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It's perhaps fitting that I write this introduction in jail- that graduate school of survival. Here you learn how to use toothpaste as glue, fashion a shiv out of a spoon and build intricate communication networks. Here too, you learn the only rehabilitation possible-hatred of oppression. Steal This Book is, in a way, a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika. It shows you where exactly how to place the dynamite that will destroy the walls.

The chapter headings spell out the demands for a free society. A community where the technology produces goods and services for whoever needs them, come who may. It calls on the Robin Hoods of Santa Barbara Forest to steal from the robber barons who own the castles of capitalism. It implies that the reader already is "ideologically set," in that he understands corporate feudalism as the only robbery worthy of being called "crime," for it is committed against the people as a whole.

Whether the ways it describes to rip-off shit are legal or illegal is irrelevant. The dictionary of law is written by the bosses of order. Our moral dictionary says no heisting from each other.

To steal from a brother or sister is evil. To not steal from the institutions that are the pillars of the Pig Empire is equally immoral. We cannot survive without learning to fight and that is the lesson in the second section.

The purpose of part two is not to fuck the system, but destroy it. The weapons are carefully chosen. They are "home-made," in that they are designed for use in our unique electronic jungle. Here the uptown reviewer will find ample proof of our "violent" nature. But again, the dictionary of law fails us.

Murder in a uniform is heroic, in a costume it is a crime. False advertisements win awards, forgers end up in jail. Inflated prices guarantee large profits while shoplifters are punished. Politicians conspire to create police riots and the victims are convicted in the courts. Students are gunned down and then indicted by suburban grand juries as the trouble-makers. A modern, highly mechanized army travels 9, miles to commit genocide against a small nation of great vision and then accuses its people of aggression.

Slumlords allow rats to maim children and then complain of violence in the streets. If we internalize the language and imagery of the pigs, we will forever be fucked. Let me illustrate the point. Amerika was built on the slaughter of a people. That is its history. For years we watched movie after movie that demonstrated the white man's benevolence.

Jimmy Stewart, the epitome of fairness, puts his arm around Cochise and tells how the Indians and the whites can live in peace if only both sides will be reasonable, responsible and rational the three R's imperialists always teach the "natives". The Indians should have offed Jimmy Stewart in every picture and we should have cheered ourselves hoarse.

Until we understand the nature of institutional violence and how it manipulates values and mores to maintain the power of the few, we will forever be imprisoned in the caves of ignorance. When we conclude that bank robbers rather than bankers should be the trustees of the universities, then we begin to think clearly.

When we see the Army Mathematics Research and Development Center and the Bank of Amerika as cesspools of violence, filling the minds of our young with hatred, turning one against another, then we begin to think revolutionary. Be clever using section two; clever as a snake. Dig the spirit of the struggle. Don't get hung up on a sacrifice trip. Revolution is not about suicide, it is about life. With your fingers probe the holiness of your body and see that it was meant to live.

Your body is just one in a mass of cuddly humanity. Become an internationalist and learn to respect all life. Make war on machines, and in particular the sterile machines of corporate death and the robots that guard them. The duty of a revolutionary is to make love and that means staying alive and free. That doesn't allow for cop-outs. Smoking dope and hanging up Che's picture is no more a commitment than drinking milk and collecting postage stamps. A revolution in consciousness is an empty high without a revolution in the distribution of power.

We are not interested in the greening of Amerika except for the grass that will cover its grave. Sort of a quick U. It begins to scratch the potential for a national effort in this area. Since we are a nation of gypsies, dope on how to move around and dig in anywhere is always needed. Together we can expand this section. It is far from complete, as is the entire project. Incomplete chapters on how to identify police agents, steal a car, run day-care centers, conduct your own trial, organize a G.

The book as it now stands was completed in the late summer of For three months manuscripts made the rounds of every major publisher. In all, over 30 rejections occurred before the decision to publish the book ourselves was made, or rather made for us. Perhaps no other book in modern times presented such a dilemma. Everyone agreed the book would be a commercial success. But even greed had its limits, and the IRS and FBI following the manuscript with their little jive rap had a telling effect.

Thirty "yeses" become thirty "noes" after "thinking it over. Finally the day we were bringing the proofs to the printer, Grove consented to act as distributor. To pull a total solo trip, including distribution, would have been neat, but such an effort would be doomed from the start. We had tried it before and blew it. In fact, if anyone is interested in 4, Yippie calendars, they've got a deal. Even with a distributor joining the fight, the battle will only begin when the books come off the press.

There is a saying that "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one. Literally anyone is free to print their own works. In even the most repressive society imaginable, you can get away with some form of private publishing. Because Amerika allows this, does not make it the democracy Jefferson envisioned.

Repressive tolerance is a real phenomenon. To talk of true freedom of the press, we must talk of the availability of the channels of communication that are designed to reach the entire population, or at least that segment of the population that might participate in such a dialogue. Freedom of the press belongs to those that own the distribution system.

Perhaps that has always been the case, but in a mass society where nearly everyone is instantaneously plugged into a variety of national communications systems, wide-spread dissemination of the information is the crux of the matter. To make the claim that the right to print your own book means freedom of the press is to completely misunderstand the nature of a mass society.

It is like making the claim that anyone with a pushcart can challenge Safeway supermarkets, or that any child can grow up to be president. To get the book to you might be the biggest challenge we face. The next few months should prove really exciting. Obviously such a project as Steal This Book could not have been carried out alone. Izak Haber shared the vision from the beginning.

He did months of valuable research and contributed many of the survival techniques. Anna Kaufman Moon did almost all the photographs. The cartoonists who have made contributions include Ski Williamson and Gilbert Sheldon. Tom Forcade, of the UPS, patiently did the editing. Bert Cohen of Concert Hall did the book's graphic design.

Amber and John Wilcox set the type. Anita Hoffman and Lynn Borman helped me rewrite a number of sections. There are others who participated in the testing of many of the techniques demonstrated in the following pages and for obvious reasons have to remain anonymous.

There were perhaps over 50 brothers and sisters who played particularly vital roles in the grand conspiracy. Some of the many others are listed on the following page. We hope to keep the information up to date. If you have comments, law suits, suggestions or death threats, please send them to: Many of the tips might not work in your area, some might be obsolete by the time you get to try them out, and many addresses and phone numbers might be changed.

If the reader becomes a participating researcher then we will have achieved our purpose. Watch for a special edition called Steal This White House, complete with blueprints of underground passages, methods of jamming the communications network and a detailed map of the celebrated room where according to Tricia Nixon, "Daddy loves to listen to Mantovanni records, turn up the air conditioner full blast, sit by the fireplace, gaze out the window to the Washington Monument and meditate on those difficult problems that face all the peoples of this world.

In a country such as Amerika, there is bound to be a hell-of-a-lot food lying around just waiting to be ripped off. If you want to live high off the hog without having to do the dishes, restaurants are easy pickings.


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Russian trolls may have brought 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' debate to the dark side Russian trolls may have been jumping in on Twitter conversations, says reseacher. Why actor John C. Reilly prefers to partner up on screen The actor said one thing he's consistent about is having on-screen buddies. Alicia Keys talks co-parenting with exes Blending families together is "a real thing, and it's possible.

Prince Harry and Meghan visit Sussex Meghan and Harry will meet with sexual abuse survivors during their visit. Stars open up about their first time voting "My first time with a woman was ," Evans said. String of celebrity home burglaries linked to social media: Police Celebrities no longer seem to be just objects of fame and fortune. Emma Stone opens up about her lifelong struggle with anxiety The actress opened up about her lifelong struggle with anxiety. Princess Kate returns to royal duties after maternity leave with Prince Louis Kate met with school children in central London.

Gisele Bundchen on how she rose up from 'rock bottom' The supermodel also shared the most important lesson she teaches her children. After being job-shamed for bagging groceries, former 'Cosby Show' star returns to TV A viral photo of the actor bagging groceries garnered hateful comments online. The untold story of Dubai's first skyscraper. Emirati children prepare for a robotic future. Dubai's racing to build the world's first hyperloop. Vertical farms on the rise in the UAE.

The face that launched a billion-dollar brand. How Dubai is integrating AI into everyday life. University blockchain experiment aims for top marks. The business of Ramadan: When religion and capital converge in the UAE. Why Dubai is all in on drones. That or Turkey would have to stop taking and expanding their dam system to take more water.

America not having the authority, moral or otherwise to stop Turkey we put the whole mess out of sight and out of mind and let Kurds die. On a similar topic: I just came across a post by Gail the Actuary from a couple years back looking at the actual performance of electric systems when renewable sources are added. This leads to failure of the entire system. All the propaganda about the low cost of renewables leave out any cost for an electrical storage system, an obvious gap.

Of course, Musk will save us with his Powerwalls! Kingly and Queenly convenience is overrated and wasteful. Sometimes you just have to slow down and take things as they come and how they are. I do remember while living in frugal Japan in the s how amazed I was to learn that my office-worker sister and her engineer husband would leave the central air conditioning going full-blast all day while they were at work downtown Dallas so the house would be fresh and cool when they arrived back in the late afternoon.

I kept my mouth shut though as that was commonplace behavior — and I did not want them to know I was such a weirdo. What about fuel cells, or solar energy satellites? Yes, I know that sounds like pie-in-the sky, but the technology is either here or about to be.

In short, we may well end up in a world made by hand, and that is where I agree with JHK. And most hide their true costs behind current industrial capabilities, which would be impacted even more by current energy supply disruptions. No matter how you slice it, oil was the low hanging fruit of energy sources. I realize that with current technology, solar, wind, hydro power etc.

Unless they perfect fusion generated nuclear power, I believe nuclear is too dangerous to be used at all. But then you have capitalism and the need for maximum monetary profit for companies and shareholders to fuck up the whole equation.

Profits and obscene compensation for CEO types must be maintained at all costs. A world made by hand is sounding better and better. The primary problem of electricity replacing our Happy Motoring needs is that battery technology just is not where it needs to be. And the availability of lithium and cobalt will not ramp up to produce all the vehicles required. And most of the reserves are in countries that do not like us much. Not to mention that by the time electric cars become readily available, no one hardly will be able to purchase one.

I am sure that the skill set that most of our fellows possess can be connected to this mind set. The general consensus seems to be that an over weight mid level mangager, with bad health, in a six hundred dollar suit is more valuable to society than a journeyman electrician in a pair of Dickies. The electrician probably owns the Dickies while the six hundred dollar suit is owned by the credit card issuer. Six hundred dollar suit? That would be for a very marginal manager indeed.

Suits are status symbols these days, just like everything else. Do you wear Dickies? Or a cheap polyester suit? Hidden under a white hood and bed sheet? I wear a suit of armor underneath my new used clothes, always of medium quality but kept spotlessly clean.

The armor is old and creaks. Sometimes I have to stop and oil it. Always carry a bit around with me. Indeed wm, the number of pitfalls available to a man increases exponentially with the increase in his disposable income.

In the end, we are all only mortal and while chasing the buck may seem to work for some people, I have come to believe otherwise. Call me the fool if you wish, but I do not want to wake up dead one morning and find myself having to explain to a higher authority why I had to live an exorbitant lifestyle while so many around me have little to nothing at all.

Regardless of all the inconveniences and logistical difficulties, such as dealing w weather, traveling at much slower speeds, and transporting large items, these two and three wheel vehicles might be not only the best option, but the only one.

And electric cars will never the solution, especially in a timely manner. What other solution is so affordable and environmentally sustainable as scooter, mopeds and e-bikes? Big cities are nice to visit for various reasons. But, I for one would never, ever consider living there. I admit I am a bit of a misanthrope. We had one old local coot that used to drive her Rascal Scooter complete with old-fashioned bike flag on the street to the grocery store.

Totally illegal, but the cops gave her a pass anyway. One encounter with her and you immediately knew why. When finally cornered she tries an es-cape from the po-leese. Still mulling over the possibility of Rascal lanes on the freeway…. It is true that since — the landing of Apollo on the Moon — the scientific and technological development has radically slowed down, but it is mostly due to ideological, political, military-strategic and.

A new method of energy generation, which is called nuclear relativistic technologies NRT , was developed in Russia in the early The principle of NRT is to combine a nuclear reactor with a compact elementary particle accelerator. The result is a nuclear relativistic power station — without the supercritical mass of fissile products and therefore absolutely explosion-proof.

It will be able to work on uranium from the dumps of radiochemical plants, natural uranium, and thorium. That will reduce the volume of radioactive waste by several orders of magnitudes and solve the problem of shortage of uranium for nuclear power plants. At the heart of NRT is the Bogomolov particle accelerator on the return wave, an ultra-compact proton accelerator with energies on the order of 10 GeV giga-electron-volt.

The classical accelerator for each GeV at the output needs 1 kilometer of length 4 GeV is 10 kilometers. A 4 GeV Bogomolov accelerator is easily placed in the cargo compartment of the An Ruslan cargo plane.

This is an old Soviet development, the invention of Alexei Bogomolov. The patent for its invention belongs to Russia; the author of accelerator is Alexei Sergeyevich Bogomolov. The technology was tested in Dubna and Protvino Moscow region , with a series of experiments. The Russian group also worked under a contract with US Central Intelligence Agency in one of the directions of this technology.

It can also be used to track the transportation of any nuclear material. And it is possible and for the creation of safe nuclear power plants. In the summer of all the developments were handed over to the Americans. Now Americans are creating a system in Los Alamos. I consider this step to be a significant for attentive observer, it explains everything.

I hope that within the new military-strategic balance in the world due to hypersonic anti-ship Kinzhal missiles, the restrictions for development of NRT technology has lost any sense as well as super-expensive US aircraft carrier fleet. Remember, all usable energy is concentrated and local.

Which, of course, they are. Exactly my point, numbnut. Takes a whole lot of time, money, and natural resources to produce it somewhere else first. Maybe with an isotope or two just for fun? We know this to be true, but we are a nation of hollywood, science fiction, sports, and marketing, so we are gullible and can be marketed fantasy as a version of reality. How deep in horses—t will we be if this conversion happened.

Maybe find someway to convert horse manure to fuel? At the center of every debate about contemporary civilization we have an overpopulation conundrum. Our current objectives should be to assert superordinate goals of cooperation between fractious partisanship worldwide. Globally, we are aware of our shared ecosystems and the urgency to maintain their viability in the face of global fallout from war. Our current responsibility cannot be shirked as our collective existence depends on our collective ability to foster sustainable relations rather than manifestations of strife.

As stewards of life we are tasked not to destroy it outright in ignorance. It is no conundrum and is easily explained. That is the truth. The hard part is accepting that contrary to not understanding it, nobody cares.

Humans can understand just about anything. Caring about things that matter. RW Do you perhaps drive a Subaru Outback with the back end plastered with save the planet bumper stickers? The kind of faded Maroon Subaru Outback that does the speed limit in the fast lane and is passed by everyone else?

I am a dedicated General Motors adherent, K-Dog. Unfortunately, for those of us who are conspiratorially inclined, the idea that TPTB are actively seeking the WWIII hot war of which you speak seems almost certain now. Read the comments section and you will see that most are very worried. All immigration to America must end if we are to have any kind of viable future at all. There is a year delay from co2 being emitted until it transforms into atmospheric heat absorption.

The wild weather experienced now is only the beginning of an exponential increase in frequency, duration and intensity. The monetary meltdown in progress will synchronize neatly with literal perfect storms.

This extreme weather will destroy infrastructure as you know it. Flooding, heat waves, no electricity or gas will do in the pretense of suburbia. Unfortunately nuclear reactors will be inundated releasing megatons of ionizing radiation to finalize things.

Great blog post this week, Jim. This is the heart of the matter. Urban planning seems to largely continue running on the same philosophies it has had post-WWII. Sprawl outward, continually outward, with the accompanying expensive highway and road nets to accompany that growth.

Or at least, when the costs become so high that maintaining the transport web threatens the hobbyhorses of dozens of other social welfare sacred cows, a real conversation then happens. That is, when a flood demolishes a large city NOLA , or a bridge collapses Minneapolis , then only after the fact a conversation happens. However, not much before, or by those who are ignored.

So if my theory is correct, oil prices would need to become so debilitating that food prices and consumer gas prices have had already severely torpedoed the economy, before serious thought comes on line post-crisis. They have to get elected. And begging for funds from scumbag money men.

There is no hope but in Fascism. Psychologists have determined that factions begin to form within twenty minutes of strangers being in the same room together. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home, and yours.

Shun him… for he is the harbinger of death. Before that though we may look forward to the arrival of the gang of four on colorful horses one which is pale to behold. I think a way to a solution, or the beginnings of the end to a set of solutions, is for communities to get real serious about providing for an authentic localized economy.

You are right, localization is the future, I believe. The birth pangs of this will be monumental. The Elite will fight it with all their power. The decentralization will start at the international level, it is occurring now. The nationalization of the US and Britain is happening in front of our eyes. And others are following as the evils of globalism present themselves.

In the US, seccesionalists are starting to exert power, California, New York, Colorado are three examples where local issues are becoming dominant over national. I think dissolution is inevitable as people become more and more convinced that Federal level administration hurts more than it helps. And it will be based on much deeper issues than just hating the President. When local economies start to function again, i. And then and only then, will America become Great Again.

This is not partisan either, when the end of the elite led globalist lunacy starts to end Liberals and Conservatives will join together to throw out the bums. Seems to me that the only places made for public transportation are the cities, and even there, many things like the old neighborhood groceries, and other local services have closed down.

It would be pretty difficult to restructure the suburbs so they would be livable. The political parties would be of no use in the endeavour. There are probably solutions to the difficulties we face, but the question is, with the increasing problems we have with peak oil, global warming, and a few other minor details, will there be enough time to do what needs to be done? Looking around with the cynicism born of age, I doubt it.

I am not so sure, and computerizing everything will remove the last vestiges of creativity that is needed. Thanks for the tip on Rise of the Robots, a huge eye opener. And this is just one case. Wait till a little kid, say, playing in his front yard, get run over by one of these electronic techno marvels. The shit is going to hit the fan in a big way, as they say. There was talk about robot superhighways, shipping in the stuff from China that landed in Mexico up to the United States real fast, with no people or borders or customs.

So they might well still use them on these if they get built. And they obviously want this very badly. And what they want tends to get done. Still got inches of snow in most places here-abouts. No peas will yet be planted! Not quite as sweet as others, but very prolific. You can eat the flowers and tendril shoots too. I concur O3, still too cold for peas even down here in the valley. Really, what a difference a few degrees latitude makes.

So I thinks its a deal. Why stir up trouble? He had also been arrested for pimping and at least one earlier domestic violence and child endangerment case. According to CNN, Stephon Clark was an Eagle Scout, and was chased down and shot by cops after helping a little old lady cross the street.

The poll tried to establish the opinion of professionals on the fundamental foundations of the theory — such as its probabilistic nature and the influence of measurements on the state of the quantum system. I have the same fascination with the physics today. I do not believe anyone understands the subjects being talked about mathematically today. Man cannot understand eternity, let alone time as a variable in space time.

Time may not exist? Quantum mechanics, nothing is for sure? Does time disappear when we die? Looking at galaxies 13 billion years old, near the time of the Big Bang. The Big Bang, where did it come from, who created the stuff that started the Big Bang. How do you stuff an infinity of mass into zero space? Here is a question: If we are looking at matter from a few million years after the Big Bang then it should be near the location of the Big Bang.

So if it is observable in all directions, does that mean that the Big Bang originated everywhere? We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.

And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones. It would be indispensable for running the Pentagon accounting system and calculating how many light years are remaining for putting F in serial production.

Everything we want to build, including EVs, adds CO2 to the atmosphere in its manufacture. At a time when we desperately want to be removing CO2, every EV, solar panel, wind turbine, etc. Back to reality again. Let all the bullshit blast out the tailpipes.

John AZ, perhaps there was no Big Bang. The Big Bang theory requires the existence of dark matter—mysterious particles that have never been observed in the laboratory, despite huge experiments to find them.

Multiple lines of evidence, especially observations of the motions of galaxies, show that this dark matter does not exist. In the Big Bang theory, the universe is supposed to start off completely smooth and homogenous.

But as telescopes have peered farther into space, huger and huger structures of galaxies have been discovered, which are too large to have been formed in the time since the Big Bang. The inflation that was supposed to have occurred during the Big Bang should have smoothed out any large-scale asymmetries in the universe. The Big Bang theory is now far more complex and speculative than the Ptolemaic epicycles that were destroyed by the Scientific Revolution.

Strong peer pressure is applied against many of those who question the theory. It is time to say: Personally, I think the Jains have the right take on cosmology. Jainism believes that universe and all its substances are eternal everlasting. All substances continually undergo changes.

Previous forms give way to new ones without loosing their own inherent qualities. Jains believe that the universe is without beginning or end. The universe did not begin at any time and it will not end at any time. There is no need of some almighty to create or manage the affairs of the universe. The universe runs on its own accord by its own cosmic laws laws of nature. You identify the universe as having its own rules to run by.

Ah, where did those rules come from. Science can go back as far as it wants, there is always something that was there before. Again, we cannot conceive of a situation where time does not exist. Eternal life is a concept that we cannot understand. You could answer from a Creator, which does not solve anything. It is a regression ad infinitum. Who created the Creator? If you answer the Creator has always been and requires no Creator, then you are essentially affirming the Jains: A fun mental and spiritual exercise.

Have there been infinite creators? The universe runs by an ordered process, nature itself is ordered, e. DNA orders life progression. You mentioned dark matter and its effect on the structure of the universe.

I noticed that if you look at that structure , it is fibrous and looks like a structure of many organs like the skin. Maybe we have vertical integration, i. The same structuring creates living structures as the universe, and who knows maybe into the subatomic structures i.

It is mind boggling, and I again will say we cannot comprehend it all. All flowers and plant structures are in multiples of three or five, petals, sepals, leaf patterns. Life is glorious and it is wonderful to contemplate the grandness of it all. It describes a process of separation and of filling. There was no creation involved. All the various Vatican translations of the TaNaKh that are abouts today completely miss Hebrew thinking and Hebrew logic. The translations are Greek interpretations and are completely backwards.

Do the pixels and electrons randomly and spontaneously self assemble into the ridiculous and annoying comments you make here? Speaking of dark matter or the lack thereof, this galaxy could be a white supremacists utopia ;o. If I had to guess, the US Treasury department is preparing for an eventual mass devaluation of the US dollar with development of some sort of constitutionally controlled crypto-currency replacement that will become the global standard.

The full faith and credit of a constitutional US government far surpasses any other organization on earth with regard to trust. They all still heavily depend on the good graces of US consumption.

The cram-down will result in a return to feudalism for much of Asia where only the top. The US, on the other hand, can rebound comparatively quickly from a deep collapse if we stay on the current track of building domestic production as promoted by the Trump administration. The collapse will be harsh and painful as debt restructuring and washout will effect everything.

Settlement will largely be based on who has title. Banks will be working hard on foreclosing on as much stuff as they can to retain their capital base. Malthuss, what you relate as having been told is an interesting scenario. Does this assertion actually hold water? I mean, consumption is only valuable if you can pay for what you consume.

It the ability to consume, and consume in mass quantities, some kind of special trait that only the US possesses? Why would the US want to rebound? And, as far as I can tell, the.

Basically, the scenario is a romantic, nostalgic playscript, where we, i. I agree that the. The whack-a-mole machine is speeding up however. Dan Pickering, co-president of Tudor, Pickering, Holt and Co and CIO, said the electric vehicle and ride sharing phenomena should flatten out global oil demand by the mids.

My view is Janet, these experts are all over the map with their predictions. My family has mineral rights to a fracking well in Texas and the model of production described by JHK matches the diminishing returns of this well. They are currently talking about sinking the vertical shaft from ft.

To ft and fracking the new level. The life of this well was about six years and most of the production was during the first two. Bottom line though is the upper strata are drying out. I believe that fracking everywhere is very time limited and subject to diminishing returns especially as the wells move away from the sweet spots. So I think the forecasts are beyond rosy, they are out and out falsehoods to keep the Deep State and the rest of us in the dark.

Saudi Arabia is making noise about wanting to invest in manufacturing. In , the ship I was on visited Bahrain who was in a heyday of oil production. Just imagine Saudi Arabia running out of oil. Electric cars need to cost or less to even think about replacing the gas cars. Plus the battery pack lasts miles and costs a lot to replace. Electric cars will always be a fancy of the elite and the rest of us will be on transit or hoofing it.

Art Berman, a geological consultant with 37 years of experience in petroleum exploration:. British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, as a dead cat, thrown at the dinner table, used the comparison of the World Cup in Russia with the Nazi Olympics in Berlin and called for boycotting it.

So, the quotation of Fyodor Mikhalovich: So you poisoned them, sir! But they do not have much strength left, barely enough for small provocations, they lose points after points, and only the arrogance remains high enough. How long shall we continue to fill with grain the market-places of our great cities? How long must the people gather it in for us? How long shall many ships convey the requisites for a single meal, bringing them from no single sea?

The bull is filled when he feeds over a few acres; and one forest is large enough for a herd of elephants. Man, however, draws sustenance both from the earth and from the sea. So his statue will be coming down too. There are many definitions of that word. Needless to say, you are only choosing the worst and most hateful — and thus you are helping to push us off the cliff. You prefer Leftist ideology to Life. There is no Life worth living without a History, Tradition, and Nation. And all that means being part of a People.

And that means preferring them to all others. Everything you have is predicated on the Conquest of this Continent by men who are as I describe them, racists who put their race first. The idiots do not seem to realize that this one Universal man with his pen laid the cornerstone for the representative democracy we have today. The extreme Left hates this country as it is today and want it torn down. If they succeed in destroying the US, probably the last Shinng Light on the Hill will be extinguished before the end times.

Jefferson was a man, a product of his times. Celebrate the man for his accomplishments and do not condemn him for his faults. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Deal with the evils of today, there are so many to be had. Looks like Ingraham thought she had Hogg by the short hairs. Now it seems that he has her by the c… hairs. Why do they always apologize. No one is ever forgiven for going against Big Brother or his little brother, Hogg.

That the whole system is backing up this strutting little fool beyond reprehensible. What did she think he would do? Of course she may have been forced to by Fox. Consider that cops are real people not Robocops. Panic and reluctance to shoot at another human. Many stories in combat of soldiers never firing a shot in battle. Yes there are power driven bad cops, but not many and condemning the good guys for a small percentage of jerks is senseless.

BLM has been successful identifying the problem, it now needs to look within, avoid the Democratic Party traps and start moving forward. Musk is just another delusional propped up oligarch. You can only avoid reality for so long until it bites you in the butt! During winter, the solar panels will generate on average about two hours of peak sunlight per day.

And that is it. There is no more to be had for neither love nor money. And we have learned to live with that limitation. The technology is good, but it is no replacement for fossil fuels. There is absolutely no way at all that such a renewable energy system could provide enough energy to run a vehicle and the losses in such a system would be horrendous. An electric vehicle as they currently stand requires something like about Wh per Km and that sure does add up quickly if you have to drive anywhere.

I know of a guy in Queensland that runs a Nissan Leaf on an off grid solar PV system, but the system that he has is huge and also hugely expensive. Plus he picked up the car itself for a giveaway price because the manufacturer appeared to be having troubles selling the expensive beast. A few years ago I installed a W wind turbine because I thought that that would be a good idea to boost the available winter energy.

You know what I learned from that — it is not very windy here. I replaced that failed project with more solar PV panels which produced more electricity in one morning than that turbine did in two months. Anyway, I take this stuff seriously and we grow a lot of our own produce, and continue to grow more and also greater diversity of plants every single year.

It takes a long time to learn how to grow edible plants and be any good at all at that task. Hope you are well and that you garden is starting to wake up from its winter hibernation. I was occasionally delayed over a coffee and muffin reading your books when I was meant to be elsewhere earning a living!

Have you considered writing a fifth book to the series? Wife and I have watched soooo many videos about the problem over on CensorTube. What we call YouTube. Just like in the U. It hurts us so bad! Because over 28 years of marriage we have traveled to so many wonderful places down under and Europe. And made many life long friends we stay in touch with via Skype. We are leaving for Hungary Poland Austria For a another 6 week trip in 1 month. We travel a good 6 to 8 month out of each year.

Too-BIG-to-fail was created by the Greenspan Put which, in turn, destroyed the market correcting process of mean reversion. The only companies that are continuing to prop up the stock markets are the FAANG stocks which are imploding as we write here on this blog. Our own native Blacks will do the trick if you let them — and seeing them as equals is letting them.

Because then you have to adjust reality when they fail and fall below White standards. And keep adjusting it. Sooner or later, helped by White and Jewish enablers, they will come out on top. Your Conservatism is just an older Liberalism. Instead of going over the cliff at 90 mph, you prefer a sedate And the essence of it is not choosing your own. Universalism in other words. And you are guilty.

It takes a lot to cleanse oneself of this sin. You might as well get on it. MM, Nice job of poisoning the posting of the Ferndale Farms guy. I notice he did not reply to your incendiary opinion of the muzzies — as compared to your fine expression of Christianity no doubt. One small piece of advice: How the heck did we get from talking about electric cars to Muslims?

Some of my mates are immigrants and they are lovely people. I have issues because it is an economic policy which through the laws of supply and demand tend to oversupply labour which drives wages down. But those economic policies also tend to drive up asset prices due to the same demand and supply issues.

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