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Women want sex Dove Creek

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Of course all women — like all men — are individuals. They don't all have the same style, tastes, skills and interests — and that goes for sex just like everything else! Different women are attracted to different men, turned on by different ideas and aroused by different approaches.

And it goes without saying that the best way to have the best sex is to become truly intimate with your partner and learn all about each other's individual preferences.

However, in my experience as a sexually active woman, there are some issues and tendencies common to most women, which most men seem oblivious of. And many men secretly see women as mysterious, complex and unpredictable creatures.

So the following page offers a glimpse into that glorious hidden world, which hopefully will increase your chances of becoming a mind-blowing, unforgettable lover! For the physical differences beyond the blindingly obvious ones, try visiting this clit pics website. Our outer bodies, however, are not the only differences. These days there is lots of research available showing that male and female brains develop and focus differently.

Unfortunately some explanations for the differences seem to center around the idea of men being the traditional 'hunters' and women the 'nest builders and defenders'. Of course that is true in some societies but not all. Anyway, without getting too deep into the details here, you can find lots of ideas about the differences between male and female development and behavior in popular and humorous books such as " Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps".

Whatever the true explanation, there does seem to be evidence that overall men and women do have some physical differences which account for different behavior and even abilities.

For instance, women's peripheral vision is much broader than men's. Women apparently hear better than men, and have more sensitive touch receptors in the skin.

Men can concentrate deeply on a task in hand and may not be aware of what is going on around them; women, on the other hand, are better at multi-tasking — they can chat while they work on the computer, for example. Men tend to be direct and uncomplicated; women in general appreciate a more 'touchy-feely' approach. These differences and others are largely due to different development of various areas of the brain and the impact of different hormones.

But what, you may ask, do these differences have to do with sex? Well, for starters, understanding 'how the other half thinks' can greatly improve how you relate to each other. It can help avoid those awful misunderstandings you know, those times when she's sulking and you haven't a clue what's wrong!

Also, understanding what is important to a woman is your first step towards getting noticed by her, getting to know her, getting it on. And during the seduction scene itself, and subsequent sexual activity, it pays to know what kind of approach will turn her on. Some of the most common questions are: Can women get aroused as quickly as men? What triggers a woman's arousal?

Do women want sex less often than men? In answer to the first: Mostly, women do take longer to arouse fully than men. But the great news is that women tend to have erogenous sexually excitable! The breasts are usually very sensitive and erotic and most men can't wait to touch them!

Each woman will have her special sensitive places and possibly some she doesn't like to be touched: Touch is very important to women, and by stroking her gently in her favorite places you connect to her emotions which in turn heighten her sexual arousal. The truth is, even in the same woman arousal indicators and timing can vary hugely over the course of a month. Get on that cycle! Like men's libido or sex drive, women's libido is influenced by hormones.

Where women are different, however, is in the complexity of the hormonal cocktail and the monthly hormone cycle. The week before a period, most women don't feel especially sexy. Some may be more tired or irritable than usual — they might even prefer to curl up with a good book than have sex! But the good news is that women usually feel most sexy - sometimes almost desperately horny!

This is nature's way of increasing the chances of conception. At this time, women's pheromones attraction chemicals are at their strongest, giving off clear signals to surrounding males. Have you ever felt inexplicably drawn to an unknown woman at a party, or found yourself in an overnight liaison with someone who isn't your type and doesn't even seem attractive a few days later? Probably a clear case of ambush by pheromones!

Of course, if you are in a stable relationship with a woman, you can take advantage of the cycle to increase the pleasure and fun of lovemaking. By understanding and becoming intimate with your partner's hormonal fluctuations, you can be ready to respond appropriately. This will strengthen the bond of trust between you — which in turn should result in better lovemaking! Certainly it can help in avoiding a 'routine' approach to sex — one of the pitfalls in long term relationships.

Here are a few things you can do at the time of the month when your partner's libido is low: Even if you are desperately randy, don't insist on penetrative sex when your partner is obviously tired or feeling down. Save it for the good times — think quality not quantity! Use stroking and cuddles to let her know you care and make her feel wanted for herself, not just as a sex object. It may also happen that simply touching and cuddling, while making it clear that sex is not the objective, helps her relax and feel gently sensual — which ironically may sometimes lead to sexual activity!

If it is done in a sensitive way, you can gently begin to masturbate yourself while you are kissing and cuddling. If you think she may object, ask first. She can begin to help you if she feels like it.

Sometimes women will be turned on by this! If you do have sex, don't mind if she doesn't achieve orgasm during sex no matter what you try. Make sure she knows she is not letting you down if she doesn't always feel 'up for it'. Knowing she can be honest with you about this will increase her regard and respect for you.

Hone up your listening skills — let her talk about things that are bugging her. You don't have to 'find a solution' — just listen! She'll love you for it. And then when you get home, run her a hot, scented bath — and then offer to massage her feet while she relaxes. Who knows where it might lead! So what about those wonderful times - usually mid-cycle - when your woman is full of energy and oozing desire?

This is the time to enjoy each other to the full and use all your imagination: It's the time when a romantic dinner, a surprise weekend away, or just a sexy video at home can be a wonderful trigger for a fantastic bout of lovemaking!

Physically, your partner will be quicker to arouse — her vagina will lubricate more quickly, her clitoris may become more erect than usual, her nipples may be especially sensitive. Kiss, lick and nibble her gently and slowly all down her body: By the time you reach her clitoris and the lips of her vagina you will probably be amazed at her juicy receptiveness! And she may come more quickly than usual too. One of the more unfortunate side effects of the contraceptive pill is to interrupt this beautiful cycle of fertility and desire — so of course if your partner is on the pill or some other kind of hormonal treatment, there will be less fluctuation.

This is a common question especially for people in their teens. The truth is, it's up to the two of you. Some women — especially if their periods are heavy or painful — may not feel sexy or desirable at that time. For others, it's a sign of loving intimacy if a man still finds sex pleasurable then. It can even feel a little bit naughty — probably not something our grandmothers would have done!

Some men are put off by the sight of blood - in which case mutual masturbation may be a better answer. Others don't mind at all, and I have known some who were happy to continue oral sex. Probably they weren't vegetarians! A word of caution here — although not high risk, there is an increased chance of contracting the HIV virus especially if you have any oral cuts or sores.

But then of course her mood may be different according to the weather, life at work, family problems, and so on, since women's sexuality is also linked to other emotional influences. Your everyday life together and your own behavior will certainly influence her sexual mood.

Whereas men's arousal can be fairly mechanical — and they are often capable of 'disconnecting' sex from other activities — women tend to have a more holistic response. It is amazing to women that men can climb into bed expecting sex after a serious argument or an irritable day.

In general, it does seem that women need to feel loving towards a man before they have sex — whereas men often need to have sex in order to feel loving! This demonstrates that foreplay is not just a few moves you have to make before intercourse - foreplay is how you treat your partner all the time. Most women need to feel very sure they are wanted and valued for themselves — otherwise they will not relax fully and give themselves joyfully to sex. And they will need time to readjust emotionally if there has been some disharmony between you.

For both men and women, sex is more than a purely physical thing. Most people get aroused by 'naughty' thoughts, and most of us know that what you think of during sex affects your enjoyment. Sharing — and perhaps acting out - your fantasies can be one of the most exciting ways to spice up a relationship! And it may surprise you to know that women can sometimes achieve spontaneous orgasm purely through fantasizing or, as has happened to me, through sexy dreams.

One way or another, women's conscious and unconscious thoughts play a very big role in their sexual response, their sexual arousal and desire. However, men seem to find it easier to disconnect their bodies from their minds and — perhaps even more importantly — from their emotions.

For most women, sex — whether a fun weekend or a long term relationship — is about connection. To enjoy sex to the full, most women need to feel a sense of mutual respect and trust; a lot of women also need to feel nurtured and cared for. Ideally, of course, most of us also want to be loved — and to feel some level of commitment from their partner. A secret fear of many women is that of feeling 'used' — just one in a string of lovers, soon forgotten.

Of course we all, men and women, deserve better than that. So even where there is not yet any intention of commitment, it is still important to make your partner feel safe and special. A word here about power and force. Most women love to experience masculine strength — they may even fantasize about being held down by a strong man - but in reality it can be quite scary being naked and vulnerable with someone bigger and stronger than yourself. There's a world of difference between a game and the real thing.

Some women fantasize about being forced to have sex — but that doesn't mean they really want it to happen! So be sensitive and careful, and — if your partner wishes - find ways to play out fantasies safely. Of course there are some people who do enjoy violence as part of their sexuality, but that is outside the scope of this article. Is good sex just a question of pushing the right buttons? Men, in my experience, often have a rather mechanical approach to sex.

This is not surprising, given the focus of male brain development — and the quick, easy arousal they achieve through stimulation of the penis. Women's bodies, however, require a less direct approach and offer lots of exciting but less obvious sensitive zones.

I have actually met men who think that fondling my nipples with one hand and exploring my clitoris and vulva with the other is going to turn me on! Well, it might — if the setting was right, if I was crazy about the guy, and if lots of other more gentle exploration had taken place beforehand. If he had kissed me slowly and gently on my lips and neck, stroked my hair, softly caressed my body all over, saving the 'obvious' places till last Yes guys, kissing really is important — and not just on the mouth, but all over!

The truth is, kissing well is much easier when you do really care about the person. Then it becomes a gorgeously pleasurable experience in itself — tasting, probing, exploring - not just a necessary prelude to sex.

Our mouths are extremely sensitive organs, capable of giving and receiving so much pleasure. Our earliest unconscious memories are of oral gratification, through being fed as tiny babies: It's hardly surprising that so many men just love to nuzzle our breasts and take our nipples in their mouths!

At the next stage of development, any new object was first stuffed into our mouths, as we explored our whole world by taste and texture. Sex is a fantastic opportunity to revisit our most primal desires and satisfaction — when else do we really get to explore another human being in such an intimate way?! Take time to rediscover what your lips and tongue can do. However, please remember that nibbling must be gentle — the majority of women do NOT want to be hurt, so restrain those biting instincts!

Think of kissing as a mouth massage. This is the most delightful way to explore those multiple erogenous zones which your partner will surely have. There is nothing more erotic than feeling your lover work his way slowly up, down, over and across your body, stroking and kissing. The longer you can restrain yourself from visiting the 'obvious' places i. Cuddling, stroking and touch in general are also all-important for most women. And if you really want to win brownie points, learn a holistic, sensual massage technique that will soothe her body, mind and spirit — and bring you closer on every level.

Yes, it really does exist! If your partner hasn't found hers yet, you can help her to do so — and she'll be grateful to you for evermore! The so-called G-spot is a patch about half to one inch in diameter on the front wall of a woman's vagina, usually about 2 - 3 inches inside.

It feels slightly raised and rough to the touch — until the woman is very aroused! When a woman is about to orgasm, the G-spot becomes smooth and very lubricated.

If you are bringing her off through oral sex, it's very useful to slip your finger into her vagina since the G-spot will help you know how close she is to coming. Your touch will almost certainly add to her pleasure too! There has been a lot of discussion over the years about orgasm via the G-spot and orgasm via the clitoris — whether they are the same, whether one is better than the other, etc etc.

I can only talk here from personal experience. My belief is that they are two 'ends' of the same spectrum which together form a glorious whole and indeed the nerve endings of the clitoris go a long way into the vagina. Orgasm through purely clitoral stimulation can be very intensely pleasurable, but I see it as a purely physical experience and somehow more 'concentrated'. When my G-spot is stimulated I don't necessarily climax quickly, but I can ride for a long time on an incredible wave of pleasure.

When my partner is inside me and his penis is rubbing my G-spot, wonderful energies start to flow and I feel I'm in heaven — riding that wave, sex becomes a spiritual as well as physical joy. And when I do come — whether that is from the G-spot itself or, more often, combined with clitoral stimulation — it's mind-blowingly deep and strong. It involves my whole body, and maybe my soul too!

The truth is that all of a woman's genitals are sensitive and can, with the right stimulation, produce orgasm — simply because the nerve endings are connected to both clitoris and G-spot. For instance, some women climax through patting or gentle spanking on their outer genitals — which in reality is stimulating both places. So again, the important thing is to find what turns your partner on. Encourage her to be frank with you about what she likes, and maybe you can even explore new territory together!

Is she faking it? Sadly, lots of women do fake orgasms from time to time. Usually this is due to embarrassment because she's taking a long time to come or out of a sense of duty to the man when she realizes she's not going to come. Occasionally, women even fake it out of boredom — they've had enough sex for the moment, and would rather go and do something else! Sad but true, I'm afraid.

In each case, it seems easier to fake it than to risk disappointing the guy or hurting his feelings by being honest. Of course, all of the above is much less likely to happen in a committed relationship where both partners have developed a 'culture' of being relaxed and honest with each other. It's also less likely to happen where sex is seen as a delicious composite of different activities, not necessarily resulting in orgasm every time.

Certainly the third example boredom! The really sad thing is that women only fake it because men nowadays take women's orgasms seriously.

Only a couple of decades ago, most men didn't know or care whether a woman climaxed or not; certainly few men took personal responsibility for making it happen. However, the pendulum has swung so far that now men feel cheated if a women doesn't climax — whether or not the woman herself feels cheated! Than Amateurmatch is the site for you. AmateurMatch database is massive and full with Horny women that only want sex. Just look inside and see the hot women in your area; there is no problem to find a sexy woman to play with….

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