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Switzerland will issue its last 'stripper's visa' this week as the visa scheme will end on 1st January About foreign strippers and cabaret performers received the special Swiss work permit in Since , more than 10, people were given the visas, called L permits.

Switzerland began awarding eight-month permits in to women from outside the European Union who wanted to come to the country to work as strippers and cabaret dancers.

The program was meant to protect people who may have otherwise been vulnerable to sex traffickers, and dancers from Russia, the Dominican Republic and Thailand were among the top recipients. But an investigation by Swiss authorities in found that the program was no longer serving a protective role, with some permit holders were subjected to demands for money from people helping women to get their permits.

See article from indexoncensorship. See article from theguardian. See video from YouTube. See article from news. Tax inspectors seek national debt relief from sex workers and strippers. The UK tax authority said many of these businesses were paying the tax they owed but others hid from payments. Canada's new justice minister plans to rethink current laws that endanger sex workers.

Maclean's reports that Canada's new anti-sex work laws are one of three major priorities for the Minister. It came into effect in December as a result of the Supreme Court's Bedford decision scrapping previous legislation. Unfortunately the replacement was worse. It also created a new anti-advertising provision that bans ads for sexual services.

The laws were created as a Canadian version of the Swedish Model. The Justice Minister has stated that she will be consulting directly with sex workers in her review of the anti-sex work laws. I definitely am committed to reviewing the prostitution laws, and sitting down with my officials to assess the best options, and with those they affect directly, Wilson-Raybould told The Tyee.

In an interview with Maclean's, she went on to say that the safety of the workers is fundamentally important. Canadian Parliament resumes on December 3, It will be the first Parliamentary session of the newly elected Liberal government.

A throne speech the following day may gives further clues as to the agenda of the new government. Playboy to bow out of nude pictorials with one last photo spread from Pamela Anderson. She also gets a page photo spread inside. Playboy, founded in by Hugh Hefner, announced in October that it would stop publishing nude photos of women.

Playboy says it will continue publishing but the promised sexy, seductive pictorials will not be nude. We will soon see if the any readers actually buy the magazine for the articles. See article from thelocal. See article from worldtravelguide. Ohio strip club girls make topless protest against the miserable gits at the local church.

The Coshocton Tribune reports church misery guts have waged a 9-year war against Foxhole North, a gentlemen's club up the road, staging protests outside the venue and trying to get them shut down. But now the fine people of the Foxhole have struck back against the rabid moralists of the church. We want to let church members know how it feels to be under scrutiny. They come up every weekend. They're very abusive and certainly not Christian-like, not what I read in my Bible.

I have to point out the hypocrisy I see and not stand by and let this go on week in and week out. Only six or so women actually bared their breasts, even though appearing in public topless is legal in the state of Ohio. Nonetheless, George took caution to protect churchgoers' eyes by hanging a tarpaulin along the entrance to the church.

Anny Donewald, founder of Eve's Angels dropped by to show support for the Fox Tail's topless dancers. She believes churches like New Beginnings give Christians a bad name. But to be fair, with a whole world full of violence and killing in the name of religion, then a few miserable gits in Ohio hardly can be blamed for the dreadful reputation of religion.

But Pastor Bill Dunfee says he's not going anywhere, and is determined to shut down the strip club. I hope that he will realize that the Foxhole has no business in this community. I take very seriously the responsibility as a pastor to see to it that the gospel of Christ is lifted up, that Christ himself is lifted up, that evil's confronted.

Vietnam ministry proposes to wreck the lives of men who buy sex and their families. The ministry has also suggested that their sex buying should be reported to their employers and local authorities. Therefore, publicizing the names of sex buyers should be considered an official administrative punishment inflicted on them. Lawyer Pham Thanh Binh advised that lawmakers should carefully consider the possible consequences of such name publication.

It may cause unforeseeable social consequences. There were circumstances in which people committed suicide after the names of their fathers were revealed as sex buyer. Burma lawmakers reconsider a nasty proposal to jail men for a year when caught with a sex worker, this was initially proposed to be a caning.

Yangon Region parliamentarian U Phone Myint Aung urged MPs to look past ingrained cultural aversion to sex work and acknowledge that efforts to stop prostitution would inevitably fail.

Instead, lawmakers should seek to protect sex workers, who are marginalised and vulnerable under the current laws. He said it was hypocritical to allow businesspeople to open karaoke bars and nightclubs but punish the sex workers who operate within them. Many prostitutes are sent to prison due to the Suppression of Prostitution Act but most resume their trade when they are released, he said, because it is difficult to start a new life.

There is no one to protect their rights. I stand for sex workers. We should understand that The new law submitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs in June, propose punishing both sex workers and their clients.

It proposed caning men caught with a prostitute. However, after discussing the issue with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement on July 20, the bill committee recommended the punishment be changed to a prison term of up to one year with hard labour, and a fine.

The committee also proposed adding a section on providing re-education to prostitutes. See article from swlondoner. See article from studentnewspaper. See article from metro. Dutch sex workers explain how they will be criminalised by a new law banning unlicensed prostitution. Sex workers working without a brothel license may risk a prison sentence of up to six months.

According to the Research and Documentation Centre, this will affect one third of all sex workers. Parliament will vote on the law proposal before the end of the year. Most political parties have expressed their support of the law.

Holland is moving more into criminalizing sex workers, violating their privacy rights and is moving away from Amnesty's proposal to decriminalize it and protect sex workers' rights. This country is really going crazy. It is often the only option for sex workers who wish to work independently in a situation where cities consistently refuse to give out licenses to any sex worker due to stigma. By working unlicensed, sex workers also avoid the oppressive regulations and financially exploitative reality of the legal framework.

But now they actually want to throw sex workers in jail for not being able to get this impossible to get permit. According to Hella Dee, unlicensed sex workers face all the issues of working within a criminalised environment, especially regarding police harassment.

Sex workers report an increase in police violence and intimidation. Police officers out sex workers to landlords and non-sex work employers, leading to eviction and loss of non-sex work income. Parents are reported to social services based solely on their profession. Police officers enter sex worker homes without their permission and ask personal questions about their private sex lives - the proposed Act Regulation Prostitution WRP aims to legalise this practice.

Tax office will demand high fines based on unrealistic assumptions about the number of clients sex workers see. PROUD also calls on the association of sex workers and allies to take action against this law.

Thankfully just one arrest so far under Northern Ireland's new law criminalising men and endangering sex workers. Sex worker support groups said that the figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, proved that the measures could not be enforced. The legislation, which came into effect in June means that sex workers are no longer able to make basic security checks such as getting to know who their customers are.

Meanwhile it has the potential to destroy the lives of men and their families just for wanting to get laid. The Northern Ireland justice minister has said he disagrees with plans to make it illegal to pay for sex in the Republic after The Times reported that just one man was prosecuted under similar legislation in the North.

David Ford said the laws, brought in after a vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly in June, were the result of populism rather than practicalism and are not useful. Extreme health and safety rules will require diving suits for porn performers in California.

The regulations would take effect likely during the second quarter of This isn't regulation; this is a complete shut down adult production, stated. Asking adult performers to wear goggles is up there with asking ballerinas to wear boots. It does not only not match the threat, and it effectively prohibits production in California.

French Senate votes against regressive law to criminalise men for paying for sex. Senators voted to against the bill. They have argued that many prostitutes' rights groups are against such a criminalisation of clients.

Sex workers and groups who have opposed the plan, say it can lead prostitutes to hide from police and go off the streets, exposing them to more violence and abuses.


Cunningham KS adult personals Wants Sex Tonight

As soon as you admit it, you can be like the prodigal son, the prodigal daughter. Get up and go home — wherever home is. Thank you for attempting to honor exactly what she said rather than trying to make a point with her memory as the original author is. Caty, it seems as though you have tried to usurp Dr. Seeing something as wrong, does not mean you have to carry the shame of it.

You acknowledge it and move forward. What you have seemingly tried to do is take Dr. She deemed sex work as straying. The only thing is, she did not live a life of condemnation because she had faltered.

More people know about her sex work than you realize. Why does everyone thing Caty is the author of this piece? But she was not ashamed, and she knew it was just a job. Peech says at the end of her post that Dr. She says in the quote Peech references above that it is wrong but, in the quote I referenced, she says that you should forgive yourself. Which, I think, is pretty beautiful. Realizing you are in the gutter to her was the first step.

I just wanted to say thank you. Your piece made me tear up and I think it is one of the most genuine remembrances that I have read in the media frenzy surrounding her death. I am so glad Boing Boing posted a link to this blog. Angelou herself obviously felt it was worth talking about, given how she documented it at length without angst and shame in her memoir, and how she was always out about it.

I am definitely rereading her autobiographies! Marissa, contrary to your statement Malcolm X was most certainly known for turning his life around from hustler criminal to Minister for the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. The bulk of his speeches to his community was about putting away those poisonous behaviors and coming into the oneness of God. The Autobiography of Malcolm X is most certainly about his transformation.

Not that I have as long a list of accomplishments as Maya Angelou, at some point, you drop parts of the past that have become irrelevant. She had some whorephobic and homophobic prejudices at first, but she seemed to soon get over them when she herself starting working in as well as managing the brothel.

Thank you for this info. I will re read and read the second one as well. Glad this site dedicated a post to the topic! What a remarkable woman. Er, should we be identifying someone as a sex worker who never identified that way herself? Especially post-mortem without her consent?

I do think the use of these identifications allows us to pretty easily put her under the sex worker tent. See Economies of Desire by Amalia Cabezas. Prostitution is sex work. Labeling a sex worker a prostitute is problematic, because not all sex workers are prostitutes, but labeling a prostitute a sex worker is not.

If I want to call myself a whore, I can, but I should never call someone else that, even if we do the same job. She identified as a prostitute and whore. It is not untoward to say Dr. Angelou was, in her past, a sex worker. This shit, no matter what kind of light it is shone under, is never cool. It is never cool for anyone to openly discuss and publish personal info to do with sex work about an individual.

Angelou was open about her life and history and decisions. She spoke about it at length in interviews and was never ashamed. And, what touched my heart the most, she was kind to sex workers. She was a lovely lady. I do her no disrespect or injustice to say goodbye to her and to share again what she has already, so very generously, shared with us.

The BBC references her time in sex work. You lambast BBC for using the same language Dr. Angelou herself was unashamed, yes, but neither did she focus her years of work for race, gender and economic equality lobbying on behalf of sex workers specifically. She made that choice. It was not done to her.

She is beyond any damage that speaking about her past vocation can do. She had courage to speak and write about it when she was alive, despite any damage that could be done. It is absolutely shameful that you would reiterate this contention that Dr. Maya Angelou was a sex worker. In the name of journalistic integrity and respect to Dr. Angelou as well as the many individuals and communities impacted by her life and death I demand that you show evidence that she identified as a sex worker and, in the absence of that evidence, you retract these statements.

And, in response to the question posed in the article about why the brevity of her prostitution work is emphasized, this may be because her stint as a prostitute WAS legitinately brief objectively speaking and especially in the context of her long life of achievements that go well beyond her having turned tricks for survival.

I urge you to consider the racist, classist and whorephobic implications of posthumously identifying our great ancestor Dr. Angelou without consent or any clear indication that she identified that way.

You and your kind are not flawless………. Would it have been better if Maya Angelou was a housemaid? I say again Maya evolved on the stage of the world. Again, she rose despite all the odds that were against her, this article is not gonna work that way the blogger planned. I pray you can survive the onslaught unscathed but……I truly doubt it.

I have to laugh at you! No Originals live here! Props to you Caty Simon and peechington marie for not letting the angry proponents of Political Correctness push you around.

I am frustrated with Caty's responses too because they are super dismissive and especially condescending in response to anna's comment. People have told me I came off as if I was speaking for Dr Angelou, and that is totally wrong and if it came off that way then I definitely fucked up.

Just ucking google it people! Or go to a library and try reading one of the books cited OR better yet click on one of the several links provided in the original post. Several people commenting on here are exactly the types of people they refer to in the post, the people that shamed her for her past and tried to bury it.

No shame on those of you that would rather it be buried. Everything I said here can be found in her books and interviews regarding her life and youth. I do not believe she was ashamed of being a sex worker, and rightfully so, however, she was smart enough to know what audience to play to. It was just a job she held. And the incomparable Dr. Maya Angelou held that job too. I know there are many who sink into the quicksand after their beginnings of childhood includes rape as a child. Some and many watched Maya Angelou evolve in front of the curtain not behind it.

Count yourselves fortunate in a world where people go under the knife to hide their true faces. Though I quite enjoyed the article, I might have to argue with the idea that Angelou was proud of her history in prostitution.

She never categorized sex work as a job as wrong. And, to be honest, she never said she felt as though she had done anything wrong by working sex. She never said those words. In fact, I have no closet! She spoke of defeat as an entity. I think people need her to say that. I think, in this whorephobic culture we live in, people need to find a way to have Dr. Angelou ever said or wrote that ripped on sex workers or even her time as a prostitute and madame. She had a job.

She left a job. She went on to other things. This is just our point though, peech. This identity has now been labeled on her, post death. She absolutely saw it as a profession.

Did you even read the whole book she wrote about that time? The simple fact is she worked sex. She left the business and went back later. Identity is much more than what you decide it is. You are still a steelworker if you work steel. You are still a sex worker if you work sex.

Do you think she would recommend peeling paint off cars with her hands in an auto shop? It is not a very common point of view on this website, and not all of us still work in the sex industry either, Peech included. Angelou have no stigma or shame attached to it.

But labels are labels. Words are simply insufficient. To gloss over a part of her life that […]. For me Maya Angelou had many voices, many faces, many levels, many facets; all of them always true to her Self. She was unique and she expressed her uniqueness singularly with style.

She opened minds and opened eyes to possibilities. She was scary and loving, bold and gentle, and always fresh. She understood we humans are here to do two things: Everything else is probably a waste of time or false. She is one of the few celebrities in my lifetime that I will miss. Angelou thought so, too. My sincere thanks to Peech for a great essay. This is quite confusing. As far as I am concerned Maya Angelou was always beautiful, not just when she was young. Beautiful does not mean young.

If you were an avid reader of Dr. How many of these details should an obituary go into? I would now say that women like Barbara Eden, who at 82 years of age, recently donned her famous Genie costume for a benefit. Wilt's because he wouldn't take over and Van Breda Kolff because he wouldn't give in". In his second year with the Lakers under new coach Joe Mullaney , Chamberlain seriously injured his knee. He was injured in the ninth game of the schedule, suffering a total rupture of the patellar tendon at the base of his right kneecap, [83] and missed the next several months before appearing in the final three games of the game regular season.

Owing to a great start, he managed to average Cherry observed that Reed, a prolific midrange shooter, was a bad matchup for Chamberlain: In Game 2, Chamberlain scored 19 points, grabbed 24 rebounds, and blocked Reed's shot in the final seconds, leading the Lakers to a — win. By conventional wisdom, Chamberlain now should have dominated against little-used Knicks backup centers Nate Bowman and Bill Hosket or forwards Bradley and DeBusschere, who gave up more than half a foot against the Lakers center.

However, the hero of that Game 7 was Willis Reed. He famously hobbled up court, scored the first four points, and inspired his team to one of the most famous playoff upsets of all time.

The Lakers center himself was criticized for his inability to dominate his injured counterpart, but Cherry pointed out that his feat — coming back from a career-threatening injury himself — was too quickly forgotten. Winning the regular season with 66 wins, the Bucks were seen as favourites against the depleted Lakers; still, many pundits were looking forward to the matchup between the year-old Chamberlain and the year-old Alcindor. In Game 2, the Bucks won again despite the Lakers center scoring 26 points, four more than his Milwaukee counterpart.

Prior to Game 3, things became even worse for the Lakers when Keith Erickson, West's stand-in, had an appendectomy and was out for the season; with rookie Jim McMillian easing the scoring pressure, Chamberlain scored 24 points and grabbed 24 rebounds in a — victory, but the Bucks defeated the Lakers —94 in Game 4 to take a 3—1 series lead. Milwaukee closed out the series at home with a —98 victory in Game 5. After the playoffs , Chamberlain challenged heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali to a fight.

The round bout would have taken place on July 26, in the Houston Astrodome. Chamberlain trained with Cus d'Amato , but later backed out, withdrawing the much-publicized challenge, [88] [22] by way of a contractual escape clause which predicated the Chamberlain-Ali match on Ali beating Joe Frazier in a fight scheduled for early , which became Ali's first professional loss, enabling Chamberlain to legally withdraw from the bout. In , Chamberlain had consulted his father, who had seen Ali fight, and finally said no.

Sharman introduced morning shoot-arounds, in which the perennial latecomer Chamberlain regularly participated in contrast to earlier years with Dolph Schayes and transformed him into a defensive-minded, low-scoring post defender in the mold of his old rival Bill Russell.

Initially, Sharman wanted Chamberlain and West to share this duty, but West declined, stating he was injury-prone and wanted to solely concentrate on the game. Yet the streak led to one strangely dissonant event. In response, Chamberlain "had everybody put all the pens in the middle of the floor and stepped on them. Chamberlain would help lead the Lakers past Abdul-Jabbar and the Bucks in six games. Having never fouled out in his career — a feat that he was very proud of — he played aggressive defense despite the risk of fouling out, and blocked two of Lucas' shots in overtime, proving those wrong who said he only played for his own stats; he ended scoring a game-high 27 points.

For Game 5, Chamberlain's hands were packed into thick pads normally destined for defensive linesmen in American Football ; he was offered a painkilling shot, but refused because he feared he would lose his shooting touch if his hands became numb. While blocked shots were not an official NBA stat at that time, announcer Keith Jackson counted the blocks during the broadcast.

The —73 NBA season was to be Chamberlain's last, although he didn't know this at the time. In his last season, the Lakers lost substance: In addition, he shot an NBA record. This time, the tables were turned: In Game 4, the shorthanded Lakers were no match for New York, and in Game 5, the valiant, but injured West and Hairston had miserable games, and despite Chamberlain scoring 23 points and grabbing 21 rebounds, the Lakers lost —93 and the series.

He did not have the patience. He once skipped a game to sign autographs for the book. After his stint with the Conquistadors, Chamberlain successfully went into business and entertainment, made money in stocks and real estate , bought a popular Harlem nightclub, which he renamed Big Wilt's Smalls Paradise , and invested in broodmares. Chamberlain promoted the sport so effectively that he was named to the Volleyball Hall of Fame: In Wilt turned to his interest in movies, forming a film production and distribution company to make his first film, entitled "Go For It".

Among the members of the team were: Florence Griffith , before she set the current world records in the meters and meters ; three time world champion Greg Foster ; [] and future Olympic Gold medalists Andre Phillips , Alice Brown , and Jeanette Bolden.

In all, he claimed 60 athletes with aspirations of expanding to While actively promoting the sport in , Chamberlain claimed he was considering a return to athletic competition, but not in basketball, in Masters athletics. At the time he claimed he had only been beaten in the high jump once, by Olympic champion Charles Dumas , and that he had never been beaten in the shot put , including beating Olympic legend Al Oerter.

Chamberlain played a villainous warrior and counterpart of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Conan the Destroyer He was writing a screenplay about his life. He was interested in world affairs, sometimes he'd call me up late at night and discuss philosophy. I think he'll be remembered as a great man. He happened to make a living playing basketball but he was more than that. He could talk on any subject. He was a Goliath", said Sy Goldberg, Chamberlain's longtime attorney.

Inside the Insane World of Sports Today , in which he harshly criticized the NBA of the s for being too disrespectful of players of the past. In his mid-forties, he was able to humble rookie Magic Johnson in practice, [] and even in the s, he flirted with making a comeback in the NBA.

When Chamberlain was 50, the New Jersey Nets had the same idea, but were declined. Chamberlain is regarded as one of the most extraordinary and dominant basketball players in the history of the NBA. It's pretty exhausting to think about it. Chamberlain claimed that he intentionally missed free throws so a teammate could get the rebound and score two points instead of one, [] but later acknowledged that he was a "psycho case" in this matter. Chamberlain never fouled out of a regular season or playoff game in his year NBA career.

His career average was only two fouls per game, despite having averaged He had five seasons where he committed less than two fouls per game, with a career low of 1. His fouls per 36 minutes a stat used to compare players that average vastly different minutes was a remarkable 1. Then he was a rebounder and assist man.

Then with our great Laker team in , he concentrated on the defensive end", said Sharman. By —72 at age 35 and running less, his game had transformed to averaging only nine shots per game, compared to the 40 in his record-setting —62 season.

From a historical NBA perspective, the rivalry between Chamberlain and his perennial nemesis Bill Russell is cited as the greatest on-court rivalry of all time. In —62 when Chamberlain averaged He wished people would understand that their roles were different. Chamberlain said, "I've got to hit forty points or so, or this team is in trouble. After that I play defense and get the ball off the boards.

I try to do them all, best I can, but scoring comes first. Russell never considered Chamberlain his rival and disliked the term, instead pointing out that they rarely talked about basketball when they were alone.

When Chamberlain died in , Chamberlain's nephew stated that Russell was the second person he was ordered to break the news to. Russell apologized privately to him and later publicly. Chamberlain's impact on the game is also reflected in the fact that he was directly responsible for several rule changes in the NBA, including widening the lane to try to keep him farther away from the hoop, instituting offensive goaltending and revising rules governing inbounding the ball and shooting free throws such as making it against the rules to inbound the ball over the backboard.

Although Chamberlain racked up some of the most impressive statistics in the history of Northern American professional sports, because he won "just" two NBA championships and lost seven out of eight playoff series against the Celtics teams of his on-court nemesis Bill Russell , Chamberlain was often called "selfish" and a "loser".

Sixers coach Alex Hannum once suggested he shoot his famous fadeaway jumper as a free throw, but Chamberlain feared drawing more attention to his one great failing. Furthermore, Chamberlain damaged his reputation in an April article with Sports Illustrated. Wilt Chamberlain was the first big earner of basketball: It had a 2,pound pivot as a front door and contained great displays of luxury.

Robert Allen Cherry, journalist and author of the biography Wilt: Larger than Life , describes his house as a miniature Playboy Mansion , where he regularly held parties and lived out his later-notorious sex life. This was also helped by the fact that Chamberlain was a near- insomniac who often simply skipped sleeping.

Although shy and insecure as a teenager, as an adult Chamberlain became well known for his womanizing. As his lawyer Seymour "Sy" Goldberg put it: Every time Chamberlain went to bed with a different woman, he put a check in his Day-Timer.

Over a day period, there were 23 checks in the book, which would be a rate of 2. Chamberlain divided that number in half, to be conservative and to correct for degrees of variation. He then multiplied that number by the number of days he had been alive at the time minus 15 years. That was how the 20, number came into existence. That's the reason why I was single. Although Cherry points out that Chamberlain was an egotist, he added that he had good relationships with many contemporaries and enjoyed a great deal of respect.

He was especially lauded for his good rapport with his fans, often providing tickets and signing autographs. Jack Ramsay recalled that Chamberlain regularly took walks in downtown Philadelphia and acknowledged honking horns with the air of a man enjoying all the attention.

Chamberlain often invited Russell over to Thanksgiving, and at Russell's place, conversation mostly concerned Russell's electric trains.

More hostile was Chamberlain's relationship with fellow center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , ten years his junior. Chamberlain often criticized Abdul-Jabbar for a perceived lack of scoring, rebounding, and defense.

Abdul-Jabbar accused Chamberlain of being a traitor to the black race for his Republican political leanings, support of Richard Nixon , and relationships with white women. When Abdul-Jabbar published his autobiography in , he retaliated by writing a paper titled "To Wilt Chumperlane [sic]" in which he stated "Now that I am done playing, history will remember me as someone who helped teammates to win, while you will be remembered as a crybaby, a loser, and a quitter.

Chamberlain denounced the Black Panthers and other black nationalist movements in the late s, and supported Republican Richard Nixon in the and presidential elections. Martin Luther King Jr. Chamberlain had a history of heart trouble. In , he was briefly hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat. During this time, he lost 50 pounds. NBA players and officials were saddened at the loss of a player they universally remembered as a symbol of the sport.

His lifelong on-court rival and personal friend Bill Russell stated "the fierceness of our competition bonded us together for eternity", and Celtics coach Red Auerbach praised Chamberlain as vital for the success of the entire NBA. Ex-Lakers teammate Jerry West remembered him as an utterly dominant, yet friendly and humorous player, and fellow Hall-of-Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Johnny Kerr , Phil Jackson and Wes Unseld called Chamberlain one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Personal life of Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Chamberlain Chamberlain with the Harlem Globetrotters circa List of career achievements by Wilt Chamberlain.

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