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Stereotypes having to do with people of specific nationalities. Some of them are a little bit Truth in Television certain others more so , due to having some basis in reality. But remember, nations are not Planets Of Hats. If anything, the true face of the country in question is often either not as expected or entirely different. Not all foreigners necessarily speak with a heavy accent, as many films and TV series seem to indicate. The United States in general. The largest continent on Earth.

Famous for their rich cultural traditions and the first civilizations in history. Also the birth place of the major religions: Of course, this is a very narrow summarization.

Russia, which is considered to be a European country, stretches out over most of the northern part of Asia. Despite not being an Asian country it still takes up the biggest chunk of the continent and is in fact even the largest country on Earth.

Still, to most people Asia is mostly associated with the Far East. The Middle East North Africa excluded. It did not exist before then, nor did it have a culture except for mysterious statues of Buddhas and ruined temples half-hidden by jungle overgrowth.

Everyone wears those conical hats and is a peasant, drug trafficker or ex-guerrilla. All Western tourists who go there will be caught up in some sort of scam or civil war or be imprisoned on trumped-up charges usually drug trafficking. Some of the common stereotypes of Balts include:. Tourist Shot User Manual. The World in 2 Minutes: Why do National Stereotypes exist? Some more of Mexican Stereotypes. How to Speak Brazilian with Pictures.

Why are Brazilian women so gorgeous and hot? How Brazilians study geography. How To Learn Italian Fast: The 4 Steps To Fluency. The World In 2 Minutes: Brazilian Trafficants are ready for the world cup in Rio. Home Africa All National Stereotypes.

I also build poor-quality cars and inferior-style electronics. Generally referred to as Latin America, because so many countries in this continent either speak Spanish, Portuguese or French French Guyana.

As a result, many Hispanic stereotypes about Spain and Portugal will also be used for Latin-Americans: And, of course, indigenous people also have their own languages. All Latin Americans will be portrayed as people with a comparatively dark skin, hair and eyes, usually being markedly mestizo or of indigenous origin, even if they come from countries with a white majority like Argentina or Uruguay.

Latin America as a whole is generally associated with short-term military dictatorships who are either Fascist or Communist. Victims of the regime will traditionally be tortured in cellars and executed by fire squad. Or they just… disappear. Guerilleros will be hiding in the jungle to overthrow the government, only to become just as tyrannic afterwards.

Another negative stereotypical image are drug barons who traffic hard drugs, usually cocain, to other parts of the world. They will murder everyone who gets in their way. Yet another negative stereotype is luckily an urban legend so far: Another famous location is the thick and unpenetrable Amazone rain forest, best known as a popular location in adventure stories.

Travellers might seek legendary cities of gold, unknown archeological sites, Mayincatec mummies, huge monsters, primitive tribes unaware of modern society or ancestors of the Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, Inca culture who managed to survive in secret after all those centuries.

Usually all kinds of Raiders of the Lost Ark booby-traps prevent explorers from taking these long lost treasures along with them. Or the Temple of Doom just collapses. Hollywood Natives might try to kill them as a Human Sacrifice as well. Or they encounter a famous explorer lost for decades whom they presumed was dead, but actually went native. Like all tribal societies in Western popular culture they are depicted as being dumb, primitive and always head-hunting. They use blowguns to fire off poisoned arrows or make shrunken heads out of their victims.

Or they just eat them. Other obstacles are dangerous animals like jaguars, pumas, leopards and black panthers leaping from trees. Anacondas and boa constrictors will strangle you, huge bats and mosquitoes suck your blood, poisonous tarantulas the size of dinner plates crawl everywhere and when you fall in the river piranhas or caimans will rip you to shreds.

Some less threatening jungle animals might also have a cameo: All novels written in Latin America are written in Magic Realism. All adaptations of those novels have a minimalist and endlessly weepy soundtrack by Philip Glass.

Middle America The Caribbean The sun always shines. Calypso, mento, reggae, dancehall, soca, rhumba and steelband are constantly being played.

Nobody does any work, they just sit on the beach sipping fruity little drinks or coconut milk. At night, the careless or unlucky might see a voodoo ceremony, especially if they are in Haiti see Pat Robertson after the earthquake there. The only serious activities are theft, drug trafficking and even worse crimes. Expect everyone to have a Jamaican accent, regardless of where they are. Also, the only countries that seem to exist there are Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica maybe the Bahamas.

Another association with many of the Caribbean isles are slaves imported from Africa, pirates and strong reminders of still quite recent colonial times. The Bahamas Best known for tropical fishes, sharks, marlins, flamingos, coral riffs and mangrove forests. The infamous buccaneer Blackbeard hid himself here. Cuba Cubans are often depicted as heavy smokers of Havana cigars. Inside Cuba people from the province of Pinar Del Rio are seen as somewhat dumb and terrible planners. Before Cuba had a reputation for being a safe haven for maffiosi famously depicted in The Godfather II.

After the Cuban Revolution the world knows it solely for being one of the few Communist countries left in the world, embodied by president Fidel Castro. Under his regime Cuba gained a strong reputation for harboring the best doctors and hospitals in the world. The education system also reached high levels compared to other Third World countries. Yet, despite all that, the country still remains a dictatorship and since the fall of the Soviet Union they lost one of their major financial backers.

Many people have fled Cuba by boat and went to Florida, where they express firm anti-Castro and anti-communist opinions and vote Republican. Castro-hating Cubans are often cast as villains in JFK conspiracy theories because of his debacles with the American intervention on the island. Expatriates from other countries in the USA tend to see Cubans as extremely loud and entitled freeloaders. Due to the American boycot of the country they cannot import newer models from there and thus rely on using and repairing the ones that were left there after the revolution.

The Cubans that emigrated were known as the Marielitos , which left a pervasive image of lawlessness among the Cuban population in Florida, prompting the plots of films like Scarface and TV shows like Miami Vice where Marielitos were portrayed as frequent villains. Haiti Haitians , aside from the voodoo things, are seen as pity seekers in search of constant support and help. Even though they are considered to be French speakers, there is a great amount of the population that does not speak an ounce of French; it does not help that most of the contact they have with the world is with the Americas, which are largely English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers, having a language barrier by default.

In the USA, Haitians are known to be dutiful, yet extremely conflictive workers who pull the Race Card more often than not.

From the 18th and 19th century onward it was world famous for the export of sugar. Since the s, s and especially the s the island has become internationally famous for their highly unique musical styles: A Jamaican will always use the following words and stock phrases: This despite the fact that Rastafarianism is still nothing more than a cult on Jamaica and not even close to being the largest religion on the island. Its use was nevertheless so widespread that people were rarely prosecuted unless they were high pun not intended profile.

Jamaica is notorious for being dirt poor, corrupt and full of crime. Even Bob Marley was targeted, but survived the murder attempt. Another negative reputation associated with the island is its homophobia.

Homosexuality is still a punishable offense on the island and local musicians even boast about murdering gays in their lyrics. Mexico Mexico is usually reduced to 19th century stereotypes. All men wear large sombreros, colorful ponchos or serapes and have long thick black moustaches.

While one dictator is replaced by another tyrant groups of guerrilleros prepare the local defenseless villagers for the next military coup. To round it all off all the gunslingers will have a Mexican Standoff. Much of this imagery is derived from Zorro , Speedy Gonzales and dozens of Western movies. Some stereotypes about Mexicans are similar to those about Spaniards. They all enjoy singing and dancing, eat foods comprised of beans and hardened corn and peppers too spicy for foreigners to handle, drink tequila and watch bull fights.

Most of their time is spent taking a siesta in hammocks, against a wall or even against a cactus, if neccessary. The lazy hispanic stereotype is also in vogue in Mexico.


All National Stereotypes | National Stereotypes

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It was an accepted technique since this kind of welding reduces the detrimental effects of exposure to the extreme temperatures associated with the welding process. Originally applied to the whole Frankish Empire , the name "France" comes from the Latin " Francia ", or "country of the Franks ". There are airports in France. It is that of a fissipedia. It has more detail than These give you an indication of some of the businesses that are open that day.

Any woman in the n France area And this reality reached its culmination with the prominent speech that President Charles De Gaulle gave on the very same day the hull of the FRANCE slipped into the same waters that her great predecessor had meet 27 years earlier. It called for the destruction of aristocratic privileges and proclaimed freedom and equal rights for all men, as well as access to public office based on talent rather than birth.

QE2 steam turbines were trouble from the start, and the transformation she experienced were all the more necessary for her survival well intt the s, let alone into the new millennium. Yuki Tatsumi was waiting tables at an izakaya pub in Japan's Kyoto when something on the table caught his eye -- a chopstick wrapper folded and fiddled into an abstract shape.

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Kakadu National Park Just stating personal experience and results.

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