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Got yellow fever bad i want an asian girl

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Skeeter Syndrome is an allergy to mosquito saliva. In some cases the swelling is so extreme that the affected limb doubles in size, eyes swell shut, and the area feels hot and hard to the touch. The swelling can be painful, and can present with a low grade fever and general malaise. Skeeter syndrome can affect people of all ages.

The most commonly affected group seems to be young children, toddlers and seniors. The body reacts to the enzymes and results in the swelling, discomfort and blistering. Individuals who have no prior history of an adverse reaction to mosquito bites have been known to develop Skeeter syndrome symptoms suddenly. There is no known reason why someone might develop an allergy to mosquito bites suddenly, with no prior allergy history.

Because there are several species of mosquito whose saliva contain slightly different enzymes it is possible to be allergic to a specific species of mosquito, or a few species, while having little to no reaction to others.

This might explain why an individual who has had no history of mosquito allergies might experience an extreme reaction to mosquito bites when visiting another state or country. Mosquito bite allergies are treated topically to help reduce swelling and relieve itching.

Antihistamines can also be taken orally to provide longer relief from itching and have been know to help reduce swelling in the affected area. We have had the same issue many times, even to the point of a doctor accusing us of burning our child. She has been taking adult daily antihistamines since she was 4 to help lessen the symptoms, but unfortunately that is no longer as affective as it once was.

Her first bad reactions were large welts that blistered and bruised. Now a single bite will cause a limb to swell, her to become lethargic and nauseus. My mosquito bites swell up quite large. I find that by taking an Epsom salt bath with a Ton of Epsom salt , and the swelling will decrease within a day. Before I take my kids out I put Johnsons baby Creamy oil on them. Its in a green bottle. It is the active ingredient in Claritin.

Our 8 month old has the same reaction. Putting hydrocortisone cream on them at night helps the swelling and seems to help prevent scabs. She gets bit a lot since we live in central TX. Thank you so much I have no idea what bit me in North Carolina visiting from California. The swelling is so bad and itching and hot and burning to the skin very tender also I rub garlic oil on it to soothe the pain, so far this has worked.

I have been searching online for two days trying to figure out what bit me to see the pictures that you posted and mine looks just like that and you described I perfectly I am 47 years old and I have this reaction suddenly some of the bites or regular small bites and others have made enormous welts on my legs. I am from NC and now live in CA — I suspect you may have gotten chiggers—they take itching to a whole new level.

If you go into wooded areas, parks, etc and walk through high grass or sit on the grass or lean up next to a tree… the chiggers will attach onto you…they are almost too small to be seen. If your bites were under a sock, or under elastic like underwear line or a bra line, that would indicate chiggers… They are members of the tick family and eventually drop off after feasting on a little blood…Possibly could have been mosquitoes too.

I dread chiggers though! I believe that I have skeeter syndrome as well after a trip to the ADK mts. This website was very helpful. When I was young I used to have bad reactions to mosquitoes which lead to a lot of scarring as well as several cases of impetigo, which is a staph infection which occurs when there has been some injury to the skin such as an accident or a bug bite however you can also catch it from a child with a severe cold. Found this site lurking around.

I have had this for more than 50 years. Benadryl helps, but makes me tired and twitchy. If I go out without protection, mosquitoes flock to Mr and if I get more than a few bites I am sick — rapid heart rate, sweating, anxiety, plus all the bite issues. I keep them in my car, throughout the house, and in my purse all year round. Bees are even worse. I came across this during research of my own. Is it possible you were bit by a brown recluse spider?

They can really resemble each other based on symptoms. This is what scares me Cuz I recently have had mrsa….. The same thing here! I had skin MRSA over 5 years ago. Now I seem to have this allergy to bug bites. My mosquito bites can sometimes turn into these large itchy welts, doubling in size. I just keep putting tea tree oil on the bite to keep it from becoming infected now. When camping on a girls weekend this week now I am nursing at least FIVE bites with three of them red and enlarged!

Same here I took my son to the er because it looked like his skin looked like he was burnt all over his legs and body. The er doctor gave him benedryl 10ml and a thanks for stopping by! Also to check with my sons pediatrician to do a allergy test.

The allergy can be life threatening for some. Mine came on very suddenly when I was I thought it was chicken pox. It took me a while to figure out what it really was. I kknow thbis sit offers quality based posts andd other material, is there any other web page whuch gibes these information iin quality?

I almost had it but it had the white wheels around it so dr said delayed extrem alergic reaction. I get mosquito bites like this every summer. My 3 year old is allergic to mosquitoes. It seems to help but wears off too soon. Any thoughts on what I could use that would work better? She currently has 8 bites that I am aware of. Someone said Johnsons baby creamy oil works miracles at repelling them. Tea Tree oil soap does help with the itching works on sunburns too Benadryl cream does wear off to fast.

I am going to try the loratadine benadryl combo. Hi Amy, You can get hydrocortisone cream with a prescription in Australia. My daughter is now 19yrs old and we have dealt with this since her birth we live in Texas and its like they are attracted to her. When she gets a bad bite or more than 3, I take an actual benedryl capsule cut it open and put the medicine directly on the bite, then give her 2 capsules by mouth.

This normally works really well. I am so happy that i found this page. My son at 11 have alle the same symtoms. Sometimes they look like burns, this time its huge at looks like rash and its blue in the middle. Vi have been to the doctor many times but the only thing that help is antibitics and antihistamine. The doctor will not give us nothing than antihistamine, and its not allways work.

I hope to find something that can help him. Because we live in Denmark where there is a lot of mosquito. My 8-year old son suffers from Skeeter syndrome. When he gets bitten by a mosquito, the sting site swells up , often to the size of his hand or more, the center will blister and ooze, and scars may develop, even though he does not scratch. He also gets a slight fever and feels tired and achy.

Our pediatrician dismisses the condition as harmless, if bothersome, so I have come to resort to giving my son Benadryl for 1 or 2 days the highest dose for his age and weight according to the label and applying anti-itch gels and cremes with a local aneasthetic. Unfortunately, applying gels hurts him because they sting on the broken skin, and rubbing in the cremes hurts because just touching the swollen bites already hurts.

But my son knows that this will help him eventually he is old enough to understand, it was way more difficult when he was younger , so he tolerates it. My son was stung by a yellow jacket when he was 6 weeks old, and by a hornet at the age of 15 months. He is not allergic to wasp or bee stings, though. He also seems to really attract mosquito bites. When he and his brother are outside, he may come home with 12 or 15 bites, while his brother will have only 1 or 2. And this despite the fact that he has been sprayed with Deet all over, and his brother has not.

Very annoying and puzzling. I have tried changing his diet and avoid scented soaps, shampoo and laundry detergent, and using different types of repellents, but no improvements. So as of now, all we can do is keep Benadryl handy anytime, use it as soon as possible after the bite, and bring it with us on trips and visits.

Can I suggest a diet with garlic or watermelon? I used these whilst on holiday and both proved to work as I seem to attract mosquitoes and I also react quite badly suffering blistering weals.

It is similar to how I was when I was a child. As a child I have huge swellings that were half my limb. And occasionally they would be streaky on the edges. They would be extremely hot and hard and very very very painful to even the slightest touch. My skin would also be hyper sensitive and even clothing would be irritating to the area affected.


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I have some lemon and lime. I also took water tablets which reduced the swelling in my legs. I never know whether piercing the blisters to drain the fluid is the right going to do as they fill up again or to leave them. My grandson has this. We have tried this and it does seem to have helped. It is the only soap he uses.

Tea tree oil will also help when put directly on a bite. My son and youngest daughter have it. I carry an Epi-pen with me JIC. Also, for those who dont mind purple flowers and have the time; Catnip planted around the house helps keep them away think Marigold does too. Pretty much every bite I get here turns into a red raw patch a few inches across, and then swells up like a golf ball. I just came back from two weeks in East Africa…got a few bites on my ankle and they were completely normal.

The one I had on my face on the plane going over took up half of my cheek and made my lymph nodes go crazy. My first reaction was in Viet Nam. It was not unusual to have a big puffy lip or have my eye swell shut.

When I came home, I was totally surprised to have a bad reaction. Bites itched so bad that I took a cold shower. Then they swelled the size of duck eggs and sent me into shock. Later I had another hospitalization and so I take cover when I feel the adrenalin uptake.

A couple of weeks ago I got three bites on my elbow and it swelled with a big sack of fluid. It has shrunk some and gotten harder, but is still bothersome and looks freakish. Though mosquitoes have always loved me, I never had such a serious reaction to their bites as I get here in the US.

I live in Upstate NY and there are so many mosquitoes around here, that the only way to avoid them is staying indoors. Deep woods OFF helps me avoid bites, but they always find the smallest un-sprayed area and I can get 5 bites within one inch of skin. I get Skeeter syndrome with every bite, fortunately not anaphylactic, swelling, redness, pain, blisters, dizziness, etc.

The effect of each mosquito bite can last for months, creams help relieve the area, but if I stop usying them, all the symptoms come back as if it was a fresh bite. I found out accidentally when I scratched a blister in my sleep one night.

I tried toothpaste, as someone mentioned above. It does relieve the itching, but if the area is still swollen, it worsens the swelling and prevents healing.

Over the last few years I have developed this intolerance. This is were the skin forming the blister is removed, so allowing antibiotics to work. Then the wound was dressed with iodine gauze. I have had this done in three different countries so seems a common practice. The wound was then dressed with iodine gauze which had to be redressed evey two days. To top this, I was ordered to keep the wounds dry and stay out of the sun!

Despite using various lotions and potions to protect myself, I have had to have this done in three different countries so de-capping seems a common practice. Once while travelling when I was twenty I was bitten all over my face. It was very swollen, with hard red welts. What I find helps me the most it orevention of the reaction.

Mosquitoes love me, of course and all you need is one. However I stopped taking it …. One foot has about ten bites, all swollen painful and itchy. I barely slept last night because of them. Though perhaps benedryl would but it does have the drowsy affect. Going to try toothpaste. The majority blew up into huge blisters like ive never seen before and i went to hospital where they were drained.

What i want to know is can anyone suggest anything else i can use apart from the jungle formula as going mexico again this year. Also do the bands work? Take mg vitamin b1. Will help but still use bug spray or lavender oil or something to deflect them. Few times had his eyes swollen closed when having bites in forehead , takes days to go away.

Also if get bites near ears, ears get swollen also totally red and times size , few times had to take antibiotics. Same for hands, sometimes get infection during swelling and need antibiotics.. Would be interesting to know more about this, the cause, remedies for swelling etc.

Anyone else knows if someone in their family has same? My mosquito bites swell up super large like everyone else here. And it seemed no matter what I put on the bites it would swell up to the size of a baseball. Last week I got a bite near my eye. I had the mental image of it swelling my eye shut. What I did was take a straight razor and sanitized it with 90 percent rubbing alcohol and made a couple of slits gentle and soaked the blood with a cotton ball.

Once it stopped bleeding, I dabbed rubbing alcohol and tea tree oil off and on for a couple of days. The key is to dry out the wound. For the first time ever, my mosquito bite did not swell up to the size of Texas and healed to the point which there was barely a scar.

So happy to hear I am not alone. I have also tried everything for the itching. The only thing that works for me is to put heat on the affected area as soon as I can. Apparently heat breaks down the enzymes. I used to love the outdoors but now try to avoid it as mosquitoes seem to aDore me. I am going to try the zyrtec. Thanks for that hint. Firstly let me say I do not have Skeeters thank goodness.

However, I do seem to attract bites more than the rest of my family. Once when I counted more than 60 bites on each of my legs, I discovered that having a hot bath or shower — as hot as you can bear, reduced the itching for several hours. My boyfriend was bitten too but not nearly as bad. Thanks to these comments I will try and find some antihistamines here and also bug repellent.

Hope we all get through this! I lived in Ghana, West Africa till I was We had tons of mosquitoes back home, got bitten countless number of times throughout my life. Mosquito bites were barely noticeable to us, maybe only a tiny bump on your skin at the worst, most go physically unnoticed.

For most people back in Ghana, mosquitoes are more annoying for the buzzing sound they make in your ears than the bites. Then i moved to Gainesville Florida.

And the Size of these Florida mosquitoes!! About 3X the size of the biggest mosquito i ever saw back in Ghana!! All i can do is tough it out for about 3 — 5 days when the swelling and itching stop. What sort of steroids are these mutant florida mosquitoes on????? Have you found something that helps. Child has skeeter and moving to Florida next year. I have this reaction for whole my life!

Nothing work but waiting it to go away but awfully it can take up to one week with me! Lavender essential oil and a baking soda paste is usually what helps the itching and swelling to go away. Sometimes though no matter what i do, it still blisters and oozes! An announce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine, we lather her up in lemongrass essential oil before walking out the door to go anywhere, its just routine.

Mosquitoes are a nightmare when it comes to me. I have extreme swelling when it comes to mosquito bites my eyes can swell shut, hives appear, and they can limit movement. I also tend to get more than twice as many mosquito bites than the average person in half the time.

Does anyone else have have an epipen for mosquito bites? I moved from the UK to Qatar — and the skeeters syndrome arrived, same symptoms as all other posts here. I want to let you know what has really helped me.

This only works within a short period of getting bitten — say up to 15 mins. The sooner you act, the better the result.

So, as soon as I am bitten, I clean the bite with 2 or 3 alcohol wipes [the kind used to clean skin before an injection] and then apply an ice pack for no less than 10 minutes. I keep a number of solid cooler blocks in my freezer at home and in work for this purpose. Some people do NOT react at all to mosquito bites, and while they are very lucky.

They are making a big mistake believing that they are just not getting bitten. This is true even as the fact that some people get bit more than others is true. So the smart thing for everyone, even people who think they never get bitten is to use some protection in order to delay or permanently avoid ever reaching that threshold of exposure that makes you develop skeeter syndrome. About 3 years ago I got stung by ground hornets — 11 stings throbbed horrendously for over 24 hours — last year got 2 stings on leg which swelled up quickly and covered my entire calf: I also have about 3 or 4 on each calf doing the same thing.

Also, going to start taking more garlic powder pills which I prepare myself 37th a capsule-making kit. Also — research carefully how to kill mosquitos in standing water — puddles etc near my house.

Also discovered some of these pesticides kill grown mosquitos but NOT the larvae —. There has been so much rain we now have more places in the surrounding feild creating perfect larvae sites. Mosquitos will be worse this year. To prevent mosquito development, squeeze a drop of liquid dish detergent where they may breed in standing water. The detergent breaks some chemical bond with the surface of the water and the young larvae cannot access the oxygen at the surface.

I am not a science expert and do not understand exactly what happens chemically, but I know that it works in our large water containers that mozzies love to breed in.

This is a helpful site, not all of the tips work toothpaste just applied not helping but as most know will try almost anything. Its nice to hear I am not alone in a misery loves company dynamic; best wishes good luck to all. Skeeter bites in NJ were at most mildly annoying little bumps and many treatments soothed them easily. Arrived FL last week, a few bites and its nightmare city. Benadryl and steroid ointments for anti-itching and more were minimally helpful; then a few days in it flared up again with swollen red circles splotches bumps and bruises.

A couple more bites despite trying to avoid any contact and I went to doctor with nightmarish bruising and swelling. And of course the dang itching!!. Now prednisone now and antibiotics- feel lousy like a mild flu; doc says hmmn maybe a tick. Was skeeters and gnats. Amazing how clueless medical community is.

Hope we can educate them. Just retired to FL and ready to hike back to NJ. Struggled with this all around the world. Attracted them like a magnet while ppl around me sat with no deet and yet no bites. Anxious to get off deet toxic I was recommended by a hippie friend of mine vitamin B in high doses, like berroca high, it works.

Still get a couple but not nearly as many and no massive rock hard seeping wound! From my experience Drs here IS try to treat everything with pharmaceuticals but you will compromise your health if you just keep popping pills. Avoiding bites is one thing eg a citronella spray applied liberally will also ward some stuff off but deal with the auto immune stuff too.

The same symptoms as others have mentioned. One thing I would like to know is, do others have prolonged all over body itching and sometimes a rash that itches like crazy? Thanks for the public awareness of this maddening syndrome. Have ended up hospitalised with Cellulitis etc. Bites that would be there for weeks getting bigger, and more infected by the day are now gone in a matter of a couple of days. Change the dressing every 24 hours — or if it comes off, and the honey will kill the bacteria, reduce the swelling and drain away the puss.

Also I use a really strong insect repellent now when I know I may be exposed — Deet or the like — not ideal, but better than being hospitalised! I have had this violent reaction since I was born…. This is something I suffer with almost daily in the spring and summer. I live in Eastern Kentucky where there are mosquitoes everywhere due to abundant water sources. I once got bit during a school day in elementary school and had a kid on the bus ask me why I looked like a cat… When I got home and looked in the mirror my eyes were so swollen it had misshapen my eyes dramatically.

My parents took me to the hospital. Even high percentage DEET sprays only work for so long usually less than an hour. The bites burn as if some one was pushing a needle to my bone and the itching takes all of my will power to not scratch. I am at my wits-end. I carry an Epi-Pen but the thing is I never know when to use it!

If you think your child might grow out of it be prepared for a let down. If you read this… Thank you. I was 21 when I developed skeeter syndrome did not know there was an official name for this condition, I just thought I was a freak. I got tagged on my eyebrow, and by the next morning, that eye was swollen completely shut and the other eye was barely visible.

Today I am limping and can barely walk because I was bitten on the same ankle 2 days in a row. They get me through my clothes too, and even find their way inside my pants legs. For sprays to be effective, I have to apply them with no clothes on because if I bend over and just a sliver of unsprayed skin is exposed, they find it.

My husband found shampoo and body wash that are supposed to deter mosquitos, but I do not know the name of the products because I have not ordered them yet. I might as well be allergic to air in Alabama. Move to a location with no Mosquitos?

Seems like the obvious decision if you are afflicted so badly. I fear that I will develop the Skeeter Syndrome. Plus, when I travel, the results are still the same.

They fly right past others and viciously attack me. As a child, for a period of about a year, I developed hives on a daily basis. After extensive allergy testing the doctors were still never able to discern what caused the hives.

The main drawback with using essential oils in a spray is that one must mix up the spray and use it within a day or so, otherwise the efficacy of the essential oils drastically decreases in water. Using Shea butter as the base in my body butters helps with the inflammation as Shea also removes toxins. I just developed this oh so fun syndrome at The thing that seems to work the best for me is crushing up epsone salt and mixing it in organic all natural honey and slathering it on.

The other thing that gets me through the night is just wetting a cloth with cold water and wrapping it around the swelled area. It helps with the burning. I just started with the Zyrtec so hopefully that will help. Thanks everyone for the great ideas. Had a problem with repeating swellings in the neck, very much the characteristics of a wasp bite. There was no wasp who could have possibly bitten me, nor any mosquito. One of those bites created an allergical reaction in my neck, the bite was swollen very big and did not cure for a week didnt run to the doc as normally i solve such things on my own , leaving the place around the bite without hairs because i was scratching all the time.

Yesterday i got one of these bites again was most probably sleeping when i was biten and recognized a fly in the room the same day but could not hunt it down. Today i got the evil intruder, a fast aimed slaps — mashed the beast and revealed a dot of blood very uncommon for a german fly from there google brought me here.

The effect of including accurate pelvis bony landmarks in a nonlinearly scaled musculoskeletal lower extremity model. South and about 1, miles of its planned 1, miles are open for hiking. You can use this herbal home remedy both internally and externally. It acts as a natural anti septic agent and prevents inflammations from occurring. Today, turmeric is easily available in market in the form of dried root, capsules and as powders for user assistance.

Hi , I have suffered from this since the menopause, did not know what it was until last night when I found this site. I was suffering a swollen foot and leg. After reading above info I bought zirtec this morning and 8 hours later the swelling has almost completely gone. Not sure if it will work for everyone but it has been a God send for me. Had this problem all my life. They seek me out followed by a huge auto immune response every time. Piriton can help stop the spread of the heat and internal bleeding.

Hc45 cream helps too and ibuprofen. Recently tried medical grade hemp buds cooked in butter add milk then cinnamon and maple syrup to sweeten. It stops the pain with no other side effects, can buy it on Amazon. Now trying tea tree oil and lavender oil to prevent and treat.

Incognito repellent helped repel them a bit when I was pregnant. I can usually stop the itching if I apply a cold compress of Apple cider vinegar undiluted. I hope this helps someone. I have same issue, however I also have an autoimmune disorder.

I keep a large planter on out deck of basil, thyme, garlic chives, and rosemary. Glad I found this site. All my friends get bitten by mosquitoes and shrug them off. My bites, on the other hand…. I post this in hopes that Googling passerbys can find this information useful.

It gets like this after a few hours, without scratching. But in the rare situations where I do scratch they can be itchy as heck , the rash area spreads further, sometimes creating another smaller lump. But I do get very pus-like raised lumps that can range from simple circles to amorphous in shape. Now the fun part. My immune system must really hate whatever is in their saliva to overreact in such a way. To prevent bites, I use Picaridin sprays. Consumer Reports ran a massive study in to determine the best mosquito sprays.

DEET comes out as 1 repellant. Picaridin comes at 2. I think citronella and eucalyptus oil worked, but not very well and lasted less time. To reduce swelling, I take antihistamines every day while in SE Asia. Whenever I get a bite, I look to do 3 things: While in Thailand, I pick up local bottles of calamine to reduce all 3. My doctor recommended hydrocortisone application, but long-term use scares me off its use. I am a sixty year old man who has never had an issue with mosquito bites in the past.

I live in Maine and the mosquitoes are not very bad but suddenly I am having a really bad reaction from their bites. Not anaphylaxis shock or anything, but growing red areas with swelling and of course itching, and lasting for days instead of hours like it was in the past. It seems like this skeeter syndrome describes it, but my question would be, would there be some medical reason why, at my age, I would suddenly develop this?

I thought I had the Zika virus, but I guess it was just an allergic reaction. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I started getting these bites last summer and immediately thought it was some sort of horrible poisonous spider, but no matter how I looked I could never find the thing!

After getting really bad bites on my face that made my lip and eye lid swell up I panicked and had my whole room sprayed with poison, now this year just a few days ago it started again, I must have s mosquito in my room somewhere, which also makes sense since the bites are always on my exposed skin in the night, or threw super light clothing, also the fact I never found it before, thinking it was a spider I was looking on surfaces and in my sheets!

But finding this, my bites and symptoms are exactly this, starts up as a white welt like thing with red area that itches, eventually goes harder and hurts and swells up and sometimes even goes to a pussing stage, hence why my first thought was scary poisonous spider, thank you again so much!

Hi everyone, I just want to share how I control mosquito bites after reading all of your comments, esp those w young children. I had reactions described as skeeter syndrome since i was a baby, and continue until now that I am I must maintain I am not in the health field, this is just through my observations and experiences.

I always swell up, get an enormous bump, as well as it being red and hot and itchy. Preventions to getting bitten: If you are going somewhere where there might be mosquitos, better spray than be sorry. Reapply every hours, or if your body gets wet from rain etc. Less expose skin, less chances. Less likely the mosquitos will land on you. I found a diet w more veges than meat means the mosquitos like me less.

And also exercise and boost your immune system. What to do when your got the bite? I am not joking. Just take a swab and apply. It also keeps the itch down a bit.

I know hydrocortisone has some other issues too, but honestly so does every other medication. Just apply small amounts to the red area, and everytime after you shower, and before you sleep. Stay in and put your feet up so the blood flows the other way. Keep it dry and clean like you would with a normal wound. Taking pills is my last resort. These are things I actively do. It should go away in a year. So the less scratching and touching of the affect area, the less chances of scaring or bruising.

I use the mint ointments I mentioned. I apply it all over the exposed skin, even my face. This is a really great starting point for learning about Skeeter Syndrome! I also found this article on Skeeter Syndrome really helpful. This article made me do a bunch of research.

It sounds absolutely horrendous for everyone who has it. I feel really bad for your guys! My wife has had tremendous success using Melaleuca Essential Oil to help prevent the Skeeter Syndrome effects from developing. She simply applies a small amount of the oil with a q-tip directly on the bite.

She did see a physician that was knowledgeable in this area and gave her the green light on this treatment. She swears by this treatment and keeps a small container with her at all times even when we hit the golf course. I hope this post helps. The natives in Thailand use it to repel mozzies. It does work, VERY well.

I have SS as does my daughter. She blisters, I just get whelps. They love us both. I am getting HUGE welts from the bites!

Hard fist sized bites with oozing blisters on top of them they itch sooooo bad and the pain is horrible! I really wish I could attach a pic to show you guys my leg! I am so misserable and afraid to even go outside anymore. So I feel your pain guys hoping I can find something on this forum that will help me with this whole situation. I use a Thermacell repellent unit https: It repels other small insects as well, and protects not just me but others around me within my 15 foot radius.

Every family member I know has bought one since it worked out so well for me. My daughter is just over 1 and has recently experienced her first mosquito bites, despite my best efforts to keep her covered.

I have always had a terrible, itchy reaction to mosquito bites, and my son experienced some joint swelling this past summer in addition to his normal swelling, redness and itching, so I was hoping her outcome would be better.

After the swelling finally subsides days later , her skin peels from the bite outward. A tiny bite beside her eye yesterday is now red and has swollen both her upper and lower lids….

I took the time to read all the comments and still feel the need to ask what other parents do for the youngest ones with skeeter syndrome? Ice packs seem to be the only option. I appreciate any responses! How can you tell the difference between skeetersyndrome and a Lyme bullseye particularly when mosquitoes can transmit Lyme? Second time in Nicaragua.

Second time with skeeter syndrome despite using Avon Skin-So-Soft it did nada in preventing bites. Mostly my lower legs…. All the bites are red and swollen. I am doing what I did last time: Wrapping it around my leg starting at the ankle up to the knee. Allow it to dry, then another roll of plain gauze. This method alleviates the itching during the night and seems to remove the deep redness. The bites get so itchy that it feels like the itch is under the skin and does not go away until you have scratches all the skin off.

Eventually after weeks it heals but then the site where the mozzie bite was becomes itchy again. A few weeks ago I had 54 bites on my legs.

I now have two new ones. They are just as bad. I have put toothpaste on the site and that does help a little bit but only to stop me itching when I sleep. I get big welts and once I itch then it it spreads to a larger rash which becomes itchy and painful.

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Whites can also be attractive but I meet more east Asians that I find attractive. However, many presume that what I find attractive is based on white superiority, stereotypes or inability to get a white partner.

If I like them, I like them. And where I live it is harder to meet east Asians than whites. There is plenty more whites to date. I wanted to start off saying that beautiful people are beautiful regardless. And related to this post: The cities are better. They might have racist assumptions, but a lot of people are more than willing to meet you halfway if you point it out to them.

Why do I say that? The good news is that you are an adult and no longer under their power. And I promise, the world is much nicer than the twisted little universes our families made. The dynamic of your mother and father soundsd extremely unhealthy, and it actually causes a type of PTSD being raised in an abusive home. The abuse you absorbed had a lot of racial undertones, and this may have led to difficulties with your identity as a physically biracial person.

Here are topic search terms:. Also, there are a lot of great counselors at there that can make a huuuuge difference in your life. A lot of them take insurance or charge by a sliding scale. They are extreme narcissists, social climbers, and malevolent people.

And the men who marry them? Even more racist, conniving, manipulative and destructive. Thank you for this comment, I know it was directed at the blogger, but what you said was really beautiful.

Check this out; a white woman who loves Asian guys: She dated lots of Asian men before she married my dad. She just wanted out of that lifestyle. Growing up in the west, the Asian cultural thing might not apply to you, but I would say that makes you more attractive.

I think some people like Eurasians because they can have an Asian-looking guy without all the Asian stuff, or a white-looking guy who still knows and respects Asian culture. She herself has admitted countless times that she prefers Westerners because Asian men are weak, gutless, have a lack of confidence … You get the drift.

White looking guy who respects asian culture?? What if the asian looking guy has all the asian stuff? Born and raised in Japan or Korea or China? Many AW want to supposedly break free from conservative culture, but the problem is, almost all of them choose to date and marry ultra conservative men who want them for very conservative reasons.

All the other ones were obviously toxic. It could be blatant verbal abuse, or the man simply cracking jokes at her heritage and motherland. Non-asian and non-white people included. His Japanese momma blessed him with her genes. Hi, Asian American female here. I think it deeply links to America as the very complicated racially speaking country that it is. White people naturally dominate America as I recall from history they migrated here from Europe and many were kicked out of Great Britain or seeking new land away from the monarchy.

I like to joke that America was started up by White hooligans looking for a new place to stay. Then came the non-White people through trade, construction, etc. The attraction to White males as an Asian female is the glorification of them in American media. You are exposed to billboards, ads, music videos all media at a very young age and what do you see?

White male s or female s. This even happens on a global scale as advertisements and big businesses spread the Eurocentric views. What were we taught growing up on Love?

It depends on the parents at this point and if your parents were unstable growing up then so will be your viewpoint on Love. The answers were usual: Then I specifically remember one female friend telling me they felt pressured to liking White males and it naturally became so. When speaking about ourselves as Asian females, she began complaining about how pale I was compared to her and how her mother told her she looked as brown and ugly as a Chinese rice farmer. There is such an egotistical Eurocentric viewpoint in America that cannot be avoided growing up here or even living here.

My face felt like a mask and that was all they would care to see. The half Asian half White or White males who did acknowledge me either have deep-rooted fetishes on Asian women as submissive and housewives from wherever their disgusting sources are which surprisingly a lot was from anime. It is the most disappointing when half Asian half White or full Asian males are brainwashed into having this White mentality. That is the problem we need to show. I think your blog gives light to that fact and I wanted to reiterate it through my thoughts in a comment.

Many offspring and future gen lives are royally screwed up because of this and I can sympathize with your and all the other hapas who were born into a weird situation. America… Where cultures mix, but do not get along.

I hope my insights help you or anyone else and I am curious on your thoughts to my post. Yeah, we live in a fucked up racist society where whites dominate the world. Asians are thrown under the bus and are prohibited from seeking grievances. Hopefully, this will all change in the future as China gets more powerful economically and militarily. The day will come, the day will come, oh the day will come. I hope my Asian children will reap the benefits of this.

I have read most of your blog today, even though I should have been doing other things and even though the content repeats itself a lot…I just could not stop myself from devouring your posts. I am so sorry for you, your brother and all the other trophy children born of deeply inconsiderate parents. But I would be innately more worried if I had biracial children, simply because they face harsher conditions by society; for me though, the most important thing is wheter I loved the father!

The rest follows later. Though I would be insincere in omitting that, given that my family has plenty of weirdos, the second most important criterion for me is for the guy to be mentally sane. I too like you had a similar breakdown over another issue entirely, and to tell the truth I am still questioning if I should ever have children because of the possibility of them having a horrible fate that I have narrowly escaped for now being in an institute for life.

What I experienced is very similar minus the nudity and public shaming to what Krit McClear did in his manic episode, because of a very stressful situation I hope all the best for his recovery, being known by the world in that state…. I can only wish the best for you and your brother and pray for you. Best wishes and love, Didie. Dont be so depressed, at least u r half white. Though there r tons of white trashes in Asia, more white-only women here so even white trashes r still short in supply then most of those women will choose half white guys.

Just wanna let u know in my poor hometown even half-white r times better than pure Asian. Dear, please take care of yourself. It does matter to a lot of people whether you are happy or not. You will grow up, and much of these helpless hell will pass.

You will live on finding new identities, although at first it feels impossible, but you will get on. I was one day trying to imagine how I want my kids to grow up and I thought, I wish they can serve any country, for the benefit of its people without being judged as treason against their race or nationality. Why wait for my kid to fulfill it.

Forget about the past. You are good and pure as you believe you are. Lets be honest, white guys dating Asian girls showcases a weakness in Asian culture more than anything else; the weakness being the obsession with status and perception. Why do you think so many Korean girls in Korea get plastic surgery to look more western and these surgeries are almost always paid for by their parents? If two Asian parents in the US raise their daughter to value status above all else, of course their daughter is going to date the man most valued by mainstream culture.

You also point out that white mothers raise well-adjusted hapas and credit it with them having a cool Asian dad. You blame white supremacy for fucked up WMAF hapas, but it seems like most of the problems stem from Asian girls not holding themselves to the same standards and values as white girls, both in the men they choose and the way they treat their children. I have to admit that I have a history of dating asian women.

However I have often dated white women too. Over the years I have found myself rejecting white women over asian women. But I honestly unfortunately agree that asian women often berate asian guys. But I do worry about what my son might look like if he were half asian. Being ashamed to be asian is a one way ticket to misery. This is kind of shocking to read as a white woman who finds Asian men very attractive.

I very rarely will find a white man attractive, and my current partner is Asian. While I did read somewhere or I found out from someone that Asian men are the least uhm, favourable. Are Asian males really that often bullied? And well, they never had experiences like this. Maybe one or two were bullied, but so many other children from different races are bullied. I was at a neo-nazi site and one of the dudes bragged about fucking non-white women. Look at the list of white nationalists and neo nazis with Asian wives.

I guarantee you the majority of white men who have Asian partners are in one form of another racist. In my late teens, everyone mentioned that I looked like I was a brother to a man who was a Sicilian Jew.

I just wanted to share that I only recently found your blog and really commend your courage to speak up. When I had my own children it forced my hand as a new mother to deal with the issues and the pain that came with growing up Hapa.

I will offer that I cried when we went on a family vacation to Hawaii because for the first time, I was just me. Everyone is Eurasian and many third or fourth generation and it has caused my family to seriously consider relocating. Thank you for contributing your truth to the conversation. Dear JetBlackFigure and those seeking to mix, be forewarned your relationship dynamics will change once you are married to an Asian woman.

Especially those seeking to mix racially. Culturally in Asia the dynamic is to be coquettish until marriage and tyrannical thereafter. Yes, even Asian husbands and children. Additionally, concerns about the appearance of your children belie that you should not be with any of these people you are dating. This Asian girl is a sellout. I have never found her funny at all. If you do support her, you are supporting her racism, self-half, and her delusions making her think she is white.

She is hot and stupid. I think I can brutally fuck the stupid out of her. Because regular people have regular sized sausages. Looks like she will not have a half regular child. He or she will be Asian looking, and society will treat him or her like a full Asian person. A friend of mine has married a Chinese girl. White men are extremely stupid. That website is called Color Q World. Home eurasian children The half Asian reality summed up here, and….

You want a life mission? It is because most of us look and identify as Asian males, the exact type of men that our parents work around the clock to marginalize out of their own insecurities.

Shingrix, the vaccine approved last year to prevent shingles, has proved so popular that its maker, GlaxoSmithKline, has not been able to produce it quickly enough. The Half Asian "Fetish-Status Baby" Reality; What it's like growing up and looking like and being treated like an Asian male when you have a racist, friendless, Nazi sympathizing, Aspie, conspiracy theorist, ultra-conservative, low-status, anti-feminist White dad with yellow fever, and perpetually depressed, crazy, self-hating, hair-dyeing, white-wannabe, money-crazy Asian Tiger Mom; from the. reviews of Yellow Fever "Since my first review, I have eaten here A LOT. I learned to substitute any meat in the bowl for avocado. This opens up so many more options to me as a vegetarian and I have now been able to enjoy every bowl without.