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Looking for an anal Clayton girl

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I always thought that the stories posted to newsgroups were just that: Stories, wild tales of fantasy. Erotic fantasy, and sometimes funny fantasy like Kenny N. That doesn't keep me from having a Thesaurus handy in the front room ever since reading it though.

After all, why take a chance? Yeah, just a funny story; but what if it WAS true? After reading Kenny's follow-up story about sexy young Girl Scouts "selling" their little playmates for bondage Girl Scout Nookie Sale , I had to giggle.

Everybody knows girls in that age-group aren't interested in old men. Especially old perverts like me, old enough to be their fathers. Still, the idea was erotic. That's why, when a large fraction of the troop of Girl Scouts my daughter belongs to came up the drive, dragging behind them a little red "Radio FlyerT" wagon like Kenny had described in his story, I paid a little more attention to exactly what the girls said than I might have otherwise.

Karen wasn't in the group of six. From what my daughter told me earlier I understand the troop of 26 girls had split up into five groups of five Thus we weren't even allowed to buy cookies from Karen; but were told to expect our "representatives" to be around later that week. It was only later that I learned exactly why the girls had this limitation.

So, about midweek through the "sale", up the drive come six cute and sexy teenaged girls, all wearing uniforms so short that most cheerleaders would be envious. The Downtown Council doesn't sell the uniforms with dresses that barely reach to cover their matching panties. In between the short skirt and blouse, the top itself had been shortened until you could see at least two inches of bare skin and bellybutton of each teenager.

Several parents including my wife had objected until the girls pointed out that their new uniforms, even as modified, were much less revealing and sexy than what all the kids wore to the mall and even to school these days. Karen kept pestering me and the wife take a trip to the mall and LOOK at what the girls there were wearing, before Sarah was finally convinced and stopped objecting.

Looking back at it, I suspect that most of the girls we saw down at the mall that day were fellow Girl Scouts and schoolmates of our daughter, all helping each other convince various parents that their new "uniforms" weren't any more extreme, erotic, or showing a bit more skin than what all the other girls in the mall were wearing every day.

Still, I never objected. I like looking at little girls in sexy clothing. Yes, even or especially my own daughter. Over the years Karen has gotten quite a few kinderslut and "fuck me" outfits; and I at least, have never said a word. I even used to buy her a few myself when Karen was just a little girl; sometimes convincing my wife to buy our daughter tight and short little outfits that a street-hooker might be embarrassed to wear in public.

Since she's been old enough to select her own clothing I've often encouraged my daughter to buy short little micro-minis and tube-tops that show lots of skin, bellybuttons, cleavage what there is of it , long sexy legs, and even peeks at little-girl-panties where a camel-toe shows through if you look. Or sometimes more than just peeks, with some of the more extreme outfits. This attitude has gotten me more than a few hugs and kisses from the girl that I treasure; the child wriggling in my arms and giving me a hard-on that was difficult to hide from my little girl.

Yeah, I'm a pervert. Not that I'd actually seduce my own daughter; but still a pervert who got hard at the idea of doing so Most people in the neighborhood know I'm a pervert too; even including my own daughter.

I write sex stories of horny little girls who seduce older brothers, grandparents, and sometimes even their own parents.

Now mind, I've never approached my own daughter for sex; and while Karen probably knows all about the stories I write, she's never actually asked me about any of them. I assume, but don't know, that she knows where all those stories are archived on the net as I've never made it a secret; so she can read any of those I've posted if she wants to.

They're often also left around the house in unfinished form when I'm working on some of them. In a similar manner I know the girl knows about sex and how babies are made; even though I've never had the nerve to teach her "up close and personally" like some of the horny men in my stories.

She has full web-access on her computer; and I know yes, from snooping around and checking her "history files" and "favorites" that my daughter is no innocent when it comes to what men look like naked and how men and women fit together for sex; a couple of movie-files she's had on her computer showing such things in full glorious detail.

I ass-u-me that Karen has seen many more; but I'm not enough of a snoop to check all the time to see what porn she's downloading. I know it's more than enough for my daughter to know exactly how babies are made without doing it herself. Yeah, she's also fully as sexy as any of her classmates or fellow Girl Scouts; and I'm pretty damned sure she knows it too.

The last time my daughter sat on my lap Still, I was fairly sure Karen was still a virgin; even though she's thirteen already and blossoming in ways to give horny old goats like me heart-attacks Oh, not because Karen was afraid of what either the wife or I might say if our sexy young daughter came home with thick wads of gooey male cum up her snatch and oozing into her tight little panties; but mostly because boys her own age were such dorks.

That she might be turned on and having affairs with older men hadn't occurred to me. Six sexy young girls, ranging in age from twelve at the youngest to sixteen at the oldest, show up at my door in Girl Scout uniforms, with a wagon full of cookies and brochures and order-forms, and other boxes of goodies.

I figured I was going to likely buy at least one box of everything they had to sell. I looked the girls over and thought of the boxes I'd LIKE to buy, and then made my mistake, somewhat similar to the one Kenny made when girls came to his door. Mom says you're a prevert who writes stories about men fucking little girls, and we shouldn't accept invitations into your house, or you might try to have sex with us," added one of the younger girls I'm about as far from a rapist as it's possible to be without being a complete virgin.

If any girl ever got in bed with me it was because she wanted to or I'd convinced her to, not from any force or even heavy persuasion.

There's something extra sexy about girls in that age-range; when they have reached puberty but aren't yet old enough to have that "adult woman" shape and smell. Did I mention smell? The aroma of hot sexy young women in the prime of their fertility gathered closely around you is enough to arouse any man. My prick went from half-hard to hard as a brick; and at least one of the girls couldn't help but feel it against her thigh as she pushed by me with a giggle that added to the strain the member was under.

Somehow I knew that all six girls were now aware their host Girls just don't sell their classmates into bondage! I couldn't have mis-heard what I just thought I had. If the girls knew what my fevered mind had thought they said, they'd all be gone in seconds, and likely none would even be allowed to visit my daughter in the future, as they previously had.

Cookies are only three dollars a box. Now I really WAS sweating. As you see us," confirmed the brunette. They couldn't mean what they said. If nothing else, why so cheap? A dollar a lay from sexpots like these I put the question into words. Girls like you are priceless. More giggles this time, from the whole group.

Her sister carried on, "Most of us are only thirteen or fourteen," she explained. Besides, I thought you liked the idea of having sex with young girls. Isn't that what your stories are all about?

How to explain to these young sexpots that my fantasy stories are about horny young girls their ages, in the prime of their fertility, seducing older men, not horny old men forcing their attention on innocent young girls? Then I suddenly realized that was exactly what I had here; and if I didn't act quickly I'd be in Kenny's predicament of watching the girls vanish in disgust.

Fair's fair, you know. The other girls deserve to get in on things too. When I started to ask why, she explained, "That would be incest. After all, they were supposedly already halfway through their sale.

There was a stirring, and blushing of embarrassment. Yet," admitted the brunette. We all agreed that if you didn't go for it, already being a pervert, it would probably be a mistake.

Sorry we bothered you. You won't tell on us, will you? Thankfully I'd just been to the bank and had close to a thousand on me, in preparation for going to the electronics swap-meet where cash speaks far louder than checks or credit-cards.

This sounded like a far better deal than any swap meet! Only about one apiece," admitted the girls. I want to buy your entire output. The girls looked each other over. At nookies, twenty per box, that will give me just a hair over two nookies a day for the next year, or about two a month from each girl in the troop and a little over two nookies a week from my daughter.

The girls again looked at each other. We have chits here for each of us," they explained; showing what looked like business cards with signatures of each girl on them in small cookie boxes. We'll have to bring back the others tomorrow. Then you only have to give one to the girl who signed it and she'll supply the Girl Scout Nookie. We'll have to make up the extras for each of us and your daughter too. Let her lord it that somebody likes her so much that she sold more nookies than the whole rest of the troop, without even being there personally.

It wasn't as if I was somebody horrible who would beat her, rape her, treat her badly, or even as if it was something painful like selling my daughter into bondage similar to how the Girl Scouts in Kenny's neighborhood had been marketing their playmates "services".

Sex, after all, is fun , or at least should be. Over seven-hundred dollars is quite a bit of money to spend without at least sampling some of the goodies first, don't you agree? Line up there on the couch and take off your panties, so I can get a good taste of each one of you," I directed.

I'd had my eyes on the little twelve-year-old and her chocolate partner ever since they'd walked in the door.


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