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Continues in a pale imitation during their relationship. Your relationship was one of the sickest freaking things I've ever seen. You're two deeply disturbed individuals and your union — well, your was a blasphemy! Also applies to Kelso and Jackie, especially after they got back together. When Eric presents him with a ticket to a Green Bay Packers game, Red immediately begins trembling with happiness. He then runs out of the room as he starts to cry the joyful version of this trope.

May the Farce Be with You: Being that the show takes place in the late '70s, Star Wars spoofs and references abound.

In "Going to California", Eric and Donna run across a beach in slow-motion, but stop short of hugging and stand at arm's length to talk. Then Kelso totally ruins the moment by tackling Donna to the ground, claiming that he "won" the foot race. Red is one of these as the manager of Price-Mart, and doesn't deny it if you mention it to him. When the rest of the family is congratulating Red on getting the job, Hyde says "God help the poor bastards who work for you!

According to Red, "In order for [my son] to be a responsible adult, he has to be miserable now! Buddy tried taking it a step further. In "Gimme Shelter" has this happen with Kelso and Fez. They're looking for an apartment and find a great one only to discover the landlord is Fenton, an enemy of Fez, who refuses them a lease.

As they're leaving Kelso comments that they'll have to find some place to live with the baby, referring to his with Brooke , however, Fenton misinterprets this and lets them move in since he can't turn away two men raising a baby. Monkeys on a Typewriter: Kelso accidentally threatens the president and the gang start to believe that everything is the Feds coming to arrest them.

Even a car parking outside the house. The Feds wouldn't park a car right outside my house. Everything you think the Government aren't doing, they are doing, the only thing they didn't do was land man on the moon, Spielberg shot the whole thing in a Hollywood movie set, that's how he got the job for Jaws!

More Deadly Than the Male: Guys can mess around in a fight. If girls fight; they fight. Once Mila Kunis turned eighteen the show went all out, putting her and Laura Prepon in various sexy outfits. Samantha Hyde's entire purpose was to be this. Laurie and several female guest stars also filled this trope. The show was expected to fare well with teens and young adults i. Managed to do it Once an Episode and still keep it funny. That '70s Musical, the th episode.

From the fifth season on, the episodes shared the names of songs of rock bands. Fez saw Donna for the first time when he and Hyde walked in on her changing her clothes. Prompting Kelso to repeatedly try to catch her in the buff.

He never did, but his persistence caused Donna to Throw the Dog a Bone and flash him on purpose so he'd leave her alone which seems weird if you remember that the gang went skinny-dipping in season 1. Kitty tells Donna that when Red left for Korea, she gave him a boudoir photo of her wearing nothing but a fur coat. The show refrains from using the word "marijuana" or any of the common slang for it. They often refer to it as "the stash" or "stuff".

Some of the adults call it "marijuana" once or twice. But mostly it's just "the stash" or they leave the viewer to make the obvious conclusion. Every use of the word "pot" played with this but turned out to be a real pot in a Poker game, kitchenware, that sort of stuff. Red tends to call it dope, and as such, refers to anyone using it as dopeheads or hopheads. Nice Mean And Inbetween: Played straight in one episode when the guys decide to streak during a presidential campaign stop in town, with Eric wearing said Nixon Mask.

No Accounting for Taste: The relationship between Jackie and Hyde. Kelso has the loudest voice of anyone in the group, especially when he's angry or excited.

There's a reason why his catchphrase is yelling "BURN!!! Fez is short for "foreign exchange student". His actual name is played with during one episode where he does say it, but is drowned out by the sound of a school bell. During this scene, Fez' actor just said the names of all of the main actors in a row quickly.

Fez never does get around to telling that story of how he came to be naked in the basement; although he is quite eager to relate it, the others are determined to keep cutting him off. And then there was what happened when someone finally asked Red about his threats to put his foot up various peoples' asses. You ever actually do that with your foot? Once, when I was at Iwo Jima I can't talk about that. In "Fun It", it wasn't the first time Bob got into a fight with a ceramic clown.

We never see anyone actually smoke marijuana, although we do sometimes see a smokey room and it is very strongly implied. Subverted when smoking cigarettes is prevalent during the earlier seasons, especially with Kitty. There were a few hints that Hyde might be a smoker: Then there was the time that Kitty closed her eyes and demanded a cigarette when she was trying to quit smoking.

An arm of one of the kids comes into frame with a cigarette. We didn't see the person who handed it to her, but Hyde was wearing denim and the arm had a denim sleeve. After she was handed the cigarette, all five members of the group present at the time pulled out lighters to light it.

When Red punished Eric by making him smoke a pack of cigarettes, he apparently did it offscreen, as he was never seen smoking on screen. Not So Above It All: In one episode, even Jackie starts giggling like a schoolgirl after explaining to Fez that "penal code" doesn't mean what he think it does. Also, when Red decides to help Eric prank Kelso. Kelso tells Jackie to watch him drink his eggs. Jackie tries to tell him something, only for Kelso to keep shutting her up, saying that whatever it is can wait till after he has drunk his eggs.

She does so and after he has drunk his eggs, reminds him that he is actually allergic to eggs. Red threatening to put his foot up someone's ass. Not to mention "The Circle". And also by Fez and Big Rhonda. Almost all their scenes were staged with them sitting to work around this. Only Known by Their Nickname: Red, as revealed in the episode where his mother dies. As he says, "She was the first one to call me 'Red. Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: While convincing Red to take Hyde back in the season 3 premiere, Leo played by Canadian actor Tommy Chong pronounces "out" in a decidedly Canadian manner.

Fez' real name and home country; taken to the point of a Running Gag. When Fez does say his real name but is drowned out by the bell, in real life he was reciting all the actors on the series' names.

Eric accidentally pulls Donna's pants down during a game of basketball, and it turns out she's wearing "granny panties", for which the rest of the group teases her mercilessly. In "Eric's Birthday", Eric's sister Laurie is doing her laundry putting her jeans in a washing machine when Eric and his friends find her just wearing a red T-shirt and white undies, which she flashes Eric and his friends to prove that she, in fact, is wearing some.

Kelso takes this as her seducing him. Hyde's mother abandons him at the end of season one, and the Formans take him in. In season five, Jackie's father is imprisoned, and her mother leaves, so she moves in with Donna for a while. Fez's host parents kick him out when they realize he actually graduated a year ago. Kitty mothers the teenagers as if they were her own children , and tries to help them with their problems, even going so far as to adopt Hyde after his mother abandons him.

Red also ends up getting involved on more than one occasion , much to his displeasure. Kitty mothers Jackie around when her dad is jailed and her mom is abroad. She also seems to view Red as a substitute father figure, given how often she's hugged him when she's feeling stressed. Where am I gonna go? Utilized to great effect by Kitty and Red. In "The Pill", Jackie has a pregnancy scare. Donna starts taking the titular contraceptive, so the same thing wouldn't happen to her.

The show was very good about the costumes and hair, but people didn't add "bitch" at the end of sentences back then, or call each other "whore", or shout "BURN! Sometimes items from The '80s appear in scenes. Whenever Eric's Star Wars toys were shown, they were rarely the original ones from the Seventies, but rather the contemporary ones from The '90s and the Turn of the Millennium. Oddly enough, Boba Fett is mentioned in an episode which would appear to be an example of this, but he was actually introduced in in the infamous The Star Wars Holiday Special.

If you look closely in any of the Driving a Desk scenes, sometimes modern cars are seen in the background. This is also present in the theme song. Kelso is better described as "pretty" than "handsome". Lampshaded by Kelso himself. I'm what's known as "man-pretty". Eric once walks in on his parents having sex. He is pretty traumatised by the experience.

Red takes the gang to a wrestling match in "That Wrestling Show". You'd be surprised how many products from The '70s are still around. Put on a Bus: After she had a The Other Darrin phase during the sixth season, Laurie went to Canada for the rest of the show. Eric was also absent during the final season, though he returned for the series finale.

Kelso appeared in only four episodes of the final season before going to Chicago but also returned for the finale. Don't forget Midge Pinciotti.

Fez's mortal enemy, Fenton. Raw Eggs Make You Stronger: Subverted and Played for Laughs. Kelso attempts to impress Jackie by working out and during a conversation with her announces that he's going to drink a cup of raw eggs. She tries to say something and he rudely stops her, drinking the eggs anyway. When he's done, she reminds him that he's allergic to eggs. Real Life Writes the Plot: Donna dyed her hair blonde, because Laura Prepon did so for a film role.

Laurie was written out of the show after Lisa Robin Kelly left the show midway through the third season. Tommy Chong Leo was absent for two and a half seasons because of a prison sentence.

Eric leaves at the end of season seven because Topher Grace was going to be shooting Spider-Man 3 at the same time season eight would have been in production which is why season eight had him 'replaced' with Josh Meyers as Randy. Real Song Theme Tune: A cover of Big Star 's "In the Street". By Cheap Trick , no less, a group who are substantially more famous than Big Star.

Random score for a then-fledgling sitcom. In later seasons, the theme song would be appended to feature the line "we're all alright", from Cheap Trick's hit "Surrender". Laurie is notoriously promiscuous. Watching next door with binoculars in the hope of seeing Midge naked, he becomes convinced that Bob has murdered Midge.

Kitty bashed Laurie with a very simple sentence: Then there was the time Eric chewed out two jocks who complained that the beer keg at Eric's party had a broken tap Casey dumps Donna and she comes back to me? I'm not a rebound! So you're too proud to take her back? And what do you have to be so proud of? You're not an athlete! The only smart thing about you is your mouth! Beat And look at you! Red, He looks fine.

He's just so darn stupid! Hyde gives one to Eric in "The Good Son". You know Forman, I used to think Red was a real hardass, but after doing your chores for the last five days, I've come to the conclusion that you're just a lazy, spoiled brat. A regular occurrence - nearly Once an Episode - is the Circle where the camera spins around between the characters as they're implied to be passing a joint around.

Repeated Cue, Tardy Response: Donna tells Eric to hide in the woods so he can jump out at the end of a ghost story she is going to tell. You'll know when she's coming because she screams before she kills. Let's see if we can hear her.

I said, let's see if we can hear her! Donna, I'm stuck in a thorn bush. Several changes were made to the show in season 5: Episodes started being named after songs from various '70s bands. Eric became a Star Wars geek, despite having shown no interest in it in previous seasons. Donna's tendency to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing has been downplayed, and some of her previously unseen flaws have surfaced, such as having Bob's levels of bad taste.

The on-again, off-again relationship between Kelso and Jackie has been broken up for good, Jackie started dating Hyde, which jump started her Character Development and, to a lesser extent, his. Eric, though one could qualify him as a mild case of Hollywood Nerd. Eric also has a stringbean physique which is referenced multiple times.

One strange '50s-style fantasy sequence had "Doofus and Diligent" Kelso and Eric, respectively working at a fast food restaurant.

Jackie's dad intentionally and rightly framed her boyfriend Kelso as "Doofus". Eric, with the threat of his dad's foot up his ass, was of course "Diligent". Hyde and Fez play a variant Hyde invents to see who will be Eric's best man. Fez can't get past a Poor, Predictable Rock strategy, even after a lot of rounds. Room Full of Crazy: Never seen, but apparently Fez's girlfriend Caroline had one of these for him. A trademark of the show, when the gang gathers and discusses their current situation, often under the influence of pot.

A stylistic reference to The Wonder Years , but has become so associated with the show it's not uncommon to hear its use in other media referred to as a " That '70s Show shot". Any time Hyde and Kelso start wrestling with each other, you can practically time when Kelso calls "foul" because he hurt his eye.

Fez's country of origin is played with on several occasions. Kelso, Fez, Hyde and Eric have all fallen off the water tower at least once. Then there was the character who died doing so, and the water tower was renamed after his memory. Laurie literally being the devil. She was apparently born with a tail and everything.

As well as Laurie being extremely easy and sleeping with, oh, every guy in town. The first season had Kelso saying he was going to break up with Jackie. The gag stops after she breaks up with him though they get back together a few episodes later. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Hyde and Jackie are a variation. When Hyde makes Fez serve customers naked in the Foto Hut.

Probably the most famous sitcom basement ever. In her first ever episode, she tries to get Hyde to either quit or be fired from a job he took to get closer to his estranged father and insults him constantly because she views him as a dangerous delinquent. She also shoots down a lot of Hyde's ideas for the record store such as prominently featuring popular music and tries to keep him from being involved because he's been to prison which happened because he defended Jackie and she assumes he'll steal merchandise.

She also knows very little about music despite wanting to run a record store chain, even slapping a man because he asked her for KISS referring to the band. She does get indirect comeuppance in season 8 when Hyde's father sells the company and lays off his employees, including Angie who's an executive at the time. He leaves Hyde the last remaining record store. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: In the kid's own words, "I'm a very serious paper boy".

Especially Kelso's feathered 'do and Hyde's and Bob's frizzy afros. She Is All Grown Up: Gender flipped —the one who's all grown up is Kelso's brother Casey, and Donna goes ga-ga for him for no reason apparent to the viewer. Upon seeing Casey enter a diner. Oh my God, it's Casey Kelso and he's so dreamy! Both couples actually came to fruition over the course of the series. The names of the cast members who were on the show before and during the fourth season have exactly five Ks: I tried pot once, and now I'm incurably insane!

A Halloween Episode was made up of stringing together the plotlines of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous films. Eric is plagued with vertigo after seeing Fez fall off the roof when he was hanging off it.

Donna then puts on an outfit reminiscent of Madeleine and falls off a water tower, mimicking the ending of Vertigo. Fez breaks his leg from said fall, and is confined to Eric's bedroom for the rest of the day, watching the Pinciotti's house in a manner similar to Rear Window. Kitty goes to a neighbor's house to take care of some birds, which get loose and reenact scenes from The Birds.

Kelso is attacked by a plane just like in North by Northwest and then gets attacked by Laurie in the shower as in Psycho. He also makes reference to "cases of mistaken identity", a common theme in Hitchcock film. Leo's origin and Leo himself in many ways is similar to Reverand Jim Ignatowski's. Donna is fond of giving these to Eric. It ends up spilling over to Hyde in "The Good Son" when both of them team up against him.

Red and Kitty are just not good at loving one child equally. Also Laurie, to Jackie. Hyde and Jackie had this at first but it soon blossomed into a mutual understanding albeit with a lot of bickering that became a Relationship Upgrade. Inevitable, since the action is set in a somewhat backward Midwestern town that's a little behind the times. In particular, the rampant marijuana use and fascination with psychedelia which were clearly being eclipsed by cocaine and the disco aesthetic in hipper parts of America by Red Forman's "working-class suburbanite" attitude is also a lot more '60s than it is '70s.

Cue slow clap by the guys. Most of the jokes that are made about Laurie is that she sleeps with numerous men, including Kelso and one of her college professors, but those jokes are considered okay because of how bitchy she acts to everyone, including her frequent snarking against Eric, his friends, and Kitty, the way she sucks up to Red, and how she actively tried to destroy Kelso's relationship with Jackie.

He says no one will buy the cow if they get the milk for free, and she's visibly wounded. In Season 8, there are many jokes made about Jackie being a slut, though she's never seen dating anyone, yet Fez sleeps with a number of women through the season and at least four in one episode. Edna's gone for weeks before the Formans step in, and although Hyde makes jokes about it, his home life is pretty abusive.

My mom always said a waffle iron was a luxury, like pillowcases, or not getting hit. Twice on the season eight episode "Fun It", with Randy using an actual clown horn "Find me a really trashy clown hooker with long legs and a pair of double D [honk honk] " and "Well, kids, looks like you're really in some deep [honk honk] " while imitating the Fatso Burger clown. There are also a few instances where people known more for their voice acting have guest starred.

Nick Bakay Norbert and Salem was a truck driver who helped Kelso reach Jackie's ski cabin, Grey DeLisle Mandy and Sam played an English teacher that Fez lusted for at the prom, and Tom Kenny shows up as a constantly put-down dog mascot at the theme park the gang goes to. Spell My Name with an "S": At least in fandom, the Formans' name is occasionally spelled with an "e" in the middle. An indirect one with That '80s Show , set in San Diego. Done a few times when two sets of characters are talking about the same thing usually each other.

The boys have fantasized and made lewd comments about her, and even spied on her. Fez and Kelso fell prostrate and worshipped Eric when they mistakenly believed he'd shagged her. Kitty also gets her fair share of attention.

The boys similarly have the hots for Jackie's mom Pam, played by Brooke Shields. I am attracted to Miss Kitty in a sexual way. Multiple pot interventions, including one for Hyde's sobriety, of all things. Kitty, when in critical situations. Stock Sitcom Grand Finale: The empty basement, as the characters count down the last seconds of upstairs. Leo is by far the most prominent example. All the main kid characters are as well. An awful lot of episodes featured Eric pissing off Donna by saying or doing something , her rejecting him, both talking to their respective friends and family about it, and then Donna forgiving Eric and one of them apologizing.

Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard: Jackie says this when Kelso justifies his cheating on her as a reaction to her constantly insulting his intelligence. Kelso realizes she's just insulted him yet again, tells her he isn't sorry for cheating on her, and dumps her himself. Hyde and his real family. Hyde is very rarely seen without his. Only the audience had spent time with Eric and gotten used to his foibles unlike with Randy, who was so obviously meant as a replacement the fanbase rejected him with some ire.

Charlie was originally meant to be one for Eric, but the actor didn't stay for the season, so the character has been killed off. In Leo's absence, his role as Hyde's paternal figure has been filled by Roy in season 6 and WB in season 7.

When Midge left Bob, the boys lament over losing "her sweet uptown rack". Oh, good God, man, what a marvelous set of kittens. Remember the other sweater? Remember that time she ran up to us in a sweater? Remember the week she took up jump rope? This is followed by a montage of said sweaters. Later in the same episode, after deciding they want to want to chase older women, Fez and Kelso decide that Kitty is hot and maybe they should buy her a sweater.

Fez Fez on Halloween, when he goes trick or treating: Working at Grooves allowed Hyde and Randy to voice quite a few Take Thats at some music artists of the era. Randy to a client: Enjoy your Ann Murray Another aimed at Peter Frampton: The talentless idiot a million teenage girls made a star!

Hyde does this for Jackie after she's caught with a bag of pot. He spends the night in jail and is almost kicked out of the Formans house until Donna tells Kitty and Red what happened. Kitty thinks it was a noble gesture while Red chews Hyde out for risking his entire future over something he didn't even do.

What was the last thing Eric said to his grandmother before she died? I don't think being nice for a whole day would kill you. That '70s Show deliberately plays on nostalgia for the s, basing many of its plotlines on issues contemporary for the era.

While all of the main cast have a first time, Eric and Donna's is perhaps the most recognizable to use in this trope it's subverted. In the episode "Thanksgiving", Eric makes out with Kate, his sister's attractive friend, and wants to get rid of his erection before getting up.

His inner monologue goes: Okay, jellyfish, really big spiders, come on, dig deep, dig deep, okay, the day we backed over Skipper in the driveway, instead of going to the county fair, I had to bury him in the backyard. Her inner monologue goes: Fez occasionally refers to himself in the third person. Hyde and Fez up until season five, where Hyde starts dating Jackie, and Kelso starts hanging out with Fez.

In most episodes, a Title-Only Opening appears in the beginning of the episode, followed by the teaser, then followed by another Title Sequence with everything but the show's title.

Though on some occasions, the second Title Sequence is absent and the trope is played straight. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Too Dumb to Live: Jackie falls into this occasionally as well during the early seasons. Hilariously lampshaded by Hyde when Laurie and Kelso hook up.

Those two are gonna make the dumbest kids ever. While Eric is reasonably smart most of the time, dropping a bowling ball on the couch in the first season, at Kelso's urging, was an example of this. Eric and Laurie get into this at one point. The show stopper is when Eric reveals that Laurie was born with a tail, which causes her to run away in tears. Jackie's a Type A, specifically in the first few seasons. Also Fez's girlfriend and co-worker Nina. Third Line, Some Waiting: Most episodes have two storylines about the teenagers and one about the adults.

Eric secretly asks Donna to marry him at one point, and Eric asks Bob what he would do if they were engaged.

Bob's answer was less than favourable , so they decide to keep the secret. Despite problems often prone to tear them apart such as Eric and Donna breaking up, or Jackie and Hyde breaking up , Eric and his friends pretty much always stay together.

Even as Eric left for Africa An interesting variant occurs with Jackie, who wasn't really part of the group at first and was only tolerated by the others because she was Kelso's girlfriend. It was only after Hyde started burning her, Fez started worshiping her, Donna became closer friends with her, and Eric realized that she pissed Laurie off that she became a full part of the circle. Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Averted with Bob's relationship with the more average Joanne, with whom he's more evenly matched, just after Midge leaves.

Subverted in that Eric is this to Red, while Laurie is this to Kitty. Overlaps with Double Standard as it is frequently shown that Red is hard on Eric because he cares. Being a product of his time, Red would probably believe that it would be important to teach his son self-sufficiency while his daughter would eventually be taken care of by her husband. As the series progresses Red becomes increasingly less tolerant of Laurie's ungrateful mooching behavior, but he never tries to teach her how to become a productive member of society, he just enjoys her prolonged absences.

Once when she returned Red reacted by saying "We gotta start locking that door. Fez doesn't like it. What have you two meddling whores done with my Rhonda? Every time Fez is asked where he comes from, he always answers with a joke or a sarcastic remark.

Fez's real name has also never been revealed, as instead of saying it, people either call Fez something else or stop and ask how the name is pronounced. When Fez's friend from his country comes to visit he never calls Fez by any name. After listening to George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words album, Eric decides to create a system for using the words in public by numbering them.

Donna gives Eric a "man ring. Jackie is a rich girl and cheerleader, Hyde is a poor delinquent with a messed up family who lives with Eric's family because he has nowhere else to go. Initially Hyde stated their differences in social status as a reason they shouldn't go out: Kelso has his UFO pictures developed, only for his friends to find out later that there were naked pictures of him on the same roll.

Laurie, Eric's slutty older sister, is nicknamed "the witch" and "the Devil". Eric, what have I told you about calling your sister "The Devil"? It's offensive to the Devil? Played hilariously in one episode where the family is playing a game called Church Rummy with the Youth Minister at their church and Laurie shows her cards: After Jackie breaks up with him, Kelso tries writing a song to win her back.

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On this day in , Robin Zander, lead singer of the cheapest trick in all the land, Cheap Trick, was born. MLK Day has become a nationally…. Even better than hosting the event was the fact that the headliner was Gary U. They got viral-famous very quickly…. Anti-Flag Raises a Toast to Freedom. Or you might head to the Rock Shop to pick…. Hard Rock Rising supports the musical careers of aspiring artists around the globe by giving one local band the opportunity of….

What a way to bring in the new year! Men's Women's Pins Collectibles Kids. Read Listen Watch Look. Tyler Robinson Foundation Operation: Billionaire and the Beat Cafe News. What Is Giving Tuesday? Berklee College of Music grants more than 1. Hard Rock Heals News. Cafe News , Hotel News. Oknoname Reservoir A. Carbon Monoxide CO [ppm] level in was 0.

This is significantly better than average. Closest monitor was Nitrogen Dioxide NO 2 [ppb] level in was 7. This is worse than average. Closest monitor was 7. Sulfur Dioxide SO 2 [ppb] level in was 0. Ozone [ppb] level in was This is about average. Closest monitor was 6. Particulate Matter PM 2. Detailed information about poverty and poor residents in Broken Arrow, OK. Graphs represent county-level data. Detailed Election Results. Total of patent applications in Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Use at your own risk. Lightning from a storm 30 miles away from Broken Arrow. Golf Course east of Broken Arrow from a model airplane. Downtown Broken Arrow Library after a nice rain- June 23, Profiles of local businesses. User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Based on data. Races in Broken Arrow, OK Recent articles from our blog. Our writers, many of them Ph. Aug 8 California gun crime: Recent posts about Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on our local forum with over 2,, registered users.

Broken Arrow is mentioned 1, times on our forum:. Long lines for state testing of drivers due to shortage of examiners KTUL. This morning, the Broken Arrow location only had two driving examiners. So, when the doors opened at 8: Single-family new house construction building permits: Property values in Broken Arrow, OK.

Crime rates in Broken Arrow by Year Type Murders 3 3 1 0 1 1 4 2 2 0 1 0 0 5 3 per , 4.

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