy one unless perpetrated by the same cabal, or similar, that pulled off Bad news if you are diabetic or have chosen to live in the state of FL.

Plausible, yes, but also a really gifted writer who weaves a great story. Really absorbing and informative reading. Makes one wonder if any of us will survive. The main reason I can think of that people would say Florida is a bad place to live would be the higher risk of natural disasters, particularly hurricanes. Aside from that, it seems to me the long growing season would be a definite bonus. I served in the Red Cross when the last hurricane went through Miami and was overjoyed at the destruction it wrought.

However, I was really bummed out by what happened to New Orleans. The voodoo shops, the goth scene, the French language, the Mardi Gras parties, and the jazz all made it a magical city. The bayou is fast disappearing along with the Cajun people thanks to drilling for oil, which should be banned around there. The fauna here are also cold-sensitive and retreat from the beach. They are world-renowned for their curves and bronze colour. One winter I left the frozen MidWest to vacation in Florida.

My sons still thought it was warm enough to go swimming. I visited there many times and the mosquitoes come to mind first. I think they are only second to the Alaskan outback in June. I could slip on the ice and break a hip and die…or slip on the ice and knock myself out cold and die from hypothermia as I lay there.

With all the snow-n-ice my car could slide off the road and I could die. Another car could slide into my car and I could die. Any time I step outside provides all sorts of weather-related ways to die in Wisconsin. Oh, and the bears. With limited ways out of FL, to higher ground, a few massive pile ups on the interstates, and its hanging to coolers and airing up the cheap pool floats.

Just going by what the re-drawn Naval maps show, in case of such an event. I live in the mountains and have no family or close friends in FL. Not everyone who lives in fl is retired. There are still many of us who do things right and there are still parts that are not on the beach. The Seminole Indians survived 3 wars in the swamps down south.

FYI- there are still small Miccosuki tribes that live in the Everglades without power… They are deemed crazy or stupid, they dont seem so crazy after reading this, huh? Do I need to move out of FL? Much of Florida would go under if Atlantis rose as the tectonic plates shift; but the Great Lakes would not impact Florida. Get some elevation my Peeps, wherever you are located, if you can.

I need an explanation about Florida because I currently live in Wisconsin and have only visited Florida once in the winter by New Smyrna Beach. So, I need concrete reasons why Florida would be a godforsaken place to relocate.

The author probably has family that lives in Florida and he wants them to move.. If you take one bit of information away from this I recommend: We all know that Russia has hundreds or thousands of nukes ready to launch in a minute and has had them for most of our lives. Ditto that for China. Why get up in arms about Backwards North Korea having one satellite?

Korea has an EMP how is it in their interest to become a wasteland of radioactive glass? In summary it is not a new threat, it is one whether we realized it or not that we have lived with every day for decades and decades.

Just like getting on the highway with 10, texting kids in this crazy part of the world. If most everything electrical and electronic is toasted here…how would you know we retaliated? Like I tried to say. This is not a new threat.

If an emp burst is such a winning play someone would have already used one on us or we on them. Tracking a ballistic from N. It is possible… but an outlier. But you heard my plans: It will all be about taking care of my family. My biggest concerns will be the folks on my block not the NKs.

Allowing an EMP to be used against us, although extreme, would certainly further the goal of subjugating the population. The Russians and Chinese are not as crazy as Iran or N. Although I think Iran is the one to be worried about.

They have told the world that they will destroy us and Israel as soon as they are able. I tend to agree, this is not a new threat. What is new is the overall context of the situation. What will I be doing? I agree with you, it is very unlikely. Your first warning may be the power going out. Or if you lived under the potential target area, the sky may get really bright for a few seconds. That would be all of the warning you would get.

Not much time for reflection, at that point. I was talking about after the power was out. After its all said-and-done what is there to do? Dumb Dude—you have mentioned the only thing I have not done regarding prepping. How are you treating your windows? I have 8 double windows and 2 single ones.

I have some room darkening curtains we bought at a big box store. We put them on one window and saw that they worked very well. I have heard some drastic folks who have talked about black house paint and a roller. You will seem to be less prepared than everyone around you. Oh, thanks, I was looking for an inexpensive way to secure the windows from looters.

I guess it will be plywood.. You may want to consider using steel pipe and creating a makeshift gate over each window on the inside. TAkes longer to install but gives you the benefit of security and visibilty of the outside. It takes some time to do all this but it is very secure and can be removed from the inside quickly if you need to escape thru the window.

You were using your reasoning. You cannot reason with unreasonable people. Kim like his father and grandfather is a narcissist. His brain is wired differently than ours. He knows that the only thing keeping him in power is the fear his own people have of him. They play very dangerous games. And yet they have refrained from starting the war back up for what, 63 years?

Because generations of these guys have kept their power they must also understand that. The NKs are probably at more risk of the missile falling back on their own country………unless…. But hey, any thing for the military- industrial complex to make a buck. If China not behind the curtain, then US can exaggerate this crisis for ulterior motives…like a diversion to build up military force to thwart China. The situation could easily spiral out of control.

A single shot or mishap could have dire consequences. Tensions around the world are on a hairline trigger as is. Many will believe the bullshit official story and attack people that point out the obvious, just like their social conditioning tells them to. This time it will be some puny, do nothing regime to take the blame, instead of 19 guys with box cutters and some kidney failing boogie man pushing around a mobile dialysis machine in a cave and then ends up recording himself watching television reports about himself in a walled compound on the outskirts of one of the most secure and largest bases in Pakistan.

Yep, suckers fucking suck. If only it were that simple. The only reason I question this at all is that everyone will be in the same off-grid boat. There are 2 known hardened underground facilities in Virginia. One is at Culpeper and one is at Mt. The Culpeper facility was transferred from the Federal Reserve to the Library of Congress about 15 years ago.

Weather facility, about 13 acres, is the other hardened facility. In Virginia, there are underground mines which include roadways. Heck, I live in mountainous regions — you know how many scenes I could replicate to make my own Youtube video to play with conspiratorial nonsense?

The one way to know if this is going to happen is that the rats will disappear and go to ground. I personally have a friend that worked a project where a 25 foot diameter hole was drilled one mile deep and 25 miles horizontal. This was done several years ago. I would say they are ready to ride out what ever happens to us in total luxury. Surely you have seen the videos going around the net of these tunnel networks.

Most reports about it say it was just about Federal Money going for his state. Planes and choppers can land on the highway. I think there is a certain type of person that exists in this world that is capable of literally any level of whatever they can conjure to use as a means to end. Some psychopaths just want to set the world on fire for the sake of watching it burn. Stalin starved the Kulaks, the Turks murdered and starved the Armenians, Mao bashed skulls and starved the Chinese, we diseased and starved the natives, just to name a few incidents of genocide via starvation.

That being said, I could envision a localized emp being more likely. Something that could take out a large city and its surrounding areas.

How hard would it be to modify a cargo plane or jumbo jet to carry a nuke. Fly it over any city and its done. Figure at 5 miles altitude it would still cover a large area. It would be easier than trying to launch a nuke miles up or coordinating multiple launches from some type of boat.

They will accept a certain amount of risk and temporary loss to gain MORE wealth and power. Do we yet know the truth about all that happened? Were there more perpetrators? And I can tell you that the our country is now full of foreign special forces squads who came across our nearly open borders. They have too much to lose and too little to gain. The ultimate outcome is too unpredictable. What will TPTB either perpetrate or allow to happen? Hussein did gas his own people, several thousand died, so he did at one point have weapons of mass destruction.

The second Gulf War hussein being the idiot that he was never thought after he got rid of them he would be attacked, did not have any, it was an excuse to conquer Iraq. This was done so Libya would regain full diplomatic relations with the world. North Korea if anything has beefed up their weapons of mass destruction considerably. Countries with nukes and other weapons that can kill masses, hence the name weapons of mass destruction, have a much lesser chance of being attacked.

This is one reason why Iran is desperately seeking nuclear weapons, to have that trump card. The five memebers of the worthless un security council were by no coincidence the first five countries with nuclear technology and weapons. When I think of the biology storehouses of death and extinction of the human species that lies in laboratories in North Korea it gives the worst chills.

As a matter of fact what lies in wait in Chinese and Russian labs, the U. Then how easy it is for a germ to get loose accidentally or on purpose. Just one person it takes at one large crowd gathering and wave after wave it grows exponentially much like the chain reaction that goes on with an atomic bomb.

That fat Porky piece of swelled up pyschopathic manure that lets his own people starve to death and eat plaster off the walls like some termite while he sits in luxary, sitting on the switch to let God knows what on the world. AND cheap electronic goods….

JMHO and you what opinions smell like.. I consider this a very real threat. The ptb need something that is front and center everyday.

It may just be the reason to impose martial law with all the ammo the PTB is buying, and all those liners and camps all over. I would suggest camping out for a few days with the kids just to get a taste of nature with just candle light and fire strikers. Let me know how you fare out. I say bring it on. We just found 11 cases of used qt.

You say that if North Korea dumps an EMP on us we will somehow turn that country into a pile of radio active glass. Maybe we can all band together and throw that nuke over there!! Oh I guess you think operators of the missile silos will be running around with an extension cord looking for a place to plug it in? They never considered this possibility? They can fly kilometers nautical miles before refueling and 10, after one refuel mid air. With each ones capability of a 20 ton bomb payload, and nuke hauling capability, it is one awesome flying machine we own.

With a wingspan of feet and high subsonic speeds, it would be a dream to take a ride on, much less fly it. A guy by the name of, Joe Pappalardo, a writer for Popular Mechanics magazine, not only got to go for a ride in one but also got to fly the darned thing. After much training, he is probably the only civilian ever to go up in one.

Only persons ever got to, prior to his flight on Dec. More people have been into outer space than have flown in one. I could imagine the thrill of having your hand on a throttle of four engines with nearly 70, lbs. It is a good story of his visit to the Base and flight, with a cool video of Take-Off.

Turn up the speakers and let her fly. The B2 Bomber is old news. The barefoot part is more difficult to avoid, since our wages are locked in by the policies. It would boggle the mind to see what TPTB have stowed away. After all, we, the Americans, own them; and with a total investment of over Three Billion dollars in each bird, they have proved worthy to the test of time.

With the ability to carry two 30, lb. Yeah after I posted this, I fact checked myself on my fuzzy memory of a news story from a day or two ago. A B 2 or 2 was flown over Korea and dropped some inert training dummies. I figured no one would catch me on that…. This eventuality has been prepared for for years by the government.

Not only do we have hardened broad-spectrum communications facilities located around the world and off the world, for that matter , we also have weapons located around the world — in this case our nuclear-armed submarines would be our likeliest means of counterattack.

Have you ever heard of OUR nuclear submarine fleet? ONE nuclear sub can reduce the entire NK to residue. It will also provide the US with the excuse We need to eliminate NK nuclear sites and reduce the NK military to a single brigade with small arms. On another note, it IS time to take this jackass out. Never let a crisis go to waste. There is a silver lining in every mushroom cloud.

On carrier has enough nuke power to glass North Korea…. We perfected emp protection for our communiccations decades ago. There is no way n. Remember this police state is built on public fear. The more scared people are the more rights they can subvert.

I spent 2 years in s. Korea and yes we can Nuke them with ground blast nukes becausse of how mountainance it is. Or us on their border. This crap has been going on since the s when purveys grandfather was the head idiot in charge. These exercises happen every year at this time. The exercise was called Team Spirit. And every year just like clockwork the stupidity and talking smack begins. This year because of our idiotic president we are feeding the troll.

Maybe the useful idiot in n. And now we have decided to get this burr out of our hide. If anything they are trying to get us to spread too thin like the mistake Hitler made. Or they pulling a Reagan on us to get us to spend way more on the military like Reagan did to the Ussr. I read this book awhile back which talked about underground nuclear bunkers. It said that in Sweden, where there is real democracy, the citizens voted on this issue and a law was passed to make it mandatory for all houses to have underground bunkers in case of nuclear attack.

Everyone has this protection in Sweden. In the United States we have been told by our leaders that such measures would be ineffective, nothing could really protect us from nuclear bomb. I forgot the name of the book but it basically talks about the hypocrisy in various countries and the difference between fake democracy and real democracy.

Sorry, Ben, Thom, George, et al, our country was sold out by a guy named Woodrow, about a hundred years ago. True democracy is fickle mob rule. Our Founders knew this and decided on a constitutional republic instead. Canada also does not have the freedom of speech. And America is fast becoming a giant gushing asshole.

Well one thing is sure. Prep like your life may depend on it and you will be as ready as you can be. Am I stoooopid or what? Probably not, however; unless you have gravity fed spring water, there is always the water toting and purifying and heating. If you live in a cold place like we do in the winter, there will be a shit load of firewood to get up and have stacked nearby. Also…folks will blow you in. If the grid went down…and it messed up the food creation and delivery sys.

Folks will panic buy. This will trigger negative info. This thought occurred to me when N. Korea made the launch.. If it is geostationary above N.

Korea, then we are debating a nonstarter. If it is in a non geostationary orbit that takes it over the US even occasionally, this may be a very real cause for concern.

So not geostationary according to her. I guess we could check it out for ourselves. Learn something new everyday…. That satellite is the likeliest candidate for containing a small-package nuclear weapon.

I think WE are just giving them enough rope to hang themselves. The more successful they are, the more they will start to believe their own propaganda. Then they make a mistake and cross a red line…. From the tracking site provided by Lady, it seems like it will be over the central part of the nation sometime around the 15th ish.

It appears to be about miles up.. Seems like it fluctuates. And keep an eye on the altitudes of satellites. Jerry, yes, it is, but its altitude variance seems inconsistent with just an elliptical orbit — that characteristic is what made me start paying attention to it.

It will show you where it will be and when in relation to your ISP address location mine shows as south of Chicago, although I really live well to the east of there by a few dozen miles. The first time I saw one of its drops I thought it was a goner, but it zipped back up to its more typical altitude and has mainly stayed there, with occasional drops.

And you know what they say. Whippersnapper- false flag…probably so. THEY should be the target! Not the innocent people killed in the towers! Or is it that you are completely devoid of compassion?

Only the most infantile of our race demonstrate such a lack. Go to the woodshed, boy! One more thing- many of us here have gotten into the habit of skipping over your comments, not even bothering to uncover them. If not, well, it gets lonely being the smartest, most prepared, most intellectual, most ignored, ass wipe on the playground.

SOP think that the petrodollar, the dollar world reserve currency, and economic sanctions have no real effect on these countries. People starve to death in foreign countries because of us. The towers were symbols of American evil. Of course they were targeted. One does not make ideological or policy decisions based on mass hysteria. That is totally insignificant. To devise fusion centers, NDAA, the Patriot Act, and DHS based on this completely inconsequential aviation incident just shows how flighty, self-absorbed, ill-informed, and dim-witted you wrinkled old bastards really are.

Do you ever think this stuff through, Okie? I have a lot of compassion and bravery on a personal level but that is inconsequential when having a debate about politics.

I try to get you to think. Speaking on behalf of all the wrinkled old farts in the world, let me say: A lack of diplomacy on your part does not constitute a lack of comprehension on our part. Or if it was true.

Or vital to the survival of humanity. Or tomorrows lotto numbers, or anything else. But, how you are percieved by the majority of readers here IS. And, even more importantly, responding with insults and invective casts doubt even on the veracity of your claim to be here for the purpose of sharing information. Given the continuous stream of invective — both overt and implied — might could be…. Treason is not an admirable quality. Thats what their proposing. They kept the price down so all the inner-city gangbangers could afford the premiums.

Ever since Reagan, we have had nothing but pure evil in the Whitehouse minus their children. The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Their likes will have a big party for a while longer, until their leader is released by Michael the Archangel.

Then they will have an even bigger party for a few months; and then…. Compared to Obama ol goofy George was a saint. Wait till when Hillary who is a high energy and even bigger psycho Than Obama is elected president.

The question is why do we put up with it? Only reason I can think of is; because there are too many of them, and not enough of us. The not enough of us, are the ones that see thru their bullshit and lies. The United Nations will implement the orderly transfer of sovereignty. They want us all dead anyway, so selling us out like that would not be an issue for them.

Best comment I have seen in a long time about BO. This one is a classic. I am glad you support this cause but while you were writing your paper you should have been concentrating a little more on the English language. If marijuana really did cure cancer, it would be a top story of the REAL news on a daily basis. Give me a break! First of all, you may achieve better credibility if you used correct punctuation and grammar.

Best of luck learning how to use a computer and with your pot brownies. Many years ago the DEA asked the Medical College of Virginia to do a research project to prove that marijuana was harmful. The reason you never hear about this study is that the results were suppressed by the government when the study proved, in fact, that marijuana was not only NOT harmful, but had great medicinal value. Yes, marijuana CAN cure many types of cancer, that has been proven in a myriad of studies and more and more proof is coming out every day.

These are facts, the newer studies are available for anyone who cares to look them up. Even doctors are jumping on the medicinal marijuana bandwagon because the benefits for so many conditions are becoming so obvious.

The police officers here want it legalized, the doctors want it legalized, even the average citizens are coming to realize it should be legalized! We do not care about cancer, we just care that it will be legal and I will be smoking all day!!! Do a little research before talking on a topic ignorantly. Yes I guess when you turn 16 you have learned just about everything you will ever learn in life.

I am 66 and am still learning every day, that is why we do research. A recent study has proven that tumors injected with thc cannabinoids either shrunk or completely wiped them out. Is 16 old enough to know what cannabinoids are?

Do some reading or are you so old and informed that you have forgotten how to look at anything objectively. Are you sure your not high gene. But glad you amuse yourself. Get a grip joker. Grab a J and sign up for some remedial critical thinking courses. Might do you good. You should stop lying on the floor and listen to more than one side. Small things amuse small minds. Marijuana…a true cancer cure? When you set something on fire and breathe in what results, it will never be good for the human body.

Coughing is a sure sign that your lungs are kinda pissed even if you are feeling no pain. Marijuana…probably more helpful at treating some very serious illnesses than anything made by the U. Probably, but good luck getting them to admit that. See, what suck about all the things we use to treat illness and disease?

Most will probably see an increase in their quality of life and attitude for sure. YOU do some research! YOU list for me all the studies that say pot actually cures cancer. You had better get up off the floor, stop laughing and do some research beyond what the pharmaceutical companies have been paying the governments to tell you.

I feel sorry for closed minded folks like you. I hope you never are forced to make the decision of using medicinal marijuana to cure cancer. And list for me all the legitimate doctors who say so. An idea that would probably fix our huge national debt problem? We need more border patrol. Come on people…the U. It will never happen and regardless of if it does or doesnt. The pot head population doesnt care about all this bs they just want their pot. Weed is becoming less and less relevant anyway. The newer generations of other drugs now that are over taking our kids families and friends.

And who ever thinks weed will ever be completely legal your an idiot. Ronnie missed those as a kid because he was too busy killing small animals and wishing mommy hugged him some more.

The only point Ronnie has is a pointed head from wearing a dunce cap too often. More and more people are using cannabis. And the dated stereotype of the stoner wasteoid is beyond passe.

When even the POTUS is brooching the subject of decriminalization hell, even Rick Perry agrees , legal weed is not as far fetched as you might think. You spoke with all of them? What does that even mean? Now tell mister I have all the answers.

Weed will not be completely legal? People like you scare me. I hope you do not have or are planning to have any children. However, the weed in Mexico and South America sucks.

They need to come to Hawaii for the real stuff! I have a few friends in BC who are licensed growers for dispensaries in the Seattle area. It truly is an art to create the perfect bud. Samples, an X-Box, and sufficient Cheetos to make such a determination.

While this would be an awesome idea, if Marlboro actually did this, how much crap and chemicals would they taint the beautiful herb with when they put it in the form of a cigarette? Advertising should NOT be allowed for pot cigarettes. Like paying higher wages, health care etc for staff. Who are you to say how a company should pay their employees?? Marlboro as well as any other mega company would never pay their employees more instead of marketing….

They would go out of business over night… Have you no business sense?? I would prefer small growers to profit instead of multinational companies. Get a sense of humour. I agree with Emily, this sounds like a spoof.

You dont think so? I work for a multinational. It is poor strategy to conduct business with former criminals. Furthermore PM has assets in tobacco propagation all over the place. Converting some it over to cannabis production would make more sense for them than doing business with thugs.

Miki — you are spinning your wheels getting all Sherlock Holmes here. Now go flip those burgers before they get overcooked. The rebuttal above you made is even less intelligent than your original post.. Burger King and likewise businesses are Multi-National companies…..

Anymore foot in mouth comments or are you about done? Or is this where you make fun of my grammar because you have no where else to turn? Might want to get a grip on yourself before you call out someone else for working at the Burger House.

I hope it never happens.. Why should it matter to you? All you want is your precious weed. Why should you care if big companies are making money off it? How does that effect you? What does it matter to you that it matters to him?

Think a little before posting. Pot is already cancerous. One joint coming from God knows where is estimated to equal about 3 cigarettes in terms of carcinogens. Wow one sided thinking. I believe if you read the truth and not what most of are government tells you. It heals Cancer I have seen it myself from stage four too no cancer. I would pray that if one of your loved ones gets cancer or any of the many others things that can destroy your family I pray it does not your Closed mind would open to try and save them.

I have seen this cure people I love. And when it is massively grown the quality is not there. They put chemicals on them which should not be there they hurt not help. Education and more education is what is needed. All it does is stimulate the appetite. Get a clue, Missy. It would be up to me to prove I was right. The same exact principle applies here with your absurd assertion that pot cures cancer. I agree with you!!!

We as Americans should have the right to smoke pot. He never stated it was a solid fact that exactly ten years from now every single state will have it legal.

You should really learn to not take every little word you read on the internet literally and stop trying to cause fights. I do NOT smoke but I am very aware that smoking this crap is less harmful than freaking drinking alcohol so I say to each his own.

Have fun pot heads! I never eat at McDonalds, or anywhere like that. People are getting wiser about what they put in their bodies. The more people that talk about it, the more conscious they become and the more people change. You are not the rule though, but the exception to it… Most dont care… My comment was for the ones who are villainizing Marlboro as they eat their Big Mac. If you dont want crap in your body, dont put it there, but there obviously is a market for it.

Actually, this would be a sound business move a few years down the road, after more states make it legal. We will see ads everywhere I see so many ads about anti-depressant this and anti anxiety that. They will have the marijuana business down to a science and in the end the user us will have to suffer. Take cigarettes for example, growing your own tobacco and rolling your own cig is far better than buying a pack of cigarettes from the store, right?

But Cigarette companies have gotten so many competitors due the huge demand of the product back in the day that they needed to differentiate themselves from the competition. So some cigarettes companies put different things, call them chemicals or call them spices or whatever, inside their cigarette so their customers prefer their brand instead of the others, right?

Now, companies might not put the same stuff that goes into cigarettes into joints, or maybe they might, what do I know but that is the route Cannabis can end up on.

Support your local dispensaries and companies with integrity that provide the wonderful herb because there will be a point when we will all have to choose. We can take down the unfair and unjust CEOs who think because they have the big bucks will be able to provide what they think is best for us.

We are the only ones that have the power to create new standards in society, not them. Marijuana Cigarettes made by big name companies should not be the standard!

Marijuana is an experience that can never be put into a small box. There is an error with the article. While I love a smoke and am all for legalization, I think advertising should be banned as it is with cigarettes. I hope Phillip Morris can do that I would really like for North Carolina to be legalized marijuana for medical or legalizing for good like those other two states are it does not hurt you it does not make you do other drugs it helps people with cancer with back problems it just is I all around good thing so please legalize marijuana.

For everyone about to comment — scroll down to the very very bottom of the page and read the underlined sentence. And then check for that for every news site you visit, ever. But they will remain in business because the sheeple are idiots, not because the companies are meanies….

Something like that… I care not if this article is satire or not. If more people did take their own wellbeing into their own hands , the big mean companies would drop like flies… Just sayin…. The problem I am having with this is, will it have a filter? What will be added to the marijuana? Philip Morris admits to having added more nicotine to cigarettes to make them more addictive. Those little plastic bags work just fine, and we can roll our own as we go. Tobacco companies are not needed here.

I get that this is supposed to be a satire read through the comments , but seriously, could it happen? This is a fictitious article, sure. But the relevance is real!

It can be anyways. Prepare to see articles like this on Yahoo and Magazines maybe not the part of the Superbowl ad or the ridiculous rise in market share But the implications may be real! Thank you to all the people who are so much smarter than the rest of us for letting us know this article is not real.

What would we do without you? Thanks to you and the other contributors, this site is far better than the National Report.

I was thinking, even if they were allowed to advertise in CO and WA, the placement of that type of ad during the Superbowl of all things is pretty ridiculous in notion. Why are you not using American marijuana growers for this product? I do not want this product if it is imported from Mexico! Some people do so at home, while others pay for space in greenhouse established for that purpose.

Are you people retarded? Please grow a brain, for the sake of mankind. Potheads with a slower reaction time which has been proven many times over getting behind the wheel of a two ton or bigger automobile. I can agree alcohol and drunk driving is just as bad. Anyone who kills another person while behind the wheel of a vehicle due to any kind of intoxication should get the death penalty.

You can spout off how good you think it is all ya want , but impaired is impaired , and there will be just as many negatives as positives by legalization. That would be the worst thing for marijuana legalization if it were true!

Talk about giving pot a bad name! They would fill it full of chemicals just like they did to cigarettes! Now why on earth would the people of Colorado choose to but pre packaged Mexican dirt weed when they already have awesome local bud to smoke- which by the way you can buy prerolled at the dispensaries…. This is what is at the bottom of the page. If you think this is real, then you are. Please read our Privacy Policy. Even at the bottom of the page the hashtag is fakenews. Man , where has common sense gone.

This story is complete BS. If you people will believe this , its really no long a surprise to me that people get taken advantage of the way they do. Now that marijuana is becoming acceptable and legal, will tobacco became the new illegal drug? Gotta keep those private prisons in the US filled somehow! I live in Arizona where medical pot is legal if you have a pot card which I do.

My question is are they going to market it for states like Arizona and California? I can buy at a dispensary. I really hope so! I think they are only currently looking to aim this at general legalization since it requires no license at all, making it both easier to advertise and sell to those of age that can legally purchase the product. It may be a bit more red tape for them to deal with medicinal pot at the moment, although this is just my presumption.

Love it, how original. This would be cool in some ways. How about helping the poor. And do you use pesticides? It will not be long when cannabis cigarettes via Marlboro has the same toxic chemicals and additives as their regular tobacco cigarettes.

Bring on the commercialization!! The truth is it would probably be the best money and science could grow. Phillip Morris has so many years experience messing with plants. Do you want frankenweed?

They import their tabocco anyway. We dont want chemicals in our weed ya fool liberal! This would be a nightmare for cannabis consumers.

Is this for real? Here it comes the greedy USA corporation looking for a way to make money regardless of how. Marlborjuana for the win, and the need to smoke it in order to appreciate thinly veiled and obviously tagged satire.

Its a hoax right now but it is also the future if legalized across the country you can bet Marlboro will job on then band wagon.

Plus with articles like this causing buzz it will draw Marlboros attention which will make them interested in funding the fight to legalize it everywhere.

They just need to realize that there is a lot of money to be made. OR was it a test to see how the public would react to the tobacco giants selling weed.

They know they are running out of time and losing millions as less and less folks smoke cigs. They were testing the waters with this….. But do people really want their 12 year old kids waiting for the bus while smoking dope? Like they do with cigarettes now! I am not sure about the 7 times figure, but common sense does tell me that inhaling smoke is harmful. Where are you getting this information? I am a medical marijuana patient, and i have seen no studies that say that marijuana smoke is as dangerous as you say.

Id prefer a contact high than suffer from second hand smoke from a cigarette. If I was a smoker I would switch to vaping. There is a vaporizer made for marijuana. There are no studies proving pot is harmful. All studies come back saying just the opposite. As I suspected… the scientific evidence is all over the place. As for smoking, burning any substance including meat on a grill for example creates carcinogens…. I am not too concerned about what science has to say….

I will concede that my research consisted of a 5 minute perusal on google! King James of England in had enough common sense to figure out that smoking was hazardous of course he was making some religious connections as well The story is he studied deaths in house fires where people died from smoke inhalation and made a simple connection… years before the FDA got on board using science.

But scientific evidence does about as much for me as religious evidence. Both are heavily influenced by man. Try searching benefits instead of propaganda. People who do not believe there are medical benefits will never be persuaded differently. We could open a bigger can of worms by listing the effects of alcohol, heroin, cocaine and meth VS. Having said that, a vaporizer would be the way to go for anyone concerned about tar deposits in the lungs.

I have looked at both sides of the scientific coin, and you will not convince me that this naturally growing plant, used worldwide, is not a medicinal wonder. There are too many facts out there to deny the actual benefits. I am confident in my knowledge that regardless of the reasons, marijuana should be legal for adults over the age of 21 without interference by government and big pharmaceutical companies out to make a big buck off of desperate people in need of relief from hundreds of illnesses and diseases.

Actually I think your is a well thought out and valid post… Thank you! I believe that it is only on the point of promotion of marijuana that we disagree. To be honest, I am generally apathetic about the subject and will admit that I am at best mildly informed. I can tell you that I am proud that at the age of 44 I have never been on a prescription drug other than a few brief prescriptions for sever strep, flu, etc.

So we agree regarding pharmaceutical companies. I believe that people can be persuaded, if they have an open mind.

It seems as if on these message boards very few do, so I appreciate your opinion and candor. Legalization would likely be further along with proponents as straightforward and lucid as you. I am 46 with a genetic bone malformation. I have had countless surgeries, and been on heavy narcotics for pain relief. I can tell you from experience, narcotics do not work, and are prescribed like candy by a lot of medical professionals.

The DEA does very little when it comes to their use when legally prescribed by a medical professional , but will raid the home of someone with a medical marijuana license in such states where medical use is legal.

I have taken myself off of narcotics after 3 years of use because they made me into a slug. Zero ambition, depression and a lot of weight gain. And that is to name just a few of the side effects associated with their use, but no real pain relief. I have used marijuana for pain relief, and it works. I respect those who do not wish to smoke it, or be around it. I appreciate your response, and I thank you for appreciating mine.

It is refreshing not to have to argue, and instead, have a real conversation with differing points of view. Something we see rarely on the world wide web. Learn to read pal. Copyright , Abril Uno. You obviously have your facts misconstrued. Hours to be exact. David- You are so wrong!!!

Maybe you should look into more websites that can give you a well rounded out look on the reality of legalizing marijuana. Amsterdam has had it legal for many years, you might want to note -drug related issues-deaths-second hand smoke related records- CRIME. Maybe you can get to the bottom of your disire to fabricate untrues. Probably brought up in a house that was closed mind to all except legalizing alcohol which in the years to come has proven to be a big mistake.

Unlike tobacco, which contains nicotine and is a known carcinigen, marijuana contains cannibinoids and THC, which seem to discourage cancer. It is also impossible to die of an overdose. Actually I looked around and found a site that showed similar research.

I am not a smoker of anything — just not my thing. I have nothing against weed, I figure it likely is no more harmful than my preferred drug — alcohol. Especially the thought that one plant is somehow better than another. Burning anything produces a massive quantity of carcinogens. If you do then there is much research saying it is great for you. Just like 20 years ago… when Salmon, avocados, eggs, and nuts were bad for the heart.

All you need to do is eat fat free hot dogs and Twinkies and diet soda and you were good to go…. So I ask a specific question and you give a generic answer… Take a look at the HIH National Institutes of Health and the education does not support what you are saying. Like I said before, I could dedicate myself to finding research supporting pot use and find plenty and I could dedicate myself to finding research critical of pot use and find plenty as well.

And Jeremy… Im sorry if I am coming across the wrong way…. Too often it seems as if people are more concerned about their own opinions rather than listen to others. In short I believe that anything absorbed into the body not intended by nature tobacco, pot, alcohol, caffeine, trans fats, processed sugar etc. Is more likely than not going to cause harm with any considerable exposure. I think it is ridiculous to incarcerate people for using pot.

But I am not on board with the idea that pot is somehow wonderful for you. They are created by the by products introduced into the tabaco products as to keep product on a longer shlelf life. Spirit cigarrets are all natural and do not contain anything other than the tabacco from the feilds to which they are grow. Well any smoke inhaled into the lungs is going to do damage, and it will also kill their brain cells!

Sorry but i have people in my family that are addicted and i see it destroying the quality of their life every day! Catpiss is a tainted form of marijuana Tell the family to get the real deal or stay away. Fake marijuana might be legal but is deadlier than alchol.

Brain cells die by the hour in the natural state of the body. Use both sides of the brain before claiming to know anything about these matters. This article is fake. Thanks for ruining the fun for the people who actually believed this story Jeannette…you took away their joy, you MUST be a Republican. Hehehe — classic domain name — April Fool! That said, would love to see this legalisation happen. Hemp is one of the most useful plants on the planet and it would be intriguing to see the tobacco giants battling against the oil, plastics, cotton and other multi-nationals and the drug lords!

Uruguay, the first country to legalise all aspects of hemp growing on Dec10, , is the current test case! Marijuana unrolls Cancer in your body and when you got cancer it kills the pain but it also speeds up the cancer they are not doing it to thin out the population. I mean how could they make marijuana cigs when it is illegal in that state? No way this is real. If corporations start producing marijuana cigarettes like tobacco cigarettes, they will taint it with chemicals just like they do tobacco.

Grow your own organically. Just like the one that believed people were using food stamps to buy weed. I know this is a hoax, but regardless, there is no way a corperation like that could legitamitly outsource their bud from drugloards in mexico and south america. Nor can you produce such a product in a state where its illegal. Great Idea if they would legalize cannibas just as they did liquor they would create more revenue for our trillion dollar debt and leave others pain free and glacoma relived.

It is good for many other ailments and to say that smoking it causes people to go on to using harder narcotics is a bunch of crap. Cannibas is a natural grow herb that God has given for those who would like to live pain free and function as a part of society. I am for prohibiting liquor sales that cause liver disease and auto wrecks on a daily basis and putting marijuana on perscription list.

God also gives the choice. Morales are based on Gods will. Not laws or others that think they are better than anyone else. The last is first and the first is last according to his will. Not just what you want to here but the whole ttruth. Let me asked you a question? Do you eat vegetable or any kind of fruit veg? David i tell you what, you got it wrong. God has made us above all wild animals and plants and we should all dwell in it. Me has a person my medicine is marijuana.

Dont push your morals onto the rest of us. Why do I need to abide by christian morals when I am not a christian? If its against your morals, great, dont smoke it. Leave me and my morals out of your crazy religious jibber jabber.

Smoking weed is a preference. Wtf is wrong with people?? My doc has me on over 10 scripts a day. Actually God wants us to be happy, and has created an herb as just one of many ways to help facilitate that. It can also help with creativity, tolerance and viewing life in a different, and less jaded perspective.

Who all are YOU speaking for? May I suggest you stop limiting yourself to such a narrow view, and open up to broader horizons. My guess is you subscribe to a right-wing perverted religious worldview. You can have just a bit and relax. Heroin comes from poppy seeds, which is a natural plant from the earth. Your logic is full of fallacy and makes no sense. Alcohol is made from hops, natural plant coming from the earth.

The bible is the last place to look for morality! Misogyny, slavery and such, which the bible condones, are immoral, in my opinion. Somehow I doubt the Ads sill get around the cigarette ad ban.

I know this is obviously fake, but if they did decide to do this, i wouldnt buy. I dont need some big company spraying a bunch of deadly chemicals onto a harmless plant, no thanks. Now I have to email them again! We launch in Colorado in a few weeks. Besides, why would anyone buy weed from a cigarette company when it will grow just about anywhere? Big difference between curing tobacco for smoking and simply drying out some weed to smoke.

Be that as it may, there are plenty of people that grow their own tobacco. I posted the following comment in response to one of the readers here. This article is a hoax. Marlboro is not selling legalized pot at least, not yet. This is a childish joke, I grant you. What can one expect from the potheads? Let me make clear that I am not in favor of marijuana legalization. While marijuana is not itself a hard drug, it DOES lead to impaired driving, perhaps not as strongly as alcohol, but a recent review in the British Medical Journal found people who used marijuana within three hours of driving were nearly twice as likely to cause a crash as a sober driver.

It is also — in spite of the multitude of vociferous lies put forth on this subject — a gateway to harder drugs. Also, pot smoking, like ALL smoking, is carcinogenic.

The estimation is that one joint equals about three cigarettes in carcinogenic properties. Nevertheless, if pot has to be legalized, then I would very much want to see the large tobacco companies like Phillip Morris and others get into the trade. Smart hard-working conservative corporations — including the tobacco companies — are much more able to capitalize on an industry.

But that all will change once big tobacco gets into the legal pot trade and if there is enough money in it, they WILL, as that is the nature of big business. Indeed, I would not at all be surprised to learn that big tobacco has already been secretly pushing to get pot legalized in Colorado and other states. After all, their business has been hit hard over the past decades by the anti-smoking crowd. It stands to reason that they will want to seek out new markets.

They get all the satisfaction that an unruly teenager gets when he defies Mommy and Daddy. The little one has to be defiant, he has to prove his independence. And what better way to do that then to use a drug that the conservative establishment frowns upon?

Let me rephrase you. Alcohol is the gateway drug. I wonder why so many people always skip this first one. Gene we can easily assume has never tried a drug… Maybe never ever been to a party around the age of 21 When everyone wasted and peoples morals Dissapear and someone pulls out a bag of pot and some pain pills…… So never being around any of that and forming an opinion far from the outside, on the sidelines….

Is irrelevant… Your opinion is irrelevant!! Actually I was raised well and never was into the party thing. I did do my first drug before I even started drinking… Marijuana smoked for two years, not daily but often. I than had horrible back pain and was prescribed opiates. It was than i gave my ex a couple.. Finished the bottle after the normal time.. Than never got another script..

I remember the high i felt tho. I break up with my ex and 2 years later she comes back into my life with pills in hand i than became addicted to opiates and quickly heroin for 4 years.. Ive been clean a year and a half and never could ever think of going back.

I left my girlfriend of 9 yesr.. Took me until last month to make up all the bills and money i owed. I start college on the 1st of the month.. Private college for medical assisting and will be a qualified phlebotomist as well. I think the point here is his perscription meds unfortunately were the gateway drug. Meaning every story will be different. My brotjer has been a weed smoker since he was He did shrooms twice…decided he didnt like anything more intense than weed.

He is 27 with a degree and a job and doing fine. Because it depends on the individual. Crawling is a gateway physical activity to football…and football players get concussions and torn ACLs. Slippery slope arguments are a logical fallacy…so not really a good way to make your case. The only loser here is you gene.

Everyone here has something intelligent to say and your shuting people down calling them idiots and retards. All drugs are considered gateway drugs.

Cigarettes and Alcohol are both legal drugs. This has nothing to do with liberals and conservatives yet you are trying to turn this into a political debate. I bet you also hate gays, blacks, and mexicans huh? A few, yes, but not many. And it certainly would never make it into the GOP platform. The one exception is loony-bird Ron Paul, who obviously attained the affections of all the druggies for that very reason.

BTW, thanks for the stereotyping. Also, who takes LSD anymore? Anyone picking either corner is a zombie. Hey when you see most homeless people, are they smoking pot or drinking alcohol? And when they drink alcohol do they not at all entertain the idea of going stronger? Or do they start moving on to crack cocaine or heroin?

BTW heroine is a female hero not a drug dumdum. If you put it that way then cannabis is just as hardly the gateway drug you mention. I do agree that cannabis is closer to hard drugs than alcohol. But this is only because of one thing: You can buy alcohol in stores but you have to go on the streets and buy your cannabis.

Because the cannabis and hard drugs come from the same source, yes cannabis is more likely to get you into them. Where are the data to back this one up? Do you think you would never buy hamburgers from McDonalds if they did not also sell French fries? On the contrary, I think the opposite would occur, in that the drug dealers will always be there, and the emboldened pot-smoking kids will seek them out to try other drugs e.

Yes, there ARE slippery slopes. If you want to do heroin be my guest. They should all be legalized and taxed. I mean prohibition worked out really well I guess. Major rise in organized crime, unregulated consumption, ordinary good citizens were turned into criminals only because they like to have a drink here and there and they have to resort to the underbelly of society to get a beer.

Thats what making these things illegal does creates nothing but problems. Quit being a scared little cooter. Real nice name-calling, open-minded liberal. Opinions are like assholes. Seems to me you started off with the name calling. Just pointing out the obvious. And BTW you know absolutely nothing of my politics. But from your tone you are clearly in agreement that ignorance is bliss. Do I know your politics? Enough said on that one.

Good lord, are you really so incoherent? Let me rephrase without the, ahem, one sided insults that pierce such delicate skin. And guess what, chump. That talking head is laughing at you. Do you have sex with sheep, jeanie? Or are you a virgin? I realize you were socialized with a desperate need for attention, and I understand your lack of human companionship drives you flirt with anything that moves, but I find intelligence sexy, jeanie, so I am sorry, you really, truly, and with great emphasis, are not my type.

Oh, and stay away from Vegas. Yes, I have a sense of humor. But not in this instance. Gee, what a brilliant retort. How many joints did you have to smoke it order to formulate that complex argument? Learn what you are talking about before you speak.

You fixed it, eh? You mean the apostrophe? I agree that no one should drive under the influence. I have never done any other drugs. I did not say, mind you, that anyone who uses pot will go to hard drugs. But I have never seen a hard drug user who did not start with pot. See, there are many people with many different experiences. Not everyone starts with one specific drug, they use what appeals to them. Like I said, I ended with pot, not started. Good for you for stopping. Unfortunately, I know too many who did not.

They began with it, liked it, and started venturing out to other things, thinking that they could control it. Many of them died young — some tragically. Others are alive but are not half the persons they could have been.

It is so sad. I too have seen so many friends die from drug abuse, it is sad. I suppose to a person of your ilk there is no distinction, in that all parties you attend involve drugs. But believe it or not, there are people who have parties that are void of them. My initial statement is intact: Though I doubt you receive many invitations.

Your high horse might…. What the hell do you have against people for living their lifestyles certain ways? Go back to the cave you crawled out of, bro. You try to seem intelligent but analyzing the stupidity and bitterness of your writing here, you sir are a fool.

What the hell do I have against people for living their lifestyles certain ways? You mean drugged out and drunk drivers are OK? Should I keep my mouth shut about a physician on drugs ready to cut a guy a open? How about an airplane pilot on coke? How about child molesters? It is a good thing that most of us but not all, unfortunately are still in favor of locking you people up. Open my eyes to WHAT?? Been there, done that, as they say. I now know better. Thank God for that.

Yes they come from plants, but you have to do different processes to produce the drug from the plant material. Marijuana is different, you just pick it off and enjoy!

Regardless of what you say, you take drugs everyday. So who are you to say what drugs are good or bad? What does THAT prove? Tell me what happens. Sorry Gene, but you are mis-informed.

And the British AND other european studies have shown stoned drivers to be safer and slower than their sober counterparts. Please read and post facts, as opinions like this just make you look ignorant and uninformed…. So should we close Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and just give all the patients a joint?

The smoke contains carbon monoxide just like most any smoke. Ingesting it rather than smoking it is a good way to cut down on the carcinogens. It can help treat it without having to introduce your body to harmful radiation therapy.

It stops the cellular reproduction in faulty cells cancer , while enhancing healthy cell resistance to cancer. Sounds like a cure to me…. Actually the marijuana being worse to smoke than cigs is false… I smoked weed for two years I hate it now.. Makes my fibromyalgia flare so bad. Does not help pain for me increases it. I can agree with the driving I used to sit at stop signs like they were stop lights…but i believe in medicinal marijuana and it shoukd be eaten not smoked.

It cures some cancers. With an open mind do some research. If you are truly interested. And you may have a loved one someday that is very ill and u can save them. Not by smoking by investing the marijuana. I highly believe in holistic medication. Pharmaceutical companies are making so much money on some poisons.

Liver enzyme function AST was … Both those are supposed to be Now I Also just got a ggt test which Is Supposed to be Its also q in depth liver test… But im headed in the right direction…. Bad thing is now from this i have fibromyalgia….. I do not drink nor do drugs EVER.. Drug free for 1. Anyways im stuck to with horrid fibromyalgia rest of my life now and I refuse to take opiates… Im in pain head to toe.

Non narcotic muscle relaxers and Benzos valium or xanax, is what im prescribed and how I can function. As a drug counselor that has studied much more that a munch of numbers…but evidence and effects…marijuana is more harmful than helpful.

The stigma of marijuana use as a drug has overshadowed the myriad uses it has beyond that. What type of topical creams?

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