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Wife want hot sex Saint Marie


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You were something beyond charming.

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Wife want hot sex Saint Marie

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We are seeking for someone motivated and confident, who has something to add to our lives. No pressure.

Im real ,clean,drug free,btw im hisp 5'7 150 lbs. Are you as tired as I am of spending your weekends alone or with the wrong person. Guys, I don't care about your stats, just if you are cool. If you're interested chat me.


I accepted the fact that Marie was going to date others and that she would continue to have sex when and with whom she wanted and that if I wanted to stay with her I would put up with that. I found that when she would tell me about her and Phil or others that she had been with it would make me hotter than if we were just having regular sex. I loved to hear about what and whom she had done.

She had kept all of her screwing around to her out of town boyfriends. I didn't have to bump into guys in my school and know that she might have fucked or sucked one of them. I did have to put up with the fact that her girlfriend Trish knew she was going out on me and that she had seen Marie suck and fuck Phil. She didn't ever bring it up unless Marie did and then she too liked to tease me about it.

Marie, Trish and I were at Marie's parents house one day when no one else was at home. Marie started rubbing my cock through my pants and when she got me hard she unzipped me and pulled my cock out and started sucking me while Trish was in the room watching. When she had me about ready to cum she pulled me from her mouth and looked at Trish and told her that it was alot smaller than Phil's cock but it did taste good. I wadded all over her hand and my pants.

Trish and Marie laughed and I was the brunt of the joke but I liked it. Marie always told me that she loved me when we're out but she still needed all of the other sex. While I was there she pointed out different guys that she had sucked, fucked or just played with and it kept me hard. At half time I had to walk her to the parking lot and she took my car keys and told me to wait back in the school for her.

She came back about 20 minutes later and gave me a big kiss and I could tell that her lips were salty. She told me that she had met Phil at my car and had sucked him off while she was there. The kiss had the traces of his cum.

Alot would have called me a fool but I just kissed her again and we went back to the game. We drove home that night and went parking and she fucked me silly. She was and still is the best I have ever had. Marie would not let me meet Phil or really see what he looked like.

I only got the quick glance when I saw him leaving her house the afternoon all of this started. She told me that I would get to meet him sometime but she wanted it to be on her time. Yes, all of the people there would know that she fucked around on me but she didn't care and I shouldn't either.

We got to the dance and you could see girls and guys both laughing when we came in. It was strange knowing that most of the guys there had seen my date naked, some had been sucked off by her and some had fucked her. We danced some and she danced with a few guys but no one special. I then saw a guy come in and he headed for our table.

Marie looked up and ran to him and gave him a big kiss. She brought him over and introduced me to Phil. He sat with us for awhile and then I watched them dance some slow dances with him rubbing her ass and tits.

It was dark and he got by with it. When they came back to the table she told me that she was ready to go. I got up and she and Phil headed to the door, looked back at me and said, let's go.

Marie told me that I was to drive and that she and Phil would sit in the back and she would give me directions. She pointed me towards a parking place that they liked to go. They kissed and groped all of the way there and then when we got there I was told to get out and walk around for awhile, that she and Phil wanted to be alone.

I watched the windows steam up and then I saw the car starting to rock. I knew he was fucking her and it was making my cock hard as a rock.

I just sat under a tree and waited. About a half an hour went by and Marie rolled her window down and told me to come back to the car. She and Phil were both naked and she was rubbing his cock while he held her tit and pinched the nipple. I had never seen a cock as long as his before. You couldn't really look when you were in gym class showers and then they weren't hard so none looked that big. It was slimmer than mine but a good three inches longer.

She said that she wanted me to see them and to watch them to see if this was something I could live with. She told me not to jerk off but to make sure to watch everything and not look away. She started jerking him off and you could see his cum frothing up around her hand on the sides of his cock. Marie then dropped her head in Phil's lap and put his cock into her mouth and I watched it disappear down her throat. She bobbed her head and you could see her checks cave in from the moonlight coming through the windows.

I looked up at his face and he was just watching me and smiling. He started to fuck her face and he held her head down while he did it. I watched her drool come out of her mouth and run down on his cock. You could see that he was enjoying it but he was also enjoying me watching him and her. Phil slowed down and pulled Marie back up and told her to get onto her knees in the seat. I had a fairly large car back then and I could see all of her as he mounted her doggy style.

I watched his cock slid into her and watched as he jammed it all of the way in on the first thrust. Her pussy was still wet from their earlier fucking and you could hear the sloppy sounds of her cunt juice and his cum as his cock pounded into her. He reached for her swaying tit and held it while he fucked her. She looked over at me and I watched her as she moaned about how good his cock felt and what a great fuck he was.

She then scooted her face towards the front seat and put her hands on the back of the seat and told me to kiss her. I leaned forward and as we kissed she slid her tongue into my mouth and then she screamed into my mouth as she wadded. Phil then clamped down onto her shoulders and he wadded into her pussy. They both colapsed onto the back of the seat and Marie continued to kiss me.

She told me that me watching them had made it even hotter and she hoped that I had liked it too. She told me to not touch my cock and that she would take care of it after we let Phil off. They both dressed and I noticed that she didn't clean up any of the dripping cum from her cunt. She told me later that Phil liked for her to put her panties back on and to keep his cum in her for him as a reminder of their fucking.

I thought her sore pussy would be reminder enough but she always did it for him if she had panties. We dropped Phil back at the club and then we headed home.

My cock was aching and Marie would only rub it slowly on the way home. It was a 50 mile trip but when we got back to town she told me to find a parking spot fast. We parked and both got naked and then she went down on me but stopped me short of cumming. She laid back and told me to hop on and fuck her cummy pussy. I did just that and it felt great. I didn't last long but when I wadded I filled her pussy to the brim with my cum and what was left of Phil's.

I laid there but my cock was staying hard. Marie ask me if I had enjoyed myself that night and did me watching her with Phil bother me. I told her that it had gotten me hotter than I had ever been and I would love to be able to do that everytime she fucked Phil.

She said that she was glad because she and Phil both liked it and she had hoped it had effected me the same way. She then ask me to give her pussy a big kiss and that she then wanted to do something special for me and that she wanted to suck me off with both Phil's and my cum on my dick. I couldn't turn her down so I slid down and kissed her pussy lips with the cum running out.

I didn't care if it was mine or Phil's, I just wanted to make her happy. I then sat up and Marie sucked me like I had never been sucked before. She licked all of the cum off of my cock and around the base of it and then she deep throated me and drained my balls of all I had left. She put her panties back on to keep all of the cum inside and I took her home.

I dropped her off with my mind full of ideas and my car smelling of pussy and sex. I just had to make sure my parents didn't get in it before I aired it out. It was the end of my senior year in high school and I had alot of thinking to do about my future as well as about Marie.


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Hit me up and let's message. I come there about three times a month now and im waiting to meet a fun attractive country girl. NOT waiting for just sex either.

If you want to get out and have some fun, let me know. I am very much a gentleman who will still open and hold open a door for a lady.

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