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After 9 my place serious female


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I felt a great vibe between us and am hoping this makes its way to you and you'd let me take you out sometime. Waiting FOR ADVENTURE m4w never done this be HWP educated groomed and discreet. I do love pizza though. I like some one that can laugh and be able to smile at my corny jokes.

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After 9 my place serious female

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Click that button and let me know you are interested. Not your average prince charming ;) Im waiting After 9 my place serious female a girl to spend some quality time with. I am starting to think that is why my diet isn't going so good.

So just waiting for someone interesting and fun to have some drinks and good conversation with. Devorcied for a couple of years and ready for some fun.


PussyPass was founded as a place to highlight women getting advantage over men just by owning a vagina. Lighter prison sentences, more custody of children, alimony and many other areas. Oh and just so you know. Any of that altright BS shows up here help us out and use the report button so we can deal with it. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if that was the reason.

I'm sure there's actually people that believe it's not rape if the woman is attractive. I think it has more to do with happening in Texas. In May, Michelle Schiffer, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of improper relationship with a student, and faced up to 20 years in prison, the Houston Chronicle reported. According to court documents, Schiffer was working as a history teacher at Cypress Springs High School when she struck up a relationship with a year-old boy.

Had this been a male teacher they would not be calling it a relationship they would be calling it rape. Prosecutors accused Schiffer of texting other students as well, and said she sent topless pictures of herself to some of the teens.

It was unclear why Schiffer was not charged in connection with those accusations. Because Schiffer was not convicted of a sexual assault offense, she is not required to register as a sex offender, the Houston Chronicle reported. A man would have been convicted of sexual assault and would have to register as a sex offender. This guy sounds like an idiot.

He needs to get away from her as fast as he can. I can guarantee she will do it again. Can you link examples of men obtaining significantly unjust sentences in comparison to the sentence she received? Genuinely curious here, the only case I'm personally familiar with, a similarly aged man, with an underage female student received a similar sentence. Yeah, the sad reality is pedophiles don't get very harsh sentences. A guy at my job apparently raped a 14 year old and he only got 6 years.

Dude, she was sentenced to eight fucking years. Can you point to an actual example of a man being sentenced to life for first offense statutory rape - victim over 12?

I've seen cases of men receiving the same 20 year max sentence for raping ten year olds. If they got prison time, you can guarantee she looks like Mrs Potato Head before you see the mugshot. Nothing in that story says anything about her having to register as a sex offender.

So after her 8 years, she won't have the restrictions a man would have if he done the same. I still don't get the whole 1 female goes to college for x number of years to then 2 go back into public schools and 3 start fucking kids. Are they re-living high school? I'd understand that, but I'd like one of them to explain it to me.

I actually had a teacher who had sex raped a student. Curious - do you guys think men and women view sex the same as each other and that it's the same experience? You're talking about anecdotes. You honestly don't think most women view sex as an entirely different experience than most men?

How people view sex shouldn't change their punishment for sexual crimes, and any stereotypes made on views based on gender are always going to be inaccurate and always will be irrelevant when exceptions are extremely common.

Oh it absolutely should if you're being realistic. A man punching a woman in the face is treated differenrly than vice versa because a womans punch doesn't do anywhere near as much damage. Sorry to break it to you guys. Shooting someone and injuring gets different punishment than if the shot killed them because of the disparate damage. I think someone punching someone in the face should have the same punishment regardless of gender, as it's clearly about the intent rather than the damage.

If I got stabbed multiple times and survived I expect the stabber to be treated like someone with clear intent to murder. Also you're once again trying to piggyback off gender-based stereotypes with far too many common exceptions. You said that a woman's punch will deal less damage. My judo coach's star student is a girl, and she could crush my body with a leg curl.

Forget stereotypes, forget gender. Everyone should be treated the same. That's all I'm going to say, I'm not interested in arguing, I just wanted to express that I believe in equal treatment. Ok well there are reasons why the situations are treated differently as much as you don't like them.

A female judo teacher would get a different punishment than your typical lb girl. Mike Tyson gets harsher punishment for punching Taylor swift in the face than vice versa. Judges consider all the actual information and nuance. Are you seriously trying to argue women who rape school boys should have less punishment than men who rape school girls? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. PussyPass subscribe unsubscribe 37, readers 69 users here now PussyPass was founded as a place to highlight women getting advantage over men just by owning a vagina.

Keep you posting here civil but have fun. Other Subs to Checkout! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Only 20 years max. A man would have gotten life. Let us see what the sentence was. According to court documents, Schiffer was working as a history teacher at Cypress Springs High School when she struck up a relationship with a year-old boy Funny way to say rape.

It is clear as day. It is because she is a woman. So she was doing this with multiple students and only faced 20 years max but got 8. A man would have gotten life sentences.

No man would be able to get away with this. Clearly they do not give a shit about the victims she raped and forever damaged. Schiffer is engaged to a U. Marine, and was planning to get married in November, Mary said.

Even if it were relevant, the punishment should be the same. The entire reason you can't have sex with a minor is because of the damage it does to them. So if the damage is different, you're getting different punishment. You see that right?


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Continued Are there side effects? Can my IUD fall out? Your doctor will check your device during your regular office visits. Your cervix should hold the IUD in place, but in rare cases, it can. A convicted sex offender has reportedly been charged after a female prison officer was seriously injured at Littlehey Prison. Police said that the incident happened at HMP Littlehey in Perry, near. An appeal for witnesses has been issued by police after a woman in her 40s suffered a serious foot injury while waiting at a bus stop. It happened at am on Tuesday at a bus stop in Pomphlett.