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Ladies want real sex ME Madison 4950

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My story Just a bit Old Fashioned is also mirrored on Twisting the Hellmouth, and as I have to manually enter the italics and other formatting there with HTML it may be a bit more polished as I catch smaller mistakes that I didn't catch before I posted it here due to going over it with a fine tooth comb as I publish it. The link follows this text, if FF. Otherwise search by the title at www dot tthfanfic dot org.

Actually, I find I must amend my earlier statement - it seems due to the fic not currently being a crossover and something to do with my disclaimer being lacking Just a bit Old Fashioned has been placed into quarantine until the crossover elements are included. Thus FFnet is currently the only archive that has my fic. I am beginning to detest this website - the last time I checked my story it seems FF. I see now why authors don't like the place sometimes.

Please reread them before you move on to chapter 4, which is in the works and proceeding nicely as of this date Thursday June 3, I have something over words written for it at this time. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Author has written 5 stories for Buffy: Games, Harry Potter, Misc. Tv Shows, and Naruto. And what if the Veil was not what the magicals believed it to be? What better place to begin anew than a new galaxy where he would be the only magical?

Titanfall by Selector reviews A Titan fell on a worm, wait, what? M - English - Chapters: Trekking by Selector reviews So, Taylor triggers, of course, and its QA, of course, but maybe she she was drinking, or was it to early and she hasn't had her coffee? He figures that there's no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life.

If only the heroes, villains, aliens and spies had received the message. Begins just before the Avengers movie and continues through the MCU. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: What should he do about this? Elements of Romance Games included in later chapters, so possible upgrade to M later. Company by Trinity Everett reviews A chance encounter in the park has the potential to turn Kate Beckett's life upside down.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Reality Bites Worm by Selector reviews So what would happen if things went slightly differently?

Magic of the Force by Vimesenthusiast reviews Harry's always wondered why the Dursleys hated him. After a nasty beating breaks loose some memories, he starts to experiment only to find he really may be different.

After a few a few setbacks he starts to gain control of his powers, only to receive another beating. Pleading with his magic to get him away, he soon discovers he has a great destiny and the family he always wanted. Yet somehow it was typical that, after giving that woman an answer, I'd wake up on an island filled with monsters of the past and an ethereal presence looming over me.

But c'est la vie Trapped in a Broom-Closet by Dorothea Greengrass reviews Two people become the victims of a sordid prank that changes their lives forever. Harry Potter - Rated: Gun Bunny by Selector reviews Taylor got a different power.

And a different outlook. This was in my plot bunny file but I write in it occasionally. It may continue past the first five chapters but it will be hit or miss at best. Updates weekly for the first five. Where the vast majority remain ignorant of the true vastness of existence, you can freely explore it. Where others see boundaries, you see only new places to reach. This is your right, but beware, for And stop trying to set my tail on fire. It Gets Worse by ack reviews This is a Taylor Hebert centric story, starting just after the locker.

Details after that are sketchy Barefoot by Zaxaramas reviews Harry has the ability to learn the history of any object he touches, whether he wants to or not.

M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Janet Evanovich - Rated: But he has his friends and family to help him, plus a new group of allies - the Circle of Light.

Console by Soleneus reviews A new piece has been set in the grand game of Superheroes, with one hand set to flip the board and break out the video games. But first, he has to deal bullying Wards and his new powers. Not quite a Gamer fic. It's off to Hogwarts for Harry, new friends, and his first time being away from home. Hogwarts is everything he expected, or is it? T - English - Chapters: Hoping to discover new worlds and bring home a certain lost Godfather.

However they get a lot more than they bargained for when they step into this brave new world. A Galactic scale war, aliens and betrayal lie beyond. Tentatively rate T, may be raised to M if necessary. Sanitize by Sage Thrasher reviews Basic medicine and sanitation are simple. During the Warring Clans era, they become revolutionary.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Thinking he might have he heads to Rome and instead winds up adopting Asia, and getting introduced to the world of the Threeway War. Being his usual self Ranma befriends Asia and fights off the Fallen.

Ranma and a few new friends will enter this conflict and make their mark. When he is finally unfrozen in the 26th century, he faces a new oppressive regime in the form of the Alliance while he tries to find the lost magical community in the Verse. Epilogue-compliant, No Power in the 'Verse-compliant.

A Horse For the Force by Vimesenthusiast reviews Ranma overhears some things that make him question his life in Nerima, then goes to see Dr. Tofu for some answers. While fighting those that came after him, Ranma makes a crazy decision, using the Nanban Mirror to get away from everyone chasing him. Chaos, meet well laid plans Skittering Campione by Greatazuredragon reviews Taylor Hebert has been known by many titles during the course of her young life: Daughter, friend, victim, villain, warlord, hero, monster, savior… But now, awakening in a whole new world after defeating Scion, she will have to bear a new unexpected title: The Slytherin Reformation by spectre4hire reviews Harry and friends are set to start their third year at Hogwarts.

Harry's hopeful for a drama free year, but with his godfather being an escaped convict, his plans to reform Slytherin House, and Hogsmeade weekends, he has low expectations. Proof Positive by J R Mai reviews 5 short novels, 1 crazy pregnancy!

How would Plumverse have changed if the pregnancy test had been positive? Links to the end of chapter 16 in Fearless and the end of chapter 21 of Plum Scary. Veiled Dimension by riyer reviews Harry saves Sirius from the veil after the end of the war, however, he now has to move to a new dimension and cannot go back.. This is a story of their adventures in Westeros, along with my favorite Sandor. A Semblance of Hope by Vimesenthusiast reviews After a unlucky moment with the gang back in time, Ranma's forced to seek out the then-present day Happosai to steal his Namban Mirror to get home.

When an explosion cracks the mirror and makes Ranma to forget his wish, he's flung through time and space to land on Remnant, but he isn't alone. And what are these weird white and black creatures? In a strange place with options to replay his life in a world of either Light or Dark, Harry makes what seems to be the obvious choice and intends to use this 'Game' to ensure that he never fails his friends again.

But there is more to this 'Inquisition' that will rock his beliefs to the core. Gamer Harry mild DA: InquisitionXover Harry Potter - Rated: The Gamer by andrew reviews Hyoudou Issei wakes up one day to find that he has the gamer ability that allows him to live his life like a gamer would play a game.

Watch as he learns to use his power and change into something more than human. M - English - Humor - Chapters: Gaming for Glory by Yoshtar reviews I am A beta-Tester for the most advanced reality-based game system out there, developed by Metasoft Industries. Summed up, it's an ARG on steroids Baby Steps by LilyGhost reviews Stephanie gets some unexpected news that will forever alter her and Ranger's lives. This is my view of how Stephanie and Ranger, along with the Rangeman crew, will react to and deal with an impending baby.

Anything Goes Game Changer by Vimesenthusiast reviews Using a sensor technique Ranma finds Miya, recently married woman who has more ki than anyone he has ever seen. After a Ranma style meeting, the two become sparring partners in return for Ranma's help in repairing Izumo house.



Birthday Blues by legalliz reviews Birthdays don't always go as planned Birthday Turnaround by LilyGhost reviews Ranger once again saves the day They just didn't know it yet. A pre-series meeting AU. Entry for the Castle Summer Hiatus Ficathon.

Hedwig's Great Adventure by Stellata reviews First he learns there's a world of magic, then he meets a time traveling owl? Just when Harry thought his life couldn't get any stranger Better Me by LilyGhost reviews Stephanie gets a clearer idea of what and who she wants in her life after she steps away from her old one for a few days. Dear Order by SilverWolf reviews "I'm still alive, as you may surmise from this note.

Of course, I could be dead and someone is faking the letter to fool you…" Harry is NOT happy about being left at Privet Drive all summer with no one to talk to. The Debt by mjimeyg reviews Harry is owed many life debts. In his fifth year, someone decides to actually honour theirs. Harry has been thrown back in time into his eleven-year-old body. If he's going to have suffer through this again, he's going to do all he can to make sure he enjoys himself.

Having moved to France with Sirius, Harry has to juggle his new school, his relationship with Fleur and Dumbledore's attempts to return him to England. There will be new friends to be made and new threats to be faced. And that means this weekend is going to be something. Whether it's something insane and the start of something new, or a terrible, terrible idea, she hasn't quite figured out just yet. This is what would have happened if Steph had answered differently to the question "what kind of label would you be looking for?

Marrying a guy she met in a bar on what amounted to a dare? Do something crazy, Kate, her friends had teased the moment they landed in Las Vegas. It's your last chance before you go serious Stanford on us. Parental Guidance by RumbleintheDumbles reviews Taylor thought she had kept her powers hidden from her parents. Little did she know, it was actually the other way around.

Your Summon is Pink by Lord Dragon Claw reviews Attempting to summon a creature without a Contract is literally gambling with your soul. However, Uzumaki Naruto is extremely lucky when it comes to gambling and manages to summon something that won't kill him outright.

The trouble begins from there T for Language, possible upgrade to M for more adult themes later. Has a TVTropes Page! As he struggles to follow his destiny he will realize the truth: The Video Game of Thrones has only just begun Always You by Alexandra reviews Mark's back onboard Hermes, but someone's not very happy with him Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus by DWDuck reviews With the love of a good woman, Harry becomes more confident and learns to handle the embarrassment that comes from being a teenage boy as well as an unexpected animagus.

Set during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Severe Ron bashing ahead. A Little Help by parsda reviews 5. Mark and Mindy by Sarcastrow reviews Mark Watney had a guardian angel. She watched over him, cheered for him, feared for him. What happened when they finally met? How did they survive celebrity?

And what does the future hold for man and Mars? Step this way, oh faithful one, and let me tell you. You're my Density by robst reviews Just Suppose Harry hadn't heeded his godfather's advice, and actually lost his temper at his trial? Time travel fic and title is 'Back to the Future' joke. Dragon of the North by Tellie reviews Harry makes a different choice in kings cross after he was struck down by Voldemort.

Reborn at the end of a rebellion. Watch as Harry grows up in a darker world of swords and magic. M rated for good reason, story contains descriptive violence, character death and sex. Ranger's Bed by J R Mai reviews One Shot — Stephanie decides to be bold and tell Ranger she's ready for more, but the conversation doesn't go quite the way she expected.

A Propensity For Wrath by becuzitswrong reviews Summary: Taylor triggers with a different power. With the ability to see the auras of those around her, as well as to imbue items with her own emotions, Taylor's life takes a different direction.

T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: An Inconvenient Truth by old-crow reviews After the events in third year, the wizarding world grows darker.

Fudge seems intent on spending more time covering up what's happening than dealing with it. Could a stronger relationship between Harry and the Bones family change history? Force of Nature by ipreferwestside reviews "Her partner wasn't in a very good mood; not only did he not discover aliens, but he wasn't looking forward to being the fifth wheel on a camping trip with Alexis, Ashley, and Ashley's parents.

Lost Girl - Rated: Take the Stairs by Trinity Everett reviews Castle and Beckett spent one night together and over a year apart. Now they were neighbors and they had a second chance for something extraordinary. To Train A Dragon Rider by unwrittenlegacy reviews Harry, Master of Death, arrives in a new world just in time to witness a fatal ambush on Brom while the man journeyed to Carvahall to wait for the stolen egg to hatch.

An oath is given and Harry must make the best of a bad situation. Treachery, loss and war surround him as he works to train a dragon rider.

The Monster Gamer by Kain01able reviews Goblin Rou has quite the tool set laid out for him in his new life. Knowledge of superior tactics and technologies.

Evolutionary physiology, both literal and metaphorical. Really, he's one OP bastard. So i wonder how things would go if he had the Gamer ability? Simple - All hell breaks loose. The Gamer X Re: What is he to do? Prana by whatifellinlovewith reviews AU: She's going to be a tough nut to crack.

Entry for the winter ficathon Final Capture of Stalag 13 by dunuelos reviews A plot bunny I have contemplated since I was a teenager - 30 years ago. I always wondered what the scene would be when Stalag 13 fell to the Allied advance. This is what I think happened. Having just seen a rerun - it just had to come out. Hogan's Heroes - Rated: Wild Wolf by Vimesenthusiast reviews Fed up with life in Nerima, Ranma runs away, only to be followed by Happosai, who has a magic scroll he want to try out.

It works but Ranma suddenly finds himself in Westeros replacing the champion chosen by the old gods in a time of great peril for humanity. How will the world change with the Wild Wolf raised in the den of wolves? Jackson for the picture. Unexpected Variables by evil-step-sister reviews When the Potter family was attacked, the Wizarding World mourned their death and celebrated the defeat of the Dark Lord for weeks to come.

But people would be left puzzling over the disappearance of the youngest Potter for years. It's too bad nobody thought to include the Winchesters into their equations. Fusion with The Gamer manhwa. Co-op Mode by Faria Lyton reviews Cauldron's plan was bad. The Protectorate was deeply flawed. The PRT was a joke. If Gaia wanted to save her babies, save herself, she'd need to interfere.

Too bad it's James. That was intimidating enough. And then they tell him part of his job is to watch over the notorious Stephanie Plum. Harry Potter, the Chosen One by DWDuck reviews After Harry follows Sirius through the Veil of Death, the two of them are thrust through time and space to a point long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Under the training of Yoda and Ahsoka Tano, Harry will learn the skills he needs to fulfill his destiny as the Chosen One, and defeat a dark lord back on Earth. Kakashi teaches lessons better than he imagines.

Last Second Savior by plums reviews While leading the final charge against a retreating Dark Lord, Harry is thrown through a destabilized Demon Portal, landing on a strange world in a galaxy far far away. Kiss Me, Castle by Cora Clavia reviews I just escaped from possibly the most awkward date in the history of Earth, and I need to decompress. I brought ice cream. The Mouse of Konoha by obsidian dreamer reviews Never underestimate the power of good advice.

A few wise words into a pair of young ears leads a young would-be ninja to a decision; the Leaf will recognise him, but not as the fox A Christmas AU by caffinate-me reviews Detective Kate Beckett and mystery novelist Richard Castle are both on their way home to New York when their flight gets rerouted, but worse things could happen than being stranded in Montana for Christmas.

I can't speak for everyone, but when I kicked the bucket, I found myself in Karakura Town with the powers of The Gamer. I don't know how it happened, all I know is that it did, and now I'm stuck here.

It's not all bad, I get to beat up zombies, hang out with some pretty interesting characters, and attempt to defy a would-be god. SI Bleach - Rated: Devil You Know by Surarrin reviews My day had started on a down note. First Elaine had been sick, then I found out my mentor wanted to shove me in a straitjacket.

It shouldn't have been a surprise when I died. But, nothing could have prepared me for my life being saved by a devil—or becoming one myself. Still, the magical girl was the biggest surprise. Because they're not dating. Except, they kind of are. Tale of a Disillusioned Togruta Gamer by Lewascan2 reviews Ahsoka Tano is less than amused when she wakes up back in the Jedi Temple as a three-year old, apparently sent back to her first day there.

Worse than the fact that she is stuck in a place she now hates, is the fact that her life has been turned into some kind of 'Game'. At this point, Force choking the idiots here with the Dark side might just save time and sanity for everyone The Clone Wars - Rated: Autumn Days by Reshuffle reviews Ruby Rose loved video games. But maybe becoming the Gamer and replacing her entire reality with an RPG with a rather quirky sense of humour was a little bit too much.

Casual players play the game for fun, but the smart player finds ways to break the game. And Ruby's the smartest of them all. Written in remembrance as a tribute to Monty Oum. Harry is entered into the TriWizard Tournament and is trapped having to compete. However, the tasks have changed with four competitors. Now, sent into various worlds that score on what is learned and what is used, and how far a Champion got in their world, Harry is off to a Modded Skyrim as the new Dovahkiin.

Doodles by Liv Wilder reviews One-shot photo prompt set during 1x Harry lost his magic and became a soldier. Ziva lost her sister and became a spy. Theirs is an unlikely bond, a friendship forged in fire, blood and loss that endures despite divergent commitments to duty, country and agency.

First only friends, who became something more - something deeper, more powerful. They are, and always will be 'khaveyrim'. Warning, some characters may be OOC. The Game Enhanced Edition by joshiewoshie reviews Issei did not expect to die on his date.

Neither did he expect to come back as a devil. And most of all, he did not expect to become The Gamer. Nothing happens like we expect does it? This the rewrite of DxD: Brockton Bay's Gamer by storybookknight reviews In a world of magic and martial arts, Han Jee-Han was The Gamer, a person of potentially unlimited magical talent. In Earth Bet, he's 'just' a parahuman. In Brockton Bay, he has the potential to change the course of events - though not necessarily for the better. But first things first.

Not with a Fizzle, but with a Bang by somebodyfeedthesebirds reviews After encountering a suspect with a stun grenade, Castle is left temporarily blind. Beckett, feeling guilty about the accident, offers to take care of him. A Season 3 story. My Best Friend's Wedding by ShellSueD reviews Her best friend's surprise announcement inadvertently helps Stephanie figure out what she really wants for her own life.

A slightly AU Babe story. Rated T for language. Watch as they go to find the Lost City of Z and build a magical utopia. Will Sirius be the father figure Harry needs? And where did the centaurs come from? Slight bashing of some characters. To make up for his years of blunders, Harry is sent back in time to correct everything that went wrong and to get some revenge.

Written for humor only. Occasionally, somebody needs to step in for some hands-on corrective action Timepiece by Garrae reviews Castle's had a few watches, down the last few years. Beckett has one watch. It has, according to her, been hers for the last five years. He's never seen her wear another. And now it's in pieces in her wrecked apartment.

I guess I kind of did But after that, I woke up in the Dursleys. And now everything looks like I'm in a video game. May as well figure out how to win. Video Game Fic, harem? Just Yours by Trinity Everett reviews His lips tag her forehead, warm but dry, and she lets herself sag deeper into his embrace. Apparently pregnancy makes her a cuddler. Or maybe it's just Castle. She doesn't feel quite the same urges to curl into Ryan's chest the way she does her partner's.

After a fight breaks out in the precinct, the elephants on Beckett's desk break. You may not see it; you may not be ready to. She just didn't know what to do about it. Tipping the Scales by Meg Moore reviews 'Martha is right. This really can't wait another day, wall be damned The results are worth the lies. This is a prompt fill, set in Season One, where it all began. Set somewhere early to mid-season 3. Obviously, Josh is not in the picture. I'd sink us to swim by liviafan1 reviews Beckett's escort to cousin Sofia's wedding bails at the last minute.

Castle swoops in, eager for a night out with her after the progress they've made in "Sucker Punch. The Enterprise Shuttlebay by Enterprised reviews A collection of oneshots, drabbles, ideas, unfinished fics, and miscellaneous randomness.

Chef's Special by Trinity Everett reviews It's like high school all over again, only now instead of being the girl who'd been ditched just before prom because her friend was asked out by the boy they'd both liked, Kate's left standing in the waiting area of a brand new, swanky, five-star restaurant. Yeah, thanks a lot, Maddie. Fortunately, the guys in her life might have something to say about that.

Being stuck in the Mass Effect universe isn't that bad especially with all the perks of being the Gamer. The question is, what will I do? What will I become? How will I help the Commander? This is a community driven fanfic. I'll end some Chapters giving people the chance to vote on which path the Gamer should take.

Harry Potter, Savior-of-the-World by BeckyLadiye reviews He made a promise to take care of their loved ones before he joined her in death. The only problem is she was the one he loved the most, so he makes a decision to go back and try to save her, too.

If he ends the war early in the process, well, who was he to complain? Cat Burglar by somebodyfeedthesebirds reviews Kate finds out how Castle feels about her with a little help from a friend. Echoes in Eternity by Useful76 reviews When a galaxy is on the brink, one hero isn't always enough.

History's greatest hero joins up with Earth's best hope. Join Naruto and Shepard as they fight against all odds to take down the biggest threat the galaxy has ever seen. The Beginning of a Soup-erb Friendship by somebodyfeedthesebirds reviews From a prompt by anonymoussong on tumblr: Caught in the Riptide by bravevulnerability reviews 'Castle plops down to the sand once she's gone, opens his notebook on his bent knees and uncaps his pen.

He came here for inspiration, and he may have just found it. Providing Leverage by Shikatanai reviews Parker thinks the baby is sort of cute, so she steals it off the porch. After all, no child deserves to be raised by an awful family like the Dursleys. She's sure that the Leverage family will do a much better job. Too bad she left the letter on the porch The Gamer Files by MaxFic reviews Naruto has always had video games to fall back on growing up while the rest of the village pretty much treated him like garbage.

What happens when Naruto wakes up to find his life has become one of the video games he loves so much. When life gives you the powers of a game character, you become the best character you can possibly be. Harry Potter wasn't just a Wizard.

No, he was much more than that. With his powers, he'll become the strongest and kick the Dark Tosser's ass while doing so. Watch out world, Harry Potter is a new man and he's not to be messed with. The arresting officer is none other than Kate Beckett. I want you to concentrate. Carefully lift your leg over its flank, then slide to the ground.

Preferably without breaking anything. Or losing that blanket. No one wants to see your bare ass swaying in the moonlight. Least of all me. The Greatest Prank by sakurademonalchemist reviews It was supposed to be a joke letter, but it ended up so much more. Who would have guessed that the 'poster child' of the Light side was a closet Pyromaniac with a distinct inability to care about the trauma he causes? Who knew being a minder for Richard could be so fun? A Champion's Reward by CobaltAC reviews Fantasy AU - Down in the city streets, in the shadow of Aramali's sacred temple, a champion emerges from a mountain of corpses, battle-worn and exhausted.

All that is left is for him to climb the temple steps to the royal bedchambers and claim his prize. What awaits him at the top of the temple is a champion's reward. What if that statement was truer than even he ever imagined? T - English - Family - Chapters: Namikaze Foxes by Quill and Brush reviews When a vixen's sacrifice leaves Naruto in charge of two orphaned fox kits, the Nine Tails takes it upon himself to raise the kits by raising Naruto, giving Naruto something similar to the Inuzuka Clan's beast mimicry and laying the ground work for a new Namikaze clan tradition.

Governor Six by Hotpoint reviews A man who doesn't like any of the alternatives presented to him chooses a better way in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam Fallout - Rated: However, it soon becomes apparent that there are other things out there However, this job, which was just supposed to be providing Harry with research and allow him to expand on his knowledge, will have him make grand discoveries about himself and that of the entire magical race.

Legends of Two Jinchuriki by X reviews As Naruto embarks on his three year trip, a single argument and a chance encounter forever change the course of his destiny. Watch as these two hurt souls, linked by a red string of fate and a shared burden, strive to overcome the obstacles in their path.

Been done to death, in fact, I've written it a few times myself. Let's change it up a little, shall we? Rated M for safety. Quasars Between Us by Kefalion reviews The summer is a completely normal one for Harry Potter, if you overlook the tiny fact that Voldemort is back, and that an Agent shows up at Privet Drive to turn everything he knows on its head.

Before long Harry is on the other side of the earth, smack in the middle of an upcoming war involving beings from different realms. He'll be fighting beside his uncle - against his father. Caught Up In You by whatifellinlovewith reviews "Her eyes are wide now, and her family is clapping around them but it sounds distant, because all he can focus on is her parted lips and all he can do is wonder what it would feel like to kiss her.

And wondering turns to knowing when he leans down and presses his lips to hers. Known on tumblr as 'The Proposal' Castle - Rated: New Guard by Methos reviews When the Goa'uld invade, the world is taken by surprise Now Ethan Rayne has come back to change the past, hopefully to save the future, though how will his intended target feel about the changes his future self has forced upon his life, changing him from Zeppo, to the Man of Tomorrow Kate celebrates her first Mother's Day with baby Brandon.

Takes place in the 'fortuitous' universe, but you don't have to read that to understand this. Hermione's Brilliant Idea by Ares. Granger reviews A fourth year fic. Harry is stuck in something he doesn't want to be in, Dumbledore's a manipulative bastard, Voldemort wants Harry dead, the school hates him Well this year Hermione has a brilliant idea or more than one and her idea s change Harry's life, her life, and a big black dog's life too.

AU and no idea which genre to put this under. Castle and Beckett tell their friends about their new, tiny addition. Sequel to 'fortuitous' and 'revelation'. But could a family tragedy make this temporary arrangement a bit more permanent? Average by reviews Because why the hell not? After all, life is a choice. Starts in NCIS series 3. It will contain spoilers, some minor some major. Pretty much Canon Harry until the end of book 7, big AU after that. Please read and enjoy, constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Some days, dealing with a bunch of bratty quasi-immortal beings and their temper tantrums just wasn't worth it. Especially when they kept causing him so much extra paperwork. Uzumaki Chronicles by Hail Emperor Naruto reviews Sometimes all a person needs to go from ordinary to extraordinary is a kick in the pants.

Life suddenly turning into a video game? Yeah, that will definitely work. Watch as Naruto plays the game! Is this even a game that can be won? Castle and Beckett tell their family about their new, tiny addition. Of Blood and Iron by Kazlin reviews When Commander Shepard goes down with the Normandy after its attacked by an unknown aggressor, his body is recovered by the one faction that no one expected: They will rebuild him, and he shall be their Voice to the Galaxy.

The Collectors, the Reapers, shall face a man made of Blood and Iron. AU of ME, no pairings just yet. Teacher's Pet by Trinity Everett reviews "Her eyes cut past the administrator, however, settling on the man trailing behind him. She knows that man. That man's face is on the back of the book she's holding in her hands right now. Reincarnated into an alternate earth version of herself she awakens to find herself trapped in a very familiar locker.

Now armed with knowledge of her previous life and the ability to not just control bugs but also manipulate their biology, Taylor sets off to do what she always wanted to: Gamer-X by crazyaolguy reviews Zeppo is a Gamer. How will Xander fare when given with powers of a Gamer. Beckett's day off takes a turn for the unexpected. After giving up hope of finding his friends he settled upon the wide plains below the mountains.

Peaceful years pass before a Ranger brings an army to his door and he feels compelled once again to fight. Perhaps there is more to be found here than solitude alone. By My Side by ShellSueD reviews A difficult day turns into a terrifying one for Ranger when he first says goodbye to a loved one, then faces losing the person he loves the most.

With the dangers of competing in the Triwizard tournament, attempting to clear his Godfather's name, and living with a group of veela, fourth year just got a whole lot more interesting for Harry Potter. For Love Or Money by bingblot reviews "I forget sometimes how freaking rich you are. Harry has been entered into the GOF. With his best friends and quidditch team by his side, can he handle the tournament, a nefarious plot to kill him again , and a blossoming relationship with the Beauxbatons champion?

Follow Harry as he fights for the cup, and for his life. All rights go to J. Everything in bold is from original story. Goes to Skryim and learns that she is Dragonborn and it is once again up to her to save the day.

Elder Scroll series - Rated: She triggers there, with a different set of powers. In the aftermath, Shadow Stalker has to face the consequences of her inaction, deal with her feelings about this new parahuman, and ask herself searching questions about her own philosophy of life. Horrified, he attempts to leave her a protector by buffing up her best friend. The Vampire Slayer - Rated: Don't look back in Anger by robst reviews Can some angry words change everything?

Lost and found by Paralelsky reviews Rick and his group kept running into him, this lone survivor and his dog. Maybe they could add one more to their group? Two's Company by Von reviews Dean's time is running out.

Sam is falling apart. He solicits help from a British maybe-witch he met years ago and signs a contract of his own with the man's son. Aid, in exchange for Asylum. Hunt by White Angel of Auralon reviews Harry had noticed a lot of things that didn't add up around him.

He did something about it. When Ron left the tent during the hunt for the horcruxes, he finally manages to get the true Hermione back. With a better plan they start the hunt anew. Brave by surrendersomething reviews Written for the Winter '14 Kink Meme.

Beckett gives Castle a full body massage. Set in an AU season four post Cops and Robbers. They're not together but their secrets aren't quite Can finding out the destiny bestowed upon him, one inherent in his blood, change things for the young wizard-to-be?

A season 2 AU holiday oneshot. When I Was Drowning by Trinity Everett reviews A chance meeting between two people has the potential to change their lives forever. A Caskett Meeting AU. Take Two by Moonlight Ace reviews While chasing the last remnants of the Death Eaters still loyal to Voldemort, Harry is unexpectedly thrown back in time to the start of his fourth year of Hogwarts. This time round, things are going to be a little different. Where No Wizard has Gone Before by Blueowl reviews Harry has been reborn time and time again after becoming the Master of Death, living through hundreds of lifetimes in dozens of universes, but this rebirth is strange even by his standards—no doubt thanks to how he had died the last time.

Harry, Guinan, Q, Borg, Lwaxana. M - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: How to Think Without Thinking by sparrowette reviews Reacting swiftly in odd situations is something Naruto has always been good at.

But now Akatsuki is finally making a move, Naruto has a promise to keep and a promotion to earn, Karin insist he start procreating preferably yesterday and Jiraiya has left him alone again. You would think the Sannin would have learned something from the first time he did just that.

Read as they discover their past lives, gain power, and set out to establish a dynasty that will change the world forever. Publish date is not accurate: The Smith's Tale by Sharrukin reviews When Ivar Ragnarsson came home to Skyrim, all he wanted was to find a quiet corner of the world and make an honest living.

This is the story of how an ordinary smith discovered he was anything but ordinary. The first portion of Skyrim, as told in word vignettes. He did not, however want his life to become one. With his eyes open to a new magical world, containing the good, the bad and the somewhere in-between Jee-Han will struggle with the difficulty of leveling, the numbing boredom from training skills, and the dangers of both enemies and monsters.

Oh, Death's killed the cook. Looks like the apocalypse isn't Harry's fault this time - is it? No, it isn't - and sometimes being a hero means your retirement just doesn't get to be normal.

Handle With Care by bravevulnerability reviews A single chance meeting can change everything. Cover art by ournorthstars. You can be Pocahontas," he teases, nudging her with his elbow.

In my opinion anyway. Rated M for a very good reason. But there will be more of that soon! Wizard Runemaster by plums reviews A Weapon. But now… a loose end. Harry Potter resolves to destroy the enemies who betrayed him on his terms, only to find all his plans torn asunder when he's summoned to a new world plagued with the same enemies as his own.

Geth by mjimeyg reviews During the final battle Harry is hit with a luck spell Harry finds himself in the future fighting a new war when all he wants to do is have a nice and easy life.

So he decides to have fun instead. Meet by Anonymous reviews "His seat-mate is the slip of a woman, all skinny and efficiency-sized. Immediately follows Johanna Beckett's death. He's building up ideas in her head, painting pictures of a Fourth of July spent on the beach, fireworks and bonfires; relaxation and a break from the work she's thrown herself into even harder since Memorial Day.

Fractured Fate by Fists reviews During his battle with Sasuke at the Valley of the End, Naruto passes away only to find that his life is a video game. Rated M for violence, language, and some sensual content much later on.

Worth Saving by Shadowyman reviews A young man, disillusioned by the horrors of his past and the Wasteland, is catapulted into the world of Remnant. Faced with an evil determined to destroy humanity, he joins Beacon to hunt down the creatures of darkness and to atone for his crimes. Hunter by gredandforgerock reviews Harry is not content to hear how he is "perfectly safe" and turns to the only adult he feels he can trust. Sirius helps him gain his animagus form, its down hill for the bad guys after that.

Then one shock after another leads to a new life for Harry and his three 'Uncles". For missgsmith51 who picked the animagus form. A season 4 AU. An extremely late Summer Hiatus Ficathon entry. Alternate Beginnings by ack reviews Taylor takes a different tack in dealing with the bullies very early on in story canon. This ends her up in an unusual situation. What she gets out of it is up to her The Gamer by Darkcloudalpha reviews On the night Naruto stole the Scroll of Seals he unlocked a additional power that turns his world into a game and will use it to fulfill his dreams.

When one has a goal you can accomplish anything. Naruto with The Gamer elements fused in. Chapter 17 is now up. A month since he's heard from her. A month since he's been sleepless in Manhattan. Nikki Heat by Neuship reviews "If it's so adorable, why didn't you sleep with me?

Rated M, because I like writing about alternative ways they could have connected and about the bits they can't show on TV. Will be only a few chapters 5 or less. What no one suspected, or even imagined, was that their spirits remained with their son. Lord of Chaos by kujikiri21 reviews Ranma is a wild horse. None can predict him, nor can they control. He seems to able to defy Destiny itself.

Let us see him walk among others that can do the same. Harry Potter and the Lightning Scar by questionablequotation reviews After the disastrous end of Harry's third year, Sirius and Remus scheme to lift Harry's spirits by sending him to the United States to learn to be an animagus. In the process, he ends up learning the truth about his infamous scar and how to fight his war. This should take place in about "season 4" of ST: TNG, but I'm not going to be strict about the timeline, using things and events as needed.

What if Harry was the reincarnation of the God of the Bible? What if getting the Deathly Hallows reawakened his powers as God? What if that meant Harry was the new God Inspected By No 13 by Clell reviews When he learns that flying anywhere near a Dragon is a recipe for suicide, Harry tries a last minute change of tactics, one designed to use the power of the Bureaucracy forcing him to compete against itself.

Little does he know that his solution is its own kind of trap. When nine year-old Harry is bitten by a werewolf, the horcrux fights back. The result could only happen to Harry Potter. Canon-ish for the first three years of Hogwarts - AU from that point forward. After Eight by ShellSueD reviews Ranger is caught off guard when Stephanie steps out of her comfort zone and confronts him after the events that occurred in the book, Hard Eight.

So had the voice inside his head for that matter. But when one of his all too typical wild weekends ends up with him stranded far outside the Outer Gates, beyond the stretch of even creation itself, he finds out that there are other things out there, laying in wait. Still doesn't make it any easier to make rent on time though She knows that unequivocally.

And no matter the cost, she'd do it again. Because the life she took, saved someone else. It wasn't even a choice. It was the only choice. He started seeing things that no one else could see; people's names floating over their heads, strange rectangles with confusing messages popping up in front of his face.

What does it all mean? What prompted all of this? Will have elements of other crossovers. A chronicle of the Gormim. Only it isn't James Potter who answers! What if Harry not only had a Norse deity for a father, but was also a descendant of a Greek god as well? Harry Crow by robst reviews What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Hogwarts.

A Harry who has received training, already knows the prophecy and has no scar. With the backing of the goblin nation and Hogwarts herself. What is it that you want so badly that you can't just let this go so we can both move on with our lives? Told from Ranger's point of view. A Year in the Life by reviews An AU sixth year fic involving the slow divergence of Harry and Tonks' relationship from casual, onesided teasing to something deeper.

Probably fluffy at times. I'll do my best. Previous named Novus Biligo. Coming Home by imdoingthiswhy reviews It's Castle's birthday, and one of his gifts is that his little girl is moving back home…without Pi in her life. He didn't think he could be happier.

Very AU after the May 3 episode and finale. LOL One of those stories that was intended to stop around chapter 3 or 4 but wandered off on its own. Involves family, some excitement, and so much fluff I should be ashamed. Fourth Year divergence story. Life at Chez Castle. Making Uzumaki by PsyckoSama reviews Naruto's always had big dreams, but unbeknownst to him he's heir to a legacy that dwarfs all of them. Sometimes all it takes is the beat of a butterfly's wings to put you on the path to greatness.

With some luck, some help, and a whole lot of hard work, Naruto is going to make the name Uzumaki something to be respected once more. Snape goes back in time, holding the knowledge of what is to come if he fails.

No longer holding a grudge, he seeks to shape Harry into the greatest wizard of all time, starting on the day Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley. Dobby's Return by Hahukum Konn reviews Dobby the house-elf has been granted his chance to help Harry Potter after dying at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange, by going back to the summer of Containment Failure by Over Worked Witch reviews A drunken Rachel and an active cell phone could create havoc in the life of any vampire, but for Ivy Tamwood it means trying to keep her fangs to herself when a handsy redhead won't leave well enough alone.

A three chapter story revolving entirely around a Ravy pairing brought on by too much alcohol and because Ivy is hot. Touches of angsty drama every now and then. Hollows, Kim Harrison - Rated: It is and Lord Black and Lord Potter find themselves in Gringotts confronted with the unthinkable and without power - a Lord Potter-Black from the future.

However, he didn't arrive alone. A Black heirloom forces a marriage, which will only complicate things further as the Black and Potter families try to unite against the coming darkness. Waking up hungover sucks, but waking up hungover and married? Life just got even more complicated for Harry Potter. Aloha by ShellSueD reviews A short story about what could have should have? Spoilers for Explosive Eighteen.

Zanathos by BaronGinzo reviews Instead of ending back up in his body, Harry is shunted to the other side of the universe in a different time altogether. He is no longer on earth, in fact he has no clue of where he is exactly.

The only thing he understand is that he is in a video game like world, will Harry Survive such a world? Extremely aewsome story, won't regret it, try it! And this was the one time Gibbs actually had to stop and think about what he was willing to do for his favorite person. This will be Gabby. Jokers Wild by dogbertcarroll reviews Naruto's an old soul, but the seal on his former life begins to wear away under the pressure revealing someone Three months into Naruto's training trip Jiraiya must leave him behind to go to check on a situation in Iwa, leaving Naruto to his own devices.

Naruto thinks everything he did makes perfect sense, Kiri thinks he is a cult leader and Tsunade thinks she doesn't get paid enough to deal with this. Cora Bradley is a timid scientist assigned to the Normandy while larger than life Commander Drew Shepard is battling on all sides to win a galactic war.

These two could not have less in common but her need to help drives her to his cabin where she offers a most unorthodox form of therapy to help him. The Stars Are Loud Tonight by cmdevil reviews Can a young quarian engineer, who has never known war, and a human man, who has seen more than most, find love among the stars?

An eventually trilogy-spanning story of M! Shep and Tali'Zorah that will grow farther from canon as it gets longer. Rated M for violence, language, and sexual content eventually. ME1 arc now complete. Layers of the Onion by NevynR reviews Beckett stumbles across something confusing about Castle and his mysterious past. Detective senses tingling, she goes on the hunt to peel a layer off the Castle onion. Angst, romance, action and humor ensue. Chapter 13 now up! Rated M for a reason, folks! Fallout by ShellSueD reviews Stephanie makes a last minute decision that will probably change her whole life.

This is that story and the aftermath told entirely from Ranger's POV. A revelation from an unexpected source leads Harry away from the Wizarding World and to the one place he has always wished and prayed for: The Power of Quidditch by apAidan reviews The outrage over having the Quidditch season cancelled was muted too quickly in canon.

A fourth year Gryffindor witch decides that someone needs to do something to rescue her best friend from impending disaster, and she has just the tool to fix both problems.

Wayward Sons by belgium-morning reviews Harry Potter has always wanted a family that cared about him, that loved him in the proper way a family should. A startling discovery on his seventeenth birthday will send him to America to meet a man and his sons no one knew existed. How will they react? M - English - Family - Chapters: There was something else.

Now, after years adrift, he just might be the key to winning the war against the reapers Now Harry is on the case of uncovering all the secrets around Naruto and deal with his enemies. Find out how Konoha deals with the Master of Death Ninja-in-training.

Lion of Light by Vimesenthusiast reviews Ranma hates how his life is going, but sees no real way out of it until a strange concurrence of mystical events lets him meet Brianna Diggers in the worst way possible though in her mind it was the best way - -;.

This catapults him into the new adventures that he longed for and maybe just maybe may give him the home he always wanted as well. Angry Harry and the Seven by Sinyk reviews Just how will Dumbledore cope with a Harry who is smart, knowledgeable, sticks up for himself and, worst still, is betrothed?

A Harry who has a penchant for losing his temper? Rating is for language and minor 'Lime' scenes. Ramen Days by Rathanel reviews After dying at the end of the Sand-Sound Invasion, Naruto finds that his life is governed by a strange set of rules that he is still trying to figure out. Naruto Naruto - Rated: I seem to have awakened on a Republic ship with a smashing headache.

My apprentice has betrayed me, my troops have abandoned me, and all I have is this dinky blaster. What do you mean, my name is Ferc Kyja? This is going to be a rather rotten holiday. It couldn't wait another day He holds questions, he will search for answers, some he never expected. Bethesda owns all right and trademarks to Fallout New Vegas, I am merely creating my own interpretation.

Changed to M for violence, some language, and later sexual content. Beltane Child by White Angel of Auralon reviews Harry needs some time to let his guard down in the war. So he goes to a celebration just before he, Ron and Hermione plan to get Hufflepuff's Cup from Bellatrix Lestrange's vault. Who could have guessed what the consequences would be? Early by Meg Moore reviews 'If she gets up right now, she can escape undetected It was late at night, and he was stalling for time, not really up for more paperwork.

Suddenly, a ripple in the wards sent him hurrying towards the source of the disturbance. Nothing could have prepared him for what he would find. And with Harry's luck, is anyone really surprised? M - English - Friendship - Chapters: Wicked Game by ShellSueD reviews Stolen kisses, lust filled gazes, sizzling chemistry - Ranger and Stephanie have been dancing around each other for a long time - what happens when one or both of them want to change the terms?

One shot Janet Evanovich - Rated: I am an Opportunist by ShellSueD reviews Ranger told Steph that he was an opportunist - and she's going to learn exactly what that means. Stolen Sky by Cora Clavia reviews This green-eyed woman took a bullet for Mal Reynolds before he ever learned her name. Kate Beckett becomes a character in the 'verse. He ends the Blight, only to return to the home he no longer has a place in.

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