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I have experienced this too.. Same goes for Christmas. Children are not told the New Testament truth in these settings and so you must teach them yourselves or send them to religious schools. May the Peace of Christ be with you. I have been following your street evangelism and commend your brave ministry. I have a topic to bring up that I suppose will receive some skeptical review, in the benevolent spirit of Christ of course. Look for a moment, if you will at the following link:.

Nickoloff, and think he is a good researcher. What he is presenting here hard to accept as real, however. He is not claiming to be, or accompany the Messiah. He is not making un-orthodox New Age claims. He simply claims that the Messiah appeared around the same time on numerous planets, giving the exact same message and was received as an authority everywhere but here, where we crucified him. Further, he claims that if we in significant enough part become a Christian planet that they will offer the support and brotherhood of their federation, but not until.

Anyhow, here I am wearing my tin-foil helmet again, but I just thought that you should know what is being said and what appears to be going on.

There you have it folks. We are allegedly being contacted by a spacefaring federation of orthodox Christians. Can somebody please have a look at this and tell me what they think? Get yourself the most lovely Icon of the Mother of God and place it on your table. A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand. His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by my bed. He took off his three-cornered hat, and speaking low, he said:.

We wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny. For future generations, this legacy we gave. In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But tyrants labored endlessly while your parents were asleep. In this, the land of the free and home of the brave. On land that you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent. You read about the current news, in a regulated press. You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the I. You trade your wealth for paper, so your life can be controlled.

You pay for crimes that make our Nation, turn from God in shame. Or do you wish your children, to live in fear and be a slave? Defend the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land! And pray to GOD, to keep the torch of Freedom burning bright! As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from whence he came. His words were true, we are not Free, we have ourselves to blame. In the final minutes of their bombing run, the pilot of lead B would flip a switch on his panel and then announce to their bombadier via the intercom that he, the pilot, was giving full control of their B over to the bombadier.

The lead Bs bombadier would then use the instrument controls on his Norton Bomb Sight to personally fly the lead B onto and over the intended enemy target. If you find or rent or buy the following DVD movie, do treat yourself to some video entertainment while savoring a good cup of coffee or tea at your home,. Saw a documentary on the Dresden bombing shown on television a couple of decades ago, before the internet would have put paid to such extravagant hubris , wherein the hatred in the voice-over was clearly audible as he stated, it was the strong Marian devotion in the largely Catholic city of Dresden a city of beautiful churches beforehand that was the cause of the bombing.

The same demonic influence whose black magic tried unsucessfully at Vatican II and subsequently, to totally destroy the Catholic faith. Grant us your salvation. This we ask through Jesus. Fill us with your Holy Spirit Comfort us in our afflictions.

Shield us from all the attacks of the evil one. We love you, We give you thanks. A wonderful nature, simple and hardworking multicolored like a grey rainbow and much suffering and spiritually abandoned people.

For one, I know the tyranny of the Jews and their minions. Like my country, Argentina, this one, for good or bad, used to be Christian. Open TV, the sole entertainment of the poor, a complete crap, full of sex, violence, depravity, news programs that pours blood into your living-room. Just murders, pedophilia, rape, etc. Muriel Fraser and an small article of hers will undoubtfully clarify the point:. In a surprise announcement last week it was revealed that on July 1 there will be Congressional hearings in Brasilia on the concordat signed last November.

However, this turned out to be more than a courtesy call. Critics note that this agreement appears to be a wedge which finds pretexts to introduce a number of basic legal principles that undermine the secular state. Because this includes Church-run social services, concordats act to impose Canon Law on both their lay employees and their clients.

In Germany this is a widespread problem, particularly acute for anyone, like gays or the divorced, whose private life does not accord with Canon Law. In Poland it only took twenty years for the establishment of voluntary unpaid catechism in state schools to be transformed bit by bit into lessons in Catholic doctrine which, in much of the country, has become effectively compulsory, is now paid for by the state and even counts in the grade average.

It obligates the Brazilian taxpayer to subsidise Church schools, to underwrite Catholic charities and to maintain Church buildings. At the same time it grants the Catholic Church unspecified tax immunity and even certain exemptions from Brazilian labour laws which could be expanded. Therefore there are virtually no wage agreements with unions, and, of course, no right to strike. This sounds innocent, but it is not.

Brazil would have to negotiate with the Vatican and seek its agreement. One country actually tried this. In a Hungarian cabinet minister went to the Vatican to try to renegotiate the Finance Concordat.

There he found that no one had time to talk to him. Lula was a union organiser who bravely stood up to the former military dictatorship. This man of action may be simply unable to recognise a creeping dictatorship which is brought about by documents, not guns. Joseph, if you study the doctrine of Fatima, which I have, you will see there the purpose of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary.

The sole purpose is the conversion of aetheistic Russia. Whatever else happens flows on from that. For since Russia is no longer an aetheistic country to suggest that it is, is to deny Christ in that country; to deny the faith of that country; to deny the faith of the Christians of that country. This can only come from the father of lies, as this is a lie. Fr Joseph you are of the anti christ. And the treasures that the wise men of old have left us in their writings I open and explore with my friends.

If we come on any good thing, we extract it, and we set much store on being useful to one another. There is no place in the church of God for liturgical uniformity , cultural domination, colonialism, brutal conformism or a uniformity, forcibly imposing worship and theological expressions upon others.

We may envisage this harmonization of different colors as a mosaic. Equally, it would be absurd to condemn other Christians who prefer this or that liturgical expression, this form of language, this kind of liturgical singing and music. This is not Orthodoxy. Spirituality can be expressed in different ways and must not be taken to mean a stereotyped form of piety, otherwise the human element is overstated as a compared with the divine at the expense of unity and the spreading of the gospel.

By overstressing marginal secondary elements, we promote them to absolutes and essentials while in reality there exists a dialectic synthesis and harmony. It was precisely this ignoring of cultural aspirations and the pluralism in humanity that manifested itself in the monolithic attitude of the Latin church [enforced by Charlemagne, a fanatic on standardization, often at the point of a sword] when it adamantly insisted on Latin remaining to compulsory language in the worship of newly-converted nations, such as Bulgaria and elsewhere, creating the consequent split.

Photius protested in an encyclical in and denounced the anachronistic steps of Rome. The conflict was seemingly over evangelistic methodology and deontology, but behind it was the Roman claim to primacy of universal jurisdiction. It accentuated the conflict between the Roman claim to be the center of unity for Christendom and the Eastern Orthodoxy conception of the five patriarchates of almost equal status [the Pentarchy of Patriarchs].

There is a deeper and more objective approach to theology and culture as a way of life that owes its origin to the early fathers of the east. Such a work is both indigenous and fruitful. Our faith and worship has to be expressed and reinterpreted through the language and the gestures, the customs of contemporary peoples scattered throughout the world. This was the extraordinary achievement of Patriarch Photius, seeking to integrate various Slavonic customs in religion and in liturgical life.

Such an approach to inculturation remains a continuous responsibility. The church of today, especially that in diaspora and overseas, is urgently seeking a diachronic and synchronic liturgy, preaching theology and spirituality that will embody the best traditions of local culture. These two brothers, Kyrill and Methodios, left to our age, called technological, electronic, nuclear, spatial, revolutionary, an everlasting model of how preaching and evangelism should be in every historical period of change.

While the central message will remain untouched and unchangeable, its language, form, semantic expression and terminology should always be reviewed, adapted to new emerging needs. Human beings, while remaining the same throughout history, from other aspects —cultural and intellectual - undergo considerable change, inviting appointed pastors to give more attention than they usually do to the methods used, to the language employed and to how they ought to speak in order to awaken apathy and sleepy consciences.

Without absolutizing methods and informatique, from this new science, nevertheless, we are not at all excused, if we rely exclusively on old outdated patterns of our fathers, irrelevant today. Certainly they were valid in their time, but not for today.

We need to become flexible, contemporary. We must, as an imperative challenge, stand with one leg in the past, in history, but we have to put the other leg into the present, with all that that implies and demands, for a proper articulation of our faith to the people. Only then will the proclamation of our faith become effective and credible. As always since this crisis started, each region of the world will be affected neither at the same moment, nor in the same way 3.

However, according to our researchers, all of them will be concerned by a significant deterioration in their situation by the end of summer 4.

These waves appear as follows:. Wave of massive unemployment: They are even more dangerous because they are simultaneous, asynchronous and non-parallel. Hence their impact on the global system accentuates the risks because they hit at various angles, at different speeds and with varying strength. The only certain thing at this stage is that the international system has never been so weak and powerless to face such a situation.

The G8 becomes more like a moribund club whose utility is increasingly questioned 8. US leadership is the shadow of what it used to be, mostly concerned by desperately trying to find purchasers for its T-Bonds 9.

The global monetary system is in a process of disintegration, with the Russians and Chinese in particular accelerating their positioning in the post-Dollar era. Companies foresee no improvement in the business climate and speed up the pace of layoffs. And, last but not least, the banks, once they have squeezed money out of naive savers thanks to the market upsurge orchestrated in the past few weeks, will be have to admit that they are still insolvent by the end of summer In the United States and United Kingdom in particular, the colossal public financial effort made in and at the beginning of for the sole benefit of large banks became so unpopular that it was impossible to consider injecting more public money into banks in spring , despite the fact that they were still insolvent Hence, while big investors from oil-producing and Asian countries 12 withdrew capital from these banks, large numbers of small individual investors returned, full of hope.

Intoxicated by financiers, world political leaders will be surprised - once again — to see all the problems of last year reappear, all the more severe since they were not addressed but only buried under piles of public money. For hundreds of millions of citizens in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, the summer will be a dramatic transition towards lasting impoverishment due to the loss of their jobs, with no hope of finding new ones in the next two, three or four years, or due to the disappearance of their savings invested in stocks or capital-based pension funds, or in banking investments linked to stock markets or denominated in US dollars or British pounds, or investment in shares of companies pressured to desperately wait for an improvement not coming soon.

No ship yet built is able to resist such pressures. Their opinion is therefore highly reliable! Usually, this type of revision results in further complexity of historical comparisons and favourable modification of important figures. For example, some previous revisions enabled the division of the average level of measured inflation by three. For instance, the EU is taking advantage of the political fading away of the UK - mired in a financial, economic and political crisis - and taking supervisory control of the City of London source: Americans on one side, Canadians and Europeans on another, British and Japanese in the middle, while the Russians play a complete different game?

This kind of situation was unthinkable only 12 months, maybe even 6 months ago, first because the Chinese were still naive, second because they thought it was in their interest to make everyone believe they were naive. Obviously, on the eve of summer , this situation has vanished: This student burst of laughter will continue to echo for many months to come….

In the UK, Europe and Asia, the same causes will produce the same effects: It is far from the scope of US and UK banking problems, nevertheless Berlin will probably be faced with a number of potential bank failures. In the United States, the banks bailed out by the federal state have simply lowered the amount of loans granted when they are supposed to do the contrary. I do work for a living and make every effort to be a good steward of the donations that a few of you send my way for the ministry of Street Evangelism and Real Zionist News.

BUT - again, the young people still come up to me and wish to talk about my message of Christ and to take pictures with me. Tonite in Times Sq was nothing short of incredible. Mothers with their children were continually coming up to me asking to take pictures of me with their children.

One family, a large Hindu family, stood in front of me for a long time, and then the father asked if I would take a picture with their large family of his wife and children. I really would like to come back to NYC on a regular basis.

BUT - I need your help to do it. However, the expense is immense. I need your help everybody to combat these Anti Christ forces, the Jews , through the Street Evangelism that I conduct. Now after converting to Orthodoxy and reading the lives of the saints and martyrs of Eastern Christianity, and through the lens of the wickedness of the unrepentent Marranos that came with the good priests and the worldly conquistadores, everything is much clearer.

A bit further away there is the old Mamilla cemetery of the Arab nobles and the Mamilla Pool, a water reservoir dug by Pontius Pilate. During the development works, the workers came upon a burial cave holding hundreds of skulls and bones.

It was adorned by a cross and the legend: The dead were laid to their eternal rest in AD , the most dreadful year in the history of Palestine until the Twentieth Century. By Palestine was a part of the Roman successor state, the Byzantine Empire. It was a prosperous, predominantly Christian land of well-developed agriculture, of harnessed water systems and carefully laid terraces. Pilgrims came in flocks to the Holy places. The Constantine-built edifices of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives and of the Holy Sepulchre were among the man-made wonders of the world.

The Nea Church complex included a 3, bed charitable hospital, in the modern sense, complete with a staff of monastic physicians, nurses and pharmacists, an extensive library, and a 2, bed pilgrimage house. These were completely destroyed, reduced to rubble by the Jews. The Judean wilderness was enlivened by eighty monasteries, where precious manuscripts were collected and prayers offered. There was also a small, wealthy Jewish community living in their midst, mainly in Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Their scholars had just completed their version of the Talmud, the codification of their faith, Rabbinic Judaism; but for instruction they deferred to the prevailing Jewish community in Persian Babylonia.

In the aftermath of the Persian victory, the Jews perpetrated a massive holocaust of the Gentiles of Palestine. They burned the churches and the monasteries, killed monks and priests, burned books.

Indeed, very few churches survived the onslaught. The Church of the Nativity miraculously survived: They perceived the Magi mosaic above the lintel as the portrait of Persian kings. This devastation was not the worst crime. When Jerusalem surrendered to the Persians, thousands of local Christians became prisoners of war and were herded to the Mamilla Pool area.

The Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich writes:. They were probably sold to the highest bidder. According to some sources, the Christian captives at Mamilla Pond were bought by Jews and were then slain on the spot. It had come at length, the long-expected hour of triumph and vengeance; and the Jews did not neglect the opportunity. They washed away the profanation of the holy city in Christian blood.

The Persians are said to have sold the miserable captives for money. The vengeance of the Jews was stronger than their avarice; not only did they not scruple to sacrifice their treasures in the purchase of these devoted bondsmen, they put to death all they had purchased at a lavish price.

It was a rumour of the time that 90, perished. Thereupon the vile Jews… rejoiced exceedingly, because they detested the Christians, and they conceived an evil plan. As of old they bought the Lord from the Jews with silver, so they purchased Christians out of the reservoir…. How many souls were slain in the reservoir of Mamilla!

How many perished of hunger and thirst! How many priests and monks were massacred by the sword! How many maidens, refusing their abominable outrages, were given over to death by the enemy! How many parents perished on top of their children! How many of the people were brought up by the Jews and butchered, and became confessors of Christ!

Who can count the multitude of the corpses of those who were massacred in Jerusalem! Jews massacred between 60, and 90, Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem alone, almost 1. A few days later, the Persian military understood the magnitude of the massacre and stopped the Jews. Before leaving for Fatima, Pope John Paul II sent a letter to the bishops of the world inviting them to join him in the act of consecration.

From the letter which the Cardinal Secretary of State sent on behalf of the Pope to the Bishops of the world before going to Fatima, May 13 I now fulfill the honoured task of informing you that in the course of his visit to Fatima on 13 May next….. As he asks you to begin now to accompany with your prayer his pilgramage to Fatima….. I renew the entrusting and consecration carried out by my predecessor…in a special way we entrust and consecrate to you those individuals and nations which particularly need to be entrusted and consecrated…reject not the prayers we send up to you in our necessities.

Accept our humble trust - and our act of entrusting! J M Haffert, who for many years had worked in the world wide Fatima apostolate for the collegial consecration of Russia, after May 13, communicated with sister Lucia through her superior. This was followed several years later by a roughly page long JPII worded consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by every church-going Catholic in the world in union with the other attendees at Mass, out loud and standing.

Two years after the event, and 7 years after the collegial consecration in Fatima, Portugal, Communism collapsed in country after country in Eastern Europe like a series of dominoes. People were finally free and the long planned merger of the Soviet Union and the US. Revelation 3 14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;.

This has been revealed to you in its gradual preperation. Thus, Humanity has been led astray by the error of theoretical and practical atheism; in place of God, idols have been built which everyone adores: He has replaced love with hatred; communion with disivion; justice with many injustices; peace with continuous war.

In fact this entire century has been spent under the sign of cruel and bloody wars, which have claimed millions on innocent vicitms. And as a safe refuge, I offered you my Immaculate Heart. Humanity has fallen under the domination of SATAN and of his great power, exercised with the satanic and masonic forces; my Church has become obscured by his smoke which has penetrated into it. In the harshest of winters, you are the buds which are opening up from my Immaculate Heart and which I am placing on the branches of the Church, to tell you that her most beautiful springtime is about to arrive….

Stephano Gobbi, December 31, , Milan Italy. There is no such thing as other Worlds, only planets. There is no such thing as aliens or Flying Saucers. That is why Satan is organizing a Fake Second Coming. Not too much longer and most everyone will believe in life on Mars there is no spacecraft even there or other planets. Then they will organize a fake alien attack, then the fake messiah comes to save the day. This type of crisis will have people demanding One State Only to govern the whole World.

The person at the top of this hierarchy will be the anti-Christ, or Satan or somebody like that. But I always meant to ask you a question, What is your website address?. Because otherwise your insights are very good.

What is left is last paranoic convulsions of satan, knowing that he has been terribly defeated and trying to steal in last moment as many souls as he can. I too take the view that a deception that would fool even the elect, if that were possible, is right on time according to the Scriptures.

So I am as skeptical a man as you might find on the subject of extraterrestrial intervention. Right along with that comes the desire to see if what I think might be happening is really happening, or if I am yet uninformed about the complete picture.

You know, it was revealed by a hacker in the UK a while ago, that the DOD, and particularly the Navy, have a space fleet. The question here is whether this is them, or someone else, for one. Last night we got a break in the rain, and it was a beautiful clear night.

Before the gibbous moon rose all orange colored, the sky was dark enough that a star caught my eye with its odd twinkling. Sitting low on the western horizon, it twinkled from red to blue, becoming less and more intense. It was as if it was a space craft rotating in orbit. It was incomparable to any other star, the rest of which really appeared to be white globes of fairly level light intensity.

Anyway, something is going on up there, and we are going to find out soon what it is. However, that is not proven at this point and I find myself in a position in which I have to extend grace temporarily to these strange people making these claims, and there is a reason why: As long as they approach us in the name of our Savior, but do not claim to be him or be his messengers then they can not be considered to be defrauding us spiritually or intellectually.

Instead we must, I believe, entertain their claims without prejudice for or against until all they claim is either proven or shown to be a lie. So, with benevolent skepticism I will allow them to compel me to travel an mile with them in order that I learn their true nature.

I am wary of the inherent risks, but because of the way they invoke the Holy Name, I am compelled to try to unravel this mystery some more.

I want you to witness for yourself what is going on and to subject your faith to the test which is being put to it. There is work to be done there for any Christian who considers this matter to have potential gravity. Thank you again for your reassurance, and please go check the link so you can help me determine the exact nature of this phenomenon.

She, the Virgin Mary, as the New Testament witnesses to, fulfilled her prophetic glorious destiny 2, years ago, by bringing forth our Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator, who is the New Covenant, as was foretold by the Prophet Jeremiah, in the fullness of Divine Revelation. I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different heteros gospel the gospel of the Twelve Apostles , which is not another alios - another of the same kind ; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.

But if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we speaking on the authority of the Twelve Apostles have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

For do I now persuade men or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ. Joseph, Carmelite personal devotion is one thing, but to press it as authoritative and dogmatic teaching moves it into the area of heresy when things that are publically taught that are contrary to the purest words of our Lord Jesus Christ, everything found in Scripture and Sacred Apostolic Tradition of the first millennium Church which Orthodoxy has preserved pure and undefiled the true apostolic deposit of faith.

Moreover, your claim on propounding matters based on lecto divina, which is merely a form of spiritual discipline when reading Scripture, as if it were the same as actual divine inspiration, derived in a manner which even contradicts your own Roman Catholic canonical law and dogmas, under which the Orthodox and other Christians are not bound by, not being a part of the incorporated institution of Roman Catholicism or otherwise under the ecclesiastical authority of the Pope.

Therefore, Marion devotions are a matter of personal choice, aka: In Christian love, I pray for your well-being as a friend, respect much of what you say and give some consideration to it, and some things invite further investigation. You state that you are a Catholic priest, but you do not have any spiritual authority over me. Nada, zero, zip, and I owe you no pastoral obedience. I am under my own priest-confessor, who by the way has 5 children, and my personal spiritual father is an abbot.

But in this I will admit, you are a much more intelligent and spirtually lofty man than I am, since I am a very stupid woman and fallen sinner. Please pray and consider helping me to continue on. In actual effect, you are propounding a different Marion gospel of salvation that is contrary to even the very basic truths of Holy Scripture itself which anyone can read for themselves, concerning Jesus Christ as our one and only Savior.

Not even the Marion popes do that, they make it quite clear that it is their personal devotion, and the same is true about the various Catholic Marion apostolates. Only the 16th century Catholic Douey-Reims version of Scripture published under the authority of the Pope, out of all the Bible versions ever published and still being published, carries the mistranslation of Genesis 3: But the first scriptural passage which contains the promise of the redemption, mentions also the Mother of the Redeemer.

Vulgate translation of Jerome! Jesus and the Apostles all taught from the Hebrew original of the Septuagint, not the Rabbincal version that Jerome used]. That is why in the parenthetic chapters of Revelation Satan hates Christ and His mother.

The Virgin Mary was saved by the inspiration of the angel who told Joseph to flee into Egypt. Likewise, Satan hates Christ and the Church John As for the apparitions of Fatima itself on a local, the most immediate impact and benefit of the experience for the Portuguese people, especially the vast majority sturdy and simple peasantry, within just a period of a few years, was the strengthening of their faith in the face of their growing troubles.

Fatima became a site of local devotion from the grassroots level. The first decade after was strictly concentrated on the investigations for locally authenticating the apparitions and miracles, and the beatification of the other two children, Fatima I and this is what had the most impact on the people of Portugal in terms of faith and piety.

This is the kind of thing that Satan is quite clever to take advantage of, and weave a net of delusion and lies around. We know as Christians that at the end of the Great Tribulation, Jesus Christ will return from heaven to earth in the same manner he ascended and in great glory. And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.

The media is controlled by the occult Zionists and will also be used to televise the coming of the Antichrist. The media, which is controlled by the secret societies Judeo-Freemasons , is and will be used for mind control.

Mass media will eventually be used to publicize the coming of the false Christ and to promote his agenda. Genesis 6… The descendants of Adam and Eve intermarried with demons, producing a demonic civilization which God destroyed with a flood.

Fallen angels interbred with human women to produce a demonic race; all were destroyed by the Flood and cast into hell, the interior of the earth.

The occult societies will promote the interior of the earth as Paradise instead of Hell and demons will ascend from Hell to torture the inhabitants of earth.

Lucifer was created as the most brilliant of all the angels and occupied an exalted position in Heaven below only God Himself. Before his fall, Lucifer appears to have led the worship of God in musical ways, being also the chief musician of Heaven. When he presumed to exalt himself above God, Lucifer was cast down to earth where, through the ages, he has craved the worship of men and has often been the object of their worship.

Whether through deception or with their full knowledge, the worship of Lucifer has typically been accompanied by loud music of the occult genre. During the Tribulation period, the musical instruments that accompany the worship of Lucifer will facilitate altered states of consciousness and levitation. These UFOs are probably already flying to other planets and perhaps even beyond. The occult will use space stations as a refuge from the Tribulation judgments and some may try to relocate to other planets to escape the Tribulation judgments.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. I would ask you to consider a few very basic questions about Russia and the world.

We must consider this for a moment. Well, this has not happened as far as I can see. He laid a pitch unsupported by good evidence that Russia is just biding time before it just rips the liver out of the Western World with a pre-emptive nuclear attack. It sounded like hysterical fear mongering. But this leaves open this question: If Russia is really back as a Christian country, it would be inconceivable to them to launch such an attack.

Of course, if a federation of planets can call in on a radio show, why not believe anything? Really, its a good question. But how about matters right here on Earth? What we appear to have are two distinct possibilities:. Russia is undergoing a Christian revival, and thus is not systemically going to commit pre-emptive genocide. Or, Russia is still a bloodthirsty Communist barbarian horde out to crush and despoil all that is innocent.

Then it is all possible. Of course, if we assume both things are bad and evil, Russia and the self-styled galactic observers, we can go right on believing that our biscuits are pretty near cooked already. You have to hold in contrast the notion on the one hand, that the reliable and true Scriptures point to a final destruction, not gradual utter peace and perfection. On the other hand, before the 19th century the world had its ups and downs, but Christian countries managed to uphold a largely stable and straight way of life.

This implies that humans can, if they really try, act good enough to get along. On the one hand hopeless, on the other hopeful. If we then factor in the Sabbatean cult of Talmudic Kabbalism and its false messiah, and how that movement has tried to get the world to accept that they were about to undergo a messianic fulfillment of prophecy. In effect, using Scripture against the faithful to get them to buy into the pernicious spirit of their own destruction. We then come to the understanding that the biggest deception running could be the conduct of psychological warfare by means of apocryphal tales and omens of destruction leading the target population to act out of their own superstition.

I say that if we self-destruct based on negative wish-fulfillment we will have failed in the trust God gave to us. What about Orthodox Russia? Is it true that the Anti-Christ will not prevail in this generation? It should seem more likely than it does. We should not be fearing the wrong thing, though.

If only we knew the true nature of what was before us could we hope to choose wisely. Where do suggestion and packaging give over to earthquakes and floods, and yet all might still be simulated events at some scale small enough to weaponize for.

What if the period we are in now is not the end, but is a time of a great stumbling block being used to turn our faith on its head, and make us then despise it all the more for not being the end? This is the hardest question. Perhaps this is not the time. If you want to have some fun this weekend, drop me a note. I am looking for someone who is Different and that wants someone who is mature and responsible.

I seek someone who loves to be sexual with sexy women and erotic and someone that will be patient with me and maybe teach me some new things. I'm looking for a man who will like to play with my C cup boobs. I would like him to teach me new things and when I make mistakes, to spank me so that I learn. He must look forward to spanking me.

I am looking for someone to have fun with. Someone with a great personality, good sense of humor, someone who enjoys to travel, and to enjoy new things. I am a pretty laid back person that is always up for trying new things.

I am looking for someone to first and formost to be friends with and who knows from there. I love to be outdoors.

I like to go on bike rides, walks on the beach, work out, be with friends, and just about anything else. I am a sex maniac. I do like to be in control in the bedroom situation.

I want to take a hold and have fun with boy toy. I would like to be kinda kinky and naughty. The more hot and sweaty the better and more wet I get for you. Is it hot in here, wow!! He's got to be ambitious, intelligent, funny, and loving. He can't be afraid of a girl that can be just as smart if not more and knows how to have fun without totally disregarding priorities But most of all, looking for a friend and working from there.

I am looking for a man who can charm and challenge me. L Appetite 98 Strangers play cards in a hotel. Loser must stay in a haunted room where you dream the dreams of the person who slept there before you L Appointment with Fear 87 Trapped in a world where death is not the end!

L Astonishing 04 Thriller - Subs. I guess they didn't want to leave anyone out? The killer teddy bear is the coolest. It gets a hold of an electric knife, cuts a guy's guts out, then while the dude is still alive, the Teddy dumps salt in the wounds!

No, I'm not making this up!!! You may want to put your Teddy out on the curb after this one. C'mon, you know you still have one! Epic at over 1 hour and 40 minutes, this may be Argentina's version of a Peter Jackson styled "Bad Taste" type of film.

Obscure film from France and in French Language - F. She fantasizes his death and finds joy only with her pet monkey. Monkey disappears and a shocking past is revealed. Q Aunt Tiger 05 Every 60 years a legendary demoness "Aunt Tiger" comes down from the mountains to eat children. And the Aunt is hungry!!! Or is it just someone with a disturbed past seeking validity to their existence?

Q Avere Vent'anni 78 aka: To Be Twenty - Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati star as two beautiful but disturbed young women hitching, stealing and screwing their way across the land and ultimately meeting a grisly fate.

A modern day parable for the 70's that works still today. Q Backwoods 87 aka: Can't find any information on this one. No information online or in any reference books on this one. He carries around a dead cat and becomes a singer in a punk rock band.

Hilarious, demented, poignant and totally screwed up!! An evil woman with a skin disease has her brain transplanted into her very own daughter! We continue our Righteous Crusade for Cremation. Why anyone would want their shell subjected to such depravity is beyond me unless they were murdered and there is a need to establish cause of death.

Mortuary of the Dead also on this disc has two guys abusing their station at a clinic with invasive corpse abuse. Showing body pieces and the like as they giggle and laugh like degenerates A Better Way of Death. P Beast in the Lake 99 aka: Walerian Borowczyk's trashy sleaze epic! L Beasts 03 Slasher on an island! Lots of gore , nudity and Sex!

Nudity, witchcraft, torture, monsters, guns! Lots of women in various stages of aggression, domination, and nakedness. T Behind the Cellar Door 71 aka: After Jenny Died - Joan Collins - British Thriller involves a family who take the law into their own hands by capturing their "now freed" daughter's killer - BA. Massage Girl Murders L Belva Col Mitra 77 aka: L Besame Mortalmente 90 Sex, nudity, lesbians, and a man who really enjoys strangling women as he has sex with them.

Argentina film is in Spanish with some nice "naked strangling" scenes. Wait til you see the breast molds! N35 Bits and Pieces 85 Maniac with a mother fixation stalks nubile women like a good serial killer should.

The people he befriends turn up missing and there is talk of a relative who has had various body parts amputated at various times! Lesbian snake dancer Gemser plots revenge on her male lover Palance for killing her female lover in this extra sleazy snaky smut-fest!

L Black House 99 aka: Kuroi ie - Wimpy insurance agent gets involved with a family who seem to be experiencing a string of accidents.

P20 Black Magic Terror 78 aka: Queen of Black Magic - BA. Enter a woman pursued by men to this isolated rural abode and you have just entered the dementia of this film makers world with him!

K Black Room, The 81 Brother and sister team rent a room to couples, watch them having sex, and kill them for blood.

A young student sympathizes with a killer. L Black Veil for Lisa, A 69 A woman has an affair with her assassin that has been hired by her husband to kill her.

More plot twists in this Giallo. A ripper killer is on the loose, hacking hookers in the old west! Entertaining low - budget 70's fun! Q Blood Delirium 88 Finally a longer version of this gem! In the opening two minutes alone there is a long running topless scene that was cut from last print we had. Later the bodies are disposed of in sulfuric acid. Also with hot porn star Olinka in a straight role kind 'a.

Is This Trip Really Necessary? Sea beast terrorizes costal village. Jekyll, The 81 Finally the full version of the Walerian Borowczyk classic! We had offered this before as " Bloodlust" not the Aussie Vampire flick. Now see the film American censors butchered. Udo Kier stars in this sex and violence classic. KT Bloodbeat 85 Funny 80's horror about a possessed woman in rural Wisconsin running around thinking she's a Japanese Samurai. Nightmare at Shadow Woods.

When they arrest a suspect the murders continue. Nice LBX print in English. Don't miss this one! N28 Bloody Beast, The 94 Brutal shocking film with a necrophilia rapist killer in jail recounting his dirty deeds of violence against women with small children.

K85 Bloody Friday 72 Ultra violent crime action bank robbery classic released here under the title "Violent Offender". A Tale of Torture. Q Blue Movie 78 Directed by Alberto Cavallone - A woman escapes from being assaultd only to find herself trapped by a sado- masochistic photographer who, among other deviant behavior, gets off on consuming fresh human excrement.

Can he be stopped? The only clue is that the killer owns a red and black scarf, and police are stumped. Q20 Body Parts 94 D: Each victim has a transplanted organ from the same man…. T Bodycount 80's Another obscure film. A cab driver is accused of a series of grisly killings. As he tries to prove his innocence, the real killer continues his reign of terror. K Bodycount 87 aka: Ulf Pilgaard NightWatch is the evil old scientist who tries to steal the body of a teenager.

Father and son work at their clinic and perform bizarre experiments. After living enzymes are transplanted into the brains of his patients, a parasite develops that turns them into crazed maniacs. What are you waiting for? Sounds like a church I was forced to go to as a child! L Brutti, Sporchi, e Cattiva 76 aka: Down and Dirty - Twisted black comedy from Italy which deals with a man whose family is trying to get his fortune.

Social degradation and more The Wicker Man Extravaganza - 3 documentaries on the film! In this, Edward Woodward returns to the island this great film was shot, it looks exactly the same, frozen in time. They go to a mysterious castle where they come across poisonous butterflies and a black-leather-clad killer.

T Buyu 04 When this creepy film debuted in Istanbul on 14th December , the theatre caught fire, due to some misplaced candles the place was evacuated, and many were sent to the hospital. Just one ominous piece of publicity that adds to the surreal ambiance of "Buyu". Probably the scariest Turkish film ever made. He becomes less human each day as his attachment to the chimp grows. Meanwhile a wax museum owner tries to organize an apocalypse of his own. Black comedy with an off center look at life..

In English - BA. L Byleth il Demone Dell'incesto 71 Medieval tale with undertones of demonic possession. A killer stalks women in an old castle. Nudity and gore - Mark Damon -F. T Camara Oscura 03 aka: Deadly Cargo - Terror on the High Seas!

It Happened at Nightmare Inn L Cannibali, I 70 Artsy film - Corpses everywhere in the streets but no one seems to notice - Britt Eklund stars in this LBX Italian language oddity reminiscent of apocalyptic Fahrenheit societal breakdown - Quality a bit soft. R40 Captain Cosmotic 98 German made low budget insanity with cheap cool FX Space Ships , lots of wild battles, gore FX some work, some don't and a lunatic fringe underground feel, done obviously by fans who love these genres.

N7 Captured for Sex 2 87 A couple driving through the country meet a sadist. He abducts them and recruits the male to help him abuse and molest the lady of the group. L Casa De Brujas 03 aka: The Witch Affair - Subs. Casanova romances a succession of women, including a nun, a hunch-backed nymphomaniac, and an aging necromancer. Donald Sutherland stars -BA. His problem is solved when a group of drunken party-goers stumble into his castle.

Child of Terror The Revenge 89 aka: The group experiences a number of misfortunes and mysteries before arriving in the area of the mine. They soon encounter a hermit Dan Haggerty living alone in a cabin and he seems to know quite a bit about the sinister nature of the region. L Children's Play 01 aka: Un Jeu D'enfants - Bizarre understated but effective horror where 2 children become possessed and people around them start to die Based on some popular book of the time.

The Movie - 3 films by Mick Duffield: Try finding this trilogy in your reference books! Loves of a Nymphomaniac. In Italian and LBX. K Circle of Fear 92 aka: Alibi Perfetto - F. B is for Beelzebub Exorcist C is for Chaos Lovecraft more When venereal disease runs rampant the whores are transferred to Camp where they are used as human guinea pigs. Great sleaze from director Jose Ramon Larraz. T Commando Game 84 aka: Dreary Pursuit - Early S.

Canadian made rarity - "Friendly Fire" Disaster at war time leaves one embittered and vengeful survivor with a goal to kill, one by one, the platoon responsible once he's recovered. A paint ball game in the woods gives him his chance only he ain't packin' paint!

He wants everyone dead including the wives and girlfriends of the platoon as well. Minimal blood the film maker's idea of a head shot is a little red dot and squiggly line on the victim that looks like water color paint. Awful acting and funny as hell in a bad way!

L Concert For a Solo Gun 70 aka: P25 Confessional, The 76 aka: Blasphemies abound with some murders by rosary and even and incense burner. Includes interviews with Paul Naschy, Lucio Fulci, and lots of gory letterboxed clips of Euro flicks!

Lots of fun for the Euro-Horror Fan! L Contronatura 68 aka: The Unnaturals - Antonio Margheriti directs this horror in which a business man and his companions take refuge in a castle after their car breaks down - A decent entry. Incredibly obscure Canadian Zombie gut-cruncher with nudity and the obligatory gore! From the director of "Killer Snakes"! Slipping Into Darkness L Crimes of the Black Cat 72 Giallo masterpiece with a nice "bloody razor" murder shower scene.

K28 Cross Current 71 aka: K Crystal Eyes 04 Excellent horror thriller! An inspector hunts a well educated maniac - In Italian. He ties one woman to a bed frame adorning her with a halo of thorns and she is found positioned like a Christ with an arrow through her chest.

This has different footage and the original soundtrack. Terminator styled imagery, voodoo reanimation, total eclipse of the sun, "Ghost" inspired Moments, Gory knife - kill, Cheesy CGI shots, high body count etc What more do you need? Q Custodes Bestiae 04 Old photos and paintings with cryptic messages lead a man to investigate a 16th century sect of evil priests that actually harnessed a Satan beast to assault females to breed the Devil's progeny told in flashback, assault and all.

All this based on fact sure sure as the mysteries remain why some art from this era has goat footed women!?! L Dark Friday 93 Two men and their female friend lure two young women to a house by the sea and proceed to terrorize them Sound is kind of weak so this is only FAIR quality T Dark Side of Sex, The 85 When A business man goes on a trip and leaves his three luscious daughters behind, some horny men visit their abode with sordid intentions - With Olinka! Hardcore Sex Version - Subs.

Sorry to say, it entertains purely on an incompetent wasted opportunity level. Still, it works as a 'bad-movie' that many can appreciate, and Jenny Agutter is still sexy as hell Alien force from meteor possesses a criminal's corpse. The Very Best of This is quite simply an incredible trailer collection of many rare flicks you may never see a trailer for, most in English.

Naked Fist is a stand-out trailer as a naked blonde does the kung-fu bop. Lots more sleaze and explicit gore trailers Alien Brief narration in between clips is in foreign language.

The " Shocking Africa" trailer may make you loose your lunch. L Dead a Go Go 99 4 suicides talk about why and how they killed themselves in the world beyond life - F. Dupree talking about his stint in a Friday the 13th film. L Dead Flowers 92 Austrian film. Exterminator picks up a woman and begins a relationship with her. It ends up being more than he bargained for as she is on the run from some mysterious organization and then disappears.

Will he find her alive? Or will he die trying? Nice use of piranhas as loving pets, but first and foremost meateaters.

Lots of the red stuff in this one. L Deadly Inheritance 68 aka: The Killer has Dirty Hands - Family battles over inheritance and starts getting gorily killed one by one in this Giallo. More 80's slasher fun! He tries to have sex with his babysitter and fails. Alone and aimless- he plans revenge on his mother. N60 Death Comes Down Slowly 72 aka: Entertaining offbeat and creepy!! T Death Haunts Monica 76 aka: R8 Death Laid an Egg 67 aka: Plucked - Bizarre Giallo involves a chicken farmer who breeds wingless and headless chickens and gets involved in murder and scandal.

K Death Merchant 90 Joe Spinell horror, his last film. Also known as "The Undertaker" this version is totally different than "The Undertaker" version with different music and lots of girls in work-out gear. Specify which version of this Joe Spinell classic you want. A man hunts the killers of his mentally retarded daughter in this Duccio Tessari directed Giallo. Narrated by Anton Lavey! P51 Death Walks at Midnight 72 Female victims are mashed with a spiked metal glove in this classic gory Giallo which also has a Featurette on the film and the genre.

This is really gross sick obscene stuff. Both on one tape. Don't blame us when you can't sleep and feel sick all the time after viewing. A real room clearer! P Deathrow Gameshow Also available in an English language good quality print specify.

T15 Deep Echo 77 aka: L Degenerazione 94 Asia Argento - Well made decent stories 10 different ones dealing with vampirism, snuff films, S n M, and more. Almost 20 min longer than the cut U. Maniac stalks and kills women. His job is to shoot them in the head when they come back. There is a brilliant sex scene atop a grave with a large breasted widow wow played by the ravishing Anna Falchi.

Directed by Michael Soavi this is the last word on this classic. Brilliant print and of course it is in English! The Devil Master 76 BA. Guests come together for a dinner in a remote castle. They are gorily dispatched one by one.

Messenger of Death Q Den Osynlige 02 aka: The Invisible - After being brutally murdered, a recently high school graduated young man comes back as a spectre, following the investigation of his own death. Brutally violent at times and considerably intense- LBX- Subs. Uncut version with all the gore missing from released version! Obscure Aussie horror thriller!

B Destricted 06 A compilation of erotic films intended to illuminate the points where art meets sexuality as interpreted by various controversial directors. A couple in an accident are invited to a manor where sex, drugs , death and lesbians await. M20 Devil Flesh 99 aka: A dwarf watches his wife service the local stud. He agrees to let it continue as long as she does not leave him.

L Devil Species 04 If you get bitten by this snake, you become a killer walking snake monster!!! Canadian horror by Jean Beardin dealing with black magic rites and sleaze. Possessed by the Devil Crocodile people ruled by an evil witch queen! Q35 Devil's Express 76 Martial Arts master battles demon. Q Devil's Men, The 75 Very good quality! The blood is bright red! Beware the cut version "Land of the Minotaur". Q Devil's Obsession, The 74 aka: Q Devot 03 Guy picks up a girl from a bridge where he thinks she is trying to commit suicide.

LBX and in German language so F. Alain Delon, Senta Berger. Q Diabolicamente Tuya 67 aka: Letizia 75 Married couple are unable to conceive so they adopt their niece, Letizia. She seduces the entire household causing suicides that get her closer to the wealthy inheritance her evil mind seeks Creepy, trippy and atmospheric, but only in Fair quality due to some glitches near the end and a somewhat soft print.

Still- very watchable - and somewhat rare - In Italian Language. The question is, did one of them do it, did both of them do it, or did neither of them do it?

This one in English set in the U. Jekyll kidnaps people and experments on them with the aggression serum created by his great grand dad…..

But the dogs go mad and attack everyone! Q Doll Cemetery, The 04 Horror! N66 Doll Master, The 04 Korean horror with killer mannequins! It turns out that her husband is a cop Three students hook up with Pearl a sadistic criminal and go on a crime spree. Disturbing movie that never lets up until the credits roll. Venus Fly Trap - Ed Wood scripted horror which involves a mad scientist's creation: Frankenstein on Campus 70 aka: Flick - Campy Naked Fun with the Dr.

With Gore, High Camp, and venomously hilarious dark dialogue! Revisit the days when Hammer, Amicus and Tigon reigned supreme- with a twist. All of the following are on the 2 disc set.

And Now the Fearing London , when a property developer, an architect and a feminist art critic are trapped in high rise lift, their dreams turn to nightmares! Think Tales from The Crypt meets Dr. Frenzy of the Tongs: Think Terror of the Tongs or any Fu Manchu. Curse of the Blood of the Lizard of Doom: Baxter's search for a cure for the common burn sets him on a collision course with his troubled past Lesbian Vampire Lovers of Lust: A newly wed couple find themselves at the mercy of luscious undead ladies Voodoo Feet of Death: A ballroom dancer loses his feet in a freak accident with giant scissors, only to find that his replacement feet are hell-bent on murder Think Hands of Orlac etc Captain Tobias Slater delights in witch - burning and wench - bedding - until he comes across a genuine coven of evil The Japanese are responsible for this Animated adaptation.

This is a pretty violent cartoon with very dark themes, and in English! He does not know that Vanessa, widow of Count Dracula, sleeps in the sixth chest. She rises in the night and walks around craving for blood…….

Horrortrip der Satanssekte 78 Mondo satanic smorgasbord with Anton Lavey, black mass rituals, bloody voodoo and more from the genius who brought us the Shocking Asia series.

Put this on in the background and freak out your friends! Put on some of the heaviest music you have death or black metal works great and let it rip.

Q El Asesino Del Parking 05 aka: Jugar a Mater 2: Q El Bosque Del Lobo 71 Obscure would be werewolf flick, about a guy that may or may not be infected with lycanthropy, as murders in the woods escalate - F. After watching this- you may wish to be cremated when the time comes!

More disgusting extras follow the embalming. This is the real stuff folks. Not for the weak - a great argument against burial! First important martial arts horror film. Cool battle between 2 wizards etc. L Enigma Rosso 78 aka: This version is different then the release version full of different FX! For the stop-motion completist and fans of this film which was the inspiration for the "Evil Dead ' films. To fight - they must collect the essence of virgin males.

T Erotic Passion 81 aka: Very nice print too and in English. L Erotic Slaughter 03 Detective starts investigating a serial murder case in which middle - age men are killed. The killer a sexy woman seduces them and then kills them in bed. Her father is ordering her to kill the men. Q Escalofrio Diabolico 71 aka: B Eternal Evil 85 Winston Rekert. When he wakes up he is surrounded by dead bodies or covered in blood, which begs the question, is he some type of Schizo killer?

Or is the Evil Devil Cult responsible? Both stunning girls wear an assortment of SnM outfits. Category 3 , LBX with subs. L Evilspeak 81 No , not the cut recently released version that only runs 92 minutes. This is the fully uncut version that runs about minutes.

K29 Excite Me 72 aka: Also with Anita Strindberg and Ivan Rassimov. The demons inside the amulet begin possessing the entire family. A conman, who pretends to be an exorcist tries to help, but ends up possessed as well. Kane is the solider of Satan T Eye of the Cat 69 This is the Uncut version of this rarity.

Michael Sarrazin and Gayle nice mini - skirts! The plan is to rob his Aunt. She has lots of cats. He has a cat phobia. Lensed in San Francisco with great photography, a supernatural feel- and some jolts with an eerie soundtrack. Tate is lovely as a witchy woman. L Eyes, The 02 The hunt has begun! Ghost in a haunted cabin! Based on Jodorowsky's memories of a play by surrealist Fernando Arrabal.

Cops beat hookers with clubs You'll never go out whoring again! Lots of breasts and blood! Q Fatherland 94 Rutger Hauer - Fictional account of what might have happened if Hitler had won the war. Set in the 's, Germany's war crimes have been kept a secret.

Hitler wants to talk peace with America as the Nazi's plot to destroy all evidence of the Genocide. Schizophrenia 83 Disturbed young man murders, assaults, stalks and even engages in a little bit of the old necro.

He quickly begins to feel the compulsion to kill again P Feast of Satan 71 aka: Las Amantes del diablo - Spanish made horror about a women searching for her missing sister in a small coastal village.

Soon she finds herself in similar circumstances as she stumbles upon the terror of a devil - cult. Also available as English language version entitled "Blood Ceremony".

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