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Very dominant man looking for one submissive woman


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1st come I will. I've travelled alone and looking for some company. I want a relationship do you. Cuddles, kisses, pboobiesion.

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Very dominant man looking for one submissive woman

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I'm alone, 40s, have lots of interests, etc.

M4w Would love to please you orally. Just looking for some company in the the club and some fun if we hit it off. Every day. Are you out there.


Anyone with some experience in relationships will confirm you that in any kind of relationship there is always a dominant and a submissive, a leader and a follower. The basic reason why women are attracted to more dominant men is mainly because they figure: Young and naive feminist women want to take the dominant role but while they learn about life, they realize one thing: To be the dominant, you need to have a desire to be the responsible one, to plan for the future and guide the others, to initiate things, to support, encourage and take the responsibility for failures and problems.

This is a heavy job, and this is one of the reasons that drive women sooner or later to desire the freedom that the submissive role provides. Being with a dominant man, she is liberated from making the decisions and the responsibilities that come with them. Even if she cannot openly express it because of the feminist ideology and oppression in the media, you have to realise that being in the submissive role is something she actually receives satisfaction from, and, for the same reason, this also apply to sex which is at the heart of men-women relationships.

She can provide support if requested or just sit back and relax. At the core of this power exchange between the dominant and the submissive there is trust. In a free modern society, submission is not something that you impose on women but something that they give you when they can fully trust you with their life. To be trustworthy, you need to have integrity with yourself , to keep your word at all times and to fulfil your responsibility as a good dominant diligently.

Only once you have proven that she can surrender to you and that everything is going to be sweet under your dominance, she will do just that. See it like this: She would be stressed, anxious, and it would just suck for her.

She just wants to enjoy the fucking ride! Being the boss also means enforcing discipline. You must be the one who set the rules and the limits, and you must enforce the consequences if limits are broken. Obviously, this is also valid for kids if you have some.

A dominant man has great self-control and will never allow the situation to get out of hands. This also applies to sex. Can you imagine yourself going to your boss telling him that he need to take the lead on something? That would be awkward and disrespectful unless, in fact, you are the one who runs the show. You need to take charge in simple everyday stuff, for example: Then, you chose the restaurant and you even requested a specific table for the occasion.

Then you chose her place and pulled her chair showing her where to sit, and then you chose the food and made the order. Before leaving the place, you paid the bill. If the service or the food sucked, you then spoke with the manager or dragged her to another place. Just trust the knowledge of those billions of other men who came before you on this. Around the house you do the heavy work: She does the cooking, clothes and general indoor cleaning. In exchange, you need to respect her domestic work and be grateful for it.

This will make her special. Part one ends here guys; read part 2, where it becomes even more interesting. I really like what you are doing with your blog. There are a lot of posts on the Internet about how dominance necessary is. Keep up the good work. Roland recently posted… 4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence. How much of the money you bring home has nothing to do with who should rest more at home.

If you both work 40 hours per week in similarly physically demanding jobs both office jobs, both manual labor jobs, etc. The idea that making more money equals having more power in a relationship is absolutely ridiculous and people need to stop buying into it. There is some truth to what you say but Imo it is harmful to assign rigid roles on yourself. Like it hurts you. There are many different situations and flexibility can be a key component of strength.

Everything is relative to your situation and paradigm. But how to be dominant with women? If you have no idea, if you never lived it and its something you want to develop, well it is useful to have some guidelines, a point of reference.

What it is, describe by someone who has experienced it. It dosent have to be exactly like that for you! But you can inspire yourself from my experience in order to improve yourself. Thats what my site is about, sharing ideas and experiences in order to become better at being men!

This is real talk for those of us who successfully live this lifestyle. Also, your approach and understanding of a true dominate is inspiring in the capacity of educating more people with the truth of it. It was nice to hear a unique perspective.

I agree with her!! Than being mistreated and beaten, treated like an animal, like women and various parts of the world still endure, as revolting as that is…. I wish people would stop calling this zionist-promoted mental disease called leftism and cultural marxism, feminism. Feminism is simply the struggle for women on society, a struggle that many men have taken to heart as well, including me! I think that feminism is actually one of the war strategy use under the cultural marxism umbrella to destroy our society from inside.

Since our military capability is near invincible, the best way to end us is to promote cultural degeneracy, to make us rotten from inside. Women were never oppressed or enslaved under western civilization nation.

They were protected and taken care of by strong man. Now that feminism has destroyed the core of our society Strong family, good reproductive rate, strong masculine man, healthy nurturing women, many healthy kids They will bring in endless waves of immigrants from all around the world to replace us, create division and replace the culture that made use the most advanced and dominant civilisation in the world. Hehe … its gonna be a new dark age for them….

Just look what is happening in Sweden …. Are women freer today??? They are obligated to go to work and earn a living while dropping their kids at the daycare even before they reach 1 years old. They cannot even afford the liberty of taking care of their beloved children. You think that serving a corporate master from 8 to 5 instead of raising the next generation is freedom??? They had everything that really matters and now they have to go to work in order to pay bills and buy some crap made in China in order to feel happy….

Stripped of their primary biological purpose, they are just hollow shell wondering around looking for meaningless pleasure…. Even worst there about to get fucked even more… Now with 3rd wave feminism, me has a white man, I could just say that in fact, I identify as black Muslim lesbian women, in order to have all the available privilege cards, and then I will have access to their public bathroom and all the government incentive previously dedicated to women … Hummm … I can wait to be a lesbian, that going to be awesome.

I was with you until I read that long rant. You do realize that the feminist movement was created because women were being abused by their husbands, fathers, supervisors, and society at large, right? Women who were widowed or divorced could barely provide for their families because of pay inequality. These are the reasons for the feminist movement, amongst many others. I agree with another user that being submissive should be a choice, not opression.

I personally yearn for a traditional, romantic relationship. Yet I am still a feminist because I have seen first hand what can take place when women have no rights. Surely you see this yourself? Because of the supposed horrible thing that some other men did 2 generation ago?

When the backlash will come! When the counterculture will raise! Each action causes reactions…. Take time to investigate what is going on right now in Sweeden world capital of feminism, now also called world capital of rape…. Mass rape, pedophilia, sex slavery, acid attack, grenade attack, No-Go Zones… women are afraid to go out alone, the government suggests them to wear hijab. The feminist who control the state? Where are the men? Those women complain… Their playing video game and watching gay porn in the basement… you think they will risk their lives fighting for a system that hates them?

They barely have enough testosterone to make it out of the couch. Right now, the top feminist leaders in the western societies are proving to the entire world how dangerous it is to give the power to women, as the feminist experiment is speeding up dramatically the decadence of our society.

For all of those who just wished for equal rights… well… seem its about time to stop pushing for more and more privilege, if you want your granddaughter to have any…. Instead of focusing on what happened before when you were not even born, you should focus on what is happening now and the consequences it will have for tomorrow and not only for you but also for your children.

Is your site alphanextdoor. Where can I find men like this? Literally, where can I find them? Several people have told me that I am a particularly feminine woman, without me prompting them. I yearn to submit to a worthy man. I want a traditional relationship like this even though I am not religious, and do not come from a family like this. So how can I find such a man?


Dominant Submissive Relationship | Essence Revealed

At 59, I knew something was missing; well to be exact after 18 years of celibacy, a lot was missing! I too am independent and headstrong. I had a very beautiful loving encounter with a man from the Netherlands who is a master. He is not wanting to commit to a sub at this time, but we do continue to have encounters on the site.

I love my time with him and am not sure if it is his dominance but I am wanting to explore more about it. Your article has been an encouragement. I truly understand and relate to this. In business, I am a leader. Yet I have a submissive soul that longs to sit back and be led…guided, cared for. Unfortunately I have failed to find a man who is truly dominant in nature and secure in himself to be proud of and supportive of my dominant side. They have all been fakers, in the end I am far stronger, confident and capable than they.

My best advice to someone new is this…. I am new to all of this. My fiance brought this lifestyle to my attention about 2 weeks ago, saying she has felt like something has been missing since she was a young teenager, and that she feels this may be the key to fixing our issues.

She claims she has no respect for me, which just killed me, and for reasons mentioned in your blog. I had never heard of such a lifestyle until now and quite frankly it wierded me out. I love and respect her very much so of course I am going to give it a shot. In her quest to learn more she found me a friend online, that I feel has been very helpful in guiding me in the ways of a Dominant, and has been very informative.

See I am the nice guy that gave and gave and never expected anything in return, sacraficed to make sure she was happy, and vowed never to hit. Well I am alos the nice guy that would get so angry sometimes for not getting anything in return and never getting any respect from anyone and still kept doing for others because I didnt know what else to do.

Over the past 2 weeks I feel like I have learned that the Dominant role is something I should been doing all along. Until now, whether fear of life change or fear of the unknown, I have not done my research.

I have had a very difficult time understanding where my fiance has been coming from, why she feels the way she does, and your blog has really helped me understand her quite a bit more. She has said very similar things but as always its different hearing it from someone else.

Thank you for bringing me some clarity. THIS made my night. I hope that the two of you grow and stretch in this exploration together!!!!! Yep it is really happening. It could be extrememly fun with a partner you trust! What a beautifully articulated article. This explains how that could happen.

These are our natural roles. And I am always respectful and treat her like the lady she truly is until the door closes…..

Any advice on how to teach him to be my dom? Google things like Dominant Guide, find books on the topic, if you are in a place that has dungeons they may hold demonstrations on different topics like bondage, fire play, etc.

Thanks so much for this wonderful article. My Dom is being great, and taking things very slowly, but this article has helped me understand things from my point of view, if that makes sense. After reading it, I understand that his control actually comes from me, and that the way he respects my decision to surrender to him is by offering me that control back whenever I need it, through the use of a safe word.

I just discovered my on and off boyfriend for years is a dominant how do i get him to be comfortable with himself and with it? He would have to want to make the space to explore it…. When will submissive people get it it is not about your fantasy or fetish. It can be as strict or as loose as you and your partner agree on but if you are a sub male it is not about your fetish all the time.

If she wants the bathroom cleaned and tells you to do it. She does not want to sit there in a leather corset and watch you clean it. She would rather do something else. There is a fine line between being a submissive and abused toty. I enjoyed it, thank you for this. And no one so far has earned it.. I am sub and my bf is dominant and our relationship is amazing. He gives me the best orgasms in the world,I just need to beg for it and he likes to spank me or pull my hair,but if I say stop,he stops.

I think,that a sub-dom relationship is about respect for both sides. However when it comes to other decisions.

Does being a submissive in the bedroom to my dominant lover mean he can continue to control other areas of my life outside the bedroom? This is new to me as well and I wonder where the boundaries are. Those are details that you talk about with your partner in the beginning.

Clear, honest communication is the key in any relationship. This is no different. Thank you finally someone has said it the right way,love your post. I am a mature women of age It is my 2nd marriage and my husband is very strict.

He used to smack me often. I oppose but get wet. Do u think I must surrender for a spanking? Like you Kate is a very strong woman who discovers that she needs to be submissive in her relationship although not in her working life.

I hope that it is more realistic than fifty shades. I have been on a date site for a couple of months and have been talking to a man who is a Dominant. We are discussing boundaries at this point and the lifestyle. Before him and I ever spoke, my thoughts on this was so black and white. I said none will ever control me in any aspect. After gaining a small amount of trust in this potential Dominant, I decided to read up on the lifestyle.

I want to believe a good Dominant male can control his emotions. Thank you for shedding light to a gal who had built severe emotional walls after losing her husband. The very thoughts of being equal with disproportionate power had truly peaked my interest and gives me hope. I loved your blog.

I was a stock broker working 7 days a week but changed careers in my semi retirement. I teach now but still push myself in work. I converted to Islam when I was single then married my best friend who was a Muslim too. In Islam the man is the head of the family and more Dominant in public.. I found this sexy so I asked my husband to extend it to our intimate life.

Now I have the most loving, intimate relationship I have ever had. I submit to him in many ways in and out of the bedroom. We do a lot of things that only we know. It is very intimate and keeps us both very aware of each other when we are in public.

I truly feel he is a gift from Allah and I love the depth of our relationship. Ndlela says he is ambitious, a doer, comfortable in his own skin, confident and he exudes power. But one should never seek other people's approval on how to behave in a social situation and never to be concerned what others think of you, she says. To attract women, stand with your feet six to ten inches apart and your toes pointing outward," Ndlela says. She explains that some men who are dominated by their partners may have experienced abuse in childhood.

For these men, says Ndlela, a dominant woman is a relief from having to make decisions, asserting authority and initiating new ideas. They don't mind a woman taking charge. In fact, they love it. They look for women who will "wear the trousers" in the home. Ndlela says these men are attracted to strong and confident women, who likewise enjoy holding the reins.

Women are hard-wired to want dominant men. In dating submissive men, the woman must change her approach. You are now the hunter and he is the prey. They may have said that they like strong women who are in charge and they might even believe it themselves imagining something like ' wouldn't it be awesome if she was in charge? You need to become the hunter.

You know what kind of man you want. So go and find him and just pick him up like the trophy he is. The truly submissive men are out there waiting for exactly that to happen. That leads to the obvious question of where to find your targets. Well, that's a little bit like asking "where do I find kind people?

They are unlikely to be found where regular guys like to hang out. This is because such men often prefer to mix with women or other sensitive men.

It's not that they don't also go to bars and clubs, but when they're there, they'll probably put on a front to appear confident and strong.

I have an affinity for soft and sensitive men not to the exclusion of masculine men though. This has also drawn me to men that tend to be the shy type. In parties, I was always more interested in the boys standing on the side, the introverted types only later I realized that the men I really wanted were probably not to be found at such parties.

Many of the shy, sensitive men turned out to be the opposite when I got to know them. We feel the pressure to act a certain way in society and so we give the wrong idea about ourselves. And likewise, everybody else is doing the same thing so most people we meet are nothing like what they seem. Got a little side tracked there.

I feel much more of a connection to them and we can get much closer emotionally. I also get a strong maternal instinct kicking in when I see a man vulnerable and submissive. I know it sounds crazy. Also physically, sensitive men seem to be more open to having fun mutually.

That is the word really: That is, of course, a great basis for a long-term relationship. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Honestly i relate deeply to this article. I am a submissive male and the things stated are pretty accurate in terms from my point of view being submissive as a male in a relationship is great but i do realize that a lot of females aren't dominant and that's the biggest problem I've ever run into when trying to date.

Where to find that submissive man? Book stores, Department stores,on line clothing locations,shoes department,gym. I am reading the autobiography of a retired secret agent. This guy was so tough in his profession yet unable to have a relationship as it might 'blow his cover'.

Therefor his team mates were his family. Using the term submissive men to talk about men who like when girls chose too? Is this one is and he is seeking out the More Dominant type Woman. I really dislike this advice. I am old school and men need to be men. When they see a woman they like the approach her period. What she does next is her choice. Being an introvert myself. I found out all the best masculine men in in the acting industry are introverts. Brad Pitt, Clint Eastwood.

Come on, why are so many women attracted to these men? Cause they are mysterious but they are not pussies. I do feel at times feel to get emotional and show my vunerabilty. But I always have to retreat to my fall back state of being a man. I once dated a woman that was way more successful and confident than I was. But I really like how she made me feel like a man and let me take the reins and let me do whatever I wanted: Anyways men need to be men that was what women are attracted to not a boy that needs his mommy.

You can do that with you own mom: When once i was rejected by a potential girl friend i asked her 'why? Her response was ' If you were the last man on Earth, i'd start looking at other women! As a sub man, I appreciate this article because it's not full of odd bullshit like half of the other articles about people like me.

I've always been a strong and, I think, masculine guy, but I feel naturally submissive to Women. I believe Women in general are superior beings. There is nothing more powerful on Earth than a strong Woman.

I was fortunate to have been raised by my mother and two older sisters, and blessed to have two amazing daughters, now grown.

I am so, so lucky to be in a relationship with a strong, dominant Woman who is also nurturing and kind. The only hope for the future of civilization is for the Ladies to take their rightful place in society as the superior gender. Their accomplishments thus far in the new millenium ensure the future is Feminine. Wish I could meet a dominant woman. Life would be better. I have an extremely soft, sensitive and feminine side. When a woman and I go out to a restaurant I would. I am definitely into doing what used to be called women's work.

I have no issue being the housewife as it is now defined. I am wanting to know what to say to someone who wants me to be the Dom. He has explained what he basically wants. We have not met yet. When I take on the pursuing role he withdraws. It's something I don't understand. He stops communicating to me.

We have connected on a great level and then out of the blue, he disappears. This has happened twice now. When I tried to get us to meet this time, he has gone MIA again. Neither one of us has ever done this before. I really like him. I like talking to him, we have talked for hours and hours. This probably isn't enough info to make comments however if anyone has an idea of some texts what would touch him and get him back talking, wanting to meet, I would appreciate it.

Article held promise but feels unfinished. It's supposed to be about dating submissive men Msubs , ya? But zero advice on that. Men wear a Msubs mask to fulfill a fantasy? How can you tell who's who then? If you have nothing to say about dating a submissive man then please do us all a favor and don't call your piece "dating a submissive man".

Ive always been sumisive since i can remember. My feance wants me to be more dominant but ive been faking it all my like and im tired. I hate having to just "be confident" its like a consyant performance i put on for evryone i know. When i met her i fell in love because i could be myself around her but its been over a year and we got engaged and now she keeps telling me that she hates how im always submissive.

Recently ive been acting around her like i do around evryone else but as much as i love her i feel myself drifting away. I dont want to spend as much time with her and im just always tired. She wants sex i want sleep. Shes so happy now and im just miserable.

I try to talk to her about it but then she feels bad i apologize and nothing changes. I dont know how long i can keep this up.

Idk why i saying this here. I was looking up how how not to be submissive and found this. I guess its the first time in my life i felt normalish about it and seen it put into words. I am crazy about thay.

All the time i famtasy different submissive roles. What can i do? My girlfried totally dominates me and we both love it. She keeps me shaved and has started to dress me up in very girlish clothes. She does this when we have friends over too. I feel embarrassed but I also enjoy the sensations of sher stockings and swishing petticoats. She pegs me almost every day. She had taken to assuming positions where I am more or less helpless and she takes me aggressively.

I seek a woman of true strength. One that is not of this world. So I do not date or any of the whole relationshit stuff. Deep down we all know how society should be, how women have been oppressed, etc all to avoid the truth of our existence.

Men have been oppressed by their need to oppress women. The very act of this sexism and universal crime sealed them in their own invisible prison. This list is way too long to fit into characters. It would honestly probably come to around 17, or so. So to keep this hopefully under characters, I leave it at this; What is the point in looking for what isn't applied yet and remains dormant potential? I am a very strong looking and acting man but my wife chased me and caught me and I became a stay at home dad while she worked.

I handle the money and make most of the decisions but she was in charge. Eventually we included other men during some of our sex and she always wanted me to be involved and participate in a submissive way , use your imagination. The things I did are common in some porn but she or i had never seen it before. I have come to realize that I want women who are dominant and will submit to them. I cook and clean and build things. I am one of the sensitive and submissive guys you are refering to.

I have all the symptoms that fit the personality and feel natural with a dominate woman. You left out the sexual side. This is important too, since sex is a key ingredient to a healthy relationship. We submissive men like to treated like an object of attraction and told what the dominate women wants. We also are most satisfied making her enjoy our servitude to please her.

I'm naturally dominant woman. I could never survive a relationship with a dominant man. I think finding a real submissive man is close to impossible.

I prefer submissive men who are hot and boyish looking. Most men gross me out but sub men usually don't. Unless they're into foot or ass worship. I do believe it is true that most women don't want a guy like that, and the ones who do are not only rare, but also impossible to distinguish from a normal women.

This makes dating hard for me, because I am a submissive guy, and I am unable to be happy in a relationship, unless the girl is dominant. Interesting article, but I disagree with your auto-connection between sensitive and submissive. This, clearly, is very different from someone who is sensitive and likes to share the decisions in a relationship. In fact the latter type of relationship is the most common I encounter; neither is dominant, nor submissive on the whole.

And both are sensitive. I am firmly a sensitive man, and one who likes to decision-share in relationships so feel I need to make that view point known. Many of my friends are totally submissive. One further point, we would all laugh you out the tea shop if your philosophy in picking up men included the words 'hunter', 'prey' and 'trophy'. I think you're simplifying the concept of being "dominant" too much.

There are many different ways you can practice leadership and many different aspects of control. As for the "normal relationship" question, I don't even think I understand it. I can only speak for myself that I think any serious relationship absolutely must be between people who are on the same level.

You can't ever really connect if strength only comes from one and vulnerability only comes from the other. First if a woman is Dominant in a relationship can she ever have a normal relationship with a man or will it always be about control for her? And if she trys to have a normal relationship will she ever be satisfied or will she try to and find what she is missing? I have a deep voice, and am very much into exercising.

I don't make much money. I would like a woman in charge and to be the bread winner. Do you think most dominat women would rather be with a guy who has femenine qualities? Not trying to be smart, it's just that I am no expert on the subject. I told my wife I wanted to be submissive and tried for three months to show her that I was serious.

I did extra chores around the house. Did all the running around for her. I did laundry for her. I cooked for all of us. She doesn't want a submissive husband so she can have it the way it use to be. Not all women want this. In fact most don't. I am a girl, 41, foreigner, living in US, and just found a lover who is submissive. I had only vanilla relationships before and was not even aware of this.

He slowly and shyly introduced me to this and I absolutely love it. I am very calm and friendly girl, but clearly have a very strong dominant side to me. It seem to come very naturally to me. I find it all very erotic and hot, far behind vanilla experience and I think he is just adorable.

While most men look for good looks and good bodies, women need reliable, if there is one thing that turns women on, it is a man with dominance and aura. " Men are aroused by being dominant and by submissive women. Before you jump into a relationship with one, ask around. The other There are about 10 wannabe Dome per submissive online, so you'll get tons of attention. 3 hours ago Experienced Dominant seeks submissive woman. I am looking for I am looking for someone that I can build trust is very important for dynamic. I am pretty much an introverted loner who tends to stay at home a lot.