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Puertorican and italian i look good


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Definitely someone who is italan and drama free. I'm waiting for a pen pal to write with and get to know. Empire Records should be watched at least twice a year through a haze of smoke. Honestly looking for someone i can cuddle up with at night and watch.

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Puertorican and italian i look good

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I try to see the good in everyass. I am retired,so dont need any young son. Hello Sexy.

Maybe it will turn into something, maybe not, it's up to us. :pAnyway, if you happen to be reading this depressing section, shoot me an email. I do not play games and would expect the same from you. Blk woman,40Dd toys luscious lips,nice juicy boobs. Looking for a good woman Hello Ladies I am looking for a good woman who wants to have some fun dating and going out trying new things with a friend, with maybe a long term commitment.


Walking down the streets of Naples and Rome, I passed shop after shop with beautiful window displays of perfectly displayed shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. I was so taken with these displays that I asked my dad for two pairs of fancy Italian shoes, and with every subsequent trip to Italy, I would gladly spend evenings window shopping. More than the displays of beautiful goods, it was the people. Their easy style exuded confidence and positive body image. This was certainly a far cry from the U.

These looks might be OK in certain situations, but when you see the overwhelming majority of Italian men sporting flattering, classic clothes, the American tendency to dress down becomes almost offensive. Perhaps the best example is the sporting of red pants. In fact, red pants on men is so common and perhaps so Italian?

A photo posted by Erica Firpo ericafirpo on Sep 13, at 6: Second, Italian men pull off a timeless fashion even into their old age. The same goes for women. They care what they look like when they go out.

Italy is an achingly beautiful country. It seems only fitting that its people should blend in with the beauty that is all around them.

And how can you not feel inspired to look a little more beautiful when you have this kind of beauty around you? Peter the Great Trendsetter: National Change through Fashion on Daydream Tourist. In order from top: France and Italy have the best fashion. I felt out of place in both locations but it was a great shopping experience trying to blend in.

In Paris they wore a lot of black, grey with a few pops of colour. In Italy I went shopping and bought some fun floral prints and one of my favourite skirts.

I learned to embrace my style the Italian way with scarves and colour but admittedly wear a lot of black balancing what I learned from France as well. As I mentioned above, the combination of great style with making it look easy is what impressed her. I also like lots of black. Thanks for such a vivid insight into Italian culture Jenna! I totally know the fashion envy of walking around cities in Italy.

I will say that the biggest thing I learned from the locals when I was living there for a few months was that they tend to invest in really high-quality items that can be worn in different ways almost everyday all about accessories! I wish more Americans thought like that because we have such a culture of waste here, and things are so cheap that they almost seem disposable. I bought a pair of red pants in Italy 20 years ago and I still have them and wear them about twice a year.

I especially like the photo of Nana sporting the sexy slit. My husband Tommaso, being Italian, says that Americans dress to cover themselves. Yes, he also wears scarves, as do women. On the matter of colour vs black, and classic basics, there are various schools of thought. Pitti is a circus where the actors dress up in order to have their photo taken, and most of them are not Italian.

But Pitti aside, yes, there are numerous redpants and also ochre coloured pants, especially on men of a certain age. Older people chose classic good quality clothes years ago and still wear them, and many look fantastic. Unfortunately the recent trend towards fast fashion has made this a bit harder and there are plenty of people who look ridiculous in the latest seasonal thing.

Ciao Jenna, I love love love this post, I am a total sucker for Italian fashion, or more like staring at people because they all look so good here, and it is relatively true.

Every time I return to Texas, my first reaction is how much lack of an effort people cough cough men have in what they wear and while it is not a priority, it is kind of sad. Even Nico has completely changed since moving here, the pants are a little more tailored, he actually, as you said it — wears color. But I also think it is a confidence thing, his clothes fit better and he has more fun shopping that I do.

I am truly happy that the shiny silver shoe of the past is no longer really trendy here, those kicks were blinding ;-. I agree with you, Georgette. Thanks for providing your insight as someone who lives in the heart of fashionable Italy!

Love the comparison you made, Jenna. I have noticed this Italian feel for fashion, not only in Italy, but also with the Italian expat community here in The Netherlands. The psychology and reasons behind it are interesting.

Why do certain nations actually care more or less about this than others? I would venture to guess in Italy that the beauty of the place and the long tradition of artisans and quality workmanship have something to do with it.

My first fascination with Italy was the result of my deep interest for Italian football, calcio that is, ever since I was a young kid. Clearly, Italian designers use this to their advantage to the extreme.

I believe they know how to keep it simple — quite a contrast when you think about how chaotic they can be otherwise haha. So yes, to this day, I think they outperform the rest of the world, in my opinion even the French, definitely on the male side. But I also agree with Alexandra, there is a clear decline that can be observed, especially with the younger generations. And there are a few things I still have difficulties with: Plus they know how to put them all together.

And I agree…the sweaters thrown around the shoulder is not my favorite look for men, either. I have also noticed that Italians always look good no matter what they wear.

I guess they have a really good sense of fashion and they know how to pull the outfit off really well,. I agree to the fellow bloggers that France and Italy is been the head quarter of style and fashion.

Lots of trends have aroused from here in the past and still in progress. This is the reason why I liked your post, because your have shared all the fashion pictures and details for every age and genre.

Italy is a well developed country having open minded people, it is pleasure going Italy. Yes window shopping is a main way of shopping there. The whole article written by you is great and shows why the Italians are always perfect with their dressing sense and style.

The ways described here by you make it clear and easy to understand. Additionally they know how to assemble every one of them. I am really lucky to stop by this post.

What a fashion they have. Thanks for sharing such a great post. This is actually true. They take the fashion title to the heart. Your contrasting pictures really say a lot about the differences. Your comments about the classic male style in Italy are definitely supported by the photographs.

As i was in search of some different points to look all time attractive in formal clothes and here my search ended by reading your post. I agree with you that scarves are also important in looking best and elegant. Specially for men to have a little bit of change in their dressing. Unique dresses,bright attractive colors can be seen every where in Italy. Even I found street fashion attractive too.

Loose styles look amazing. Thanks for sharing the beautiful and richness of Italian fashion. If I had half the style of an Italian man I would be happy individual. In my opinion the best dressed on the planet! Uouououi… I do not know where you went but i can garatuee you as an italian that here teens dress low as well… To low.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Tags from the story. You may also like. Lol, I have to agree with you! Italians sure know how to dress! Thanks for the insight from Italy! I have never seen an American guy in Texas wear a scarf. I love the way they make everything pretty simple and classic. I liked all the images that you have shared in the post, especially the second one. Style is what that suites your taste and persona… This is the reason why I liked your post, because your have shared all the fashion pictures and details for every age and genre.


The perfect human is Puerto Rican | Bits of DNA

So yes Boris, Italians do have African ancestry, in fact, most Europeans do because the Moorish and Berbers were invaders. On the other hand, Puerto Rico is the less black of the Antilles. There are Puerto Ricans of every race and complexions, and yes, White Puerto Ricans and Italians do look very much alike and their traditions, even language, are just a bit away.

Dear Boris, you may not know this but a large number of people from Corsica migrated to Puerto Rico in the mid s, This is why Italian surnames are fairly common in Puerto Rico, another link is that Spain was part of the Roman Empire and a lot of gene pool sharing between Spain and the Italian peninsular happen for about two thousand years.

As to the African contribution you are correct, we most surely had a stronger African influence in our history than Italy , however with the recent migrations of Blacks to Italy that country will soon be catching up. I hope they will be able to see that diversity can be a blessing. You must be delusional or just dumb!!! Most Puerto Ricans are white of European heritage, just like the italians!!!

Stop spreading falsehoods and fake news! You are the minority , even in Puerto Rico, the majority of us look very Mediterranean and very Italian! I was born in Spain of puertoricans parents, American by birth then. Where I was raised in Puerto Rico, many people are like me. There is no reason at all for hate between Italians and Puertoricans. They are both Latins, in fact Italians were the first Latins.

White Puerto Ricans and Italians look very much alike, customs and language are not that different. Racism and hate are The product of insecurities, emotional restrain and fear. Racism and hate The product of insecurities, emotional restrain and fear.

I was born and raised in PR and most people around me were and still are whites. In Puerto Rico, the majority of us look very Mediterranean and very Italian! From my personal experience I find that apart from both sides of the family being Catholic, we also have a love of food , family and we take pride in our heritage.

Another similarity I find is how loud we can be and how much we use our hands when talking. Another important fact that I like to point out is that not only the US received a big influx of Italian immigration , Latin America also did , especially the countries in the south cone of south America like Argentina , Uruguay and Brazil. Venezuela also received a large number of Italian immigration and Puerto Rico has descendants of Corsican ancestry in the south west coast.

Corsica is now part of France but the last names are Italian. Like Liked by 1 person. I am glad to read some real facts. There more people of italian heritage in Uruguay and Argentina than of Spanish heritage. Millions still speak the italian language today. Thousands of Italians settled in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Many Corsican families settle in the southwest area where they became the majority in towns like Yauco.

I have dark brown hair and eyes and a medium complexion. My brother has darker hair and eyes and a slight olive complexion. Ironically, the Italian side and the Puerto Rican of my family both always did the pig roasts in the summer. Research, the travel for indigenous peoples to Italy is a threat to them do to grotesque discrimination. God post and very good reflection. I am looking to throw out the old and bring in the new! This looks like good advice for the younger females.

How about the over 50s? I have been to Italy several times and have never been able to copy their style and would love to. Your email address will not be published.

LBD with spaghetti straps: Complete the look by adding eye-catchy accessories and black rounded sunglasses: Blush coat and grey separates, an ideal choice for fall season: A sexy dark shiny orange blouse tucked in high-rise white wide-leg pants: Sultry looking lady in a pretty body skimming dress: White and dark navy colors look bespoke and elegant: Plaid print dress looks awesome styled with a skinny brown leather belt: Go for a sexy red headband, micro dotted navy shirt tucked in high-rise blue shorts: Black knitted high-neck cropped top looks awesome styled with high-rise pencil skirt: Black pullover and striped skirt is an ideal match for your everyday wear: White shirt and black pants look basic but very comfy and relaxed: Because they just are.

I have family that are Puerto Rican and they are very down to earth and uh yeah most of them are very good looking it's apart of the ancestry. I think cuz they r mixed with ya know with Hispanic and black and white pretty much those put together it's a party but tbh they all don't look good though hahahahahaha being honest.

I have no idea why they are but I agree with you. My ex is a Puerto Rican. He was sweet too but I never meant as much to him as his friends. He was alot younger so I understand. We are still friends. Not all of the are good looking hun,you said you met all of them but you haven't.

No offense to anyone but there is attractive and ugly in every race but I must agree,there are some fine looking Putero Ricans,the ones you mentioned and I LOVE Edgar Santana, the boricua boxer,he's hella sexy on this video the girl talking with him is soo lucky: I've been to Puerto Rico many times not all puerto rican people are good looking!

Of course singers are good looking because it's TV they have to look good on TV!

Italian Translation of “it looks good on you” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. Over , Italian translations of English words and phrases. See look (sense 2) Nearby words of 'it looks good on you' it looks about 4 metres long; it looks all right to me;. 24 thoughts on “ Italians vs. Puerto Ricans: In Which Racism Exposes Its Ludicrous Side ” Boris Merman August 27, at pm. Italians and Puerto Ricans look nothing alike! They are from two different parts of the world and the only thing they may have in common is . Oct 14,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: Do I look more Italian or Puerto-Rican? Pics Included? Im half and half. Which one do i look more Status: Resolved.