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Postcards Design and Print Custom 6" x 4" Postcards moo. In the modern social media platforms, these guidelines do not only go blurry, they are totally wiped out. Residency of expatriates To: We have been operating new projects for various infrastructures signed by multinational companies.

These are executed by these companies by recruiting people from abroad. Once the selection procedure is over, the recruitment agencies demand huge service charges to complete their selection procedure. For the purpose to hire workforce for the project, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour is advised to recruit from Kuwait itself by giving notifications in newspapers and various websites.

Recruiting agencies can also avail of this facility. It can also help control fraudulent recruiters and prevent individuals being cheated. In my view, a person can be an expert or competent only after five years in their relevant field. An expat who acquires these skills will be compelled to go back home as per the proposed law, and the vacated positions will again be filled with expats.

Madam, please issue instructions to expats to bring their own families only. A lot of illegal relatives and dependants are living in Kuwait by falsifying documents. Please find out and get rid of these illegals and deport them from Kuwait at the earliest.

Or maybe it was not. A statement from the royal diwan explains that the order is in accordance with Islamic sharia regulations which underline the importance of protecting the Islamic nation, its security and unity.

I believe that we are in dire need for this kind of resolve do deal with those who continue to divide us in the name of religion, and groups that deny others the right to express differing opinion once they have control and spread their extremist ideology. A few days before the royal order was released, Sharyan addressed on his popular T V show Al-. A study conducted by a UK-based law firm in had found that 52 percent of the 2, active users respondents it surveyed did not believe that their tweets could have any legal consequences, the percentage rise even higher, to 65 percent, when it came to respondents between years.

Obviously, social media users are taking it very lightly; legal repercussions are not on their minds. For that, taking a side in the ongoing debate between those calling for a tighter control on what can or cannot be published on these media platforms and those defending the freedom of speech is a bit tricky.

It is neither black nor white; there is a shade of grey. To cut a sharp judgment if a published piece of information, on one of the social media platforms, falls within the capacity of freedom of speech, or arrogantly wander to the territories of the private and personal, one needs to weight different factors of culture, political system, law, customs etc.

A lot of people, of different backgrounds, may agree that a certain behavior is totally unacceptable, take altering photos to defame a celebrity as an example, but there are other incidents in which people will be divided and undecided. Where are you going to stand in a situation like this? The hope lies in awareness.

After all, the social media platforms are only tools - virtual rooms where people can talk and exchange information, the attempt to harm or cross the line of privacy is a behavior that better be curbed through awareness. The truth is that all of the above helped the small nation to evade the promise - or threat - of change that everyone expected would eventually come, despite resistance from within, and finally usher in the political freedoms necessary to lay down the foundations for a modern, democratic state.

Instead, what we got was stability. A security guard at the state-owned theatre took offence. An exchange of words led to a scuffle, after which the security guard called for reinforcements.

The incident has now spurred a petition calling for the resignation of the director of the theatre. Above all, the story highlights a general malaise where officials, with close ties to the system or at least have shared interests, enjoy a degree of impunity.

The government, which has consistently paid lip service to reform, has essentially reaffirmed the old system of governance with its policies unchallenged and its agents above the law. Case after case came up, where officials failed to deliever on their promises but got away unpunished. One example was when the government failed to take any action against perpetrators of tribal-inspired violence in Jordanian universities.

That is not to say that there are no repercussions for such bad governance in Jordan. While they - the officials - might be able - in some cases - to escape punitive measures in a court of law, however, in the court of public opinion, ordinary citizens, backed up by social media, professional associations and political activists, will continue to document such violations.

Among the most important of such tools is the the Press and Publications Law, which continues to restrict freedom of speech rather than liberate it. In June , the Jordanian government ordered three local Internet service providers to shut down nearly news websites that have not been licensed by the staterun Press and Publications Department.

It claimed that they were not registered properly. Despite their initial cries of protest, most bloggers and social media journalists eventually fell into line. The government has also used state security courts to try civilians for participating in peaceful protests. Another peaceful activists were dragged into the state security courts - where they have no right of appeal - to face a range of charges including disturbing the peace, damaging public property and insulting security officials.

The court cases were seen as part of an overall plan aimed at addressing the public and warning them against acts of dissent. The activists facing charges were basically collateral damage. In Jordan, the scene has been very skillfully managed through a number of tactics: In sum, the population is suitably conditioned to protect the status quo for fear of the instability that may ensue.

And, perhaps more interestingly, the real tale is how Jordan, somehow, exploited the regional chaos to guarantee its own stability. As refugees continue to pour in from Syria - and now, again from Iraq - Jordanians are fully aware that there is no time for their domestic concerns. Despite their full knowledge that they have been outmanoeuvered by the system into submission, for the moment, they are willing to let it slide.

As one human rights worker in Jordan told me recently: The regime is comfortable today and is sitting on its podium surveying the scene. I hope that our government acts before it is too late, by taking resolute decisions against the same problem here in Kuwait. We need better control to target religious camps where the first step happens to brainwash young men who often end up with an explosive belt around their waists, or an RPG weapons on their shoulders.

The step taken by Saudi King Abdullah could be late, but better late than never. Furthermore, it came at a critical time in which extremism has been running rampant inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Therefore, I believe that a similar step must be taken in Kuwait sooner rather than later in order to contain extremism before it spreads more than what it already is today. Authorities in this case act like major advertising companies, which use bold text to promote products and leave any warnings or true components of the said products in small text that need a magnifier to read.

Addressing and examining the security pact requires experience, clarity of mind and time. Meanwhile, I believe that the pact is unnecessary out of conviction that it was designed to provide protection to the ruling system and reinforce their power over their people.

A second reason why I have no intention to discuss the security pact is the fact that we live in a demo-. We trust the authority here, or - again - this is how it is supposed to be when it comes to people who choose their ruling system or government via free elections.

The authority or its executive arm is supposed to show confidence in those who elected it. In a democratic society, the authority should not have doubts in its own citizens, unless they accept that the citizens share similar doubts about their rulers.

Our government has the right to have suspicions regarding terrorism in general, or feel suspicious about strangers or noncitizens. However, it has no right to presume bad intentions in its citizens, or build walls in conspiracy with others against its own people. Regardless of how much people preach about Islamic, Arab or Gulf ties, other nations remain just like that - others. We are Kuwaiti citizens, and they are Muslims, Arabs and Gulf nationals.

The Gulf security pact can be interpreted as being an alliance of our authority, government and system with others against its own citizens and those who trusted it. This is why I reject the pact even before I discuss it. KFAED had extended a helping hand to the country on a number of occasions and helped finance execution of a number of infrastructure projects since , he said.

Officials in the two friendly nations are now looking forward to more cooperation in the fields of investment, economy, culture, and education. The council charged the Secretariat and current chair-state, Kuwait, to oversee the support program. Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR has reaffirmed keenness on developing new techniques for serving the people with disability notably the blind. The Institute has developed, for the first time, a domestic Braille-reading technique for the Holy Quran, it said in a statement, noting that Kuwait used to import such techniques from other Arab countries.

The Institute developed two Braille publishing techniques for Kuwait Blind Association and an electronic system that. It also developed a Braille-based printing technique which serves as a nucleus for the first electronic printing house for the blind in the Arab world.

The printing house is located at Al-Nour School — a special education school; this establishment will print the school books in Arabic and English. The Institute also set up computer labs for the blind at the special education schools and Kuwait University, and equipped the labs with the state-of-the-art reading and printing techniques, the statement added. Arab and foreign projects competing in the event. Egypt had the highest number in participating projects, followed by Algeria, Yemen, Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, and Kuwait, the statement added.

Head of the Capital emergency team Waleed Malallah said there are traders who stock local and imported zubaidi and release limited quantities to the market in order to control prices. He said the commerce ministry monitors the market, and if it discovers that traders are manipulating it, they will be sent to the public prosecution. He said one of the traders was referred two days ago for stockpiling tons of various fish.

Large quantities of Iranian zubaidi fish were later released in the market, which brought prices down to KD 13 for Kuwaiti and KD 9 for Iranian zubaidi per kilogram. Theodorou said that Greece has assumed the rotating presidency of the EU early since early and Kuwait is the head of recent Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab and African-Arab summits which opens the door for a real constructive dialogue between European and Gulf and Arab regions.

He pointed out that there are several important files that are open for discussion with the goal of reaching an agreement between the EU and the Gulf countries.

Greece and Kuwait can make a real change in this regard, he said. With regard to bilateral relations, Theodorou stated that Greece and Kuwait celebrate this year the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.

The member Kenyan delegation consisting of private sector travel industry members led by Kenya Tourism Board arrived in Kuwait as part of the GCC roadshow. Kenya has 63 wildlife parks spread through the country and a long coastline stretching more than km offering tourists a variety of activities. The great diversity of habitat is equaled by a remarkable variety of species of flora and fauna. These include grazing herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle, large mammals such as elephants, buffalo and rhinoceros and a range of predators including lion, leopard and cheetah.

Last year, 45, tourists visited Kenya. Kenya is a one-stop shop. We want to drive home this idea. Our national parks are managed scientifically. The board also wants to engage the media in the GCC and identify forums for discussion to raise. Talking about the increased frequency, Wausi said currently 58 flights fly into Nairobi and three into.

Wausi Walya left and Fatma A Bashir during a tourism roadshow. The roadshow will visit Dubai tomorrow and Abu Dhabi and Doha later. Mombasa weekly from various GCC airports. Halal food is available everywhere and mosques are located in all parts of the country from the coast and centre to the west, she informed. Terrorism is a global issue. We may have victims like other countries but Kenya has taken serious measures in terms of security. Look at the entry points.

A baby boy was found dead inside a water purification plant in Agailah, while preliminary investigations indicate that he was either killed or abandoned by his parents after he was born out of wedlock. Police headed to the scene Saturday afternoon following an emergency call reporting the discovery of a dead infant.

A worker told police at the site that he found a blanket left inside a manhole while he prepared to operate a machine at the plant, and when he unwrapped it he found that it contained a dead baby. Police summoned criminal investigators who examined the scene and transferred the body to the forensic department. Work mishap A man was killed in an accident reported at a construction site in Sabah Al-Salem on Friday. Paramedics and police had rushed to the scene in response to an emergency call which reported that a man was injured when his half lorry truck fell into a 15 meters deep hole during unloading.

Investigations revealed that the year-old Egyptian man was standing near the truck when it lost balance and fell while workers were unloading wood. The man was hit by the truck on its way down, leaving him with a fatal head injury. He was pronounced dead on the scene before criminal investigators were called.

A case was filed for further investigations. Suicide attempt A man was hospitalized in a critical condition after he attempted suicide by stabbing himself, but doctors later said that he was expected to survive. Paramedics and police had rushed to a building in Mahboula in response to an emergency call, and found the Nepalese man bleed-.

After preliminary investigations revealed that the man stabbed himself in a bid to end his life, a suicide case was filed to determine the motives. Hit and run A pedestrian sustained a broken spine among other injures after he was ran over two times at the Fourth Ring Road late Friday night.

According to the police report, the Gulf national was trying to cross the road near the Jahra Sports Club when a speeding vehicle hit him and sent him flying in the air. The man was hit by another car as he landed, but both drivers left the scene immediately. The man was taken in an ambulance to the Jahra Hospital where he was admitted inside the intensive care unit in a critical condition.

A case was filed for investigations. Man shoots himself A man was taken to the Public Prosecution for questioning to reveal the reasons why he shot himself on the foot according to his own statements.

Police had headed to the Rabiya polyclinics where medical staff reported that a man arrived with a gunshot wound on his foot. The man who is in his forties was taken in an ambulance to the Farwaniya Hospital and police soon followed him there. After receiving clearance from doctors to speak with the man, the Kuwaiti national insisted that the wound was self-inflected.

He even told police that the gun he used was still in his car, and they found the firearm there. Felony charges were pressed and investigations are ongoing. Dispute with girlfriend A former police officer stabbed himself following a dispute with his girlfriend which involved.

Russia aspires to enhance the relations with the State of Kuwait at various levels, stated a senior legislator here yesterday. Al-Adwani said his talks with the senior lawmaker dealt with issues of common interest, namely current efforts aimed at settling the Syrian crisis. Millions of Syrians have lost their homes, have been forced to relocate or take up refuge in neighboring countries as a result of the ongoing crisis.

He was informed that the officers came to take him in custody following in emergency call from his mother who said that he stabbed himself after an argument with his girlfriend. He did not, however, deny having a confrontation with his girlfriend that involved beating her and then attacking herself, insisting that the whole issue was personal and demanded respect for his privacy.

Police reportedly decided to send the man to the Psychological Medicine Hospital for a mental state assessment. Investigations are pending the medical report. Trainers arrested A Hawally gym was closed and a number of trainers were taken under arrest on charges of selling banned drugs to young bodybuilders. According to a security source with knowledge of the case, criminal investigators obtained a warrant to raid the gym following investigations which confirmed information that they received which claimed trainers were selling harmful substances to teenagers including steroids and banned dietary supplements.

The expatriate trainers were taken under arrest after investigators found banned substances offered for sale in the gym. It is testimony by the UN to the importance of charity work and its pivotal role.

As to hot dossiers at present, he said the crisis in Syria tops the list as explosives con-. He urged more coordination of international response efforts in the face of the bloodshed. Al-Matouq also noted the renewal of his tenure is in part a testimony to the success of the international non-governmental organizations conference it hosted recently which saw the participation of leading humanitarian figures and organizations.

The Kingdom of Belgium and the State of Kuwait will this year celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations, Belgian ambassador to Kuwait Damien Angelet said yesterday. Belgium opened its embassy in Kuwait in while the Kuwait embassy opened in Brussels in The two countries signed a double taxation treaty in The Belgian embassy is to organise a concert of Belgium classical music in Kuwait on May 4, said the Belgian envoy.

Kuwait is presiding over the. It was the second time that Kuwait hosted such a conference. The growing excitement for the February celebrations was exuberantly expressed during the carnival that was held on Salem AlMubarak Street in Salmiya on Jan 31, to launch the Hala February festivities. Honda Alghanim was among the main sponsors of the monthlong event.

In addition to showcasing the Honda car lineup, Honda Alghanim furthered the celebratory spirit by holding fun activities with the crowd who attended the festive event.

The streets were decorated end to end with thousands of colored balloons forming the Kuwait flag, patriotic music blasting through speakers, exciting contests and folkloric performances and more. The enjoyable event was a fun-filled, family-friendly occasion that attracted more than 15, people. Blending perfectly into the excitement was the Honda Alghanim 9car display - featuring a Honda Pilot and Crosstour up on the main stage with a large Kuwaiti flag on their hoods.

The other seven Honda cars were in the vibrant Honda street display, which also provided carnival entertainment like face painting, branded balloons, DJ and music as well as patriotic Honda giveaways. Additionally, thanks to the excellent reputation of Honda cars, Hala February organizers are giving out 24 Honda City cars in their daily raffle draw throughout February at all participating outlets. Honda Alghanim, the sole distributor of Honda automobiles, power products, marine and motorcycles in Kuwait is committed to providing customers with flexible payment solutions, as well as offering comfortable amenities in its new service center located in Shuwaikh.

Honda Alghanim Service Center provides efficient and cost-effective services at all times. The waiting lounge offers customers a wide array of amenities such as an electronic gaming area, digital satellite channels, free wireless Internet access as well as relaxing massage chairs. Opposition supporters, one holding a portrait of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko shout, slogans during a rally in the Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, yesterday.

The warning raised the pressure on the opposition as parliament tries to find a way out of the crisis. An estimated 70, pro-Western Ukrainians thronged the heart of Kiev yesterday vowing never to give up their drive to oust President Viktor Yanukovych for his alliance with old master Russia.

Wearing blue and yellow ribbons-the colours of both Ukraine and the European Union-the crowd received a religious blessing before opposition leaders took to a podium on Independence Square in a bid to ratchet up pressure on Yanukovych to appoint a new pro-Western government.

The ex-Soviet nation of 46 million people has been in chaos since November when Yanukovych ditched an historic EU trade and political pact in favour of closer ties with Moscow, stunning pro-EU parts of the population and sparking violent protests. And the opposition must be more resolved, not limit themselves to speeches on the podium. The protest is the 10th major demonstration since November, and the size of the crowds Sunday roughly equalled the turnout last weekend, although it was markedly lower than at the end of January, when violence left several people dead.

Protesters have set up row upon row of manned, grimy barricades on all four roads leading to the square, turning it into a pro-.

Western fortress that leaves riot police on the outside. On an upmarket avenue near the square, protesters and curious onlookers had clambered onto one of these barricades made slippery by melting snow, facing off with dozens of riot police as a line of burnt vehicles stood in between.

One woman wore high-heels, the other carried her baby up, and many took pictures with their smartphones. But this light atmosphere was darkened by the presence of men wearing bullet-proof vests, helmets and carrying batons-members of selfdefence groups patrolling an avenue that was the scene of violent clashes in January.

People also stopped to take photos of a bullet hole in a building not far away, which activists say was fired during the clashes. On Sunday, former boxer turned opposition icon Vitali Klitschko set a challenge for Yanukovych, inviting him to come to the square and face his pro-EU foes. The opposition wants lawmakers to slash presidential powers and return to a pre constitution that swayed the balance towards parliament.

They are also calling on the authorities to release detained protesters. Influential pro-demonstration tycoon Petro Poroshenko told the crowd that so far, demonstrators had been released and 49 were still being held. Egypt has accused the Muslim Brotherhood of creating a military wing to attack security forces, a move likely to increase pressure on the group already facing a massive crackdown.

He said the group had shot dead five policemen last month in the province of Beni Suef. It has been branded a terrorist group, and security forces have killed about 1, of its members in the streets. The Muslim Brotherhood, which says it is opposed to violence, accuses Sisi of staging a coup and undermining democracy. He recalled meeting a man who he said had offered to teach him and others how to use weapons. Human rights groups accuse the army-backed government of widespread human rights abuses and stifling dissent.

Meanwhile , a moderate Islamist who came fourth in. Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh, 62, one of the few Islamists left in public life after a crackdown on the Brotherhood and its Islamist allies after Mursi was ousted by the army, said Egypt was not on a path to democracy as the government says.

Although he has not yet confirmed he will run, army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is expected to win after the army said it would back him. Sisi deposed Mursi on July 3 after mass protests against his rule. The evacuation of some of 3, trapped people who had little more than olives and herbs to eat for more than days came ahead of a new round of peace talks. The Damascus delegation and members of the opposition began arriving in Switzerland for a new round of the so-called Geneva II peace talks scheduled to begin today.

Television footage showed women, children and elderly men getting off the buses that brought them out of the besieged areas. They appeared visibly exhausted and frail, in video broadcast by Beirut-based channel AlMayadeen. Children, carried by their parents, looked pale.

The civilians were aided by UN staff wearing helmets and blue vests, and by Syrian Red Crescent volunteers. There was also a strong Syrian army presence at the evacuation site.

But the Britain-based Observatory. They were the latest deaths in a nearly three-year conflict that has killed , people and displaced millions. Activists accused pro-regime militiamen positioned in neighbourhoods bordering the besieged districts, who opposed the truce, of firing the mortar rounds. Shelling also targeted an aid convoy entering the besieged districts. In other areas of strife-torn Syria, another people were killed on Saturday, according to the Observatory.

The day siege was a key point of discussion during a first round of peace talks in Switzerland last month, but which yielded few concrete results.

Yesterday, the regime delegation and members of the opposition National Coalition arrived for the second round of Geneva II, sources close to the delegations told AFP. The government delegation is headed by Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, as was the case for the first round of talks 10 days ago. Of the opposition delegates, one source said: Each member is travelling in from a different country. But the two warring sides appear far from being able to reach any compromise.

Meanwhile, the extreme violence in Syria raged on. In the besieged Palestinian camp of Yarmuk, south of Damascus, a man and a woman died of malnutrition, it said. Since the army began blockading Yarmuk in June last year, some 80 people have died as a result of food and medical shortages, the Observatory says.

A file picture taken on February 4, shows special units of the Tunisian National Guard standing guard near a building unseen in the Tunis suburb of Raoued in which armed militants were holed up.

Probes into the assassinations last year of two opposition figures that plunged Tunisia into crisis have gathered pace this week, with authorities saying they arrested a suspect and killed another in a firefight, yesterday.

Suspect arrested in murder of Tunisian MP: Brahimi was the second of two opposition politicians to have been assassinated last year by suspected jihadists as Islamist violence rocked the North African country, which was the birthplace of the Arab Spring revolutions in The announcement came after the government said Tuesday that the suspected Islamist assassin of opposition politician Chokri Belaid had been killed in a police raid.

Gunmen killed Belaid on February 6 and Brahmi on July 25, both of them outside their homes. Authorities blamed the murders on the Ansar Al-Sharia, a jihadist outfit accused of links to Al-Qaeda, but the group never claimed responsibility for those or any other attacks.

Belaid was a charismatic leftist politician and virulent critic of the Islamist party Ennahda then in power. His murder triggered massive antigovernment protests and a crisis from which Tunisia has only recently started to emerge. The two political assassinations eventually forced Ennahda to relin-. Nine people were found dead in two brutal incidents in Iraq yesterday-one where militants forced Shiite policemen to pray before killing them, and another where decapitated heads were left in a market.

Analysts and diplomats have urged the Shiite-led authorities to pursue reforms and address the grievances of the disaffected Sunni community, but with elections due on April 30, political leaders have been loathe to compromise. The two incidents both took place in Salaheddin province, north of Baghdad, leaving nine dead in all, security and medical officials said.

In Tuz Khurmatu, an ethnically-mixed town that has been hit by regular attacks, militants surrounded a police encampment protecting a stadium construction site and gathered the six policemen as a group and shot them all dead, two security officials and a doctor at the local hospital said.

One of the six, however, only died at hospital, and according to a local Tuz official, said that the insurgents had attempted to find out if the policemen were Sunni or Shiite before killing them. The militants asked them which sect they belonged to and the policemen, who were Shiite Turkmen, initial-. But because prayer rituals of Sunnis and Shiites differ in certain key aspects, the victims were forced to pray as a group and their efforts to mask their confessional background were undone.

In a separate incident in Baiji, the decapitated heads of three men were found in a town market Sunday morning, two police officers in the town said. The men-an anti-Qaeda militia chief, his son and his cousin-were kid-. But, as a result, they are regarded as traitors by Sunni militants and often targeted in attacks. Violence has surged in Iraq in recent months to levels not seen since , with more than 1, people killed in January alone, according to government figures.

In this Saturday file photo, masked anti-government gunmen hold their weapons as they pose for a group picture before going on patrol, in Fallujah, 40 miles 65 kilometers west of Baghdad, Iraq.

The strike was the latest in a growing number of violent incidents in and around Gaza since the start of , prompting an Israeli warning it will continue to strike anyone threatening its citizens.

Medical sources said the man had lost a leg and was in critical condition after a missile struck a motorcycle in Deir al-Balah at around 8 am GMT. They said a second man, described as a civilian bystander, was also moderately injured in the attack. The Israeli military confirmed the strike and said it targeted Abdallah.

A senior source in the PRC confirmed the injured man was Khurati, and said he had worked within the movement until several months ago when he broke off to form a splinter group.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said anyone trying to harm Israel would be responsible for his own fate. Nobody was injured in either incident. A post-Sept 11 provision in immigrant law, known as terrorism related inadmissibility grounds, had affected anyone considered to have given support. With little exception, the provision has been applied rigidly to those trying to enter the US and those already here but wanting to change their immigration status.

For Morteza Assadi, a year-old real estate agent in northern Virginia, the law has left him in a sort of immigration purgatory while his green card application has been on hold for more than a decade. As a teenager in Tehran, Iran, in the early s, Assadi distributed fliers for a mujahedeen group that opposed the government of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and was at one time considered a terrorist organization by the US government.

Assadi said he told the US government about his activities when he and his wife applied for asylum in the late s. In the past, the provision has been criticized. In late , Citizenship and Immigration Services said about 4, affected cases were on hold as the government reviewed possible exemptions to the rule. Sen Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the rule change will help people he described as deserving refugees and asylum-seekers. El Salvadoran castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga went to ground in the Marshall Islands yesterday, with phone calls blocked and escorts to and from his hotel room as he awaits medical clearance to travel home.

Alvarenga, who washed up on remote Ebon Atoll in the Marshall Islands 11 days ago saying he had drifted for 13 months across the Pacific Ocean from Mexico, has been staying at the Marshall Islands Resort in Majuro after discharging himself from the hospital Friday. On the rare occasions Alvarenga has emerged since Friday he has been surrounded by a team of expatriate volunteer teachers who are staying in his room, safeguarding his apparent wish not to speak to the press about his ordeal at sea.

Except for a brief thank you at a media conference Thursday, he has not spoken directly to any. Majuro Hospital officials said Alvarenga was not happy at being bombarded by telephone calls at the hospital, and returned to his hotel room Friday after an overnight stay. Briand has treated numerous drifters who washed into the Marshall Islands or were rescued at sea by fishing trawlers and brought to Majuro for medical care. Some had arrived in extremely poor health after being lost at sea for less than half the time Alvarenga was, he said.

He recalled the trio of Mexicans who survived a nine-month drift from Mexico across the Pacific in and were treated at Majuro Hospital when they arrived in the capital. They were out in the open ocean for six months. They were all lying on the bottom of the boat. Cordoba died four months into the drift, according to Alvarenga. Armed members of the so-called self-defence groups and police remain at a checkpoint in Apatzingan, in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, on Saturday. Vigilante militias that have fought a drug cartel in western Mexico for a year entered on Saturday a city considered a key gang bastion and they are helping authorities police the town.

Vigilante militias that have fought a drug cartel in western Mexico for a year entered a key gang bastion on Saturday, manning checkpoints and helping federal forces find criminals.

The vigilantes said they had captured Antonio Plancarte, the brother of a recently arrested Knights Templar leader. Fernando Cano, the Michoacan state deputy government secretary, said the vigilantes who went into the city were unarmed. The crowd of some that gathered to hear him included local residents and vigilantes.

Lopez, who wears a bullet-proof vest even when he celebrates mass, has organized peace rallies such as these with no authorization from the Catholic hierarchy. Pena Nieto deployed thousands of troops to Michoacan in May, but the continuing violence forced him to focus more forces last month in Tierra Caliente. And Matteo Renzi, elected in December as leader of the Democratic Party, has even cut a deal that many would have thought impossible. Mark's Episcopal Church USA hyundai dealer weert tien regels voor veilig omgaan met eten 18 september Links from webmaster KiMuSearch - einfach Orgelvertretungen finden Germany houd prednison vocht vast Edward Dove - Organ Design England entrainement commando france onderdelen oli inbouwreservoir 17 september Links from webmaster Christopher Hogwood England plaatje zuurgraad en ph East Texas Pipe Organ Festival USA 80 er jaren plastic speelgoed school toilet project 16 september Links from webmaster jan de hoop twitter Nieuwe rubriek: Netherlands, Composers dsquared trui psg Amersfoort, Bachdag Netherlands, composers veiligheid op de werkvloer kunst en cultuur avro 11 september Links from webmaster Johannes Gijsbertus Bastiaans Netherlands wereld parkinson dag Nico van Duren Netherlands microfoon nek beugel mooie ppsjes 9 september Links from webmaster James C.

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