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Let me reverse your question back to you. Is Eritrea a multi-ethnic society? If yes, it is precisely what I am talking about. Is Afar one of our social groups? Are you attempting to tell us that the tigrigna speaking social group are the militia of Ras Alula? Then I will see it whether it is worth to engage you or not. As far as we are 10 small ethnic groups, I think no need to divide them as minority and majority unless the Tigrinia ethnic group revolving in your mind.

So the size of population of Bilen, kunama, elit, saho, Afar…etc is the same as the tigrigna people or Tigre people. You see Hameed you want to frame the Eritrean politics by religion. The politics of religion will not work in Eritrea. The grievance of Afar or Kunama is not religion. Their struggle is for equitable political and economic sharing. I am from the tigrigna ethnic background. What is your ethnic background by the way? I am too laughing at your crooked way of thinking and knowledge.

If you are a real democratic person as you claim you would have given majority and minority to political parties not to the big ethnic groups. You are ethnocentric person as you clearly stated in your comment.

Isaias introduced ethnic groups in Eritrea to divide and rule and it became very convenient for you to use it in your comments. I wish majority and minority to be used for political parties after election under the parliament house which I think we are a way back to reach that stage. Primarily my brother we need a constitution as equal citizens. This is a debate and issues we are debating will not find a conclusion either by your idea or my idea.

What you need is to only share your view with the forum. Even if this forum agree on any idea, it does not mean the Eritrean people will agree on it. So this forum is not for fighting, it is for learning each other. Leaving all the unnecessary words you throw at me, let me revert on the gedab news on the issue they brought about the Afar people.

The Afar group as an ethnic group are telling us they are marginalized. Who is marginalizing them? They are organized as an ethnic group to fight for their rights. Do they have to organize the way they are organized? Lastly, pull your previous statement that the tigrigna people were not and is not the militia of Alula. When you will finish your learning, InshaAllah? Are you in a learning process? I suspect it, believe me you are not in a learning process you are just fighting to get chance to impose your majority on others.

If our debate is with good intention we would have united a longtime ago. Our debate is void of good intention and as far it lacks good intention it becomes a fight. Your endeavor to make it a learning stage is a fake attempt. You are in a fight Mr. The first person who introduced ethnics in the Eritrean politics is Isaias.

He introduced it intending to divide Eritrean Muslims and to tell us his ethnic group are the majority in Eritrea, therefore they have to rule the country and this is what is practically going on in Eritrea. You as an opposition should not try to give us an impression now and then by dividing us into majority and minority to make this notion take root among Eritreans.

As I explained in my previous comment let majority and minority be given to political parties after election only. As far as you give majority and minority to an ethnic group you are at the heart of ethnics and religion. Depart this notion then I will consider you have moved one step forward. Excuse me, but I just cannot watch silently when I think you are making a mistake—your characterization of Ammanuel, particularly on his position regarding diversity and rights, is wrong.

Granted I have some differences of views with him, there is nothing that would make me say the awful things you are saying about him. I beg of you to be less combative and more a dedicated debater without turning debates into a duel which is not the idea of this forum as you know.

As you said Emma is a good person but he has some flaws which are very grave mistakes that knocks him out to be an accepted person among all. Frankly, I intend to assist him to be that person. I hope he accepts my good intention and revise his stands to be more liberal person from age old influences.

What was the politics of ELF in , why did Romadan separate from ELF, it was worse than ethnic politics, it was clan politics So, are you going to deny the numbers of groups,that is making them equal.

I think you are not making sense. Eritreans, like all humans beings use numbers to count and that count assigns them quanifiable numbers about how many rivers are in Eri, how many prisons and how many children are born and how many ppl live in each region.

Clans, tribes and ethnics were already there even before ELF, but for the first time utilized as an approved politics by Isaias. Hi Brhan They say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, Would you take that step , if I stretched my hand to work with you?

Have a look at this video links when we invited our Eritrean brothers to forge a working relationship, [links deleted. This reminder is not addressing those of you who have been cordial and abiding by the rules, it is addressed to those are are persistently attempting to disrupt the discourse on this forum.

We do not take that lightly. We are committed to hosting everyone regardless of their views. As you can testify, we take pride in hosting individuals with diverse views and we promise to keep it that way. However, though we do not appreciate the promotion of PFDJ propaganda, we do not consider it tenable and those of you whose conscience is intact, can easily debunk and defeat the pro-Isaias views, particularly those of you who are experts on the topic.

Therefore, everyone is welcome here. The discourse in this forum is often disrupted by individuals whose sole reason for commenting seems to be to provoke and insult others, thus transforming the debates and discussions into intolerable squabbles. Those of you who come here only to fight, you would do us a great help by staying away. If you cannot debate with decency and with the aim to convince or be convinced, this place is not for you.

We would like to maintain some humor and jokes, but the intention should be to lighten up and entertain; not to provoke and insult. Usually, the culprits are those who are fond of unnecessary one-liners with veiled, provocative comments. We appeal to them to realize they are contributing to the unnecessary squabbles and deterioration of the quality of the discussions.

We have been reminding you that racism, bigotry and blanket-condemnations of any entity are not allowed. Those who have taken the liberty to display their bigotry and racism, better desist from posting such comments. This forum is supposed to foster communications, and the aim is clear on our slogan—Reconciliation: Kindly resist the urge and do not post unintelligible, vague, and confusing comments. As you know, moderation is not an easy task, and we feel disappointed that moderators have to interfere in the communications between highly educated and intelligent people.

We appeal to you not to burden the moderators with unnecessary extra workload. By now it should be clear what is allowed and what is not, what is provocative and what is not, in this forum. Therefore, from now on, the moderators will decrease their level of engagement and instead, will chop comments that fall within the above-explained transgressions.

Finally, please note that we would have liked to add two more points to make the set of reminders as memorable as the ten-commandments, but unfortunately, we run out of ideas. We appeal to you to add more points that you might see fit and contribute towards keeping the sanity of the forum—it must stay sane, informative, and enjoyable as it was intended to be.

Links are allowed only on the weekends, or else they will be deleted. Here we go, now, it is ten. M selam awate M I did say something wrong? Why did you delete my comment? How did I offended? For those of you who have not seen the full press release you can find it on our website, Dankalia,org Having witnessed and survived the atrocities mentioned in our press release and the possibilities of existential threat looming over the head of our people in Eritrea, we hope for your serious attentions to the matter at hand, we ask for your goodwill and solidarity with the oppressed.

Let me clarify few things for the sake of our discussion,. NO, we are not creating Greater Afar Nation 4. Yes, we will have state of our own within Eritrea, based on Ethnic federal model, those who may not adhere to ethnic model can subscribe to regional model or as they wish.. Under Afar State rule all of the rights of Eritrean brothers and sisters will be respected and guaranteed , to work, to own business, to have their rights to health care, and so on, Non Afar will not be elected or run Dankalia as it is now, 6.

The resources and strategic assets of Dankalia, will be of course used for benefit of the Afar people first, but it will also be used and shared equally under the law of the land for the benefit of the country, meaning it will not be exploited as it is under PFDJ,. Fight against assimilation agenda of PFDJ 3. Stop the fear mongering and use that FEAR, as policy to subjugate, oppress, marginalize ,exploit the resources, the strategic coasts, the potash, the natural gas, the seaways, the fisheries, the minerals and the marine life of Afar people and Dankalia.

One anyone for that matter 4. Work towards building an multicultural, real multi-ethnic, multi religious Eritrea, give power to the people so they can self determine their aspirations and future. I hope to point these few items in a simple manner so the sophisticated Awatesta forum can focus on more in-depth analysis of the situation at hand going for the sake of our union. Thanks for clarifying some points. Given the very small number of many ethnic groups like yours,how realistic is this,:.

First Nagaalela to you. Thank you for clarifying that the Afar are proud Eritrean people to the doubters who ask the same questions day in day out. The Afar people are the sole of Eritreanism. There is no Eritrea without the Afar people. The predicament of the Afar people is understood by those who understand what grievances mean and they are always on your side to resolve your grievances as you clearly put it.

Keep up the fight,. You are not stranger to the Afar people and the causes of ethnic rights in Eritrea.

I really appreciate the way you sticking your neck out and defend the rights of the marginalized. You know not long ago we the Afar used to be the once people come running to for the safety from aggression in the region, countless Eritreans were fleeing the Dergue, risking their lives and leaving everything behind, Our people did not disappoint, they risked their own lives to smuggle our brothers from the highlands to Yemen and Djibouti out to safety, in some cases never even asking for money, unlike what we are hearing today in Sinai, Libya, Sudan, stories of horror visited upon Eritrea refugees.

Today when our people are victimized in their own homes, there are few Eritreans like you who we can call a friend. Do you have any evidence than your statements?? Or this is a game from woyane agenda to claim the afar must join their brother in Ethiopia by referendum so he can have access to sea???

It can be swallowed to label some politicians as sell outs to CIA or Woyane, but to label with such claims hundreds of thousands of common people is stark lie. Selamat Well those who run away are mostly from the kebessa who are seeking better life abroad And yet they come back home at the end But the afar are getting school ,clean whater ,boat for fishing something never happened before the government is doing his best with his faible economy Constitution is pretext ,somehow constitution is guaranty,we see all Africa are constitutional country and yet they all mess up.

You have ruled the country for 26 years without plan and failed, reference your master discourse. You rule without law like a jungle beast in the 21st century among the most civilized world, you are stain of shame in the history of the proud people of Eritrea. You feign you have reached the tiptop point of no return back, but you are still at the bottom of all lists of the world. You accuse proud Eritreans as sell outs without any evidence at the time you sell Eritrea and your culture to Haile Sellase and replaced Tigrinia with Amharic.

You have perpetrated all this with full pleasure singing, dancing and jumping. I think you have forgotten you have chosen slavery instead of independence. You are the last creature in Eritrea to speak about sellouts. I like your truth telling style. I am smiling as I type the KBT name. This guy has chosen a name that fits him: Any way keep barking that the only think you can do thoughtless. Hi KBT, who is selling Eritrea? Who decided the so called port-lease with UAE?

Do we know the details of any agreement between our country Eritrea and the UAE regarding use of our land, sea, and air territory? Who is benefiting from these agreements? Do we have any independent audit as to where any revenues generated from these activities are ending up?

This question also concerns the mining activities underway in Erittrea. The fact is we have one dictator who controls everything and the Eritrean people do not have any insight into his dealings.

This is a man who feels he has the entitlement to consider the Eritrean nation as his personal enterprise. And here you are telling us the poor opposition is selling Eritrea? Selam Abrahams There is no need for you to know about the agreement UAE is a friend country who is using our land against terrorist,.

Hi KBT, who are you to tell the Eritrean people, no need to know about agreements? In normal societies power is vested on the people; no one is above the law and the people are the ones who should decide their affairs through their representatives. By now you must have seen or heard the stories of Horror coming out of Eritrea, not only Afar stories, But for the Afar, the stories have extra layers. We are not simply talking about the all well too known crimes and violence such as murder, kidnapping,rape, incommunicado imprisonment, we are talking above and beyond that, we are talking and providing evidences of systematic polices not only to marginalize but, also to exterminate, mass displace, to assimilate, to wipe-out so the regime can resettle the Tigrigna on Afar properties and land because the resources and land is scarce in the highlands, so regime devised policies to exploit Afar natural resources, strategic assets, the sea coasts, ports and seaways, various minerals below and above the sea.

Well good luck then my friend for you fantasie ,but let me assure you that Eritrea will not loose one single of its territory Yo can go live with your mentor TPLF.

Her as many from Tigray act like us Just free your own country assahaita and come later claim Eritrea And you know shabia reaction when it come on sovereignty and integrity. That is what is lacking in our general Eritrean discussions where others whimsically define you. So far, the interaction between those of you who have raised issues of ethnic and minority rights and others who think in majoritarian bases have been absent. The reason is they know nothing more than the next person on how to communicate—angry, vengeful, and irresponsible.

That is why I think only the composed and the sane need to engage in such discussions because the unsanctioned spokespersons proved to be empty bags. Thank you for joining and please do stay around—that is the way you can address the minds of people, in such a rumor infested, hate engulfed atmosphere, like ours that is contaminated by the PFDJ cruelty and ignorance. Indeed brother Saleh, Thanks for the encouraging words, coming from someone who has been around, a veteran of Eritrean politics, activist and a bridge builder; It means a lot.

I am proud for what you are doing and for what you are fighting for. In , I had a chance to visit Assab two times that gave me a chance to explore Danakil area with in 14 days. It was an exceptional memory that has shaped my knowledge and determination on Eritrean beautiy. It was such a wonderful journey.

But my journey was not for anything else but trying to buy goods and then sell them at a higher profit back Asmara. This was what all it exposed me to the suffering of Afar People. I was there because I was trying to make a living by buying and selling goods to cover my empty pocket resources.

During these days, I was in the national service and teaching in Hamelmalo Agricultural College. I had no salary. Hence, I took about Nakfa and went there to buy goods which were scarce in Asmara and Keren. When I took the decision, I heard that those goods were available as the Afar people were able to take fish, the only resource they have at their disposal and in abundance in their front doors, and ship them with those old unsafe traditional small boats. It was a long journey with Sataye — two days of total 24 hours drive with a one night interval.

Tio was beautiful — with beautiful small shops — full of perfumes and other cosmetic goods. The beach resort was almost ruined, empty houses and most of the days, I was alone swimming there.

In the late afternoon, national service aka slavery members were joining me after their forced labour work. I remember their were maintaining some houses at that time along the beach. Relatively it was cheaper than Asmara but not enough for the residents fo Assab. When I asked why, I was told that fishing is strictly prohibited in order to control smuggling. And if you happen to meet some middle aged people, they are soldiers and non-Afar speajers.

In restaurants, fish menu were very expensive, some expensive than you can getin Asmara. And when you ask why, it is not easy to get fish, gosh!

And it is sad, most restaurants are owned by people who settled there from the highland — most former tegadelti -you hear more Tigrigna speakers sound and Tigrigna music than Afar language and Afar Music. It was a shock to me to see this much replacement of indegeneous culture and language by strange one.

I am saying this because the first time I went there there was goods that arrived. All boats were prohibited from fishing activity and crossing the Sea to Yemen and import goods.

Even flour importation — which was limited quota — was blocked. Price was high rocketed. And any car which was found to carry and transport outside Assab was confiscated by Ministry of Finance. SEcurityand checks was also enforced by military staffs. Hence, I was broken — and seeing losing my money -already gone for my first trip of 7 days stay, I bought washing ingredients and perfumes.

I had to use another car for transportating my goods as the bus was not enough to carry goods of every passenger. And when I visited Asmara and waited for the transporting vehicle to arrive, I was told, the car was forced to return back to Assab.

And all these sensitive goods — by the standard of PFDJ Economic terms, like Cigarrette, white flour, and electronique goods were confiscicated. Mine was OK and a friend of mine whom I was acquinted with there helped me to retain it with him. Then again I was forced to go back and use another means or sell the goods I purchased at a loss. I did and I bought some from Tio — just to cover some expenses.

However, it helped me to know Denkel and the great Afar people, it helped me to understand their suffering and deprivation of their rights to use the resources they owned for thousands of years. I saw their small towns occupied by new settlers and their cultural heritage and language facing serious challenge. And now, I stand with Afar people, I support their legitimate struggle. No other is more prouder than Afar for their Eritreanness yet no one can take their freedom away and live in miser.

But this is just a smooth flow of what it was coming in my head. For now, this is my hashing out my feelings and my stand of the Afar issue. Dear tes, You have written a masterpiece; the best I have read this far in this threat. The more I read your contribution, the more I become convinced that what you write and debate are rooted in solid conviction. I think united Eritrea and its future will be guaranteed when the youth like you shall join hands with your peers from the rest of communities that make up the greater Eritrean family.

Keep the good job, son. I have blood line from all. I was astonished to see a Saho elder man who is now living in Hamelmalo, fully Tigrait speaker and assimilated with the local language talking for hours about my family — he knows more than I know about my family.

At least in a year, he has to visit home, stay at home, pray in our home, even early morning salat period — even during Ramadan — my mother has to provide him food at night. And you can not imagine — we are 10 in the small traditional hut, most of us on the bare floor, except my those young, very young, some with my mother and others with my father till enough space is there. Omer used to sleep with us, among us. I visited and entered the Mosque which was left standing alone in Nakfa after all those heavy bombardements.

I am sorry but I was part of the team that surveyed the road that lead to Era-Ero — I had no idea why they were constructing that road — And those highlanders, rich and owners of all businesses. I saw their beauty and their honest. Not forgetting my experiences for the last 4 years China, France, Italy, Romania, Spain and my academic field,. And now, thanks to Awate University, which has extended its hand without any precondition to welcome and exchange with great and noble people like you,.

All these life experiences have evolved into a strong conviction of fighting for justice at a conscious level of whom I am able to be fully aware of. My base is history build on collective identity.

Within this, two, I write, debate, argue, discuss, express my feelings and emotions, fight and enjoy life as a human being. I believe Wisdom is the a light that does not let you fall in darkness and differentiate the good and bad yet it helps you follow the good.

Thank you for such very wonderful information that reminded me of many places in Eritrea I was not able to re-visit since over four decades when I was young dreamer about free Eritrea. Some of those places were Hawatzu and Berhinet. For one who knows what you have done and seen would not wonder why you project such powerful energy and passion to express your solid position about the sad situation in our country.

Elders like me are perfectly justified to wish to stay alive and see the affairs of our country in the hands of all-round Eritreans free from any residues of bigotry and blind affiliation-driven chauvinism.

I also suggest you write this comment as another piece on the new post independence generation. If you dont have a collection of your writings, this piece would be great start. I would like to think that 20 years from now, you can read it and fondly remember the joy you got from crafting it, and the pleasure you gave the many Awatistas reading it. Or, just craft it and keep to yourself and enjoy it. I can imagine you can translate it into Bilen, Tigrinya and French, and they would all sound as beautiful.

On the politic side, I will come on o to debate on certain issue. I have reservation on Ethnic Federal System. I will develop my arguments later. For now, Just I wanted to say I fully an Afar when it comes on your suffering. I wanted to end this suffering as soon as possible by all means possible —. In the derg times l had a close relative who was a driver for World Vision. He made thousands by selling merchandise that he bought from Assab.

It was a monopolized area as it was as such for years. Hard to take that business area. And had no prior information. Assab for me before was a different city, prosperious and everything available — as a big and known city. In addition, I had no car and the bus I had to travel with is already occupied. This means, those tomatoes that reach Assab are not good for health.

If I was involved in the Tomatoe business, I could have added the health problem of many innocent Afar people whom they were forced to buy whatever is in the market — hmm, they are too far from considering their health issue.

Above all, they are left to suffer till death. Hi Tes Assab was a vibrant port city under the former leaders. It is heartbreaking to read your story. It is unbelievably sad story. Thanks for those heartfelt stories and your recounting experience visiting Dankalia, you had me buildup few tears as well,. Looking at reactions from Awate forum participants and their support, we have confidence in Eritreans to stand with the Afar and other marginalized communities facing injustice all over the country.

We need to explain these differences to Eritreans. Our message to the concerns of our brothers in the highlands, we are more than happy to discuss their concerns in mutually respectful manners and heart to heart bases, with legal expertise, using means available for us, experiences we have learned from countries in the world, South Africa for example, Truth and reconciliation for example.

I have confidence the cool heads will prevail at the end. We can then establish an Eritrea we can all be proud of. This is what I could say in regarding the advancement of Afar cause. Deal , speak, speak, speak. Invite all Eritreans in your meetings with pre-defined conditions.

Let you teach us to hear your words, your suffering. Invite us on your conferences and give us on the VIP section, then just continue on your agenda. Let us hear while you discuss on your cause and how what your mission is. I confess, we are loaded with nationalist sentiments — mixing national identiy with nationalism. Our nationalism is getting into Ultra-Nationalism perspective, and recently fascism tendency. Fight these mindset by opening up yourself, by speaking up yourself.

Read what Gheteb wrote below. GoE bla bla… That is the mindset of many in the opposition camp. We have reached into a stage where we are unable to differentiate Nationalism -as a political philosophy — and National Identity — which is nothing but our social make up. There is no fear from highland on the Afar people — it is unconscious resistance on the name of National Unity as preached by PFDJ and all along the revolution era. We are living in a time where Civic Societies are much stronger and louder than Political Organizations.

Work on creating strong Civic Societies that Defend Afar interest. Work on strengthening Political Organization — possibly by allying with others. On the Political Organization — either have your own party or ally with other party that can fullfil your vision. The highlanders — are still occupied by the rule of the jungle — show them Afar People have a Sultanate — that follows rule of law. Build your relationship with Ethiopian Afars — work with them and as centuries — establish your unbroken relationship.

Talk with other social groups of Eritrea. Highlanders are now fully loaded with Ultra-Nationalism sentiments. This will be broken when they see other social groups are uniting.

I see some hope in the Highlanders trying to figure out their identity — and hope they will liberate themselves from Colonial mindset and then Revolutionary mindset and now PFDJ mindset. Selam Tes, What a wonderful sad in reality life based testimony! I would have liked it to be an excption, from, sincerly, an exceptional person. Unfortunately that is what all our young including the educated future leaders are experiencing.

A lecturer in food science fending to survive in a desolate place full of raw sea food! I was struck in many aspects he did not say and address, but one thing he mentioned stayed stuck in my memmory. The audience applauded the Pr when he said that; the only applaude in that session. For me it was a self absolving applaude, and Eritrea does not have the luxury, the tolerance or the resilience of loosing its youth even in such a way.

Nevertheless it is happening every day, we are loosing our young every day for the obvious reasons we know. Tes I see in you the future Eritrean Paul Bocuse rooming around, again, in the Danakil shores looking for the best clams, oysters, squid, octopus, shrimps and fish. He had no choice but to convince DIA using Mao words. DIA as we know is the only passionate current head of a country who is openly admiring Mao.

And bringing the name DIA adores can open everything. And indeed it opened to a limited extent and since then The Higher Board of Education sends majority to China for higher studies. I am one who got this chance. So far, more than or more are out from the country legally for higher studies.

I doubt if 40 returned back. In , we were 16 who went to China. I think 2 returned back. Others are wondering around the world like me. I do not know if these well educated people will return back sooner but for sure many still consider home is home.

I do have contacts with many and our feellings of going back when time is good is almost the same. As for my study, it is about Local and Traditional food. And it could serve well for developing Afar Traditional Food and make them open to the market. Hi Tes, That is a great specialty you have.

I am in the greater are of health sciences and I regularly, but summarily check PubMed for any novelty and interesting publications in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Please continue to enjoy it. Try that with teff. Stay out Plenty of bread, bani, ambasha, Endless possibilities!

Hi Abi, I agree with you. Thank you for the paper. I did refer Paul Bocuse after I read your comment. It is a great reference.

I will read about him. And now this article, oh, it is great. This article will be a great read. I think we have some common areas to talk about. Sometimes we can exchange ideas. Hi Tes, Yes I am francophile et francophone as the saying goes in France and lived there for long time. We will exchange ideas. Clean this and make it an article.

This a supplent, a sequel to your own family testimony Thanks. It is a spontaneous flow acoming from what is inside. Once it is provoked it flows and I can not control, just I write. Hi Tes What makes your stories this and the story you told us about your childhood and family is it is pure, unrehearsed and show only the truth.

Thank you for sharing with us. Not many people continue fighting and stay on top. Did I tell you he never had a decent meal and bed before college? Your struggle seems to be longer for reasons beyond your control. I make sure to tell your story to my boys. Indeed my life journey is much harder than you can imagine but always cool, peaceful and full of integrity.

I see problems in my hand not in my heart. My heart has always stayed pure, rich and peaceful. And the problems at hand, I always have a solution no matter how difficult they are. Above all I studied engineering to solve problems. And on daily basis I apply my profession to tackle challenges. Indeed they are beyond my control.

I am free and the problem is free. In this way, we live in full freedom and when they reach to my atmosphere we get a common solution. Your Fitness, hold on! Tes, told this forum that he is the elite , the privilege and the chosen one. Now, he is Turning around and he is telling us how he was treated miserably and telling us story. I present this question to you because I have a strong believe that Fanti is the most fair and honest person i have ever came to encounter.

How, which one is the truth? These days you are not making any noise. Elite — a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence. Bourgeois — marked by a concern for material interests and respectability and a tendency toward mediocrity. Hello Nitriccay, In case 1 he must have used his mind, but in case 2 he is definitely using his heart.

That maybe the difference. We have had enough of it between Saay and Haile TG. I wish I had the heart like yours. I am always jealous of your big and wise heart. Know that I am learning from you. And thank you for your good words. I disagree only in part in that as someone who has followed her for a while she noe seems a little desperately unhinged. I hate that she is going all scorched earth on everyone.

I hate that she is looping Rose McGowan into this. I hate that a woman whi always seemed so careful with her makeup and appearance looks a little like she is auditioning for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

I hate that she has now lost 3 siblings. I think one brother is still alive and that all this happened at the same time. I hate she ever met Tyler Shields. I am not a supporter of any of the criminals, both parties included , running our nation into the ground. Yes, IMO, Kathy went too far, but she alone should not be blamed.

From the corrupt government to a media that is nothing more but a propaganda mouth piece to our fellow citizens that have been conditioned to be selfish beings with zero compassion toward anyone that looks or believes different is just as guilty.

Many of the very people that hate Trump felt zero compassion toward his son. As to Kathy making videos calling out and attacking everyone she blames, IMO that is a pretty stupid move from a person claiming they want to work in the same industry as those she is calling out.

Hell, I would not allow a person like that clean my house!! I am surprised Kathy has not blamed the Russians for her problems. I bet if she did that she would be given all the positive press she could dream of.

I used to love Kathy. But her antics now are just gross and sad. Who cares if Andy did coke? Harry is the owner of the TMZ site. That site brings in HUGE ad revenue. Why does everyone make such a big deal about drugs? I for one should probably just take drugs instead of drinking. Unfortunately I can no longer afford a recreational cocaine habit, so I have managed to keep off it.

When those, that cannot afford them and cannot avoid addiction and cannot do them without hurting someone, do them, bad things happen. I actually feel bad for her at this point. I could totally see Andy doing coke. He is all wonkie and strange on wwhl, allegedly.

Shocked at the Andy hate here, and the naivety of who uses coke and pot. FYI… not everyone hates Andy! I just choose not to engage because I dont want to fight about it. I could give a rats ass that Andy does coke. His money, his drug of choice. At the very least, it was gross. Of course Andy is a misogynistic asshole. He really thinks he is still a twenty something ingenue. I was one of those who thought Kathy should just keep her mouth shut and let this whole thing blow over.

What was I thinking? I have only been in two situations in my many years where I have felt the need for complete and utterly annihilating vengeance. Her doing, of course, but still. As for Andy Cohen? What she did seem was angry….. She said she currently has no agent, publicist, tour manager, etc. Her boyfriend was managing the tour. The Melbourne show looked to be almost sold out at least in the stalls. Her biggest issue is that she will need to book US TV gigs to stay relevant, and she is really pissing off some powerful old white guys with the stuff she is saying.

Most of the content in the video she revealed during the act. She performed for 2. At times the show was depressing and I emphasized with her. Cher is still on-side though. It does seem she is deeply sad about the loss of that friendship. Some humorous anecdotes about Kim and Kanye, and a funny one liner to Kris the first time she had her over to the house. They all seem like good sports from the sounds of it now at least!

Did anyone call Harvey?? Kathy has nothing to lose right now. I do believe in Hollywood men are in control and it is rampantly sexist. I also do believe she pissed off hollywood men in power and they are trying to blacklist her. I WISH she eould gave given more specifics! It would have made her sound much more credible. Finally, yes she got way too much blowback for her inappropriate Trump video.

I did not agree with it but she should not have to receive death threats or get blacklisted. Keep talking about the Hollywood reality women. Did not watch the video. I feel bad for the woman who feels so cornered. These things never end well. Among other things, he called her bald. Kathy is wickedly thin. But I believe all this is a calculated move to garner fans for her. This sounds arrogant, but comedy and performance art are 2 different things.

If you think comedy requires a thick skin, performance art is worse. Having done it in art school, it wore me out as a tough 43 year old. Kathy got sucked into the Trump-head video I believe and now it has taken on a life of its own.

It is always an ugly surprise when we discover that outside our little universe, we are not loved. Speaking for my experience only. But I think that realization has hit Kathy hard. I agree with Tamara, a tell all book is a great idea. She needs to disappear for at least one year, because she continues to dig a deeper hole every time she speaks.

The correct comment is, Andy who? She handled the photo incident poorly. She should have stated that it was a joke gone wrong, a bad idea. She can hate the president, a lot of entertainers do and they have fabulous careers. Yes, Kathy never should have apologized…nor does she need to retract this statement. This is not the first time Kathy has went after people.

It was below the belt. But it never stopped me from you tubing all her comedy specials. I just like the gossip on celebs. I think this is Kathy being Kathy though. The new twitter profile pic with the phone is hilarious. She wants us all to call Harvey. I just thought she would be use to the backlash by now. This was kind of a perfect storm of all those things going as bad as they possibly could have.

In addition to being funny, it would give her credibility as a political activist and as a cutting edge performance artist. Instead, it became a cautionary tale in the worst way. Which is all my super long winded way of saying she was always a bit off and I think this incident has exacerbated her mental illness.

I always thought people overreacted to her stunt, most of all herself. Having death threats made to you and your family, losing a loved one and being a target for hate and destruction takes a toll. That was no Paris Hilton giving her a wide berth at a party. That was global condemnation that hit her personally and professionally in ways she never imagined.

I used to like Kathy, but girl has gone off deep end. Bad taste with trump, bad taste in apologizing, then redacting apology, now all of this!?

She is going mental. All this helps these predators continue their behavior: Lets be clear though — offering someone coke and, per Kathy, wanting a career similar to hers even though you are VP of a network, is NOT sexual harassment. Nor is being hired to show up in a gold lame bikini so a host can comment on your looks or attractiveness on camera. It was and is not the job description when you think you are being interviewed for a role or a project to have someone show up in their bathrobe, expose themselves, demand a massage, or have you watch them bathe or masturbate.

Andy does not like to be the bad cop if Anderson Cooper is the good cop. All gay men are wonderful, according to Andy. She has her biased point of view, but does not have a history of lying to the press or on social media.

It is not in her nature. However, she should not play the victim. It is not a good look on her. She is a survivor. She needs to go back on tour and make another HBO Special: The Bravo Butt-hurt Tour.

A comedian following a photographer direction in a photo shoot play on Perseus holding the head of Medusa. What I kept thinking about during the aftermath of the pic being released were the 8 years of hate the Obama daughters got, they were not candidates. Pictures of monkey families, effigies of their dad, etc. Yet everyone was so horrified for Baron. First of all, if they didnt explain to him that sure bad people might want to hurt his dad but reassure him that they had the Secret Service, shame on them.

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