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The Voyager Golden Records are two phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in The records are considered as a sort of a time capsule.

Although neither Voyager spacecraft is heading toward any particular star, Voyager 1 will pass within 1. Carl Sagan noted that "The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced space-faring civilizations in interstellar space, but the launching of this 'bottle' into the cosmic 'ocean' says something very hopeful about life on this planet.

The Voyager 1 probe is currently the farthest human-made object from Earth. Voyager 1 has reached interstellar space, the region between stars where the galactic plasma is present. This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.

The selection of content for the record took almost a year. Sagan and his associates assembled images and a variety of natural sounds, such as those made by surf, wind, thunder and animals including the songs of birds and whales. To this they added musical selections from different cultures and eras, spoken greetings in 55 ancient and modern languages, other human sounds, like footsteps and laughter Sagan's , [1] and printed messages from U. The record also includes the inspirational message Per aspera ad astra in Morse code.

The collection of images includes many photographs and diagrams both in black and white, and color. The first images are of scientific interest, showing mathematical and physical quantities, the Solar System and its planets, DNA , and human anatomy and reproduction. Care was taken to include not only pictures of humanity, but also some of animals, insects, plants and landscapes.

Images of humanity depict a broad range of cultures. These images show food, architecture, and humans in portraits as well as going about their day-to-day lives. Many pictures are annotated with one or more indications of scales of time, size, or mass. Some images contain indications of chemical composition.

All measures used on the pictures are defined in the first few images using physical references that are likely to be consistent anywhere in the universe. The musical selection is also varied, featuring works by composers such as J. Goode " was controversial, with some claiming that rock music was "adolescent", to which Sagan replied, "There are a lot of adolescents on the planet. The Golden Record also carries an hour-long recording of the brainwaves of Ann Druyan.

After NASA had received criticism over the nudity on the Pioneer plaque line drawings of a naked man and woman , the agency chose not to allow Sagan and his colleagues to include a photograph of a nude man and woman on the record.

Instead, only a silhouette of the couple was included. The pulsar map and hydrogen molecule diagram are shared in common with the Pioneer plaque. The images are encoded in analogue form and composed of vertical lines. Jimmy Iovine , who was still early in his career as a music producer, served as sound engineer for the project.

It has been said that Carl Sagan suggested including the Beatles song " Here Comes the Sun " on the record but the record company EMI , which held the copyrights, declined. In the upper left-hand corner is a drawing of the phonograph record and the stylus carried with it. The stylus is in the correct position to play the record from the beginning.

Written around it in binary arithmetic is the correct time of one rotation of the record, 3. The drawing indicates that the record should be played from the outside in.

Below this drawing is a side view of the record and stylus, with a binary number giving the time to play one side of the record—about an hour more precisely, between 53 and 54 minutes.

The information in the upper right-hand portion of the cover is designed to show how pictures are to be constructed from the recorded signals. The top drawing shows the typical signal that occurs at the start of a picture.

The picture is made from this signal, which traces the picture as a series of vertical lines, similar to analog television in which the picture is a series of horizontal lines. Picture lines 1, 2 and 3 are noted in binary numbers, and the duration of one of the "picture lines," about 8 milliseconds, is noted.

The drawing immediately below shows how these lines are to be drawn vertically, with staggered "interlace" to give the correct picture rendition. Immediately below this is a drawing of an entire picture raster , showing that there are 2 9 vertical lines in a complete picture. Immediately below this is a replica of the first picture on the record to permit the recipients to verify that they are decoding the signals correctly.

A circle was used in this picture to ensure that the recipients use the correct ratio of horizontal to vertical height in picture reconstruction.

Color images were represented by three images in sequence, one each for red, green, and blue components of the image. A color image of the spectrum of the sun was included for calibration purposes. The drawing in the lower left-hand corner of the cover is the pulsar map previously sent as part of the plaques on Pioneers 10 and It shows the location of the Solar System with respect to 14 pulsars , whose precise periods are given.

The drawing containing two circles in the lower right-hand corner is a drawing of the hydrogen atom in its two lowest states, with a connecting line and digit 1 to indicate that the time interval associated with the transition from one state to the other is to be used as the fundamental time scale, both for the time given on the cover and in the decoded pictures. Blank records were provided by the Pyral S. Lee record-processing center in Gardena, California , to cut and gold-plate eight Voyager records.

After the records were plated they were mounted in aluminum containers and delivered to JPL. Uranium has a half-life of 4. It is possible e. The records also had the inscription "To the makers of music — all worlds, all times" hand-etched on its surface. The inscription was located in the "takeout grooves", an area of the record between the label and playable surface.

Since this was not in the original specifications, the record was initially rejected, to be replaced with a blank disc. Sagan later convinced the administrator to include the record as is. Voyager 1 was launched in , passed the orbit of Pluto in , and left the Solar System in the sense of passing the termination shock in November It is now in the Kuiper belt. In about 40, years, it and Voyager 2 will each come to within about 1.

Voyager 1 will have approached star Gliese , located in the constellation Camelopardalis ; and Voyager 2 will have approached star Ross , located in the constellation of Andromeda. In March , Voyager 1 was over Voyager 1 has entered the heliosheath , the region beyond the termination shock. The termination shock is where the solar wind, a thin stream of electrically charged gas blowing continuously outward from the Sun, is slowed by pressure from gas between the stars.

Of the eleven instruments carried on Voyager 1 , five of them are still operational and continue to send back data today. It is expected that there will be insufficient energy to power any of the instruments beyond On September 12, , NASA announced that Voyager 1 had left the heliosheath and entered interstellar space , [21] although it still remains within the Sun's gravitational sphere of influence. Several works of science fiction, such as the film Star Trek: The Motion Picture , the film Starman and the film Battlefield Earth feature extraterrestrial intelligences discovering the record and turning their attention to Earth as a result.

Among these is included the computer animated television show Beast Wars , which features one of the records as a central plot point in a continuation of the Transformers storyline. Referred to as the Golden Disk, the record is stolen by Megatron and his band of Predacons. The disk is revealed to contain a hidden message left by the original Megatron , instructing his descendants to venture back in time to prehistoric Earth and assassinate Optimus Prime , to change history and ensure a Decepticon victory against the Autobots.

In a Saturday Night Live segment "Next Week in Review" in episode 64 of the show's third season originally aired , Steve Martin 's character, a psychic named Cocuwa, announced that extraterrestrials had responded to the record with the four words "Send more Chuck Berry". It was also referenced in the animation known as Fafner in the Azure as being one of the objects that the aliens discover. In , the podcast The Truth produced an episode titled "Voyager Found", where the Voyager crash-lands on the property of Dawn and Tad, an alien couple, who decide to play the record.

The minute piece, in one single movement, depicts the journey of the Voyager through the Solar System, using as references some of the music that is on board each probe, on the Golden Record. Jim Moray , an English folk singer, released the album Upcetera in September It contains the track 'Sounds of Earth' in which he interweaves the stories of the production of the Golden Record and the romance between Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan.

It refers to the recording of an EEG of Druyan as she thought of Sagan as the sound of someone falling in love. In October , the podcast Science Friday featured an updated, crowd sourced version of the Golden Record which included, among other entries, I Have a Dream , The Little Prince , and the human genome.

Grace Petrie , an English songwriter and folk singer, released a track by the name of "The Golden Record" on her album Heart First Aid Kit, which is a love song based upon the story of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, referencing the additions made to the record intended to depict the sound of human beings in love. Most of the images used on the record reproduced in black and white , together with information about its compilation, can be found in the book Murmurs of Earth: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the record, Ozma Records launched a Kickstarter project to release the record contents in LP format as part of a box set also containing a hardcover book, turntable slipmat, and art print.

Ozma Records then produced another edition of the three-disc LP vinyl record box set that also includes the audio content of the Golden Record, softcover book containing the images encoded on the record, images sent back by Voyager , commentary from Ferris, art print, turntable slipmat, and a collector's box. This edition was released in February along with a 2xCD-Book edition.

This book shares videos from around the world to create a time capsule of the planet Earth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Voyager Golden Record. The golden record's location on Voyager middle-bottom-left. Contents of the Voyager Golden Record. A child's greeting in English recorded on the Voyager Golden Record. Select images on the Voyager Golden Record. A woman in a supermarket. A photo of Jupiter with its diameter indicated. This image depicts humans drinking, licking and eating as modes of feeding. This is a photograph of the Arecibo observatory marked with an indication of scale.

Gold plating at the James G. Lee Record Processing center in Gardena, California left , and preparation for the record's packaging before the launch of Voyager 2 right. Retrieved 1 July Retrieved September 23,


Water sports (golden shower) | Men to men

Everything is decided on the court. And just like with Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Kareem, the Logo, Wilt, and even Mikan before, we have the best player in the world wearing our uniform.

We have good coaching, an aggressive front office, tough players, gritty players, and players with a wealth of potential. So there's always a path to victory. With who, Javele Mcgee? They are definitely not the heroes of the NBA It's like in the WCF after game 1, "Warriors in 3. Fucking unfair team" to "Ha, Warriors overrated. They ain't that good. But after this I have completely changed my mind.

The warriors are the worst thing to happen to the league. They're prolly a good thing. We might see more teams tryna stack up and to beat them so you'd better be on your best game. Now there's more talent in the NBA compared to before, we're getting to see better competition. DMC did what he thought was best for him and I don't have a problem with this although I'm ultra pissed at this because from what I'm hearing, nobody offered him a contract, which is mind boggling to me.

Like nobody even entertained an offer to him. Hopefully he comes to LA next year but we're gonna have to deal with this mess for a year. Yea it sounds good a bunch of super teams. Cmon man thats worse than what KD did. If they dont do anything about this cousins shit we are going to start seeing top 10, 15, all star level players take small contracts just to stack teams and win.

The other 27 or so teams will be completely irrelevant. Lets be honest these players make a ton of money off the court anyway, what you lose in your contract you make back in endorsements coming from the fact that you are on a monster team that the whole media pays attention to.

Pop got to do the morally right thing and give us Kawhi for Deng and a bag of chips, just to even this all out. Lebron need to pull some space jam shit. Lol the kawhi,lebron, George team was supposed to be the team to challenge the warriors before they got demarcus cousins. Like holy shit wtf. Well of course not but at least it makes us a definite Top 3 team in the league possibly 2nd best. This gives Lakers leverage on Kawhi trade believe it or not.

No one else is fucking winning, we're not trading any fucking young player. Pop has a moral obligation to the love of the game to give us Leonard for Deng and Hart straight up. Simply because their core is further along than ours. And Stevens is simply an amazing coach. He is already arguably the greatest coach of all time. Giving up kawhi for whatever just so someone could compete with GSW would tarnish his legacy and hurt the Spurs franchise going forward.

Why would he ever do what's not in the best interest of the Spurs? What I meant is that IF boogie really pans out to be a threat, and Pop gave up Kawhi for the sake of keeping the NBA competitive, it would mark him as unique amongst all coaches.

A complete rupture of the Achilles tendon is a devastating injury. Variables affecting return to competition and performance changes for National Basketball Association NBA players are not readily evident. Players in the NBA who ruptured their Achilles tendons and who underwent surgical repair would have more experience in the league, and the performance of those who were able to return to competition would be decreased when compared with their performance before injury and with their control-matched peers.

Data for 18 basketball players with Achilles tendon repair over a year period were obtained from injury reports, press releases, and player profiles. Variables included age, body mass index BMI , player position, and number of years playing in the league. Individual season statistics were obtained, and the NBA player efficiency rating PER was calculated for 2 seasons before and after injury. Controls were matched by playing position, number of seasons played, and performance statistics.

Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed to assess the effect of each factor. At the time of injury, the average age was Players who returned missed an average of The PER was reduced by 4. The NBA players who returned to play after repair of complete Achilles tendon ruptures showed a significant decrease in playing time and performance.

Thirty-nine percent of players never returned to play. They know what they have in McGee, he knows the system, and he gave them huge minutes in the finals. Teams that know how to handle ankle injuries: Lmao yeah on top of coasting on the regular season they were coasting in the playoffs and even in the WCF and finals at different points.

It was a sick joke watching it last season, it's an even bigger joke now. And fuck draymond and all his technical fouls. And if you want to get down with the warriors then fuck you too.

Brah gets to sit back and rehab for most of the season worry free, then come back and get an easy ring around playoff time. I'm more so pissed at every other team with cap space that couldn't bother to toss dude at least 10 mil for a season to prevent this shit. Literally a 5 All Star starting line up.

This is Karma on the rest of the league for going along with Stern for "basketball reasons". So because of a past injustice by a former commissioner, the current commissioner should over step his bounds? Fuck Golden State and all that Also, Stern vetoed based on his leadership role of the Hornets, not as the league-wide strategist. These cap exceptions are essential and serve a justified purpose on team-building. As long as he allows this for all teams, it's really not a big deal. Teams getting just makes the league better.

I mean back in the day, there were multiple teams with all stars on them. Why are we limiting the potential of watching power teams play against power teams by forcing stars to stay away from each other. Great players want to play with great or greater players, thus creating better teams in general.

I think it's a "the enemy of my enemy, is my friend" kind of deal. He played for Sacramento and New Orleans. Winning was always going to be a stretch this year and now you get to see it Boogie is healthy before offering him a deal next summer and the market for a one year Kawhi rental just shrunk even more.

If it was the warriors vs the eastern conference all-stars the warriors would win no contest and thats not even a joke. Nah family, go all in. Win some minor battles. Let the failure and the hatred of GSW fuel you. Come back seasoned, stronger, focused and angry. I think the Boogie deal will convince Maginka that trading for Kawhi is a bad idea.

We'll need him and all the young cats to beat the Warriors in There's really no question. KD, at least, took the max, and the Warriors weren't coming off of two straight championships. Yes, KD chose the easiest, least competitive possible path to multiple championships, but it was only a flukey quirk in the economic landscape of the NBA that made it possible.

Because of that he slithered away to a goddamn team. Started all this shit. Basketball Gods are gonna catch up with GSW. No way they all stay healthy and play perfectly together.

Doing some spec ops before he takes a 5 year minimum with LA next year. I'm by no means a Lakers fan but I really want to see you guys beat the shit out of Golden State. It is crazy how attractive their basketball culture is, every body get to touch the ball every one have fun playing everyone wants to be there.

Even if Paul George did sign with the Lakers they still don't have what it takes to beat a 5 All star starting lineup. The 'Big 3' just seems comical as hell now. You legit need 5 hall of fame caliber players in their prime in your starting line up. At this rate GSW can just keep switching out top 20 all stars every couple years. Regardless of Trump's alleged motivations behind his alleged decision to have prostitutes allegedly urinate over the joint, from a psychological stance, urophilia is not a "perversion".

Dr Griffiths , a chartered psychologist and Professor of Behavioural Addiction at Nottingham Trent University, is an expert in areas of abnormal, social and health psychology with particular emphasis on behavioural addictions, including paraphilias.

In a blog post titled, " Urine demand: Wee is waste and any erotic attachment to bathroom habits seemingly goes against everything how we;re taught to view and treat many of our bodily functions. What Dr Griffith's research does state is, "it appears urophilia is mostly likely associated with sadomasocism. Dr Griffiths also points out how, in a medical journal, it was found "urine fulfilled many different functions for urophiles.

These included, " it serving as a fetishistic object, being used to humiliate or be humiliated i. It is typically men who are urophiliacs. In fact, paraphilias tend to be more prevalent in men, Dr Griffiths explains. But one point Dr Griffiths was keen to stress was how, when it comes to paraphiliacs, with some notable examples necrophilia, paedophilia amongst others , "there is nothing untoward about that person.

Are golden showers a type of perversion? Getty Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Subscribe to our Daily news newsletter Enter email Subscribe. More On Donald Trump Psychology.

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